Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1131
As soon as Dillat listened to Desbarres saying that cannot help but gawked, Desbarres was first time proposes such gambling stake, moreover Dillat Desbarres very found that he abundant minute of clarity, Desbarres absolutely was a sly fellow, do not think ugly and ferocious-looking of this fellow face, is fat appearance that could not walk probably, this fellow was not stupid, conversely, this fellow very fearful, ten points planning. The person who can plan will not suffer a loss by oneself, Dillat very clear, Desbarres this Fatty is the lord who only profits does not suffer a loss, now among his suddenly proposed that a such gambling house, has the issue obviously. Dillat cannot help but turned the head to look sat on the side of Zhao Hai of ringside, Zhao Hai was sitting on the ringside look at stage their war, only swept Zhao Hai not to have the interest, that Magician although was 2nd level Magician, but clearly, he now most gets along well together, was still law of the demon, perhaps the law of such demon used in Lower Realm also well, however in Upper Realm here, simply is not useful. But that Warrior is also similar, his present although can leave Sword Qi, but very obviously each Sword Qi, regarding him is a huge burden, therefore he did not have Sword Qi, but is raising the sword, throws toward that Magician, moving aside that Magician keeping, moves aside while shoots Magic to that Warrior, this obviously is Lower Realm Warrior and Magician forms of combat. Zhao Hai looked at one, shook the head, has closed the eye, he displays like this, was looked by his dwelling person in the eye, the person who today all attended the competition, has the material of opposite party, Zhao Hai also has the materials of these people, but the scene look at them to fight the first time. But these people have the Zhao Hai material, they know Zhao Hai only ascend comes up is about four months, is complete new nèn, in their opinion, Zhao Hai offended certainly Desbarres, therefore Desbarres will make him go on stage, coming to murder with a borrowed knife. In fact sees this material most from the beginning time, not only these people have such idea, even if Houcke has such idea, varies has heard the gambling stake that Barti comes out, Houcke somewhat has actually been in doubt, he looked at Desbarres one eyes puzzled. Desbarres two eyes is actually watching intently Dillat, is waiting for Dillat's reply, Dillat look at Desbarres, deep voice said : Desbarres, do you have such big assurance?” Desbarres coldly snorted said : „doesn't what? dare?” At the same time was saying in his eyes also carries over happy , sees the liking in Desbarres eyes, Dillat suddenly understand, Desbarres this is in bluff, that Zhao Hai certainly is not Expert, he is using this method not to be dared with him to bet by himself. Confessed that Dillat of smart person thinks of this point, immediately thought that this is one tidies up Desbarres's excellent opportunity, his coldly snorted said : has anything not to dare, good, bet!” Desbarres appearance that pretends face changes, but he is said : good, that such decided.” Said that is not managing Dillat, turns the head the look at life and death stage. Somewhat was worried Desbarres Houcke who looked the appearance that Desbarres knows, this Fatty digs the pit, moreover Dillat also jumped. Houcke is together grows up with Desbarres, therefore he to Desbarres completely understand, he knows[ said that] Desbarres will not handle the matter that has not grasped, he will make a bet with Dillat, certainly is because he believes that his person can win. Thinks of here, Houcke cannot help but more curious to Zhao Hai, he knows[ said that] Desbarres will not make trick/hand and foot in the Zhao Hai ascend time, because that is impossible, all ascend people, are received by the robot most from the beginning, the person by ascend reception desk has not arranged, but these two places actually by three big influence control, who are not appointed jurisdiction, is their Ashley Clan wants to meddle cannot insert, therefore the Zhao Hai ascend time will be will not have the issue. The Zhao Hai ascend time does not have the issue, that was Zhao Hai has the issue, ascend four months of person, was not only received the Bones Symbol Camp three months by Desbarres, but also allowed him to attend the competition, but also is willing to hit 10 million gambling for him with the person, can look from this point came the Zhao Hai strength.

