Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1134
Desbarres regarding Houcke's character completely understand, but reason that he also started the Liquid Silver matter to tell Houcke Zhao Hai, because of his very clear, so long as Zhao Hai can be Ashley Clan strives, Houcke will not take back Liquid Silver, conversely, if he did not tell Houcke this matter, if in the future Houcke knew, instead attended the meeting to be worse, he not only will cope with Zhao Hai, feared that is he will not let off, possibly entire Bones Symbol Camp with bad luck. Because of this, therefore Desbarres will tell Houcke this matter, simultaneously he also said the Maggie matter, he do not make Houcke have scruples with the Maggie matter, will not begin to Zhao Hai. Mentioned also strangely, although said Houcke this person very from dead/die, very overbearing, but he to arriving at Maggie has one type of to leave common being partial, generally pulled the relationship matter with Maggie, Houcke can attach great importance to, therefore Desbarres will say Maggie to want to Zhao Hai probably like this, will be makes Houcke not cope with Zhao Hai absolutely. Desbarres returned to Bones Symbol Camp, his mood is not very good, to be honest, he really felt now is very tired, before Houcke's temperament although was not good, some although overbearing, but very trusts him and Card, he and Card in Houcke's front very relaxing, some time also will also crack a joke with Houcke. However now is different, now Houcke becomes more and more moody, Desbarres with the time that Houcke spoke, thinking well, that will fear that in cracking a joke, he also intentionally did. This feeling makes Desbarres feel that is very tired, because of this, therefore he in the matter to Yu Clan clan, more and more little meddles, he has placed on the main energy Bones Symbol Camp. although said that very heavy of Outer Sect camp also regarding Clan wants, but important equal to does not attach great importance, in Ashley Clan such Great Clan eye, doing of Outer Sect camp most important with struggles to rush to the benefit for Clan actually, must say that Clan true fighting strength that must say is the battleship and Mecha, the Outer Sect camp demon master and Warrior, not in this row. Desbarres saw clearly this point, therefore he this will not have caused anybody's attention to Outer Sect camp on the attention collection, will not cause Houcke's suspicion. returned to in camp, Desbarres went to Zhao Hai there directly, he knew, the Zhao Hai present practice arrived at a bottleneck, in a short time wants not to be impossible in the promotion strength, therefore Zhao Hai does not use like before now, daily closed up. Heard in the villa to broadcast the voice of speech one to the Zhao Hai villa outside, besides the Zhao Hai sound, Tao Wang and Tie Sheng sound. Desbarres hears three people of sounds cannot help but to show a faint smile, Tie Sheng and Tao Wang are to he very loyal person . Moreover the ability is also good, the Zhao Hai strength was needless saying that the ability was also good, Desbarres's favoring Zhao Hai, can say that they were Desbarres are most important. Desbarres pushed the door to walk, looked that the Zhao Hai three people were sitting in the dining room drink Desbarres immediately/on horseback said loudly: Good, your several fellows, actually did not wait for me to drink.” Three people looked at Desbarres one eyes, Zhao Hai have shown a faint smile said : Camp Lord, if you came back a while we to be possible at the evening to drink up, came quickly.”

