Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1138
! After this Warrior came to power, first static looked at Zhao Hai a while, this open the mouth and said: Zhao Hai, you are very strong, really unusual, but I am not weak, you were too arrogant, is not willing to use any weapon, this will be you biggest failure, you must know that now is not Lower Realm, will not use weapon Magician, will not have any achievement, that feared that you will be a talent.” The Warrior of Zhao Hai look at wicked character camp, after listening he said that Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I not to oppose to use weapon, is only your strengths, but also being insufficient makes me use weapon.” One hear of Zhao Hai this saying that Warrior cannot help but stares, then face sank said : to say without the righteousness, met to incur.” Said that he has held up his long spear. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the hand wields said :shield!. Along with his words, shield appears had in his surface at the same time, the Magic shields of this shield five overlay are not thick, but seems like not weak. That Warrior of wicked character camp sneers, in hand long spear proceeds a thorn, Qi Strength strikes together toward the shield that Zhao looks, this is also together Sword Qi, Sword Qi is only a general designation, therefore passes machine weapon shoot out Qi Strength, called Sword Qi. Zhao Hai stands in behind of that shield, actually slightly three smile, without any movement, the Warrior of wicked character camp stares slightly, the dark feeling is not at heart wonderful. In this time, his suddenly is hearing behind transmits sound speaking sounds: Spear|Gun!” He just about to turn around, felt behind own neck transmits incisive Cold Qi/cold air, his very clear, the opposite party has gone against weapon on his neck, if now he in dares to move, the opposite party did not mind that has come up such in his neck. Warrior immediately/on horseback of wicked character camp has held up hand said : well, I admit defeat.” He just a saying ended, Zhao Hai withdrew Magic, the flashes body returned to his front, hid said : receiving to let to him slightly.” The person in that wicked character camphides said : to Zhao Hai worthily is Zhao Hai. Admire!” Said that turn around has gotten down Arena. On Zhao Hai on the stage, shows a faint smile, has not said anything, at this time the eight people under stage, you visited me, I visited you, somewhat could not make up mind. The onlooker is clear-headed, melted clearly saw the style that Zhao Hai just used, Zhao Hai first time has come in handy two Magic actually, one was Metal element shield Magic, another was actually Darkness Element hidden Magic.

Zhao Hai use shield Magic, but to let the attention of opposite party centralized on the body of that shield Magic, but his shifted wicked character camp Warrior, and left spear|gun Magic, the opposite party trigging. The entire combat process said very simple, but in the fight, can truly these Magic just right causes, is actually the most difficult matter. All fights are impossible to continue the too long time, looks like a battleship is the same, the battleship also needs the reactor, the reactor also needs the fuel, that feared that is a battleship, the fuel that on him carries is also limited, is impossible to support too the fight of long time. Expert is also so, no matter Magician is also good, is Warrior is also good, he[ body] in Battle Qi or spiritual force are not again drainless, therefore the time of fight was impossible to last to be too long, Zhao Hai before and Eddie woods war, but also almost while still alive died of exhaustion, this was an example. Warrior of wicked character camp was out, however several other people actually at once somewhat felt helpless, although said that the time of fight was impossible to last to be too long, but such short ended. Has stemmed from their unexpected. Zhao Hai strength formidable they already know that this thinks the first person comes up, can consume Zhao Hai some spiritual force. However now seems like an effect does not have, this lets then the person who prepares to challenge, don’t know did not know what to do. They are motionless, will not represent time advancing, on computer will not start to beat the digit, these time from 1000 will start, after the in other words person giving an open challenge first competition, the time of 1000 rests will accept other challenges, if nobody will challenge, he will be the final victor, if some people will challenge, he must defeat the enemy. The figure is changing, but under the stage also has eight people who the qualifications challenge, actually also in look at each other in dismay, this probably returned to most from the beginning that. Card is actually appreciation some look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai First Stage wins was too attractive, not only uses short, but also that neat, this gave several other people to result in very tremendous pressure, making them have to challenging Zhao Hai carries on to think. This can be said as the Zhao Hai use tactic, strove to be many some time to oneself, was also using this tactic, was giving the following Challenger to bring the pressure. Calm! Calm fearfulness! This is Card appraisal to Zhao Hai, although is only one looks like very simple fight, but Card actually saw different thing.

