Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1132
Luo Zhi looked that Zhao Hai has not made noise, even has not made any defense, this makes his face ugly, Luo Zhi two eyes stands, ice-cold killing aura, direct Zhao Hai has pressed, in his opinion, Zhao Hai is new nèn, can kill several people, was flushed by his killing aura, will be certainly flurried, so long as one hurried, his opportunity came. Zhao Hai look at Luo Zhi, he comfortable was feels to Luo Zhi killing aura, but he has not cared, these killing aura that Luo Zhi release came, regarding him, too a child's play. Looked that Zhao Hai had not responded, Luo Zhi at heart cannot help but one tight, had not responded to killing aura that explained the opposite party is also a kill people like scything flax person, such person is not good to cope. When thinks of Zhao Hai ascend, in Luo Zhi eye cannot help but appears killing intent! Luo Zhi is a very realistic person, he in Lower Realm, is not legitimate Warrior, but is Dead-soldier, because of this, therefore he likes with Rapier now. Dead-soldier world compared with the Warrior world brutal, in the Dead-soldier world, the failure means the death, person who not only your enemy you must deal with, similarly possibly is your ally, because of you, if cannot your ally, become the best that person, that person might anytime be given up, was given up meaning the death. Because of this, therefore Luo Zhi has wanted to achieve well, if some people do him is better, even possibly he, his choice also very simple, when the opposite party did not have the ability he, has killed the opposite party. Also because of this, therefore Luo Zhi became in the ghost character camp the most famous talent, has a talent compared with him, died, but now Zhao Hai appeared, making Luo Zhi feel a threat, he felt that Zhao Hai possibly he, became a new talent. although Zhao Hai with him is not same camp, but actually with him is Clan, in Clan will have the competition regarding any possibly becomes the person of his match, Luo Zhi will strangle him. Luo Zhi look at Zhao Hai, he felt that threat, his take deep breaths although he felt the threat of Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai has not made any protection, this looked like in Luo Zhi, absolutely was best opportunity. The Luo Zhi draw has shown mood, he has held up his Rapier slowly, sword tip to Zhao Hai, then his fierce a supersonic shout, a capture sword hilt another hand was actually capture sword. Luo Zhi this Rapier with Lower Realm Rapier was actually similar, this thorn about, be only the sword tip about 30 centimeters had the sword blade edge partially, other parts with hitting flat spear shaft/gun barrel did not have what difference to grasp not to have any lethality.

Luo Zhi both hands grasp the sword, is similar to is being same as short spear, sword tip points to Zhao Hai, standing of Zhao Hai still calm in there, look at Luo Zhi, suddenly open the mouth and said: „Do you want to kill me?” Luo Zhi to stares, he thinks that Zhao Hai will not speak with him, now Zhao Hai suddenly this speaks to disrupt his offensive rhythm, although he has not attacked now, but was starting the rain to ferment has attacked, now Zhao Hai a few words his rhythm disrupting. The Luo Zhi eye narrows the eyes, look at Zhao Hai his don’t know is Zhao Hai intentionally, but he has not opened the mouth to reply that the Zhao Hai look at Luo Zhi appearance, showed a faint smile said : I to see killing intent from your eye, do you want to kill me? Why can tell me? We work for in Clan, should be insufficient to put together life and death?” Luo Zhi coldly snorted said : we in Clan work, but you must know, is stepping on your corpse, I can gain many attaching great importance to be able to obtain more resources, talent I who I practice can become Expert quickly.” Zhao Hai nodded said : originally because of this, said that you aren't first time do this matter? Was I refer to killing to your threatening person?” Luo Zhi coldly snorted said : little wasted breath, suffered to death!” Said that a sword punctures toward Zhao Hai, his body has not moved, but Sword Qi actually already straight thrust Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai wields in a soft voice said : shield!” In front of him appears suddenly five overlay Magic Formation, then at the same time the giant metal shield flew from in the formation, kept off in his front, Luo Zhi Sword Qi happen to punctured on the shield. On the face of Luo Zhi 1 u left sneering, he is very clear, this together Sword Qi is his full strikes, he is 3rd level Warrior, does Magic Formation of five overlay want to swing his Sword Qi? Have a dream! However made the shocking matter live, that person of Sword Qi punctured to the shield on, that shield was only trembled lightly, then his sword slid from the shield, cut directly on protective shield of life and death stage. Luo Zhi one dull, he really cannot believe one full strikes, unexpectedly by Zhao Hai with this method blocking, that is only five overlay Magic Formation, how possibly to block his Sword Qi? Not only Luo Zhi, other understood that the Luo Zhi people stayed, these person Luo Zhi of , Luo Zhi this person is under the hand/subordinate will not be forgiving absolutely, the creed that he believes is, is not forgiving make a move, make a move is not forgiving, he never compares notes with the person, all with the person who he compares notes, turned into the deceased person. Zhao Hai has blocked Luo Zhi strikes, was calling he also in dull, his hand moves, Magic Formation appears in his hand of ten overlay, simultaneously in the mouth in a soft voice said : „the extension of wind, the blade edge of ice, behead! his voice falls, in that Magic Formation suddenly appears one group of tornados, this group of tornado getting bigger and bigger, turned into a diameter to cross 20 meters enormous tornado finally, But in this tornado, but also is fluttering innumerable Ice Blade, attacks toward Luo Zhi. Luo Zhi looks at Zhao Hai the attack, the face by changes, his cow violent-tempered revolution, the in hand long sword wields continually, Sword Qi strikes toward the tornado that in Zhao Hai comes out.