Desbarres has not cared about three people not to go to greet him, he sat by the table, to oneself one glass of liquor, has drunk but actually. Good that very smell of alcohol said : Little Hai you display today, strives for honor to you very much, you are that Camp Lord Dillat of don’t know ghost character camp, today makes a bet I saying that with me unexpectedly you can certainly result in first, he does not believe that we bet 1000 affairs of state coins, therefore your youngster cannot lose.” Tao Wang stares, then loudly shouted said : 1000 affairs of state coins? That much money that Camp Lord, your comes? Was these years the fund that assigned from Clan makes you give to embezzle?” A Desbarres palm of the hand him projects on goes, while said :talks nonsense, how much money in our camp has, your youngster is clearer than me, do I embezzle? I look am your youngster embezzlement also almost, Tie Sheng, tomorrow do not come Little Hai here to come, we go to the Tao Wang home, eats his one month ruthlessly, making this small Sub- these many wasting breath. ” Tie Sheng look at Tao Wang, smiles said : good, Camp Lord, I already want to do, does not overpraise also knows, if no no opportunity, this fellow will not treat, this may really be good opportunity.” Tao Wang is actually a pitiful yell, whins said : not to want Camp Lord, to me, I really very should not be so poor, quickly eats the food does not get up, can only dine to Little Hai here, your how being cruel enough record truncates me, waited for Little Hai to win the competition, immediately wanted richly, we should dine are good.” Desbarres and Tie Sheng simultaneously leave the facial expression that despises to Tao Wang 1 u, Tao Wang this fellow anything ting is good, was extremely in stingy, but also nobody cared, in person who the people of sitting were not short of money, but teased with this matter Tao Wang. Also played several jokes, Desbarres face Righteous Path: „ Was good, said a proper business, 1 【, I had the Liquid Silver matter to say to Patriarch you, Patriarch to has not said anything, but he hopes that you can at this time big game, obtains the good achievements, Patriarch these years become more and more obstinate, do not listen to the criticism, if you have not obtained the good achievements, Patriarch feared that will not let off your. ” Zhao Hai nodded said : Camp Lord your feel relieved, how my understand does.” Desbarres nodded, sighs said : Little Hai, your will not blame do I consider and Patriarch this matter?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not, I know that Camp Lord the place of feeling embarrassed, said it, this matter is impossible to hide the truth from Patriarch, after its presently might as well we are told him by Patriarch, avoid later model|pattern suspected.”

Desbarres nodded, sighed said : how Patriarch now also don’t know is, the temperament made the person ponder over more and more erratically, the person who even if like me, grew up with his together since childhood, in front of him must cautiously, yeah!” Desbarres trusts Zhao Hai really very much, because Zhao Hai origin very pure, moreover Zhao Hai has almost not contacted with other people, was adding on Zhao Hai although to kill many people in the Lower Realm time, but he to his person was actually extremely good, this point looked like with him very much, therefore the Desbarres's impression to Zhao Hai was very good. Tie Sheng and Tao Wang say nothing, their situations were also similar to Zhao Hai, after is Desbarres initially chooses Ascender then directly introduces Bones Symbol Camp, trains own trusted aide, can the absolute trust, therefore Desbarres, only will then say these words in they three front. The Zhao Hai three people have not opened the mouth, but Tie Sheng and Tao Wang face somewhat is ugly, their very clear, Bones Symbol Camp can protect that many jobs of making money, all be now because has Desbarres, if Tiande Barr, Bones Symbol Camp is not thinking business that protect these make money, is not easy. But although bystander don’t know Bones Symbol Camp these years some income many these camp people are not the fools, they can look, the Bones Symbol Camp person crosses compared with them comfortably, therefore these person also really very much eyes packages slander Bones Symbol Camp, because there is a Desbarres, nobody dares to Bones Symbol Camp make a move. However Desbarres is impossible to protect Bones Symbol Camp for a lifetime, if there is a Tiande Barr not, that Bones Symbol Camp what to do? Because of this, therefore Desbarres such settling on Zhao Hai, he hopes that Zhao Hai can early a Tiancheng be Expert assumes in Bones Symbol Camp, Expert sits, other camp people want to cope with Bones Symbol Camp, will have the scruples. Desbarres to oneself but actually one glass of liquor, his has raised one's wine cup drinks has gotten down then to turn the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, I want to know really that you do love you in the Lower Realm wife? You could not look is really interesting Maggie to you?” