Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1127
Zhao Hai said : failure? How failure will put in the arsenal?” Tao Wang has smiled bitterly next step: „ although this is a failure does, but manufactured this was the person actually is really too famous, he was machine near for ten thousand years, most famous Crafting Master, Cold not positive. ” Heard the cold not positive this name, Zhao Hai was shocked, cold not positive, was born before thirty thousand 5000, he did not come up from Lower Realm ascend, but was the person of machine native place, died before thirty thousand 2000, life three thousand years! Naturally, cold not positive most famous is not his life, but is his crafting technique and he offers regarding supplying of law of demon, cold non- Yang Tianzi is intelligent, regarding the study of Magic very has innate skill, however works as opportunity is actually not independent existence, but turns over to Cultivation World to manage, belongs to piece of wasteland, here person simply cannot learn any Cultivator method, can only study some ordinary Magic Battle Qi, Magic and Battle Qi this thing, how can with the Cultivator method compared with, when an opportunity day does not feel better.. Cold non- Yang Chusheng in an ordinary Magician family, his parents was Magician, but at that time the Magician status was really too low, their family very laborious. Cold not positive since childhood swore that changes Magician in the Comprehend the world status, he studies diligently Magic, while research Magic Formation, but at that time, did not have a Magic Formation Rune such saying, Magic Formation not to form own system. Latter cold not positive is good because of the natural talent, in Sect of known as formation rune gate by Cultivation World was selected, became formation rune gate disciple, he started the true contact Cultivation World formation. Melts presently Cultivation World formation, has formed a complete system, all formation, are comprised of Law Rune, this makes formation arrange easily, Might also formidable. After having this presently, he starts to attempt to decompose Magic Formation, then these Magic Symbol systematizations, research leaves belongs to Magic Formation Magic Formation Rune specially. Cold does not have the solar calendar after 2000, finally most first edition Magic Formation Rune setting, and creates the law of going forth to battle demon, announced that entire machine, at once, entire machine seethed with excitement.

although said that law of the demon was unable to contend with Cultivation World Law Idol of Cultivator, but can actually big promotion Magician fighting strength, if practices the law of demon to ten thousand overlay, or thousands of overlay, had have been able fully with the strength that Cultivation World topest Expert contended with. This method appears , not only machine in an uproar, is Cultivation World there is in an uproar, Cultivation World feared one do not live in machine in control, therefore starts to suppress machine. Then machine, Magician just studied law of the demon, naturally possibly is not the Cultivation World cultivator match, retreated in defeat again and again at once, arrived at soon the extinguished edge. Cold not positive has not thought that oneself just wants to make Magician fighting strength, unexpectedly bring the so big disaster to machine, finally he does not hesitate to exhaust effort, closes up for eight years, Yu Chuang has made Magic Formation that on Mecha and battleship used finally, and got a machine person to start massive Manufacturing Machine armor and battleships, and started to counter-attack, after the year, has gotten a present machine domain finally, and succeeded, when believed counter-attack of Cultivation World, finally made machine Comprehend the world 6 Realms this. However coldly not positive very clear, machine here and compared with Cultivation World there, a Innate flaw, that is machine here did not have top Magical Artifact in Cultivation World there these big famous families, these big gate send top Magical Artifact , a person may with thousand matches for ten thousand, that be true Ultimate Weapon. Moreover after repelling the Cultivation World person, cold not positive also felt own lifespan completely, therefore he decides to use the final time finally, is machine leaves behind a treasure, can fully with top Magical Treasure that Cultivation World resists. Afterward year, cold positive has not closed up Qi Refining, he uses innumerable Heaven and Earth Treasure that oneself these years collected, with big Divine Ability their condense in together, has formed finally that liquid metal sphere, actually this is only a semifinished product, has not formed finally, because he also misses most important one step, toward in condense formation. The technique of crafting cold not positive creating, is different from Cultivation World the technique of crafting, Cultivation World practices the technique, last step is talisman Ling, to Magical Artifact, in the symbol Artifact Spirit, this Magical Artifact can Lou Hui leave most formidable Might. But not positive crafting method, does not have symbol spirit this coldly, his crafting method is divided into the smelting, the temperance, the Condensing Formation three steps, moreover when cold not positive crafting, is not Cultivation World formation that in Magical Artifact scores, but is Magic Formation. In Cultivation World there, first formation Might is very big, reason that because Five Elements promotes and constrains mutually, in some Magical Artifact simply quarter several formation, even if material good point Magical Artifact, most also can only carve in inside 1890 formation . Moreover, this does not have the number, is cultivator can reach the limit.

