Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1139
This time challenge tournament did not have appears any accident, Zhao Hai to smile by the absolute strength finally, he was the first person giving an open challenge, was last. This time challenge tournament, lets Ashley Clan Outer Sect the people in eight battalions, saw the Zhao Hai strength truly, Zhao Hai without using any weapon blessing/additional support, clear loosen has defeated other nine Challenger, becomes first of Ashley Clan invitational meet. After the game has held a presentation ceremony in life and death stage here, is given the Zhao Hai prize by Houcke personally, actually this prize originally was sets the example, Zhao Hai currently had Liquid Silver, simply has not needed other thing, but the Maggie matter somewhat punctured ji to Houcke very much obviously, therefore Houcke came personally this prize, but this prize also very special \; first, many bonus, the second type unexpectedly was not equipment, but has recorded the Ashley Clan all secret Magic Formation computer chips. This reward is Desbarres proposal, Houcke to does not have counter-, in Houcke opinion, now Zhao Hai ironclad is the Ashley Clan person \; first, because Zhao Hai is in Bones Symbol Camp now, two because of him with Maggie relationship. Besides these two considerations, Houcke gives Zhao Hai these secret Magic Formation, another reason, from him decided secret Magic Formation gives Zhao Hai time, Zhao Hai do not think can live leave Ashley Clan, if day of Zhao Hai wants leave Ashley Clan, no matter for Magic Formation of these secrets for Liquid Silver, Houcke will use the entire Ashley Clan strength to eliminate Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai also understand Houcke's meaning, he not polite, received that chip directly, this simple presentation ceremony ended. As soon as the ceremony ended, Zhao Hai not they returns to Bones Symbol Camp to celebrate with Tao Wang and Tie Sheng, but saw Houcke with Desbarres. Houcke received Zhao Hai in his study room, after Zhao Hai and Desbarres enter the room, salutes to Houcke, Houcke nodded, waved said : to sit.” Desbarres led Zhao Hai to sit, Houcke stood in there is sizing up Zhao Hai, some little time he open the mouth and said: Heard that your nearest/recent follows Maggie is very near?” Zhao Hai micro has gawked, he has not thought that really Houcke so will be direct, but Zhao Hai nodded said : is, Miss Maggie most from the beginning is my teacher, now our relationship is also very good.” Houcke does two eyes set up said : is only a teacher?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : „, not only the teacher, Maggie Little Master to my very concerned about, we now is a friend.” Is said : that the Houcke two Limans sparkles only a friend?” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: „The present is only the friend, later on don’t know.” Houcke look at Zhao Hai appearance, laughing said : suddenly good youngster, I not to have thought that really met you saying that good, good, HaHaHa.”

Zhao Hai has not made noise, does Desbarres the look at Houcke's appearance, said : Young Master, you look in a soft voice?” Houcke turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : I to be able, no matter you with the Maggie matter, let you[ from] by going show, but I have a request.” Said said : that Houcke two eyes cold light sparkles you have attained Ultimate Weapon that cold not positive Grandmaster leaves behind now, simultaneously you also attain secret Magic Formation that our Ashley Clan innumerable years have saved, you should also understand, your this for a lifetime be the Ashley Clan person, if you dare to betray Ashley Clan, I want your life!” Zhao Hai nodded, still has not spoken, Houcke look at Zhao Hai said : our Ashley Clan these years not has been good in machine 6 Realms new person competition performance in the invitational meet, I now the matter that wants you to handle , is same, must win a good position at this time invitational meet, hundred people of 6 Realms new competition lists, your can minimum in top ten, understand?” The Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, Desbarres looks at Zhao Hai to frown, the heart cannot help but thump, his very clear, Houcke most dislikes others to violate his meaning, if Zhao Hai said cannot achieve, Houcke feared that was meets immediately to get angry. Houcke looks at Zhao Hai to knit the brows, on face cannot help but a anger, at this time Zhao Hai open the mouth and said: Invitational meet top ten? Didn't this have the difficulty probably? I with take top ten of competition!” Houcke and Desbarres have gawked, they have not thought that really Zhao Hai will have such big determination, Desbarres immediately/on horseback said : 1 Little Hai, do not talk nonsense, your simply don’t know Cultivation World these fellows fierce, was right, is you can now better then used Liquid Silver?” Zhao Hai currently in using the Liquid Silver situation, can use hundred thousand rank following Magic Formation at will, but he told Desbarres them is actually, in using the Liquid Silver situation, he exempted can use 10,000 overlay Magic Formation, this has made Desbarres ji move to is not good, 10,000, that was machine here topest existence. However Desbarres also understand, even if Zhao Hai can use 10,000 overlay Magician, wants to fight with the Cultivation World there person, has the defeat not to win. The Cultivation World there person, regarding 6 Realms new person competition also attach great importance to, they also meets camera here to be the same, will train desirably is used for the participating new person, these new people come up that moment in ascend, will be selected, performs key training, innumerable medicine pill, innumerable Magic Secret Art, innumerable resources, for is makes them obtain good achievements at the 6 Realms new competition in this case, Zhao Hai although can use ten thousand overlay Magic Formation, but Desbarres has actually believed that if Zhao Hai to Cultivation World or the several other Realms person, is defeats wins many few. Zhao Hai one hear of Desbarres said that cannot help but shook the head said : not to have, I have not been able to use too many Magic Formation, but I am confident, I as far as possible strives to win, I want to take a look, law of the demon is inferior to the method of Cultivator.” Houcke look at Zhao Hai appearance, laughing said : suddenly good, great, this saying I like listening, I am invariable to your request, so long as you can attain the former abundant name of machine invitational meet, you and Maggie matter I were not managing, if you can at the 6 Realms new competition, attain top ten, not only our Ashley Clan will sit the big ritual to you, machine will also give you to prepare a big ritual.” Zhao Hai nodded, Houcke then said : also has, the invitational meet is not jokes, more than ten million do not keep the hand at the invitational meet, otherwise suffers a loss can be you.” Zhao Hai nodded, Houcke beckoned with the hand said : well.” Zhao Hai and Desbarres stand, saluted later leave to Houcke.

