Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1136
Test of Chapter 62 on Maggie Asked everyone/Great Clan to the subscription, thanked politely everyone/Great Clan obviously! A light sighing transmits, Reserved seats one peaceful, all people heard, this coughs lightly, but Patriarch comes out, obviously their just words let Patriarch not happy. How many person of one did Houcke look, deep voice said : Outer Sect camp has done? Competes for the honor for Clan place, what method naturally must have any method to use, was good, today competes with stops temporarily, gives you one day to go back to prepare, yesterday in has compared, today this competition does not consider as finished, goes back to prepare.” Said that stood up turn around to walk. Desbarres they stands up, bows to salute, several people know that Houcke is somewhat discontented with their procedures of this covering-up, similarly, is somewhat discontented with Dillat this procedure, will therefore cancel today's competition, changed in tomorrow. After Houcke leave, the people then relaxed, Desbarres turns the head look at Dillat, stares said : your this fool, if next time you in want dead, does not want pulling we.” Other person also face extremely angry look at Dillat, Dillat also know to be in the wrong, but he snort|hum said : „is also not because your this dead Fatty, you must hit that gambling with me, will I use this move? Do you become the father to be very rich?” Desbarres has smiled bitterly, looked at Dillat said : to consider as finished, these time let off your this old youngster, but this everyone/Great Clan has to go all out, that gambling also considered as finished, real his mother, you spoke the wind discouraging talk in there, when you I did like making a bet with you? The Little Hai strength puts down you are the normal matter, old youngster, you listened to me, if not think that your person died, under with Little Hai made the war, does not want the extreme methods, otherwise he will not be forgiving.” Said that Desbarres turn around walked. Dillat look at Desbarres's back eyes, bah said : mother, walked dog deng transporting, made him find such Expert unexpectedly.” Several other battalions of Camp Lord are also darkly sighs, do not visit them in Clan is Manager, the position high weight, in fact they can truly the control place, is Outer Sect camp, like Clan ultimate fighting strength, the fleet, they do not have, no matter what may voice power, because Desbarres grows up with Patriarch together, the trust that therefore wins naturally is many, Desbarres can bring team ten battleships to exit, but did not ask for instructions, their actually not this authority. Because of this, Outer Sect camp attach great importance to that therefore they govern regarding themselves, they like Desbarres, Desbarres do not grow up with Houcke together, although Desbarres settles on Bones Symbol Camp very much, but that is because he has the sentiment to Bones Symbol Camp, therefore he takes seriously Bones Symbol Camp, does not want to make Bones Symbol Camp appears anything damage, he can not care about the Bones Symbol Camp result, because the Bones Symbol Camp result has missed a point, Clan will not be what kind to him. However they are not good, Patriarch gives them to manage Bones Symbol Camp, how wants to have a look at them by in the management of camp, if they cannot put out to let the Patriarch satisfactory result, that Patriarch will not let off their.

Because of this, therefore they have to use the elimination series in their camp, the words that because such does not make, do not have the means to achieve the result. Although several Manager in somewhat sigh, but they were quick have tidied up the mood, walked outward, prepares to go back to own person also to trade equipment, tomorrow has been comparing. Outside person heard that today's competition has cancelled, changes to hold in tomorrow, some seeking vengeance, but was obedient leave. Zhao Hai with Desbarres their together returned to Bones Symbol Camp, went to the Zhao Hai room to Bones Symbol Camp several people, after Zhao Hai , etc. they sat down, this said : Camp Lord, today's competition how does suddenly cancel?” Desbarres has smiled bitterly, said the situation, Zhao Hai then understand what's the matter, but he listens often to smile said : from now on line, making them prepare, he he, in any case the result is the same.” Desbarres look at Zhao Hai appearance, cannot bear remind his said : Little Hai, you cannot be negligent, these fellows these time go back, definitely will trade equipment, had equipment blessing/additional support, their fighting strength will turn time of growth, the next competition cannot be so relaxed.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : feel relieved well Camp Lord, I ensure in did not use Liquid Silver, did not use Undead Creature, did not make them know that I was in the situation that the demon military cultivated, had no trouble first, what kind of?” Desbarres two eyes bright said : „do you have confidence really?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Camp Lord, never underestimate my fighting strength, if I use Liquid Silver, you are not my match.” Desbarres nodded said : well, this time you begin as far as possible, but the situation changes, you little kill people at the Clan invitational meet, today several of us Camp Lord achieved has cooperated intent, so long as they under the extreme methods to you, you did not hold back one trick, after all the everyone/Great Clan day did not feel better, moreover that gambling stake surely also cancelled.” What? This? That is 10 million that sufficed me to eat dead in Little Hai here!” Has not waited for Zhao Hai to speak, Tao Wang first said.

