Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1137
Chapter 63 challenge tournament look at face anxious Maggie, Zhao Hai has smiled suddenly, the Maggie present performance, lets Zhao Hai very happy, but he has not said anything, but smiles said : to be good, all right, Camp Lord has reached an agreement with Patriarch, Patriarch agreed that I used Liquid Silver, you did not need to be worried.” Maggie looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, suddenly calm, then is actually the face one red, her very clear, own idea extremely was just naive, since that person knows that Zhao Hai started Liquid Silver, now feared that is Zhao Hai wants to walk cannot get away. Moreover she just displayed, probably to Zhao Hai extremely in caring, this made her blushing heartbeat, Zhao Hai look at Maggie one, deep voice said : Maggie, thank you, starting today, did I call you Maggie?” Maggie presently do not dare to look at the eye of Zhao Hai, she lowers the head, gently has selected under two, turn around outward runs, said goodbye including one had not said. The Zhao Hai look at Maggie appearance, shows a faint smile, the flashes body entered Space, he just entered Space, Laura they grinningly walked, Laura look at Zhao Hai appearance said : Elder Brother Hai is really fierce, this several words, made Maggie unable to bear to run.” Zhao Hai stared their several one eyes, smiles said : I to think that I was too long time have not tidied up your several, looked that I did not tidy up you well.” Said that Zhao Hai wields, Liquid Silver changes into several, they ties up Laura, goes toward the house lira, the scream that Laura they coordinate, on the face is having a happy expression...... The second inborn dying stage early gathered large quantities of people, Zhao Hai also sat player seat there, along with Card command, computer made First Stage to compete with their names automatically. Zhao Hai has swept one, did not have the interest, two but who these time competed to were very lively that hit, their weapon, Protective Equipment has also traded, therefore hit to be also livelier. The person on stand looks jubilantly, but Zhao Hai does not have what idea, he already present, very lively that the two on although stage hit, but possibly was their Camp Lord also explain/transfer, the liveliness that therefore their under extreme methods, have not hit was lively, started very actually had the discretion. Zhao Hai saw this situation also on feel relieved, he too does not want to kill people actually, if the previous time Luo Zhi did not want his life, Zhao Hai not necessarily will also kill him. Competition seasons group by group quick on the past, today Zhao Hai in the ninth group the field, his match is one person in ghost character camp, but this person also obtained explain/transfer obviously, he looks at Zhao Hai look not too many killing intent, is only some provocation, obviously was Dillat told them, Desbarres said that Zhao Hai had no trouble the first such words, therefore their some were not convinced. Zhao Hai has not cared, he looked at that person of one, bows slightly said : please! That person to making to stare by Zhao Hai, he has not thought that Zhao Hai so will be really polite, his returned the salute, this has put hastily out own Magic Formation stick, look at Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the hand wields Magic Formation appears in his front, then Zhao Hai deep voice said : fog hidden!” Said that Magic Formation with a bang sound has blasted out, then the entire life and death stage completely was gathered together to cover by Dark mist. Dark mist coats the life and death stage, inside immediately has heard explosive sound gently, however could not see outside actually anything that this leaves office does not do, divides minute of drinking of on these watch the fun to scold, their scolding, regarding Zhao Hai and that person, simply any doing have not used. Some little time, the fog on life and death stage divergence slowly, has revealed their personal appearance, they stand in the both sides of life and death stage, but that Magician of ghost character camp, has put on his armor now, looks at Dark mist to dissipate, he opened protective armor, then bowed said : I to lose to Zhao Hai!” Said that turn around bows said : I to admit defeat to Card!” Card nodded, opened protective shield, they went from the life and death stage. Other person although very discontented, but they know that now said anything is also useless, but has sought vengeance several, then watches the following competition, is good in the following competition, nobody release Dark mist like Zhao Hai. Competition after of this day, only the remaining 18 people, their competitions must place tomorrow to be held, tomorrow is 18 enters nine competitions, the day after tomorrow will be the competition match of tenth quota, after waiting for ten quotas to produce, will be a struggle first, challenge tournament! The challenge tournament varies to want with the normal competition, the normal competition is selects the match by computer, but the challenge tournament is actually not, the challenge tournament was computer has chosen one person at will, then he will come to power, accepts other nine people of challenges, if nobody challenged him, he was first, Clan to his first reward, if some people challenged him, and has defeated him, that defeated his person, on stage in accepting the challenge of other person, the