After Zhao Hai and Desbarres sit to the vehicle on, Desbarres then seeks vengeance to Zhao Hai said : 1 Little Hai, your time too crude, if Clan makes you obtain the top ten name of 6 Realms new person competition, what to do that can? Later received, the speech kept one.” Zhao Hai knows[ said that] Desbarres is the good intention, he has not refuted, but has settled one, when they ride the speeding car to Bones Symbol Camp, presently entire Bones Symbol Camp immerses in the happy atmosphere. Looks these jubilantly, probably obtained one by one type Bones Symbol Camp member Desbarres and Zhao Hai has smiled, just Desbarres smiles somewhat bitterly and astringently, is somewhat gratified. Desbarres was too many, but Bones Symbol Camp these years that Bones Symbol Camp did did not have character appears that selected, by several other people suppressing, this feeling were not feeling better. Now Zhao Hai appears , let Bones Symbol Camp one on exceed other camp, in Bones Symbol Camp all people, had the feeling that one type of felt proud and elated. Saw that Desbarres and Zhao Hai came back, Bones Symbol Camp all people cheered one to welcome, encircled Desbarres and Zhao Hai in middle Zhao Hai is saying anything on not being able to hear clearly all around people, because all person ji moved somewhat spoke incoherently. The appearance of Desbarres look at people, shows a faint smile, then his said loudly: Was good, everyone/Great Clan went to dining room we to let loose drinking today!” The people have cheered one, several Warrior ran over, lifted Desbarres and Zhao Hai, walks toward the dining room. When they arrive at the dining room time, presently Tao Wang and Tie Sheng already in here, moreover in the dining room has prepared to prepare to open the meal at any time. Besides Tao Wang and Tie Sheng, the dining room here also person, this person was Maggie Maggie unexpectedly also arrived at dining room here, obviously and other Zhao Hai. Desbarres looked that Maggie also shows a faint smile to Zhao Hai in here said : Zhao Hai, you accompany Maggie to speak, Tao Wang, Tie Sheng, goes with me, prepares, we must drinking well!” They have also complied with one, being tactful leave.

Maggie although is somewhat embarrassed, but looked for a table to sit with Zhao Hai, all around person looked that Maggie and Zhao Hai sat in there, did not have to proceed to collect. When they have sat down, Maggie turns the head to hear that to Zhao Hai said : that person did look for you?” That person that Zhao Hai very clear Maggie said who is, naturally is Patriarch Houcke, Zhao Hai nodded said :is, today Patriarch summoned me.,... Maggie anxious said : he said anything The Zhao Hai look at Maggie tense appearance, cannot help but micro smile said : has not said anything, but Patriarch has given me duty, lets me at the machine 6 Realms new person competition invitational meet, must make the top ten progress!” Maggie one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but relaxed, but along with already her some indefinite said : only then these?” Zhao Hai smiles said : „, only then these, but he said that if I can obtain top ten, he between managing you and me matter.” Zhao Hai suddenly said such one, this made Maggie stare, the face one was then red, she lowered the head, 1 low voice said : „did he say really?” Zhao Hai chuckle said : is, Camp Lord is also auditing.” Maggie has complied with one in a soft voice, has not been making noise, the Zhao Hai look at Maggie appearance, has smiled bitterly next step: Maggie, I must speak the truth with you, I have the wife in Lower Realm, moreover I love them very much, if you like me, must prepare for with them shares my, your understand?” Maggie nodded said : my understand.” The sound is still very small, but is very firm. Zhao Hai has actually smiled bitterly, he knows that Maggie thinks certainly Laura they still in Lower Realm, think share that he said that but is spiritually, this does not have anything, she does not think that Laura they in the Zhao Hai side, very much have the possibility now in look at they.!.