Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1140
Chapter 66 meets duty On has recommended, maintains the renewal, invited the everyone/Great Clan generous support, thanked politely obviously! To Ashley Clan interior invitational meet already past three days, Zhao Hai now in Ashley Clan is a celebrity, is called in Outer Sect eight battalions of young man the first person. Reason that thinks that he is only everyone in young man , because Outer Sect in eight battalions also has plenty ascend coming up time very long person, the strengths of these people are also very strong, people Pu Pian thinks the matches of Zhao Hai impossible these people, therefore he can only be the first person in young man now. Only then Desbarres they understand, Zhao Hai not only first in young man, when changes the ashamed Outer Sect eight battalions of first people, even after he has used Liquid Silver, he almost can be machine here few Expert. However this is secret, nobody will say that but this several days Bones Symbol Camp has also immersed to laugh heartily, naturally, most makes Bones Symbol Camp feel what envies, possibly is reason that because that time talked with Zhao Hai, now Maggie already complete regarded oneself is the Zhao Hai girlfriend, almost could Bones Symbol Camp here look for Zhao Hai daily. Invitational meet also about two months of present range machine 6 Realms new competition, these two months, is Ashley Clan remains specially, Clan will collect in other influences using these days, these young Expert materials. These two months, Clan extremely in limiting the activity of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai wants to make anything, can say after the Clan interior preelection surpasses, life of Zhao Hai on returned to normal track. Zhao Hai went to the school to look at Dins they, Dins their nearest/recent also knew Zhao Hai matter, they have not thought that Zhao Hai just ascend came up for several months, has made such progress, this made them also feel very happy. Dins's their year achievements are not small, already crossed the age that has vied for supremacy to try to outdo others, moreover Zhao Hai so is good to them, they and sentiment between Zhao Hai, was one type of fused the friend, that sentiment between family members, therefore Zhao Hai made the good progress, they felt happy for Zhao Hai. After Dins their short together, Zhao Hai on returned to Bones Symbol Camp, has carried on own normal training, but he also knows now that considered to train to him was not useful, he now is the Bones Symbol Camp person, naturally must be Bones Symbol Camp makes anything. Bones Symbol Camp wants the show to get down, just by rich is incorrect, they must make duty, makes all kinds of duty, in this duty process, they will make the Bones Symbol Camp fame slowly, only then after like this , some special duty, some people will look for Bones Symbol Camp. although when the Clan interior invitational meet, the Bones Symbol Camp person has not met too many duty, Tie Sheng this was responsible for the Bones Symbol Camp duty people resting, did not want other people. But now to machine 6 Realms new person competition invitational meet, two months, Zhao Hai does not want to be used to close up the practice this time, now closed up the practice for him already not the too big use, therefore he wants also to meet several duty, was Bones Symbol Camp makes for offering. Therefore Zhao Hai came back to look for Desbarres from academy, because Desbarres was Ashley Clan Outer Sect Manager, the matter that therefore she he must handle now, will complete in Bones Symbol Camp generally, Zhao Hai asked him to be OK directly. Desbarres looked that Zhao Hai looks for him, cannot help but has gawked, his quickly said: Little Hai, did you come? What matter has?” Zhao Hai look at Desbarres shows a faint smile said : Camp Lord, this time I come to have very important matter to look for you.” What matter did Desbarres brow wrinkle got up said : „? Then, so long as I can achieve, I will help you handle.”

