Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1129
........................................................................... Zhao Hai one month continuously practice of calm in Space with, since the molten metal and Staff fuse, Zhao Hai gives new Staff to give a name Liquid Silver! But Zhao Hai also uses this month, well has been familiar under Liquid Silver blessing/additional support, how use hundred thousand Magic Formation superimposes Formation Set. Also Zhao Hai had told Desbarres luckily he must close up, therefore Desbarres refuses anybody to disturb Zhao Hai, besides wants to make Zhao Hai prepare the invitational meet of 6 Realms new person competition, Desbarres also hopes Zhao Hai to be able the congealing refine metal fluid again, not only this has the advantage to Zhao Hai, has the advantage regarding entire machine. Zhao Hai this month, has placed Tempering Stars Body Technique and body of familiar Liquid Silver Magic Staff the main energy, now Liquid Silver could not be called Magic Staff, not only he weapon, but is Demonic Artifact, Demonic Artifact is the Magic appliance, not pure referring to weapon. Now not only Liquid Silver has the Blood Ghost Staff complete ability, has added on the ability of molten metal, this different thing, no matter that is the same, can when not only weapon, when Defensive Equipment uses, Zhao Hai wants thoroughly wields his Might, must know that fully understands his specially fresh. Zhao Hai currently uses Liquid Silver, has definitely been able to achieve a fifty thousand overlay to flicker, even if a hundred thousand overlay, will not spend too much time. Such that just like beforehand Zhao Hai thinks, if he uses his spiritual force to use law of the demon, he now is most can only use thousand overlay Magic Formation Set, in addition Liquid Silver blessing/additional support, he can use a hundred thousand overlay Magic Formation Set, the strength enhanced about hundred times. But this month, Bones Symbol Camp to is calm, why everyone/Great Clan should do, the new person who some are not convinced, reports five groups have carried on the competition, after the competition, in does not raise attended the matter of 6 Realms new person competition. But this month regarding Desbarres and Tao Wang absolutely is one month of suffering greatly, because of this month, Zhao Hai has been closing up, they feared that affected Zhao Hai, therefore does not dare to look how they were really don’t know Zhao Hai take that group of molten metals, this type wants to know that but[ answered] case at present, the feeling that they actually cannot know, two who suffered could not eat up unable to fall asleep. This month of machine here actually like Bones Symbol Camp such calm, Bones Symbol Camp here does not need to compete with knows that who attended the invitational meet, however other camp were actually not, other camp wanted to attend the invitational meet, must fight, defeats own match, even kills own match, you can the superior.

Entire machine here all Outer Sect camp, piece of carnage , because of this, therefore Bones Symbol Camp calm, appears such establishing a new school in machine here! But Bones Symbol Camp these new people, these days also in paying attention the matter of invitational meet, in seeing various camps because of scrambling for the qualifications of invitational meet, but announcement after casualty figure, they are thorough the thoughts of certainly attending the invitational meet, these rewards are the you people, but also the person has the life to take is good, one, but attended the invitational meet, finally the right and wrong dies already injures, they may anything not have. Now to Ashley Clan internal competition, only then three days, three days later, Ashley Clan will make eight big Outer Sect camp carry on time competition, selects ten ascend less than five years of new person, attended the invitational meet of machine 6 Realms new person competition on behalf of Ashley Clan. Do not think that Ashley Clan sends out ten people to attend the invitational meet, probably is few, but an entire machine big or medium influence adds to come altogether several thousand, if in adding on does not have the influence that the qualifications attend the invitational meet, that were more, therefore compared with this figure, Ashley Clan has ten people, are not absolutely few, can look from this point, Ashley Clan in the machine here status. In Comprehend the world 6 Realms, spoke by the strength, your strength, you can obtain more commodities, you can obtain more advantage, can obtain many convenience, this was Comprehend the world, all spoke by the strength. But machine here, 6 Realms new competition time, the player who can enter the stage has 100, has the qualifications to send the situation that the player attended the invitational meet to machine here several thousand, the quota that these 100 can attend the match was really too few, was because of this, therefore machine here, after three big influence many years of efforts, carried on one time to depend on to machine all influences estimates, finally they have divided Fifth Grade all influences, the First Grade influence, in the competition, they can send out 20 players to attend the invitational meet. The Second Grade influence, can send 15 invitational meets, Third Grade can send out ten, Forth Grade five, Fifth Grade. Naturally, this regulation is not absolute, but a little can affirm that an influence regulation population, can only reduce, cannot increase. Like this comes at the invitational meet of each time 6 Realms new person competition, has ten thousand people to participate, in more than ten thousand people, will select finally only 100 people to attend the match of competition, the one in a hundredcream of the crop! On several times Bones Symbol Camp also sent for participating, Ashley Clan the Clan interior invitational meet of 6 Realms new person competition, but they have not obtained any good achievements, finally chose the quota of match not to attain including Clan wu, because of this, therefore the machine here person believes that Bones Symbol Camp declined.