One side a Desbarres palm of the hand hit to delimit the circle him, this turned the head to Zhao Hai said : „the Outer Sect eight battalions, competes relationship, but similarly, was each other interdependence relationship, the originally of Outer Sect eight battalions in Clan were not treated see, if also daily internal strife, that ended, Patriarch also knew this point, therefore his deliberately made the Outer Sect eight battalions fight mutually, such Outer Sect eight battalions real alliance will not get up, what constituted to threaten to Patriarch, our eight Camp Lord also understand this point, therefore normally although fought, but has not died to fight. Gets up without alliance, exerts pressure to Patriarch, therefore Patriarch to we also feel relieved, this everyone/Great Clan answered the agreement, that this, you started do not hate, naturally, if under they dared the extreme methods, you did not use politely.” Zhao Hai nodded, he has not thought really that a competition will involve these many thing unexpectedly, but he has not cared, the optional letting robot has made two meals, asking Desbarres they to eat well. Several people are eating, Maggie came unexpectedly, happy several people that drunk stare, then Desbarres their face strangely smiles ran, leaves behind Maggie face red standing in there. Zhao Hai looks at the Maggie appearance, cannot help but sighed, now is the blind person also looks, Maggie was interesting to him, Zhao Hai asked Maggie to sit down, gives her to pour one cup of tea, this said : teacher, what matter did your this time have?” Maggie looked at Zhao Hai said : I to hear, today's competition has cancelled, several big Outer Sect camp person returned to camp gave their player to trade equipment to go, I think that Uncle will also trade equipment to you, that thinks that you drank in here unexpectedly, was really, Zhao Hai, do not treat it lightly, this competition lost, possibly can the deceased person.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : teacher your feel relieved, this first I have settled on, moreover Camp Lord achieved with them has cooperated intent, so long as they under the extreme methods to me, I cannot kill them, wants to come not to have any danger.” Maggie actually still frowns said : not to be good, was too dangerous, this, Zhao Hai, this you are taking, I in told virtue uncle, making him give you to prepare one set of good Defensive Equipment.” Was saying while has put out a Magic Staff from own Space equipment. Zhao Hai looked that this Magic Staff has cannot help but gawked, this Magic Staff very Advanced level Magic Staff, above unexpectedly is hundred overlay Magic Formation Set, suited 4th level Magician to use, has not thought that Maggie will deliver him unexpectedly such good Magic Staff. Zhao Hai has not gone to meet Magic Staff, but shook the head said : not to use, Camp Lord has given me actually equipment, moreover entire machine best equipment.” Maggie cannot help but said : entire machine best equipment?” Does Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : you to return don’t know now? I started that failure that cold not positive has left behind does, now he became my equipment, I give a name to him, Liquid Silver.” The hand wields, Liquid Silver Magic Staff appears in in his hand.

After Zhao Hai has thought that decision told Maggie the Liquid Silver matter, Maggie was good to him so, he cannot be aloof, he told Maggie this matter, wants to have a look at Maggie is anything responded. Zhao Hai secret were too many, the woman who therefore he elects, must place on him to be good the heart, Laura they also after such experiment will be accepted by Zhao Hai, now in the case of Maggie. To be honest, if Maggie does not have today such performance, Zhao Hai such will quickly not accept her, but Maggie today's performance, truly is touches Zhao Hai, therefore he decides to give Maggie opportunity. Maggie also knows certainly thing that cold non- Yang Liu gets down, one hear of Zhao Hai said now, his in hand is taking Magic Staff is that thing that cold non- Yang Liu gets down, she cannot help but is shocked, dull look at Zhao Hai in hand that magnificent unusual Magic Staff, don’t know must say that at once any was good. The Zhao Hai look at Maggie appearance, shows a faint smile, the hand moves, Staff immediately changed into one group of molten metals, his body binding, Zhao Hai outside the body has then formed one set of full body armor. Maggie entirely has then believed Zhao Hai words, she stood excitedly got up said : well, fantastic, has not thought that you started the treasure that cold not positive Grandmaster left behind unexpectedly, fantastic, was not right, this matter cannot to know, otherwise, you have had bad luck, Zhao Hai, haven't you told others this matter?” The Zhao Hai look at Maggie appearance, shows a faint smile, full body armor changed Staff, his then open the mouth and said: feel relieved, I have not told others, now knows this matter, only then you, Camp Lord, Tie Sheng, Tao Wang, Patriarch, have not known in other people.” Maggie complexion changed said : you said that he did know?” Zhao Hai knows Maggie here he refers to is Patriarch, he nodded said : is, Camp Lord told Patriarch, in first day after the competition, Patriarch knew.” Maggie complexion one becomes very difficult looked that said : this matter can make him know? The fat uncle is really, making him know, he will certainly rob Liquid Silver from your in hand, was not good, Zhao Hai, you now are very dangerous, the quick point thought the means leave Ashley Family.”