Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1135
Zhao Hai First Stage competition from now on second day, Maggie arrived at the Zhao Hai villa. To be honest, Zhao Hai now also really some headache matters. After yesterday Desbarres they walks, Zhao Hai on returned to in Space, Laura they talked over thoroughly child one time with him, but the result of talk makes Zhao Hai somewhat not know whether to laugh or cry, Laura they actually encourage him to pursue Maggie, pursues Maggie. If other man comes across such matter, happy also without enough time, but Zhao Hai is different, Zhao Hai loves Laura very much they, making him under their gaze pursue other girl in Laura, he confessed that could not have achieved. But at this time, Maggie actually looked for him, sighing that Zhao Hai not bore, Maggie please come in the villa, after inviting Maggie sat down, making the robot to Maggie offer the tea, Zhao Hai then open the mouth and said: Teacher, what matter does your this time have?” Maggie one hear of Zhao Hai such names, slightly some disappointed, but she is let out a long breath said : Camp Lord allows you to attend the invitational meet, it seems like it is very confident to your strength, but you must pay attention to the person in ghost character camp, Camp Lord Dillat of ghost character camp does not cope with Camp Lord, moreover I heard that they do not hit a 10 million gambling, this is not a small digit, that Dillat these year of although have not raised money few, but this 10 million regarding him, were has also had a fracture, you must careful, this time you show the strength that came out., Will arouse Dillat's vigilance, he will certainly have arranged.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I also to guess correctly, yesterday Camp Lord had said this matter to me, but your feel relieved, I will certainly win.” Maggie shows a faint smile said :I not to suspect to your strength, but I think that you should better make some preparations, should better not with using these Undead Creature on Arena, such only meets expose your card in a hand, to machine invitational meet time, others know that what method you had. Zhao Hai nodded, he can hear, Maggie cared to him really very much that this makes Zhao Hai also darkly sigh, deep voice said : teacher feel relieved, I will be careful.” Maggie nodded, stands got up said : that to be good, you are more careful, Dins they are very safe in the school, I will look after their.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to thank the teacher.” Maggie nodded, turn around walked. Zhao Hai has delivered to outside Maggie the room, this returned to in the room, he came back to hear Laura they to seek vengeance he not to coax the girl in his head, how can also call Teacher Maggie at this time, read Zhao Hai first two big. Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, others' wives are feared that her husband looks for the woman outside, they may arrive, but also helps own husband offer advice, was pursued the woman by own husband, that has such matter. Thinks that the here Zhao Hai flashes body entered in Space, Laura they looked at Zhao Hai to come, immediately has encircled, Laura stared Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, were you deliberately? Why also called Teacher Maggie? I do not believe that you could not look she is interesting to you.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: Laura, aren't you jealous? Also makes me pursue Maggie, actually by Lou's strength, simply does not need to make these, so long as I put out my true strength to come, I do not believe that Ashley Clan dares me to be what kind of.” Laura white Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, relaxedness that you said that if you put out the complete strength to come, comfortable will not fear Ashley Clan, but Ashley Clan in machine here, is a medium grade influence, returns has plenty the influence that they are stronger, said it, Cultivation World, if you put out your complete strength, didn't fear Space expose? By that time entire Comprehend the world did not have location of our taking shelter.” Lizzy also nodded said :Elder Brother Hai, said it, the Maggie situation you also knew, what Zhang Family she with that became engaged, but Zhang Family actually wants the symptom people to kill people, if she married Zhang Family, feared that was soon is given to kill, did your being cruel enough let this really?

After previous time you asked Maggie, she to your some meanings, you should feel relieved bold pursues him to be right, if because of us, you are not necessary so, Elder Brother Hai, we know that you love us, we also same loves you, we now is a whole, you were good, our everyone/Great Clan is good, therefore we did not oppose that you pursue Maggie. ” Meg smiles said : Young Master, do not forget, your also duty, must let be Buda Family blooms a loose leaf, making Buda Family expand.” Zhao Hai forced smile said : good, your several, how I felt that I do not pursue Maggie now, probably is unfair to you to be the same, your several give me honestly.” Lizzy they spit the tongue not to talk about the topic, Zhao Hai sigh at heart, because of his really don’t know, this is actually Laura they really thinks that the Space ability creates, this also lets a he most worried place. Makes the shortcoming to deal with the enemy using Space, a Zhao Hai not point psychological burden, but currently the influence of Space probably they also has the effect to Laura, this is Zhao Hai does not like seeing that but he does not have the ability to prevent now, can only sigh secretly. When Zhao Hai very clear, Space all are gather round him to transfer, all are good for him. Moreover this procedure may not probably change, he has not thought must change. Whether or was not affected by Space, Laura they like this point to affirm that but also because of this, therefore Zhao Hai does not want to betray Laura they. Sighed, Zhao Hai decided finally that allowed nature to take its course, actually he to Maggie also really not that idea, but now by Laura their such saying, Zhao Hai instead to unconscious has thought toward that aspect, it seems like Laura their this reconciled or played certain doing to use. Zhao Hai returned to own room, started research Magic Formation Rune, but the Magic Formation Rune quantity are many, Zhao Hai must from the beginning study, is not a simple matter. Is good because of Zhao Hai after multiple Level Up, spiritual force ten formidable, like the photographic memory, come to one's ear such matter, naturally is relaxed can achieve.

