Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1130
Dark Magic Star! Chong Modao! Life and death stage! normally life and death stage here is few people came, only then in some Clan hostile person, will carry on the duel to here, but at the life and death stage here duel, that right and wrong dies already injures, only if the big enmity, the average person will not enter the life and death stage to carry on the decision. The life and death stage is one is long, the width reaches hundred meters huge metal platform, four corner/horn have a column respectively, on the column may install Crystal Stone, covers the entire life and death stage, making inside energy not fly outside, watches the person of duel the wound to all around. In all around of life and death stage, near thirty thousand seat, north is the distinguished guest seat, person who generally sits in the back person has the status, but other three, are the commoner seats, anybody can sit in there watches the duel. Only if normally some people decide head, will not be few people will come in life and death stage here, because here killing aura was too heavy, nobody will like. Chong Modao area is very big, but the life and death stage in Chong Modao an corner/horn, exactly said that the life and death stage cannot be on Chong Modao, he outside Chong Modao on block giant a reef. But is very near to Chong Modao, moreover there is a bridge to be connected, is calculated does is Chong Modao part. Today in ordinary day lonely incomparable life and death stage, actually the lively incomparable, innumerable speeding cars stopped parking lot there outside life and death stage, in life and death stage have been filled with the person, but a northern stand there person did not have, obviously the lord did not have appears . 9 : 00 am, resound with several melodious dings, life and death stage that originally makes noise, a silence suddenly, regarding the Ashley Clan person, this ding they were too familiar, this is the Ashley Clan static world clock! Ashley Clan has plenty very special tradition, for example static world clock, for example, police world drum! The static world clock, is Clan has influential figure appears in a public setting, when needs everyone/Great Clan to be peaceful, ding that sounds, but the police world drum is Clan is actually meeting the sound of danger, drumbeat that sounds. Has strong regulation in Ashley Clan, static world bell rings, the audience mute, such as some people dare to open the mouth at will, executes. The police world drum sound, Clan all Combatant, must arrange clothes to treat in 30 rests, if 30 rests have not prepared, execution!

Because of such regulation, therefore this static world clock sound, annoys the big life and death stage, one peaceful, in not a sound. Static world bell rings three, then dropped down from sky, in these people, for a person, puts on black Magic Robe, in hand takes one to add black Magic Staff, some hua are white, but face by ruddy, the facial expression is stern, does not get angry from the prestige. In his side, then several wear Magic Robe and warrior cloth people, Desbarres also, obviously in these is a Ashley Clan High level people. Lead the person of that wear black Magic Robe, is Ashley Clan current Patriarch, Houcke Ashley, follows in his person altogether eight, two are internal organs core Manager, two are internal organs foreign affairs Manager, other four are Outer Sect Manager, but these eight Manager, each is managing Outer Sect camp, is the Houcke Ashley most Ren Xin eight people. Several people stand on the life and death stage, looked at all around one, Houcke Ashley deep voice said : 6 Realms new person competition, the Ashley Clan internal invitational meet, formally starts now.” The personal appearance moved, enters distinguished guest seat there to sit, Desbarres their several people also hastily followed on the heels. Several people entered to reserved seats, reserved seats there immediately raised transparent glass, has separated with base its person several people, but at this time, one after another had some Ashley Clan core members to enter to the other seats of reserved seats to sit. At this time a middle-aged person has arrived on the life and death stage, this person is also Fatty, but compared with ugly and ferocious-looking of Desbarres face, this Fatty was much more lovable, on the round face, was hanging the simple and honest smiling face, to person the feeling of one type of foolishness, but if you worked as him really with a simple and honest foolishness person, you died, this person of very famous person, his named Card approximately, was the book chapter that then Houcke together grew up, the present is Ashley Clan General Manager, Manager Desbarres their these eight Manager. Desbarres because of ugly and ferocious-looking of face, in adding on the murder are innumerable, therefore was called the fat slaughter, however in Ashley Clan, a Fatty fame is older than him, this is Card, person Desbarres who Card kills are many, moreover he like Desbarres, the surface is not wicked, he is a typical person with kindly face and cruel heart, therefore in machine here, Card also has a nickname, smiling face Yama Card approximately! One hear of this names know that was any meaning, Desbarres has just resulted in a given name of fat slaughter, but Card was actually called the Yama, from this point can see that who was high who got down. Not only Card also Ashley Clan General Manager is so simple, he similarly is also the person who Houcke most trusts, with Houcke's several child relationship also very good, Houcke's that several children to his also very respectful, can say, in Clan besides Houcke this Patriarch, Card can be considered as absolutely on is No. 2 character.