On however several times Bones Symbol Camp sends the person who attended the Clan interior invitational meet, the minimum also five people, but in list that this time, Desbarres reported that had one person, that was Zhao Hai. Eight big Outer Sect camp, must attend the Clan interior invitational meet, should not be ahead of time to deliver to Clan the list for half a month, but this list does not permit the change, that fears is the person on list, not having the means to participate to compete, was impossible to change players to replace, in other words, the person on this list, can only reduce, cannot change. Reason that the Ashley Clan person such does, to let eight big Outer Sect camp people, time investigates their matches, the forms of combat of familiar match, but in Ashley Clan eight big Outer Sect camp, besides Bones Symbol Camp, the several other battalions of almost first 6 Realms new competitions, will send out ten people to attend the Clan internal invitational meet, only then Bones Symbol Camp meets appears little to send several people of participating situations. In the past minimum one time, Bones Symbol Camp sent out five people to participate, but this time they actually only sent out one person to participate, this matter has caused in an uproar in Ashley Clan at once, not only in fact Ashley Clan, entire machine knows that the person of this matter, was in an uproar, they have not thought that Bones Symbol Camp only will send unexpectedly a person to attend the competition, in their opinion, Bones Symbol Camp declined. The date of eye look at Clan interior invitational meet has approached day-by-day, but meaning that Zhao Hai still has not actually gone out, Desbarres and Tao Wang cannot help but were worried, their everyday person to Zhao Hai outside transfers the extension, has a look at the Zhao Hai in the room sound, but they were disappointed, Zhao Hai in the room not any sound. On this day sitting of Desbarres face anxious look in own office, the gate opens, Tao Wang from outside straight, Desbarres looked that Tao Wang face knew the result, his look at Tao Wang hasn't said : come out?” Tao Wang smiled bitterly shaking the head, deep voice said : „the day after tomorrow is being the day of Clan invitational meet, Little Hai had not gone out at this time, 6 Realms new person competition that it seems like that this handed over, he feared that must miss.” Desbarres let out a long breath, has smiled bitterly, muttered said : to miss has missed, has missed also well, you also know that the brutality of 6 Realms new person competition, he has missed, was safe, moreover he, as soon as closed up is one month, this explained that thing to him was some uses, if he can be good that thing condense, nothing that has missed this time competition.” Tao Wang nodded, said : that two eyes shines „, if Little Hai can use that thing, not only that the luck of our Bones Symbol Camp, but is entire Ashley Clan, entire machine luck.” In this time, Desbarres's computer suddenly has been making a sound, Desbarres looked in own wrist|skill is bringing computer, but the above name is to let him stares slightly, personal name Zhao Hai that because on computer demonstrates. Desbarres face stares, then face happy said : 1 Little Hai!” Said that immediately opened own computer, Zhao Hai image appears in Desbarres's front. Desbarres sees Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback happy said : 1 Little Hai, did you close up complete? What kind of?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Camp Lord, condense has succeeded, do I give a name Liquid Silver to him, Camp Lord, when the Clan internal invitational meet?”

Desbarres immediately/on horseback said : the day after tomorrow, were you now official going out? I have a look with Tao Wang.” Zhao Hai knows[ said that] Desbarres's meaning, Desbarres wants to come to see Liquid Silver Might actually, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, my this prepares food, wait for you.” Desbarres nodded, has closed computer, turns the head to walk to Tao Wang said :, goes to Little Hai that.” Said that turn around outward walks, Tao Wang hastily. These days Tie Sheng has been busy making duty outside, therefore little in Battalion Li, but he also soon came back, no matter what, the Ashley Clan interior invitational meet of 6 Realms new person competition, regarding the Outer Sect eight battalions is a very serious matter, moreover this time their although only sent a person to participate, the quantity can not exaggerate said that this was for 20 years, one time that Bones Symbol Camp attached great importance, such opportunity Tie Sheng was impossible to miss. Desbarres and Tao Wang arrived at the Zhao Hai small villa, Zhao Hai are waiting for them in the living room, Zhao Hai has given the matter of preparing food has done tinkle, he was not managing. Desbarres and Tao Wang enter the room on look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looks at their appearances, cannot help but shows a faint smile, he has not said anything, was only in his hand appears suddenly a Magic Staff, but this Magic Staff had more than 2 meters to be long, all over the body was bright silver , in Magic Staff most peak, was attractive nine layers silver lotus, on the lotus hua petal, was falling silver small Little Bell, seemed like attractive. Liquid Silver present style with Blood Staff not any difference, but has traded face , but this face trades, actually reveals this Staff appears the attractiveness of country's, holy, has been short of a fierceness. a.