Luo Zhi the attention centralized to Magic attack that on Zhao Hai release came, has not noted, side Zhao Hai in time appears Magic Formation of ten overlay, this Magic Formation appears , turning [gold/metal] slowly, appeared intermittently in [gold/metal] red light, Zhao Hai deep voice said : hot feather arrow, ten thousand arrows, shoots!” As the Zhao Hai voice falls, that Magic Formation Set suddenly one has blasted out, changed into innumerably only golden yellow by, flood the red light feather arrow, is shooting toward Luo Zhi. Luo Zhi just cut that tornado Ice Blade that Zhao Hai release came now breaking, the arrow rain has shot, Luo Zhi face crazily changed, his frantic brandished the in hand long sword to block the Zhao Hai sword rain, when his sword kept off in the feather arrow, feather arrow that velamen he blocked, suddenly one exploded! This explosion may, not only has Fireball to know that this feather arrow and sharp is Magic comprised of Metal element Magic, in other words, the arrow in the explosion, will have the metal fragment to scatter, in Luo Zhi eye the move, he called out pitifully, the in hand sword also forgot to dance. Then matter is simpler, these feather arrows shot directly on the body of Luo Zhi then lived the explosion, waited for after the arrow rain, on Arena could not find the Luo Zhi person his whole person exploded smashing, had a long sword, alone lying down on Arena. The time that an entire life and death stage silence, Zhao Hai and Luo Zhi fight was too short, from all sides less than five minutes of time, Luo Zhi attacks first, release Sword Qi, Zhao Hai defends together then continually puts two Magic, the solution fight! When they just from the beginning fought, these audiences on life and death stage also in loud applauding, after the fight ended, instead to was nobody has made noise, not only rapidness that too, because the fight finished, but also because of enchanting and savage of Zhao Hai Magic! Undeniably, Zhao Hai Magic very enchanting, Metal element shield against Magic of five overlay, tornado Ice Blade of geomancy pair of department cuts, hot feather ten thousand arrows these three Magic of [gold/metal] fire pair of department no matter that causes very beautiful. No matter these three Magic how attractive, change his savage true colors, a that shield against Magic fortunately point, but Magic of five overlay, can block 3rd level Warrior unexpectedly struck this whole body to explain uncommon location of this Magic fully. But following that two Magic are savage to is not better, tornado Ice Blade cut although breaking by Luo Zhi, but that Magic moved, the tornado all over the sky, inside was also mixing with Ice Blade, looked like resembles a he huge revolving column, inside was also flashing point blue light, looked like enchanting to exploding. The amateur person will only see this Magic enchanting that side, but looks like the person actually understand this Magic savage place that Desbarres their these knows the business, if who by this Magic covering, was admitted in a giant meat grinder on equal to, if the defense capability is not strong, that final result turned into pile of hashed meat, thinks that this result, was felt is cool to the whole body.

But time that another one type of hot feather ten thousand arrows Magic, uses, the arrow such as the dark cloud obstructed the date, to was not magnificently good, especially in the explosion, in the flame was mixing with the flash fragment of metal, looked like also wants magnificent time compared with fireworks. However has a look at Luo Zhi, 3rd level Warrior, directly by second . Moreover the skeleton not saves, such Magic is not only savage, simply is savage! Flagitious magnificence! Almost all people of knowing the business have thought such a few words, Zhao Hai Magic both savage and magnificent, magnificent is hiding savage, was too scary! A Card face over ten thousand years of invariable smiling face vanished, Card heard the dialog of Zhao Hai and Luo Zhi, to be honest, he did not oppose that the Luo Zhi procedure, a person wants the head place, must tread the corpse superiors of countless person, Card just has not been thinking of Zhao Hai strength unexpectedly such. If Card is not knows about Desbarres, certainly thinks that Desbarres was runs there to look for 5th level Magician, pretends to be 1st level Magician to participate. Can flicker ten overlay Magic Formation, feared that is also only then 5th level Magician can achieve. But has also tarried in reserved seats there all people, they have not thought such rapidness that Luo Zhi can defeat, went down Arena to Zhao Hai, Houcke turned the head to Desbarres said : Desbarres, you determined really his ascend did have four months?” Desbarres smiles said : naturally to affirm, he just ascend came up time, but has been admitted to the 2 o 46 number room, goes to school first day on learn Magic Formation Rune, one month has reached the 1st level Magician level, was sent the smelting trial in the first month by academy, this matter Patriarch you also know.” a.