Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1128
Desbarres, Zhao Hai and Tao Wang three people stand in front of that group of liquid metal, some little time did Desbarres said : 1 Little Hai, the person think? Do you want this thing really? That feared that is you can only obtain such thing, couldn't be obtaining other thing?” Nod of Zhao Hai makes an effort, then his look at Desbarres said : Camp Lord, I must obtain him, so long as there are him, other thing, I can not want.” Desbarres look at Zhao Hai said : „can you consider the nose I, why do you want to obtain him? Because of your feeling?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not, Camp Lord, I because, not only felt that must obtain him not to be possible, a reason, I want to give a try, whether to succeed his condense, making him true weapon.” As soon as Desbarres listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but gawked, look at Zhao Hai said : that then Desbarres two eyes shone really? How do you want to do?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I to give a try, because this weapon starts most from the beginning needs 129,600 Magic Formation, but in the join material, can in recording 1296 formation, I thinks, if I can 129,600 Magic Formation, 1296 Magic Formation, record to the one type of new material on addition, then this material join to this weapon, has a look at whether to start him, if can succeed, even if cannot wield this weapon 100% strengths, can contend with Cultivation World general cultivator fully.” Desbarres and Tao Wang listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but gawked, then they simultaneously shook the head said : 1 Little Hai, if you in having this idea, I urged you to consider as finished, before this method, some people have thought that but has not succeeded finally, because this weapon had very high request regarding the new join material, moreover a volume of join material cannot be too big, as the matter stands had a difficult problem, 1 small material join went, did to use to weapon, moreover recording not that my Magic Formation, big material. Can record that many Magic Formation, but cannot refining enter in weapon, therefore had not succeeded, if you think, that is gives up.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Camp Lord, ceramic Big Brother, your feel relieved, I will not act unreasonably, I want to obtain him, you give me.” Zhao Hai also present, reason that Desbarres and Tao Wang do not want to give him this thing, because of not giving up, because this thing has not used to him, if made others know, will also bring the danger to him, was because of this, therefore Desbarres does not want to give him this thing. Desbarres and Tao Wang look at Zhao Hai to be required, they to did not have to say anything, but nodded said : that well, gave you, took away, was choosing different weapon, even if will be you can use this thing in the future, now is impossible to use, used with two weapon self-preservation.” Zhao Hai look at Desbarres and Tao Wang appearance, shows a faint smile, shook the head said : Camp Lord, ceramic Big Brother, does not need, to have him to solve, I must use following one month, the matter of full preparation invitational meet.” Desbarres and Tao Wang listened to Zhao Hai saying that they gawked, Desbarres face changed said :Little Hai, listening to me saying that this was not good, you chose certainly two weapon to be good, really the incorrect words, chose one, weapon, Defensive Equipment, cannot be short. Zhao Hai smiles said : Camp Lord, your feel relieved, I such do naturally am have confidence, in fact I in Lower Realm, once go to the bottom risk, making the person obtain the one type of treasure, this treasure known as Measureless Golden Sand, was from Earth Fire, this golden sand can be used for crafting, I planned that came condense this weapon again with this golden sand, I believe that I can certainly achieve.”