The challenge tournament can be said as a unfairest competition, the person giving an open challenge must be challenged, moreover fight in which several persons take turns fighting one person so as to wear the opponent out, not to person giving an open challenge any relaxation time, the person who therefore general first goes on stage to work as the person giving an open challenge, laughs last person. But the Zhao Hai First Stage competition, wins extremely in the relaxedness, has created the huge pressure to the following Challenger, making them somewhat hesitate does not decide, such Zhao Hai won more time to oneself, this deals with the fight in which several persons take turns fighting one person so as to wear the opponent out best method. Finally, on computer digit, when time jumping to more than two, the second Challenger has come to power, this coming to power the person of sad Ziying, the wicked character Battalion He ghost character camp is only 22 has two people to enter to ten Outer Sect camp, first goes on stage is the person in wicked character camp, this going on stage the person in wicked character camp. To be honest Zhao Hai to does not have no dislike regarding the person in wicked character camp, in fact he person to other camps does not have what response, even if the ghost character camp, Zhao Hai in many dislike, he only to does not want to kill under his person Assassin. The person in this wicked character camp is also Warrior, his weapon to is very normal, Double-handed Broadsword, he comes to power, has pulled out the sword, calm look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looked the interest that he has not spoken probably, he has not made noise, but bows to that person slightly, hand signal that then has made invitation. That person of still calm look at Zhao Hai and has any response, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the enemy does not attack, that he attacked, Zhao Hai in hand wielded, Magic appears in his front, long spear departed from Magic Formation, perpendicular incidence likely opposite party. Standing of opposite party coldly in there, not a meaning of avoid, to long spear already quickly when shoots on him, his in hand Great Sword proceeds a standard, struck to fly long spear. Zhao Hai has to recognize, machine here bright Metal element Magic, the attack strength be very strong, this straight shoot out long spear, although can't compare with Warrior Sword Qi, is this strikes, equivalent to 1st level Warrior, fully a shoot out spear|gun, but opposite party actually very relaxed opened long spear on square, obviously the opposite party is also Expert. Zhao Hai two eyes narrows the eyes, he knows the method that the plan of opposite party, the opposite party has wanted with clinging to tenaciously probably comes to put together the consumption with him, but Zhao Hai has not cared, his hand wields, fiery red Magic Formation appears in in his hand, then perpendicular incidence of a series of Fireball from Magic Formation to that person. On that emitted earth yellow Battle Qi, in hand Great Sword also turned into earth yellow , a sword cut toward Fireball on, but Zhao Hai Magic of another five overlay had prepared at this time, this five overlay Magic this five overlay Magic Formation, was earth yellow , but this Magic Formation attack and general Magic Formation were not quite same.

General Magic Formation in attack, can shoot out anything thing from Magic Formation, then attack enemy, but this Magic Formation, is actually direct flies to Warrior of that wicked character camp, then sank the under foot of wicked character camp that Warrior. That Warrior saw that this Magic Formation cannot help but stares, he recognizes this is Earth element attack Magic Formation, but they now on life and death stage, but does the life and death stage by entire made of metal, on this stage use this Earth element Magic to be useful? When he is puzzled, this Magic Might appeared, that Warrior felt own under foot hard iron plate, turned into piece of quicksand suddenly, his body anxious undercutting! Warrior was startled, he does not think understand, why in the floor of life and death stage pure metal, Zhao Hai can still use Quicksand Spell this Magic? However now does not think this issue time, Warrior sinks to drink one, under foot Battle Qi braves, his whole person flew from Arena, but at this moment, that is to turn into a piece of quicksand floor, suddenly emits the metal thorn that cold light sparkle, is Quicksand Spell and place remains the technique unexpectedly alliance Magic Formation. That Warrior is flying is not high, ten points suddenly that this Earth braves, he almost [say / way], but he was the personal appearance moves to fly, but he just flew, the metal that these just cropped up punctured also to fly unexpectedly, was similar to long spear is the same, shot toward that Warrior. That Warrior greatly surprised, he just about to has an action to perform, actually presently he now makes anything late, because Zhao Hai another Magic has prepared, hot feather ten thousand arrows of ten overlay! Hot feather ten thousand arrows this Magic, Zhao Hai has used one time, that Zhao Hai with this Magic Luo Zhi to second, therefore that Warrior very clear this Magic Might, looked that now Zhao Hai has prepared this Magic, his immediately/on horseback raises hand, deep voice said : I admit defeat!” His voice falls, Zhao Hai Magic also removed, on the life and death stage in a restoration calm, that Warrior has bowed slightly to Zhao Hai, turn around has gotten down Arena. Zhao Hai still stands in there, is waiting for the next match, but this time he has not waited for too long time, perhaps under the stage that several people had taken easy, such will wait only to Zhao Hai advantageously, therefore his another Challenger immediately jumped up has struck, this was one in ghost character camp, he was Magician. This challenge still did not have any suspense, although that Magician equipment ten to superimpose Formation Set Magic Staff, but has still not posed the too big threat to Zhao Hai, Magic that after all in Magician Magic Staff recorded, only then, mainly looked at Magician own strength in the actual combat.!.