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, he is not absolute beginners that does not understand, his Lou possibly could not look that Maggie is interesting to him, but he had Laura they not to want really, if sentiment debt upper body. Desbarres look at Zhao Hai appearance, sighed said :to feel sorry for Miss Maggie, because Miss Maggie death of her mother was not good with Clan relationship, Clan although actually does not want to receive the attendance of Patriarch to Maggie Miss extremely caring however Miss Maggie, was adding on with the fire temple marriage, Miss Maggie was very not really joyful, I try to say to Patriarch today Miss Maggie to your interesting words, Patriarch had not opposed, he also agreed probably Miss Maggie associated with you, Little Hai, this was your join Ashley Clan opportunity, only then your true became the Ashley Clan person, Patriarch. Do not go back Liquid Silver, otherwise, one day, Clan must go back Liquid Silver in the future, when the time comes, you feared that has the dead end. Zhao Hai face changes, Desbarres has drunk the one breath, then sighed said : initially Liquid Silver to you, I have not thought you will become, start that now you become Liquid Silver, because also Liquid Silver was you starts, therefore Liquid Silver has recognized your give priority to, wants to use Liquid Silver, only then an office, has killed you, because Liquid Silver started, so long as has killed you, can use Liquid Silver, Liquid Silver Might although nobody has seen, but actually passed on wonderful, machine here will have countless people to stare at Liquid Silver, one. But makes them know that you started Liquid Silver, but you fully cannot let the status words that they have scruples, your trouble continuously, when the time comes you danger.” Zhao Hai two eyes narrows the eyes, to be honest, he has not thought of this point, in his opinion, Liquid Silver this weapon although is good, but compares to Cultivation World these weapon to come, feared that is also about the same, anything is not great, but he has actually neglected machine here. Liquid Silver this weapon possibly does not have any appealing regarding the Cultivation World person, but regarding the machine here demon master, attracted gravitational force is actually too big, Liquid Silver equal to was Ultimate Weapon of demon, looked like world first Divine Weapon is the same, anybody wants to obtain him.

Before because Liquid Silver nobody can start, whose in hand therefore some people will not care about Liquid Silver, fight that but Liquid Silver this start, on the contrary will make these people went all out! formidable weapon must look in who in hand, if he takes in High level in hand of big influence, feared that is few individuals dares to snatch, because in that case, will offend that influence, but if he takes in one does not have what status person in hand, that this weapon is one curses! Zhao Hai although was regarded as important by Desbarres, but his present status is only a Ashley Clan Outer Sect demon master, such status, is taking Liquid Silver, that will draw on inexhaustible chasing down to him without doubt. But if Zhao Hai married Maggie, became the Ashley Clan person, that wants to snatch the Liquid Silver person, well thought over own component. Will certainly not fear anything to chase down by the Zhao Hai strength, but this will actually bring the inexhaustible trouble to him, he troubles repugnantly, but he dislikes by the woman superior. Desbarres look at Zhao Hai appearance, sighed said : Little Hai, I made you associate with Maggie \; first, for you \; second, for Maggie, third I also for Bones Symbol Camp, these years I little at Butler clan inside matter, although Patriarch there I could also speak, however my authority in Clan getting smaller and smaller, now I have actually been able protect Bones Symbol Camp, but accidentally some day I not, that Bones Symbol Camp here what to do? When assumes personal command by Expert, does not blow Clan the people of these Manager ranks, person but who also needs one to have the status supports Bones Symbol Camp here, making Bones Symbol Camp will be the same with other camp, will you understand my meaning?” Zhao Hai nodded said : I to understand, Camp Lord, your words I will consider that carefully, to be honest Camp Lord, I until now, but has the sense of belonging to Bones Symbol Camp, regarding Ashley Clan, I lacks a sense of belonging, moreover I do not want to bring any point to go with Miss Maggie to associate, that is to her blaspheming, lets the matter[ from] by the show, some people do not know in any case in a short time I had Liquid Silver!” Desbarres look at Zhao Hai, laughing said : suddenly good, Little Hai, I have not really misread you, depends on your words, explained your moral behavior, it seems like Miss Maggie vision also is really very good, good, I do not manage, lets the matter[ from] by the show gets down, I hope that extremely in not resisting Miss Maggie, try to accept him.” Zhao Hai nodded, has not spoken, Desbarres but actually got up the liquor to oneself, made Tie Sheng they also but actually get up the liquor, he then holds up wine glass to come said : today's Little Hai field to win, we did one cup to celebrate, Little Hai, you have remembered, this 6 Realms new person competition, do not keep the hand, must kill ruthlessly, must kill the reputation, must these to know that you were not affable, only by doing so, you safety, understand?” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : Camp Lord feel relieved, regarding the enemy, I will not be always lenient, so long as he is my enemy, I will not let off him absolutely!” Desbarres laughs said : well, HaHaHa, come, dry!” a.