The Zhao Hai look at Desbarres's appearance, shows a faint smile said : Camp Lord, is not the important matter, but I arrived at Bones Symbol Camp already several months, has not done to present duty, this little could not really be justified, therefore I want to call the machine invitational meet has not started, met several duty.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Desbarres knows one have misunderstood, but did he still knit the brows said : to meet duty? Don't you need to prepare? Two months later was invitational meet, do not forget that top ten agreement.” Zhao Hai smiled said : not to have relationship, I practice a bottleneck now, thinks that is enhancing only depends on to close up is not useful, might as well meets several duty, making me many some actual combat, familiar Liquid Silver well!” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Desbarres's nod said : of gently idea is good, good, you do, but camp meets the duty matter generally is Tie Sheng in the tube, happen to Tie Sheng also, you looks for him.” Zhao Hai nodded, turn around looked for Tie Sheng. The Tie Sheng business location also in Bones Symbol Camp large building, he specifically is responsible for in camp meeting duty and completes duty, some specially significant duty, personally are led to complete by Tie Sheng. Tie Sheng is also not very much duty participates, duty that he participates in generally is association duty, received the name of Bones Symbol Camp, duty that received his own name he will not participate generally. Tie Sheng is processing the document in the office, a suddenly gate sound, a person walked, Tie Sheng looks up, cannot help but has gawked, the person who comes unexpectedly is Zhao Hai. However Tie Sheng immediately recovers, his look at Zhao Hai puzzled said : Little Hai, did you run up to my this to come? To ask me to drink? Now is not good, when I finished was saying.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Tie Sheng Big Brother, I look for you only then drinks this matter? This time I am not ask you to drink, I am meet duty.” Tie Sheng stares, then what duty puzzled does said : meet? The person who you soon attend the machine invitational meet, you staying not well prepared the matter that competes in the camp at this time, what duty meets?” The Zhao Hai look at Tie Sheng appearance, shows a faint smile said : Tie Sheng Big Brother, this time must meet duty, I practice now also on that a matter, in a short time thinks is impossible in the enhancement, therefore I want to meet several duty, with the actual combat familiar Liquid Silver situation well.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Tie Sheng also cannot help but nodded said : right, should, so long as you can use Liquid Silver, then at the 6 Realms new person competition, the self-preservation is not a problem, good, I give you to arrange, what duty do you want to meet?” Obviously Tie Sheng they regarding the Liquid Silver confidence, are much greater than to the Zhao Hai confidence, but they regarding machine the performance at competition, do not have any confidence. Zhao Hai has not said anything, but smiles said : I not to receive any duty, your look at arrangement was good, many people of duty of single are good, but must a little difficulty, otherwise unable to achieve familiar Liquid Silver degree.” Tie Sheng thinks that said : that participates in more than people of duty, is good to take care, I have a look at some nearest/recent anything duty.” Tie Sheng opened computer to look at a while, two eyes suddenly one bright, turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, had duty to is very suitable you, you can also revenge, didn't you do dry?” Zhao Hai does said : revenge? You said that Zhang Family?”

Tie Sheng nodded said : right, Zhang Family, this time is Clan internal duty, Zhang Family has a fleet of ten medium freighter, nearest/recent must escort to Shangdong nemesis from the Zhang Family supreme headquarters Adam star, this time Clan duty is sends out the person by Outer Sect camp, disguises as the pirate, carries on attack to this fleet, does not request to have the too big achievement, but to strike Zhang Family is the same, what kind, is interested? This is resists with the battleship directly, moreover is association duty.” Zhao Hai two eyes bright said : good, was interested, has the interest, who completed this duty?” Tie Sheng shows a faint smile said : this time duty I certainly to go, besides our Bones Symbol Camp, will also have other camp some people, carries on unified command(er) by the Clan core member, but our Bones Symbol Camp person meets together to move, participates?” Zhao Hai laughs said : to participate, naturally participates, how has such opportunity possibly not to participate, if we hit a battleship, that this merit how algorithm?” Tie Sheng strange look at Zhao Hai said : good youngster, you suppress, it seems like you were under the preparation the extreme methods, feel relieved, so long as you can hit the battleship, thing on that battleship, turned over to our Bones Symbol Camp all, the battleship turned over to our Bones Symbol Camp, you were don’t know, so long as that battleship modified, can sell a good price absolutely, even if did not sell, oneself remained is using well.