Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1133
Houcke nodded, he knows certainly, but this matter relationship arrives at his daughter, his how possible don’t know, he little not to have listened to the Zhao Hai name in the past, but afterward Zhao Hai had closed up, nobody slowly was mentioning Zhao Hai. At this time one side Inner Sect core Manager curious to Desbarres said : Desbarres, could not see that your Bones Symbol Camp level was good, Magic of that youngster use, I had not seen before probably.” Desbarres has smiled bitterly next step: Ok, you in mocking me, was praising me? What level our Bones Symbol Camp is you are not don’t know, I can only say that Zhao Hai is a talent, Magic Formation Set that he uses, has plenty is he arranges, Magic Formation that he uses is existing Magic Formation, but the combination is actually combines in together, I looked at Magic Formation Set that some he has created to choose, to be honest, is very strong, is very strong.” As soon as several people listen to Desbarres, cannot help but stares, look at Desbarres who then two eyes shines, the appearances of Desbarres look at these people, has smiled bitterly next step: I know that what you are thinking, wants to let other Magician learn Zhao Hai Magic Formation? Do not think, Zhao Hai to is willing to give us these Magic Formation that own research comes out, but actually few individuals can study, you have forgotten, Zhao Hai is Magician of entire department, his many Magic Formation Set is two is or three is Magic Formation Set about uses in together, such Might is certainly big, but if you are not all are Magician, such Magic Formation your simply has more than enough.” One hear of Desbarres said that people then responded, just Magic Formation Set of Zhao Hai use, may be does not become by Magic Formation Set of fellow-student of the same department, Might is very big, however general Magician also has more than enough. Several people cannot help but sighed, Houcke turned the head look at Desbarres whispered: Desbarres, you speaks the truth, was this youngster present strength almost?” Desbarres shows a faint smile said : 4th level, but I dare saying that even if I to he, feared that most feared is also I who loses.” Desbarres is 6th level Magician, Houcke, as soon as listened to Desbarres saying that two eyes cannot help but custom narrowed the eyes, then he he he chuckle said : looked like your this fellow these time really wants turning over, you have sorted a treasure.” Desbarres smiles said : „, this time I may, not only sorted a treasure, the matter that in fact he handled, are more, Patriarch that you imagined, waited a while I to look like you to report.” As soon as Houcke listened to Desbarres saying that cannot help but has gawked, but he nodded, turned the head the look at competition, Houcke wants to know really that Zhao Hai also had any magical thing, can make Desbarres such settle on unexpectedly. The quick complete 35 competitions had ended, the competition of first day also stopped, all victors will rest two days , then competes. Zhao Hai after the competition ended in Bones Symbol Camp has rested on returned to, Desbarres has issued the strict order, does not permit other people to disturb Zhao Hai.

But Desbarres not chapter of Bones Symbol Camp, but arrived in Clan with Houcke, Desbarres and Card entered his study room with Houcke, after Houcke waving has let they sat down, this to Desbarres said : fat virtue, you says, was any matter, but also made mysterious.” Desbarres shows a faint smile said : Young Master, but this time good deed, about Zhao Hai.” Desbarres will call Houcke Patriarch or Patriarch before the bystander, when he and Houcke is together alone, will call him Young Master. Houcke nodded said : that Zhao Hai is very good.” Card also nodded said : absolute calmness, starts not to be forgiving, is a skilled person.” Desbarres look at they smile said :Young Master, the person with kindly face and cruel heart, you will not forget that my in hand also does have same thing? But that thing a machine legend stays behind. As soon as Houcke listened to Desbarres saying that cannot help but selected brow said : „you are said that failure did? Are you also remaining? I think the time that you are short of money gave to sell him.” Desbarres shows a faint smile said : not to keep that to be useful, Young Master, that thing now by Zhao Hai starting, him has been able to use.” The Boom! Desbarres's words without doubt is a giant bomb, explodes Houcke and Card confused image rotation, they know certainly that thing is anything, naturally had also heard that thing activation condition, they think that in machine here, nobody can useful that thing, Desbarres suddenly say that now Zhao Hai started that thing, how they can not be surprised. Do Desbarres look at their appearances, laugh said : what kind of? You have not thought that Zhao Hai started that thing, now that thing has become his Magic Staff.” Houcke one has stood, look at Desbarres said : fat virtue, haven't you cracked a joke? Did Zhao Hai start that thing really? Does he achieve? Must know that thing needs a person start, wanting many people to collaborate is incorrect.” Desbarres nodded said : Zhao Hai to achieve, but he took skillful, he uses one type of new material join to that thing, recorded on ten thirty thousand 896 Magic Formation on the new material, then again was one has succeeded that thing building up, now that thing calls Liquid Silver!” Houcke has gawked next step: Really success? Before this method, some people have thought that but had not found the appropriate material, what he uses is what thing?” Desbarres shows a faint smile said : Measureless Golden Sand!” Measureless Golden Sand? Unexpectedly is Measureless Golden Sand, no wonder!” Card calls out in alarm said that must know Measureless Golden Sand this thing is very precious, but Zhao Hai in hand will really have this thing.