Thinks that at this time Houcke cannot help but turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, Zhao Hai has closed one's eyes to sit in there is motionless, looked like falls asleep probably. Sees Zhao Hai this appearance, Houcke cannot help but gently knitting the brows head , the Zhao Hai present performance he is not quite satisfied, as player who immediately must attend the competition, he should not give up opportunity of this observation match, generally lets off this opportunity person, only then two types, the one type is megalomania, thinks own Unparalleled Under The Heaven, they disdained to handle this matter, another one type of has the person of absolute strength, they only looked that knows the level of match, what level they do not care about the match are, they have the match who the confidence defeats one to strike. Houcke thought after Zhao Hai should be, one type of person, but he hopes that Zhao Hai can pay attention to own match, because of many Expert, in did not understand in the situation of own match, putting to turn compared with his strength bad person, the person who can attend the competition, that has the 1 or 2 unique skill that if not pay attention to the match, might suffer a loss very much. The quick First Stage competition had ended, Warrior won finally, but Houcke actually happy does not get up, because the strengths of these two people are not really high, can say weakly, participates in the words of machine invitational meet by their such strengths, that can only be dingy coming back finally, or dies on Arena. The machine invitational meet regarding a machine any influence, is very important, Clan that only then through the invitational meet, he is at will obtain many advantage, the famous capital is higher, the advantage that Clan obtains are more, but the famous capital of these year of Ashley Clan people, obtains is not quite ideal, previous time is even/including Baiming has not gone, this also by Houcke disappointment. Also for this reason, that elimination series that therefore Houcke in eight battalions adopts regarding Outer Sect, turns a blind eye. Along with the competitions in the past, the expression on Houcke face was also getting more and more serious, the people of these competitions, the although level is good, but compares to other influences, there are many disparities. Is Ashley Clan Leader of a Clan, Houcke also very attaches great importance to the strengths of other influences, especially like the invitational meet, Ying Xi to Clan a competition of own interests, he attaches great importance, his participating staff to other Clan, does had understood that these Clan participants, the level is very high. Houcke also knows that this did not mean Outer Sect eight large camp do not train the new person earnestly, in fact Outer Sect camp of other influences, not necessarily compared with Ashley Clan Outer Sect camp in many, some even might as well Ashley Clan Outer Sect camp, but these Clan adopt another one type of means to train participating staff now. This method to put it bluntly does not have what valuable place, nothing but is the key training plan, selects some innate skill high Ascender, entered camp from them on that day starting from, on key training they, in all commodities with camp, trained several people with emphasis, allowing them to attend such competition, the person who in this case trained, naturally treat impartially training Ashley Clan Outer Sect camp staff more competitive than all people, but this has also caused the one type of consequence, was the commodity in camp gives these talent to use, training of other person on falling, will have caused like this weakening of Outer Sect camp fighting strength.. Houcke knows how these Clan people think, in their opinion, Ascenders, simply does not calculate the person in their Clan, these Ascenders, but is used is Clan gains the benefit, therefore they will adopt such procedure, this and Ashley Clan procedure is different. Training of Ashley Clan attach great importance to Outer Sect camp, therefore Ashley Clan Outer Sect camp, in entire machine very famous.

