Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1142
Adam always felt that this big meteorite situation has this strangeness, then the big volume, is not very big meteorite hits by a piece, should not produce such changes approaches is right? Why can like this? When Adam is puzzled, his suddenly present, that giant again stone, resembled him to install the Fire Arrow propeller to be the same, one quick, shipboard hit toward. Sees this situation, in the Adam brain the unlucky premonition was more intense, suddenly he has thought one type of is possible, before he ran up to table computer without hesitation, a palm of the hand clapped according to turning side computer red , simultaneously the mouth yelled that said : enemy raided, all staff got ready for action.” He just shouted that presently a ship has shot energy light beam to that huge meteorite, but that meteorite was too big, energy light beam although has hit a target meteorite, but has not actually broken meteorite, but has made two Shendong on meteorite, does not have meteorite to be what kind. But that meteorite is actually stops has not stopped, hit directly in a ship . Moreover the position that he hit was the forehead of ship, looked at to the end the ship hit position, Adam knows that a ship ended. No matter the battleship is also good, is ordinary commercial Spaceship is also good, the people can be familiar with xing places the forehead of electricity ship the command(er) hall of battleship, does this, not only to be attractive, what looks to want, can install the tempered glass in forehead there, can see farther thing from there, regarding driving battleship very advantageously. However now is hit by meteorite, this design has become the most fatal place, strong although of tempered glass is good, but how possibly to block the hit of that big a piece meteorite. If in the general fight, Spaceship Commander, makes the person place tempered glass outside defense metal plate, this metal plate tight placard outside the tempered glass, does not use is to receive, only then in the true fight, will put down this defense the metal plate. But Commander of this obvious ship has not thought of by attack, therefore he simply has not put down to defend the metal plate, so long as meteorite cracks-up the a piece tempered glass, the command(er) hall of battleship ended. Really looked like that fence that Adam thought that meteorite straight collision in the head of battleship, the head tempered glass of battleship broke instantaneously, then meteorite changed the direction, often passage another bank went. But from meteorite, departed large quantities of person's shadows, flies toward fork ship there, Adam however did not have the mood at this time in the tube that many, his immediately/on horseback said loudly: Puts down to defend the steel plate, Mecha, Magician, Warrior attacks, the Spaceship weapon system fully starts, declines cuts to ten, slow moving forward, slowly contacts with No. 1 ship, shoves open him, opens passage!” The people in battleship were busy at pound, they just also saw flushed the person's shadow that from meteorite, therefore their very clear, these time was the enemy raids. But at this time ran out of large quantities of Warrior and Magician from the fleet, the direct battleship clashes, they, has plenty is promoting meteorite advancing, meteorite that but they promote, is not big in meteorite that Zhao Hai they promote, these meteorite just moved, on weapon by Spaceship destroying, even promoted the meteorite people killed.

But at this time, Zhao Hai they from No. 1 ship that shatter glass, have crashed in the command(er) hall of No. 1 ship, in the command(er) hall oneself after has abandoned completely, on these instruments braves to catch fire hua, obviously cannot use, ship group staff in all command(er) halls died, corpse float in the command(er) hall. Tie Sheng looked at all around said : Little Hai, guides, the breakthrough cabin door, certainly also has forcefully living person in other cabins, must enter the quick elimination them.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, fluttered cabin door there of command(er) hall, a Magic Formation instantaneous composition of in hand five overlay, on the bang on that cabin door, the cabin door one had been crushed, then Zhao Hai led the people to file, has crashed in that cabin door. These cabin doors in battleship, are in case of emergency, the automatic start, is not very thick, does not have Defense Protective Shield, therefore one was defeated by Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai gets the people to fly toward the battleship, simultaneously Zhao Hai also uses own spiritual force to investigate all around, is paying attention to all around situation carefully. suddenly Zhao Hai present, in a front cabin has the person, altogether two people, two Warrior, their in hand weapon took, anxious is staring at the cabin door. Zhao Hai waved, follows to stop in his behind person, these people experienced fierce of Zhao Hai, therefore unconscious gazed by the Zhao Hai horse. Zhao Hai turned the head to look at people one eyes, referred to that leafed door said : in this cabin having two people, two Warrior, a while I opened the cabin door, should not be polite.” The people nodded, Zhao Hai floated cabin gate there, the hand has wielded ten overlay Magic Formation appears , then that cabin door one was destroyed, inside two Warrior cried out strangely, was brandishing the parry these metal fragments, first successive yelled that said : surrender, we surrendered!” However Bones Symbol Camp these people may not have politely, no matter they do surrender, came up extinguishing the opposite party. Bones Symbol Camp person very clear, their this motions, are the absolute surface cannot leave behind the living witness, otherwise by Zhang Family is possibly known is they are coping with them, that is incorrect. That two Warrior by exterminate, Zhao Hai had not been managed them quickly, flies toward Spaceship , a start of cabin cabin sweeps dang, suddenly that because these time attacks, opposite party many Warrior and Magician do not have leave their room, they were stopped up in the room exterminate to fall by Zhao Hai directly, therefore by the exterminate person, Zhao Hai was received in Space to turn into Undead Creature them.