Cold not positive initially manufactures this weapon, actually wants in this Warrior, to engrave 129,600 Magic Formation, moreover this weapon can in the join material, carry on the refinement, each join time material, can in many carve 1890 Magic Formation toward Riga, absolute formidable. However what is a pity, cold Yuanyang just tempered all materials completes, the lifespan completely, wanted into Magic Formation not to be impossible toward inside join quarter. Because initially this weapon manufacture time, had a special request, when first time toward in weapon records Magic Formation, takes one time to carve into 12 absolutely not 1600 formation, if cannot xing record these formation, then cannot record formation, when first time 120,096 formation, recorded on, later can only carve 1890 formation in recording. At that time reason that was cold not positive must carry on a such setting to this weapon , because he is thinks that carried on recording of Magic Formation to weapon, because his lifespan will be near, he planned to use Secret Technique, own combustion own life, recorded 129,600 formation, even if formally started this formation, then in having strength formidable Magician, but must by the additional material, in continue to record formation toward, like this weapon on will be getting stronger and stronger, finally Cultivation World weapon, machine on has not needed to fear Cultivation World completely by that time. However was a pity that he had underestimated smelts these high level material time needed, when his lifespan at time completely, he just smelted the material, wanted to record formation not to have the means. But after is not coldly positive, Cultivation World although also accepted some apprentices in machine here, but actually nobody can reach the level of cold Yuanyang, therefore the weapon of cold Yuanyang refinement, had not recorded Magical Artifact finally, can only place there to put, nobody can use. Cold not positive this name Zhao Hai is not strange, although not positive died coldly the innumerable years, however in machine here, he still has the irreplaceable status, can say that does not have present machine without him, not only cold non- Yang Ke crafting is fierce, the law of his demon fierce, according to legend not positive can achieve a fifty thousand overlay coldly, even are possibly more, this looks like in present machine Magician, the simplicity is impossible, present Magician, can use ten thousand overlay few, do not say fifty thousand Superimposed. The non- underheating does not have Yang finally refinement the matter of the weapon, Zhao Hai actually also real don’t know, now one hear of Tao Wang said that he is pleasantly surprised. What startled is, this cold not positive is really a talent character beyond comparison, unexpectedly by one already by strength, from Cultivation World there, machine snatching, having let a machine independence beside Cultivation World. What is happy, does not have the weapon of Yang finally refinement coldly, regarding others possibly useless, but regarding Zhao Hai, this weapon can actually enable to have.

Tao Wang also stands nearby this weapon is sighing, has not noted Zhao Hai look at this weapon that burning hot incomparable look, some little time Tao Wang suddenly felt that is not right, he presently Zhao Hai good long while has not made noise, cannot help but turned the head to look at Zhao Hai, this looked that Zhao Hai Tao Wang was shocked, Zhao Hai two eyes stubbornly stared at coldly not positive is leaving behind that weapon that look made him somewhat be afraid, looked like the greedy person stares at the lamb to be the same simply. Tao Wang stares, his quickly said: Little Hai, aren't you will want this thing? This thing is really unusable, the although material is the top, but he cannot coordinate law of use the demon, you with in hand completely is a waste, you classify.” Zhao Hai turns the head look at Tao Wang said : ceramic Big Brother, can give me this thing, I want him.” Tao Wang looked at Zhao Hai one, sighed said : Little Hai, you must know that this thing although had more than enough, but had the commemorative significance very much, therefore has given you, you cannot take, cannot make others know that otherwise some people will snatch, listened to the Elder Brother words, chose thing of same its dwelling.” Zhao Hai turns the head look at Tao Wang, actually firm shaking the head said : of ceramic Big Brother, I do not want other thing, I want him, because of my intense thought that must obtain him at heart, ceramic Big Brother, you said how must be able to give me him.” The Tao Wang look at Zhao Hai appearance, facial expression moves slightly, to be honest, establishes since the arsenal arrives at the present, had seen this thing person are many, but looks like Zhao Hai such intensely wants to obtain this thing person, is one does not have, this made Tao Wang have to entrust newly the words that carefully examines Zhao Hai to speak. The practice together, originally is the most profound matter, sometimes, you will have the one type of strong feeling, the incomparable hope obtains thing, that thing in others opinion, greatly has not possibly used, after you obtained presently, to your use incomparably gigantic, this was the one type of mysterious induction, Zhao Hai currently probably had this induction. Thinks of here, Tao Wang deep voice said : you wait a moment.” Said that Tao Wang arrives around wall there, that wall there has communication device, this communication device can with Desbarres hold a conversation, Tao Wang put through communication device directly, told Desbarres the request of Zhao Hai, Desbarres anything had not said that only said lets them in wait a moment, his immediately gets down. a.