Desbarres and Tao Wang listened to Zhao Hai saying that gawked, Measureless Golden Sand this thing they really had also heard, that was one type of very formidable Heaven and Earth Treasure, not only he [gold/metal] Huo attribute, but also bringing part of Space attribute, were the crafting rare materials, if Zhao Hai had Measureless Golden Sand this thing, that arrived can try, had a look whether this weapon condense again. Zhao Hai looks at Tao Wang and Desbarres's appearance, he shows a faint smile, the hand turns, in hand appears a Crystal jar, in this Crystal jar attire is not the liquor, but is jar golden yellow sand of glistening. Zhao Hai has given Desbarres said : the jar Camp Lord, this bottle of Measureless Golden Sand I gave in the camp, if in the camp whose crafting must use, your look at processing, my in hand Measureless Golden Sand were not many, I must stay behind, tried to practice this weapon to use.” Desbarres two eyes shines received Zhao Hai to hand over Measureless Golden Sand that will laugh said : your youngster in hand really to have such good thing, good, I accepted, if you in this month, have not been able condense this weapon, that you to come here to choose two weapon.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, nodded said : well, I comply with Camp Lord, asking Camp Lord feel relieved to be good.” Desbarres nodded, arrives has been putting by the cabinet of that group of liquid metal, turned on an illuminant shield, has input one set of Secret Code toward, then that coverglass opens, 1 u left the true colors of that group of liquid metal. This is diameter about one meter liquid metal sphere, looks like looks like a huge liquid metal soaks is the same, metal performance also in flowing of keeping, what most important is, this thing drifts unexpectedly in that glass cabinet. Zhao Hai sees this group of thing, cannot help but two eyes one bright, meets to begin to wield, received in then thing Space, this turns the head to Desbarres said : Camp Lord, let's go.” Desbarres had the nod, has put in in hand Measureless Golden Sand that cabinet, this transferred the head harness Zhao Hai and Tao Wang leave the arsenal. Zhao Hai comes out from the arsenal, immediately returned to own room, Desbarres told one must close up, then entered in Space. Just Zhao Hai that group of metals put in Space the time, heard in Space to transmit prompt speaking sounds: Presently many other metal electrode materials synthesis special molten metals, may be with the Magic Formation coordination use, may analyze the molten metal material through Universal Analyzer, may through Universal Manufacturing Machine, become the raw material molten metal reconstruct, may unifies some molten metals and Staff, ghost Staff will turn into silver , Staff has practices to make the strength, Host can in Staff come in handy Magic Formation and Magic Formation at will superimposes Formation Set, the Staff original ability is invariable.” Zhao Hai heard this prompt sound on understand is any meaning, this group of metals can join to Staff, moreover this group of metals for weapon of Magic Formation preparation, enabled his Staff to use Magic Formation worthily unexpectedly at will.

Before Zhao Hai Staff, can use Magic Formation, reason that actually cannot say at will because of Staff so many changes , because in has gathered waxwing [gold/metal] Combat Suit, other Yama Ship and precious materials, but in these materials, for Magic Formation specially designed, is not partial in Cultivation World [say / way] formation, Zhao Hai can use the Magic Formation ability with Staff, completely is because Staff is capable of transformation being able in the Staff interior, changes the Magic Formation shape, then used to come out to say that was not Staff ability. But these time that group of molten metal join to Staff, Staff can[ from] by use Magic Formation, has been able saying that truly achieves the situation that an demon has united. Because heard this prompt sound, therefore Zhao Hai such sharply will be returning to Space, he thinks that the quick point has a look, what pleasant surprise this molten metal can also bring to him. Zhao Hai returned to Space, Laura their immediately welcomed, Zhao Hai look at Laura appearance said : what kind of? That group of metals?” Laura smiled said : embarrassed Elder Brother Hai you unable to see that to roll thing now, that rolled thing to feed in Universal Analyzer by us, analyzes his material, after waiting for that group Universal Analyzer release came, you in have a look.” The Zhao Hai look at Laura appearance smiled bitterly reluctantly, said : you also is really, such worried, if I came back at the evening, you do want to give reconstruct become a useful person to expect him?” Laura shows a faint smile said : that to arrive cannot, we know that thing has to you wants to know his formula with us greatly.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, turns the head look at Cai'er said : Cai'er, after meeting that group of molten metals take, to fuse in Magic Staff him, what you in using Universal Analyzer analyze to have a look at the optimal fits of ten thirty thousand 896 Magic Formation overlay are, when the time comes combines join these to Magic Staff.” Cai'er smiles said : Young Master, this simply does not need to calculate that now is to calculate you too could not use, that group of molten metals after Magic Staff unifies, can be equal to with Space unified, Formation Set that so long as in Space Analyzer analyzes, Magic Staff can use at will, now Young Master strength, but also is not enough to use the Formation overlay combination of hundred thousand, when later Zhao Hai level enhanced, you even can use 1 million Formation overlay combinations, therefore did not use in analysis Magic Staff special Magic Formation Set specially.” Zhao Hai one hear of Cai'er said that on face happy flashes said : really? Will Magic Staff these molten metals really have such change after join? Now the molten metal has not unified with Magic Staff, how do you know the result?” Cai'er smiles said : Young Master, do not forget, that group of molten metals after entering Space, had gotten Space branding, now spatial was level arrived at 100 five Level 10, so long as got Space branding thing, Space will carry on to analyze, therefore although that group of molten metals have not unified with Magic Staff, Space has been able to figure out unifies the later Staff ability.” Zhao Hai nodded, a face[ is popular] exerts, he was really too happy, the Staff ability was stronger he is happy, by his present strength, only the ginseng used thousand overlay Magic Formation, but Staff after join the molten metal, has been able to use the ability of Magic Formation overlay combination to enhance about hundred times him unexpectedly, can use the overlay of near hundred thousand Magic Formation to combine, this regarding him, absolutely was good information.