This commercial Spaceship is not small, cabin also has plenty, under Zhao Hai their sweeping dang, was quick on control entire Spaceship, except, in Mecha room there has encountered beyond a point problem, almost did not have any rebel. Quick entire Spaceship by control, Zhao Hai they returned to command(er) hall there, command(er) hall there, Tie Sheng they already forcefully the defense steel plate on electricity ship glass keeping off, these steel plates had several already transformation, simply is unusable, but several Magician and Warrior in the there renovation. Looked that Zhao Hai they came back, Tie Sheng turns the head look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai nodded said : to solve, Tie Sheng Big Brother, do we exit, help busy of other people?” Tie Sheng shook the head said :not to use, the Spaceship that except that we leave behind, other ran, Commander of this fleet is an expert, he with his Spaceship our Spaceship shoving open, opened passage to run. Zhao Hai one hear of Tie Sheng said that nod said : that also can only not bear that present what to do? On in here?” Tie Sheng shook the head said : we to exit, now the Spaceship here engine stopped the injury on job, we to stern there, you use Magic, is pushing Spaceship advancing, leave here as soon as possible.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, our immediately/on horseback goes.” Said that was leading audiences Magician leave, Tie Sheng looked at Maggie also to with, quickly said: Maggie, you stay behind, now fought had finished, outside did not have what danger, outside matter gave Zhao Hai.” Maggie thinks, decided to remain, she presently with the Zhao Hai difference, Zhao Hai in beginning, is not forgiving, Maggie already present, if began with place Zhao Hai, feared in less than ten minutes by Zhao Hai extinguishing. Zhao Hai led Bones Symbol Camp Magician to drill from the battleship, all of them were bringing the specially-made mask, making the person unable to see clearly their faces. The people come out to look from Spaceship, the Spaceship that really they are at now, was advanced the nearby of route, route here was floating many Mecha fragments and Magician also has the Warrior corpse, but the fleet of opposite party already vanish from sight. But now by the Spaceship that they obtain, is actually gathering many Magician and Warrior, obviously they are the people in other camps. Zhao Hai looked at these person of one, deep voice said : oak letting, we must move away this Spaceship, in order to avoid the opposite party counter-attacks.” These encircle in their Spaceship nearby Magician and Warrior, the body does not have any symbol, on the face is also bringing the mask, one hear of Zhao Hai said that these Magician and Warrior cannot help but hesitant, but made way finally, if this time is only several Outer Sect camp alliance moves, they can also struggle a struggle, making Bones Symbol Camp put out an advantage to come, but now is not good, but this motion has the Clan core member, these core member may, not only, for commanding a war, is the supervisor, if were seized the pain foot by them, that they. Entire camp will have bad luck.

Zhao Hai looked at these Magician one, shows a faint smile said : everybody, comes up to help, quick leave security.” These Magician one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, like Zhao Hai their this situations, the average person will keep everything for oneself, now Zhao Hai said that this clarifies wants to apportion their some merit, this situation was too rare. Not only the people in other camps were shocked, the people of bone word width were shocked, they have not thought that Zhao Hai will even propose such sees to discuss, this did not clarify to did thing, apportion others? What when they just about saying that Zhao Hai face suddenly changes, the personal appearance moved returned to in the Spaceship command(er) hall, Tie Sheng was still busy command(er) these people repairing the steel plate, looked that Zhao Hai face has come in pale, he cannot help but gawked, then face did change said : What happened? is the people in other camps causes trouble?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : Tie Sheng Big Brother, walks quickly, passage two both by the battleship dying of suffocation, it seems like Zhang Family already knew this motion, reason that they still make that fleet come here, for you our attack, so long as their capture our people, had the reason to publicize with Clan made war, now they have sent for coming toward passage, in without enough time.” Tie Sheng one hear of Zhao Hai said that face does change said : to be true?” Zhao Hai nodded said : to be true absolutely, in having about 20 minutes, they wanted the completion of encirclement!”!.