first person, only then time opportunity, if you were defeated, on losing in qualifications of challenge.. Moreover in such competition, is only equipped with one first, second, third and fourth had not said that also in other words, the challenge tournament will have finally only a victor, the status of other people are equal. These are also Zhao Hai after attending competition, Desbarres they told him, but Zhao Hai has not cared, first he of this Clan invitational meet has settled on, for was makes Bones Symbol Camp rise. Next day, 18 promote nine big games, Zhao Hai still smooth cross the border, although has traded new equipment in these people, but compared with Zhao Hai, the strength missed much. But Zhao Hai has not used too strong Magic Formation Set, most is ten flickers, but Formation Set Might of Zhao Hai use is very big, moreover is changeable, until now, Zhao Hai has used dozens sets of different Magic Formation Set, this makes these people be startled. Must know that participates in the competition season, was ascend three years ago old person, they now are most are also excessive several Magic Formation Set, but Zhao Hai has shown dozens Magic Formation Set now, this was too scary. Must know Zhao Hai ascend comes up is about four months, did his four months grasp dozens Magic Formation Set? If other years later, that also! although has not arrived at final challenge tournament time, but all people know that during the competition of this Realm, first Expert can only be Zhao Hai, possibly was not others.

Zhao Hai this several days with these people fight, has not used any weapon, has not used Magic Staff, has not used protective armor, what entire is complete is defeats the match by own strength, if such strength was unable to handle this Realm each name, that Ashley Clan Outer Sect camp, feared that was entire machine strongest Outer Sect camp. Connected the fight of several days to finish quickly, now finally arrived last day, on this day was the Clan invitational meet last day, was the most excited will of the people time, challenge tournament. Zhao Hai and other people arrived at life and death stage here, these time besides Zhao Hai, Outer Sect in eight battalions some ghost character camp two, some wicked character camp two, other camp are one battalion of one people, can look from this point, Ashley Clan Outer Sect eight battalions of strengths were similar. The same day of challenge tournament, the dying stage here person will be most next life, but not only on this day Desbarres they came, Maggie came, but Maggie has not sat to reserved seats there goes, but sits behind player seat that in Zhao Hai sat, in there she even can direct spoke with Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai has not thought that Maggie will come, saw Maggie to arrive, Zhao Hai cannot help but gawked, then puzzled said : how did you come?” Maggie look at Zhao Hai, shows a faint smile said : to come to see you to compete, must attain first!” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved.” look at Zhao Hai and Maggie discussed that the really happy appearance, all knows Maggie, knows the person who Maggie status, was shocked, Maggie with Houcke's matter, Ashley Clan is not great secret, the person who knows are many, because of this, therefore the people regarding Maggie are very clear. Matter that because Houcke handles, therefore Maggie has dislike regarding the man inborn, she almost with man benign speech, currently has not had saying that in there with Zhao Hai has the words, this don’t know has thrown down and broken the eyeglasses of many people. Zhao Hai also felt certainly all around vision, but he has not cared, this matter already in his expected, did not have what to be good to care. But sat naturally also saw this scene in Reserved seats Houcke, saw this scene, Houcke's eyebrow cannot help but gently has shaken, then what he turned the head look at Desbarres said : looks like you says was real, Maggie also really very much had the favorable impression to this Zhao Hai, this did Zhao Hai you have checked in the Lower Realm details?” Houcke cares about Maggie obviously, therefore Zhao Hai must investigate in the Lower Realm status, Desbarres nodded hastily said : checked, but Patriarch you also know, thing that sometimes looks up varies to decide, I look up now only knows that Zhao Hai is Lower Realm Clan Patriarch, their Clan is also Dark Magician Clan, in Lower Realm is also specialize Black Magic, but Zhao Hai is a talent, his not only specialize Black Magic, simultaneously is one is Magician, is Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation demon Warrior, his vicious and merciless, to refine Undead Creature, dies the in his hand person., Feared that was ten thousand people, absolutely was ten thousand people of slaughters, moreover he in Lower Realm, several grandmothers, he was very probably good with his wife's relationship, he also called Miss Maggie most from the beginning is a teacher, did not have that layer relationship, was only nearest/recent is what kind, I did not know.” Desbarres not the Zhao Hai quart good, he actually said that because of Desbarres very clear, Houcke most dislikes others to deceive him, if Desbarres deceives him, that Zhao Hai and Maggie matter is impossible becomes, regarding Zhao Hai vicious and merciless, several wife matters, in others eyes possibly is the shortcoming, but actually absolutely is not in Houcke's eyes is the shortcoming.