With according to cold not positive inference, so long as can come in handy a hundred thousand overlay Magic Formation, can with general Cultivation World Expert to fighting, in other words, so long as melts the molten metal and Staff, that Zhao Hai goes to leave to live seperately to Comprehend the world, also there is an ability of self-preservation. This is the Zhao Hai most happy matter, reason that he meets ascend to machine here , because he resulted in virtue in Cultivation World there the person, has to here ascend, if he can achieve really with general Cultivation World Expert to fighting not to drop the wind, he can definitely go to leave to live seperately to turn to Cultivation World. Knew after this result, Zhao Hai was not worrying, he has not used in condense Magic Formation now, Magic Formation that because entire machine, he can find now, condense has completed, Zhao Hai considers as finished, after tens of thousands years of show, Cultivation World here existing Magic Formation, thousand more than 3 million, these Magic Formation, if all superimposes in together, Might that can produce is the difficult imagination, Zhao Hai can affirm, even if Cultivation World big cultivator, feared that cannot block this Magic Formation one to strike surely. However by the Zhao Hai present strength, do not say that thousands of overlay, a hundred thousand overlay he must after Staff and molten metal unifies the ting use. Now Zhao Hai must do is practices Tempering Stars Body Technique, the Tempering Stars Body Technique wondrous use is infinite, is adding on that wrap to attack Fist Technique of enemy, Zhao Hai believes that so long as practice, certainly will have the unexpected advantage. originally his day can only practice two hours Tempering Stars Body Technique, but after these many days exercises, he has been able to practice for three hours, do not look only increased one hour of practice time, regarding Zhao Hai, this hour of increase, can make his Tempering Stars Body Technique obtain to turn time of effect. Besides practicing Tempering Stars Body Technique, adapts to the overlay application of Magic Formation, Zhao Hai is still handling another matter, is research constitution all Magic Formation Rune. Actually cannot remember and understand all Magic Formation Rune Zhao Hai to the present, reason that he will use Magic Formation Rune, is the Space merit, is not Zhao Hai own memory, Space looks like an automatic memory book, anti- these Magic Formation Rune recorded in Space, but Zhao Hai when saw that Magic Formation Rune, Space will remind Zhao Hai that is any Magic Formation Rune, represented any meaning. However these thing after all are not Zhao Hai, because of this, Space here can only use existing Magic Formation, but cannot create new Magic Formation, this is also a Space biggest shortcoming. Space looks like a best aid, he can help you handle a lot, but he will not create, he can only existing thing, combine with the best way, is impossible to create new thing. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai preparation Magic Formation Rune well study one study, then he can create Magic Formation, he has Space, simply did not fear that cannot create to suit his Magic Formation, but the premise is, he must record these Magic Formation Rune ripe, understood that is good. ................................................, A.