Actually what Zhao Hai and don’t know is, in Comprehend the world here, has the racial discrimination to exist, but discriminated is not has to plant, but from Lower Realm Ascenders. A large part of Comprehend the world the person of native place, regarding Lower Realm Ascenders, inborn has the one type of superiority feeling, in their opinion, they were born in Comprehend the world here, inborn compared with Ascenders a cut above, because of this, therefore many Ascenders did not attach great importance. These people who Houcke look at Clan Outer Sect camp elects, their strengths, if places in camp, is perhaps good, but must participate to compete that to fall far short, Houcke started to consider now that was must carry on to Clan Outer Sect camp has reorganized, carried on key training. Competition carries on, but Zhao Hai had not obtained presence opportunity, 71 people attend the competition, altogether 35, the person will actually draw a bye, this does not have quite strangely what, looked like the people often said that the luck was also part of strength. Zhao Hai has not worried, melts sits in there, in mind while recalls have been studying these Magic Formation Rune, now Zhao Hai has permitted realizing of share this Magic Formation Rune important xing, Magic Formation Rune can be said as all Magic Formation foundations, only then has understood Magic Formation Rune, you can better use Magic Formation. At this time competed has carried on 24, the time of although First Stage competition was very not long, but more than 20 competitions, did not calculate short. However looked that the person of competition to does not have does not bear, because competed is getting more and more splendid! This so-called splendor is, both sides start to be getting more and more ruthless, now the appears casualties, 24 competitions, three dead five wounded! At the 24 th competition that was just completing, Warrior of shape character camp, draws up a document Warrior of camp one, a sword two break, cuts to kill at the scene. Zhao Hai although closes one's eyes, but in the field the fresh matter he all knows that he has not felt any illness, since ascend comes up, Zhao Hai has thought that wants to live in machine here, not ruthless is incorrect, what kills the person is, are the person who homicide few? In this time, the list of 25 round competition has been hit by the flying electric appliance, then hears on the life and death stage the huge broadcast sound to transmit said : „the 25 wheel, Bones Symbol Camp Zhao Hai confronts ghost character camp Luo Zhi!” Speaking of here, the broadcast stopped, this then said : Bones Symbol Camp Zhao Hai, was ascend to machine four months of new person, but he just ascend to machine here, obtained the recognition of Desbarres Camp Lord, ascend was about one month of time, received from Ascend Academy the person Bones Symbol Camp, then Zhao Hai did not even have the adaptation machine Spiritual Qi density, then Zhao Hai closed up for two months, not only adapted to the machine Spiritual Qi density, but also own strength promotion to the 2nd level Magician level, has been able saying that this was an absolutely talent!”

Ghost character camp Luo Zhi, he was ascend four years of old person, he was also in the ghost character camp the rare talent, carried out Clan duty repeatedly and[ from] by duty, the strength was 3rd level Warrior, when because of carrying out any, the murder were too much, slaughters endures, therefore was called Blood Ghost Luo Zhi by outside world, this is the showdown of a talent and talent!” Zhao Hai heard to read the Zhao Hai name, he has then opened the eye, the rebirth dead stage on slowly walked, but below all looked at the person of competition, actually at humming sound the discussion, nothing but is being the Zhao Hai status that they discussed that time that he rose happily. Zhao Hai although can hear these discussion sounds, but he has not come under any influence, regarding present Zhao Hai, attended such competition, is bullying the person completely. Zhao Hai stood on the stage, his match also arrived on the stage, Blood Ghost Luo Zhi, his figure was not tall, looks like also not very strong, but an indifference of face, he put on blood red warrior cloth, in his waist don't Rapier, but this takes Rapier to be somewhat long, one -and-a-half meters about, length like this soon caught up with small long spear, did not suit to use as the sword. Zhao Hai looked at Luo Zhi one, the knitting the brows head of slightly, this Luo Zhi although does not have anything superficially, but his killing aura actually very strong, can look, this is one is good to kill the xing person. At this time metal platform protective shield rose, Luo Zhi own long Rapier in in hand, he was also ordering on. As Card starts, First Stage competition also official start of Zhao Hai. Sound that Luo Zhi heard start, but he not like other Warrior, fast toward migration of Zhao Hai, wanting seize the opportunity to pull closer with the Magician distance, looks like in Luo Zhi, his 3rd level Warrior, to the small side dish bird that flying just ascend came up, simply does not need to do, so long as several Sword Qi fly, the opposite party feared that was cut two halves by him. But made Luo Zhi feel what accident was, the opposite party like general Magician, has not gone on stage to open Magic protective shield to oneself, the opposite party was only standing of calm in there look at he, a point expressed that did not have. Luo Zhi has gawked, then he hey has sneered two said : 1 youngster, first time goes on stage to run into me, calculates you to have bad luck, perhaps in the going on stage beforehand name is a talent, but your immediately will turn into a talent of dying.” The Zhao Hai calm look at opposite party, he even has still not put out own Magic Staff, has not used any Magic protective shield, this makes Luo Zhi feel that worried, he felt he was despised! a.