Especially heart cruel methods local ruffian this point, this feared in Houcke's eyes , is not only not the shortcoming, is a merit, but has wife this point, is not anything, instead looks like in Desbarres and Houcke, Zhao Hai currently ascend, his wife certainly in Lower Realm, had the wife in anything, said it, in machine here, a man has several wives is not the great matter. Houcke nodded said : not to think that this fellow also is really a character, more than 10,000 people, he he, good, great, our Ashley Clan the person who needs this to want.” Desbarres shows a faint smile has not spoken, Houcke turns the head to Desbarres said : today compared with the type, leading him to see me.” Desbarres nodded, has complied with one. At this time Card has arrived on the life and death stage, he looked at all around person one eyes, smiles said : to pass through several rounds fighting, our Ashley Clan ten points brave warrior had been elected, today was their finally decisive battle time, the challenge tournament, below made computer select the first person giving an open challenge!” computer flew, then release projection, saw projection, Card has cannot help but gawked, the smiling face on his face was then deeper, his deep voice said : „the today's first person giving an open challenge is, Bones Symbol Camp, Zhao Hai, asking Zhao Hai to come to power.” Zhao Hai does not have to think one can be the first person giving an open challenge, but he has not cared, but nodded to Maggie, turn around has arrived on Arena. Card looked at Zhao Hai to come to power, his immediately/on horseback said : good, below challenge tournament formally started.” Said that he has gone down Arena, left Zhao Hai Arena. Standing of Zhao Hai calm in there, but that several people under stage are actually look at each other in dismay, but no one has moved, Zhao Hai strength these days they saw clearly, assurance that to be honest, they cannot win, therefore wants to let its person first coming up, consumes some Zhao Hai spiritual force, then they on. Several people are hitting such scheme, therefore nobody comes to power to challenge Zhao Hai at once unexpectedly, Card has not worried, he sat in there looked at that several person one eyes, deep voice said : according to Clan regulation, the person giving an open challenge , on stage 1000 rests, if in 1000 rests nobody challenged Zhao Hai, that Zhao Hai victory, now starts to time.” Said that on computer projection starts the appears figure, from 1000 reciprocals bit by bit. Other nine people naturally also know that this is not Card feels embarrassed them, but is regulation that Ashley Clan really has this to want, the time of 1000 rests said that were long, said were short, enough these people made have decided certainly, along with digit was not short changes is small, complexion some of that nine person were unattractive, they want to challenge Zhao Hai, after all their in hand equipment was good, moreover was the talent characters in various camps, although Zhao Hai displayed very strong fighting strength, but they actually had not been frightened. When the figure jumps to 300 many times, finally the person could not calm down, he has stood, deep voice said : I challenge.” Said that walks toward Arena on. Zhao Hai looked at one, this person of he knew that this person is in the wicked character camp in them, Warrior, the strength in soldier 3rd level, fighting strength is good, his in hand weapon, is not a sword, but is long spear, this long spear has more than three meters to be long, if in others' in hand, is taking this long spear, contends in martial arts on Arena suffers a loss very much, but he actually with root long spear, rushed in top ten, obviously he under foot on this root long spear skill.