Card stands on the stage, on his face is still maintaining ten thousand years of invariable smiling face, but on the life and death stage all person static look at his obese statures, actually the meaning of nobody contempt, they do not dare. Card stands on the stage, looked at all around one, said with a smile lightly! ” Today is our Ashley Clan grand meeting, the Ashley Clan knowledgeable person, will measure strength in here, is the Clan honor fights, below invited 71 brave warriors from eight big Outer Sect camp goes on stage! ” His voice just fell, goes out of two teams of people from the life and death stage gate, some have put on Magic Formation, some puts on warrior cloth, their bodies are bringing a badge, this badge Ashley Clan badge, Dark mist skeleton emblem, but on the badge some are small The small difference, for example looks like the micro chapter of Zhao Hai belt, in Skull below, two Bone, the overlapping laying aside, looks like pirate flag, this on behalf of Zhao Hai is the Ashley Clan Bones Symbol Camp person. After all people got up the life and death stage, immediately stands according to camp, other camp are ten people, only then a Zhao Hai person stands in the one side alone, looks like somewhat pitiful. Card also saw the Zhao Hai appearance, but he has not said anything, he is only said : under is asking computer to arrange the number for the people automatically.” His voice falls, sees on the life and death stage, appears a small flight vehicle, on the flight vehicle has projected ray of light, this ray of light directly has formed projection in in midair. Then name appears of all people in have thrown in the nose, number also from 1st to 71 st, but Zhao Hai is No. 36, is at the middle. After the platoon ends the number, Card looked at projection said : First Stage to the war, asking computer to extract to fighting both sides!” The voice just fell, a name trundle on projection, then final two number appears on projection, one are No. 2, another is actually No. 58. Not only on projection appears these two names, but also appears introduction of these two image and detailed. Zhao Hai looked at one, they were ascend to machine already had three years, the present strength is 2nd level, one was Magician, one was Warrior.

Card looked that the both sides of First Stage to war both came out, Card then deep voice said : good, asking fellow brave warriors to leave the stage, the person of opposite party stayed behind.” Other Zhao Hai and people have drawn back from the life and death stage, sat the ringside to leave their chairs specially. But at this time person in the VIP suite was also discussing this competition, Desbarres sits in Houcke's side, can look from this point, Desbarres truly is Houcke's trusted aide, will otherwise not sit leaves Houcke such near. Houcke looked at Zhao Hai one through the glass, turns the head to Desbarres said : fat virtue, your this fellow also is really, is always protecting person in the camp, this is incorrect, this time you only send a person to attend the competition unexpectedly, do you want to lose earlier were good to be free from worry? Moreover I have read the material of this fellow, Mage, ascend to the present four months, your also too child's play?” Desbarres shows a faint smile said : Patriarch feel relieved, these time definitely does not disappoint you, do not think that this time I have only sent a person, but I can guarantee that he will make you be surprised absolutely.” As soon as Houcke listens to Desbarres such to speak of stares, at this time nearby person said : virtue Fatty, you were short in that boast, these years you have not sent eight people to attend the competition, moreover each competition was admitting defeat early, these time has sent such new nèn, I did not believe his ascend just four months of person, can abundant big can.” Desbarres does not need to look that knows is words that who spoke, Dillat in four Outer Sect Manager, Dillat is 20 years of advancing enters to the Ashley Clan management, but this Clan did not cope with Desbarres, two personal names struggle to fight darkly unceasingly. However in the common situation, Desbarres does not like being earnest with him, how this said that Dillat is also the Ashley Clan person, if they fight is too fierce, will affect the unity of Ashley Clan, regarding grows since childhood Ashley Clan Desbarres, this does not serve the Ashley Clan benefit. Desbarres does not want to be the same with Dillat, Dillat actually thinks that Desbarres has feared him, in some public situations, will be frequently ugly to Desbarres, difficult Desbarres almost to counter-attack, but endured finally. Houcke also knows[ said that] Desbarres is thinking anything, to be honest Dillat's such character he does not like, Desbarres grows up with his together, Houcke Bidia understands Desbarres, Houcke very clear, do not look with, Bones Symbol Camp that level Expert has not sat now, but must turn to synthesize fighting strength to come, other seven battalions of that will not be the Bones Symbol Camp matches, because of this, therefore Houcke will not shut the matter that the person will enter the stage to turn a blind eye to Desbarres. One hear of Dillat said that Houcke cannot help but gently wrinkled under the brow, Desbarres has cast aside Dillat one eyes, sneered said : Dillat, do you dare to hit a gambling with me, each of us put out 1000 affairs of state coins to bet, bet this time invitational meet, Zhao Hai can result in first, if Zhao Hai has resulted in first, you lost to me 10 million, conversely, Zhao Hai, if could not result in first, that feared that he has resulted in second, I lost to your 1000 affairs of state coins, do you dare to bet?” a.