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that such to settle, duty I participated, when?” Tie Sheng shows a faint smile said : five days later, secret leaves.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, waits for appears time called me.” Said that stood turn around to walk. Just a returned to own room, presently Maggie in the room was waiting for him, looked at Zhao Hai to come back, did Maggie stand got up said : to go to that? How hadn't I found you?” Zhao Hai smiles said : to go to Camp Lord that said to Camp Lord, this leaves the invitational meet also two months, I want to meet several duty, just had met duty in Tie Sheng Big Brother there, five days later.” Maggie one hear of Zhao Hai said that what cannot help but said : this time did meet duty to make? Will Camp Lord agree unexpectedly?” Zhao Hai must be familiar with the Liquid Silver words to say to Maggie oneself, Maggie did not respond, but she thinks that then said : that this duty I also participate.” Zhao Hai stares, quickly said: What you participate, what to do if had the matter? said it, Camp Lord will not agree.” Maggie white Zhao Hai said : „should not be incompetent, do not forget, I who I thought was 4th level Magician, said it, did not have you, my this looked for the fat uncle.” Said that turn around outward walks, Zhao Hai wants to stop by calling out her, finally gave up, but actually raised at heart warm feeling, reason that Maggie must participate in this duty, all because of him, he is somewhat affected. Zhao Hai smiled bitterly, the flashes body entered Space, Laura their immediately welcomed, Laura look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, the opportunity was similar, when ushered in Space her?” Zhao Hai look at Laura forced smile said : wait, not suitable received him Space now, how do you also worry compared with me probably?” Laura smiles said : we to have a look, after he sees Space, is any appearance.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, actually don’t know must say that any was good. Also they chatted a while Zhao Hai with Laura on returned to outside, he knows that Maggie will also come back to look his, he just outside returned to, Maggie on face happy came back, saw that Zhao Hai smiles said : five days later duty, I go with your together, this time I must revenge.”

Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, fights the situation that to look from previous Maggie and Zhang Family these people, her strength experience is really few pity, this also thinks that do revenge? Has a dream. However Zhao Hai will certainly not say that these words attack Maggie, but smiled said : also well, this time is Tie Sheng team leader Big Brother, his strength formidable, moreover there is a multiple team leader to experience, will lead a group should not to have the issue by him.” Maggie is actually excited of face , a little intense facial expression, looks like wants first time to be the child of play to be the same wickedly, the Zhao Hai look at Maggie appearance, her face excited said : you said that if we took by force a ship, that will be what kind of? Has sold well, keeps to use?” Zhao Hai smiles said : that to be so relaxed, that ship must give Battalion Lilai to process.” Maggie is actually the interest does not reduce, still with Zhao Hai discussed that keeps. Five days of quick on the past, few that this time duty very much secret, in Ashley Clan knows actually, only then a small number of people know that has plenty was elected to participate in this duty person don’t know to go to do. This time altogether 200 Bones Symbol Camp members participate in duty, weakest is the 3rd level people, not having the means that the strength not to arrive at 3rd level, simply does not have the means ** flies in the outer space, this affects to the fight is very big. although Bones Symbol Camp this person of going to battle has many, but in these people most receives has two that pays attention, one is Zhao Hai, another naturally is Maggie. The Maggie status in Bones Symbol Camp is not secret, in adding on her nearest/recent with Zhao Hai straight is very near, therefore the person in Bones Symbol Camp almost knows Maggie. The person in Bones Symbol Camp has not thought that Zhao Hai and Maggie will participate in this time duty. All participates in the duty Bones Symbol Camp members to gather in the camp, is delivered to outer space base there by small Spaceship, changes to big Spaceship, flies to the destination. Because this time duty requests keep secret, therefore several camp people will gather in outer space base there, rides medium Spaceship. For this motion, Ashley Clan Outer Sect camp altogether dispatched more than 1700 people, these many people can only spell on Spaceship, therefore Spaceship room very anxious, originally to the room that a person prepares, finally in actually has to push six people. The room that Zhao Hai is at is also so, but with his together is the Bones Symbol Camp people, because Maggie the status is special, therefore she is the independent person lives. After the outer space base set, Zhao Hai their Spaceship immediately took off, his destination is one calls the rainbow meteorite group. ro!.