Desbarres nodded said : 1 Little Hai to give back to my one bottle, was saved in the arsenal by me, but Liquid Silver that thing also is really very Evil Sect, after Little Hai he starts, except for him in nobody can use, we have tried many methods, that thing in our in hand, looks like iron silver is the same, a point with does not have, in Zhao Hai in hand, can actually be ever changing, turns into all kinds of weapon, was really the god.” Houcke nodded said : Divine Artifact owner recognition, this is normal, that thing places our in hand is also the waste, now Zhao can again, give him to be also good, had that thing, his these time can gain more benefits for our Ashley Clan, is not owes, but fat virtue, is Zhao Hai loyal to our Ashley Clan? Won't run to by other Clan?” Desbarres shook the head said : Young Master your feel relieved to be good, after the observation of these days, I also present, Zhao Hai is a very heavy sentimental person, our Clan is good to him so, he will not betray Clan, you do not need to be worried.” Before Houcke nodded said : „, that you take carry back refines the Undead Creature method, I have tried, has, do you comply with the reward of Zhao Hai for not to him? How I heard that he also does live in Bones Symbol Camp large building?” Desbarres forced smile said : you not to mention, that youngster is one trains crazily, rewarded me already to arrive at his in hand, but he did not have to receive his villa, in daily camp practiced, I did not have the means with him.” As soon as Houcke listened to Desbarres saying that nodded said : originally is this, I also think that he to rewarding, fat virtue, you do not want completely all means to keep Ashley Clan him satisfied, cannot let his leave.” As soon as Desbarres listened to Houcke saying that showing a faint smile said : suddenly Young Master, I to had means that was feared that you did not agree.” As soon as Houcke listened to Desbarres saying that cannot help but gawked, then he beckoned with the hand said : „saying that any means that can start that thing, his future is limitless, so long as can leave behind him, making me pay any me to want.” Desbarres said :I do not want to detain Zhao Hai with thing, but wants to make Zhao Hai turn into the Ashley Clan person, only then he turned into the Ashley Clan person, he can forever not leave. As soon as Houcke listened to Desbarres saying that cannot help but gawked, then face did change said : your meaning is Maggie?” Houcke with Maggie relationship is not good, naturally, the issue is appears Maggie there, Maggie is not mainly intimate with Houcke, but Houcke very much sentences the heart to Maggie. Houcke this for a lifetime, altogether five son, three daughters, Maggie is smallest one, his other two daughters have married, only then Maggie has not married, Maggie before adding on is the Zhao Hai teacher, they together contract excessively difficultly, therefore Desbarres raises, Houcke immediately responded.

Card knit the brows said : fat virtue, your this idea is good, but Miss Maggie temperament you should understand that she feared will not agree.” Desbarres shows a faint smile said : this I naturally to know that I have not thought must reconcile them, but lets them[ from] by show, after previous time matter, I presently Miss Maggie, has probably a little meaning to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai in closing up, not only Miss Maggie one time has come to see Zhao Hai, therefore lets them[ from] by show on good.” As soon as Houcke listened to Desbarres saying that also relaxed, he had thought had a deficit Maggie, therefore he does not want to make Maggie handle the matter that he did not like handling, listening to Desbarres to say him also on feel relieved. Houcke nodded said :well, that lets them[ from] by going show, was right, fat virtue, Zhao Hai started that thing matter, do not say that otherwise our entire Ashley Clan feared was the person has bad luck.,... Desbarres nodded, to be honest, Houcke is a ting overbearing person, in Ashley Clan, he kept promises, the words that several people who only then Desbarres and Card they knew how things stand spoke he can perceive, other people, Houcke will not care. Houcke has stood, deep voice said : these years our Ashley Clan at the 6 Realms big game, had not made any nice progress, these time looks at Zhao Hai, has hoped that he can gain the even bigger benefit for our Ashley Clan.” Great Clan is all gives priority to the benefit, person who is useful to them, they will attach great importance , if no to them, they will not look at your one eyes, Houcke is a such person, do not look that now he such attaches great importance to Zhao Hai, if Zhao Hai cannot make in addition his satisfactory progress, Houcke will have tidied up Zhao Hai without hesitation, is snatching Liquid Silver. a.