Unconsciously a day did not pass by, Zhao Hai comes out from Space, sits in own in the room, planned to participate to compete. Desbarres, Tao Wang looked for Zhao Hai in the morning, came including Tie Sheng, Tie Sheng had just completed duty, now has greatly the idle time, naturally must watch the competition of Zhao Hai. When Zhao Hai they arrive at the life and death stage, life and death stage here has been filled with the person, sitting of Zhao Hai calm to player seat there, has closed the eye. Other players also arrived, other 35, the look at Zhao Hai look, some do not suit, the strength that yesterday Zhao Hai shows was really extremely in formidable, in them, strongest was also achieves five to flicker, moreover after several times, spiritual force will dry up, but Zhao Hai yesterday was actually comes up is five overlay flickers, then continuously their ten overlay flickered, such strength, in them, absolutely was strongest. Zhao Hai also knows these people in look at he, but he has not cared, he attention centralized to the player in that several ghost character camps on, must say that the person in this ghost character camp also is really good, presently presents links him to be counted, altogether 36 players, but the player in ghost character camp has eight, except for yesterday by Zhao Hai destroying completely beside Luo Zhi, only then a person was eliminated, remaining eight have been unexpectedly promoted, great. Moreover Zhao Hai also presently, melted several person equipment of also to be traded probably, their bodies put on protective armor, in hand Magic Staff are also traded. That several people look at Zhao Hai look very bad, obviously Camp Lord Dillat yesterday of ghost character camp said anything to them . Moreover the next initial capital has traded equipment to them, it seems like all these come to him. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not cared, Dillat exchanged equipment to be what kind to these people, their strengths in that pendulum, equipment were also being need the person to use after all, you peerless Divine Weapon, gave a baby, that also useless, weapon, only then in Expert in hand, will wield his corresponding doing to use. At this time Card announced that the competition started, computer has made the name of first group of participating people, did not have Zhao Hai, was Magician of ghost character camp, with drawing up a document Magician of camp. Magician of this ghost character camp went on stage to occupy has crushed the xing superiority, did not draw up a document that person much better of camp for other his equipment in the ratio.

His in hand Magic Staff is also Advanced level goods, inside has ten overlay Magic Formation, although he has not started, but Zhao Hai very clear, on him really has that thing, moreover is one is not inferior to his in hand is taking the Magic Staff Advanced level goods. They have fought two rounds, drew up a document that Magician of camp decisively to admit defeat, that ghost character camp Magician proud has smiled, did not turn the head to cast aside Zhao Hai one, meaning of provocation did not say to be bright, but Zhao Hai still closed one's eyes to sit in there, probably fell asleep was the same. Some Desbarres actually faces by ugly sitting in Reserved seats, waits for after this competition, Desbarres turns the head look at Dillat said : Dillat, it seems like you have also gotten down the initial capital, linked unexpectedly such well prepared to take, couldn't what? take 10 million to come?” Dillat snort|hum said :10 million I have certainly been able to take, but I do not want to lose, I do not believe you not to Zhao Hai equipment, if no no equipment, his ascend just, Will four months of person, have such strong fighting strength? Said also nobody to believe. ” Desbarres coldly snorted said : do not think that put out two equipment you steadily to win, I told you, this first, Zhao Hai settled on.” At this time side drew up a document Camp Lord of camp snort|hum said : although you to make a bet does not close our matters, but was actually affected us now, we respectively obviously he have won his depending on the method regarding the ghost character camp by equipment, ten points was not willingly. In fact not only draws up a document Camp Lord of camp, other camps face of Camp Lord are not quite also attractive, Dillat gives him under the hand/subordinate this to change Lou, they suffered a loss, their face will be certainly unattractive. Asked everyone/Great Clan to help to subscribe two chapters, obviously really quick, asked a.