Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1141
Rainbow meteorite belt, a beautiful name! However looks like in the jungle, most beautiful thing are poisonous, rainbow meteorite has this to have the place of beautiful name, regarding all fleets is also poisonous. The rainbow meteorite belt, some don’t know big meteorite regions, here by innumerable meteorite, energy group that the magnetic energy beam and explodes crazily buys together, the center of this piece of meteorite belt, nobody can go, even if Expert of one person alone person, does not dare to penetrate into this piece of meteorite belt. This piece of meteorite belt is reflecting all around star radiance, looks like seven picks variegated, beautiful exceptionally, but all fleets can choose to leave him by far. Do not think that did not depend to draw back damages Stone Dai to be safe, in this piece of meteorite belt, some meteorite once for a while bumping will raise, fission, but almost every collision, will provoke some chain-reactions, making many meteorite deviate the original track, lived anomalous some changed, let the edge of meteorite belt is also not that safe. But this piece of meteorite belt actually from the Adam star to Shangdong nemesis road which must be taken, even if wants to circle, is impossible, can only from the meteorite belt, slightly far point place, open a route, but the place that Zhao Hai they must ambush is also this piece of meteorite belt. Battleship early arrived at meteorite to bring here, then Zhao Hai their leave the battleship, has taken the battalion as the unit, buried estimates in the meteorite belt, but the battleship wanted to find the place to hide. Because has plenty the magnetic energy beam and magnetic energy storm in the meteorite belt, therefore the common electronic instrumentation to here extremely in the miraculous glow, general Spaceship is not the relying on on the ship rich driving experience can safe through here, therefore here can be said as a setting ambush best place. Person in Zhao Hai and Bones Symbol Camp, ambushes in a piece greatly on meteorite, this meteorite leaves the route not to be far, but the volume is actually very big, almost a equivalent to planetoid. After Zhao Hai they arrived on meteorite, opened huge cavern on meteorite, in this cavern, opens innumerable small cavern, turned into a temporary base here. Stays besides everyday in person in the temporary base, Zhao Hai after discussing with Tie Sheng, but also has established smaller cavern on this meteorite following a piece small meteorite, has also ambushed in there several people, these people also had the wondrous use. After the temporary base constructs, Tie Sheng everyday will send for paying attention to the route there situation, one, but presently the Zhang Family fleet, their immediately will move. although said that this motion is unifies command(er) by the Clan core member, because is the ambush, therefore that core member gives the person very big rights to independence of various camps, lets manager of various camps, oneself looked that the situation decides.

Bones Symbol Camp here command(er) is still Tie Sheng, Tie Sheng has carried out multiple association duty, in commanding a war aspect very experienced, therefore the origin his command(er) should better. However few people know that these time in coping with the application of tactics of Zhang Family, Zhao Hai also offered many advice, although Zhao Hai offered many advice, but he has not expressed that probably all are Tie Sheng decide is the same. Zhao Hai very clear, although he now is very big in the Bones Symbol Camp fame, but that is only because he won the honor for Bones Symbol Camp, must discuss the prestige to come, he has fallen far short compared with Tie Sheng, if makes the person in Bones Symbol Camp know that these time copes in the Zhang Family process, he offered that many advice, possibly some people will not be convinced, then copes with Zhang Family not to have any advantage to them. Because of such idea, therefore Zhao Hai has submitted willingly a chapter of green leaf, has given Tie Sheng all command, he must do offers advice, finally makes the decision Tie Sheng. Time day-by-day past, in their plans, they in arriving at ten day after meteorite belt about, the Zhang Family fleet meets appears , reason that will have this situation, is feared that Zhang Family will be prepared. To be honest, big group of people live in huge cavern, this feeling is not very good, for this time duty, they endured, because the Bones Symbol Camp person knows that now their this time duty were anything. These dirty matters between most people don’t know Zhang Family and Ashley Clan in although Bones Symbol Camp, they only know that Zhang Family is the Ashley Clan ally, did not understand regarding this time motion some. However one hear of Tie Sheng said that reward after this motion, they have forgotten these, regarding Outer Sect camp these people, anything compared with rewarding more solid thing, Clan ally anything is the floating clouds, can move really their, is a solid machine coin. These Outer Sect camp people, mostly are some from Lower Realm Ascenders, they in Lower Realm are the God's favored ones, but after machine here, actually presently own status turned into a low grade person from the God's favored one, by machine here the mainstream forces look down upon, the change in status that this wants, making them not have the means to adapt at once. The characters of some special talents, they have adjusted their mentality slowly, by heart of the Expert, in adding on the unremitting effort, finally became moves a side Expert, but most people actually can only be finally vanish however in the people already, became in major influence Outer Sect, but their pursues also from becoming Strongest turned into a present machine coin. Some people said that when a person completely lost the ideal, Mou Zhixiang money time, he is most pitiful, Zhao Hai also approves these words.

Is ambitious, has the goal, talented person can live being strong, if you are only for money are living, that was too pitiful, but the person in machine here Outer Sect camp, majority are still for money is actually living. [] Good that people words said that the poverty inhibits one's ambitions, horse Shoumao is long! These words use in machine Outer Sect camp, is very appropriate. Some Outer Sect camp ordinary Magician and Warrior, look at the year income are not very high, without enough money support, their life , can only be the pursue money. Time day-by-day past, Bones Symbol Camp person, not only nest in own temporary base, but can also carry on the relation with several other camps, under command(er) of core member Clan sends out, to the time and repertoire of attack carries on calculations. Bones Symbol Camp this time duty is very important, they will become entire Ashley Clan the first person of attack, but their positions in the innermost of route, their together will actually carry on, Clan other camp will start to attack, because Bones Symbol Camp will want the first battleship of attack Zhang Family fleet, making the entire Zhang Family fleet be forced to stop. It can be said that Bones Symbol Camp this time duty is very heavy, they regarding attack of Zhang Family fleet first battleship, will directly affect other Ashley Clan camp attack. Ten days of pass in a flash, Bones Symbol Camp all people were tense, they know that the fight must start, the Zhang Family person has not disappointed them, they very punctual appears . The fleet comprised of ten Spaceship, these ten Spaceship are not the profession battleship, they are the armed merchant marines, this armed merchant marine by fight give priority to, they mainly does not hold the post to transport the function of siberian elm, but above is loaded with the weapon system, will have outer space Mecha of fate/fixed number quantity, on the ship will have Magician and Warrior takes the guard. Commander of this Zhang Family fleet is Adam, he is one has caravan Captain of rich experience, moreover rainbow meteorite had this type of route he to pass through returned, continuously very safe, Zhang Family person right also feel relieved. However Adam every time walks the rainbow meteorite belt time, can very careful, because of Adam very clear, rainbow meteorite brings here is not smooth Grand Dao, conversely, this was one has filled the dangerous canyon, incautiously the ship will destroy the person to perish. Now fleet immediately marries to enter the rainbow meteorite belt, Adam also changes the normally very relaxed appearance, facial expression stern standing in the command(er) hall, two eyes moves motionless is also staring at that passage of rainbow meteorite belt edge. This passage is not very long, if Spaceship flies fully, about one hour can pass through from this passage, but Spaceship, when brings passage across meteorite, does not dare to fly fully, when because in your don’t know meteorite belt will depart a piece meteorite to come, if flies fully, actually happen to touches in meteorite that departs from the meteorite belt, he was doomed into tea table.

Therefore wants safely through the meteorite belt, is very important, too quick was unsafe, too slow was not equally good, has passed through meteorite to lead Adam of passage experience repeatedly, regarding this already very knowledgeable. The position that he is at now is second Spaceship, if like this first Spaceship meets attack, he can also calmly deal on second Spaceship. Eye look at must enter meteorite to bring passage, Adam immediately/on horseback ordered said : all battleship to fall to two ten Universe festivals, the weapon system preparation, various ships maintained the communication are unobstructed.” The order has transmitted quickly, entire fleet one slowed down, ship slowly entered meteorite to bring in passage. Slowly, the entire only fleet entered in meteorite passage, Adam has been staring at computer anxiously, now the effect on computer is not very good, spoke some appears bo marks frequently, did not come Adam not to care, these bo marks were because computer received shade damaged Stone Daili the magnetic energy storm created, so long as passed passage to be good. Fleet advancing slowly, often will have the flying ship to project weapon, crushes some to approach Spaceship small meteorite, but generally speaking, is safe. The fleet has arrived at passage 50% being away from, Adam actually still does not dare to relax, so long as fleet not complete he will not relax through passage. In this time, Adam look fierce shrinks, yelled that said : „No. 1 ship pays attention, No. 1 ship pays attention, immediately/on horseback carries on the anxious submersion, the immediately/on horseback anxious submersion.” Said that time Adam two eyes of this saying does not have the leave screen, because of his clear seeing, the result on computer demonstrating, not far away in front of No. 1 ship, how passage inside a piece small meteorite does not know, suddenly moved, has run upon passage nearby a piece big meteorite fiercely, but these big meteorite this were hit unexpectedly hitting deviated the original track, flies toward passage in!!.