Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1143
Tie Sheng one hear of Zhao Hai said that immediately/on horseback yelled! ” All people gather, leave here, any thing does not want. ” Zhao Hai one hear of Tie Sheng said that cannot help but said : Tie Sheng Big Brother, here installs may have many good thing, some metals, some special products, I look at this, making me go to open these cabin doors, we use Space equipment, installs inside thing, then immediately/on horseback leisurely enters to the meteorite belt, leave from the meteorite belt.” Tie Sheng stares, shook the head said : this to be not quite good, now may not have that time.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : Tie Sheng Big Brother, do not forget, now we play the role an looks like point that but the pirate, naturally must install, moved out thing, then leisurely entered to the meteorite belt, even if were we do not relate on Clan Spaceship in a short time, did not need to fear, after all in the meteorite belt, they cannot go.” Tie Sheng thinks that said : this risk is so big, cannot come in vain, good, let's do that by your advice, I organize the person.” Zhao Hai nodded, turn around flies toward the cabin, Maggie follows hastily in Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looked at Maggie one, has not said anything, they fast have flown inside, thinking of that several cabins of cargo opened. Opens these cabin Zhao Hai to know that in this Spaceship thing of attire imagines him are more, inside fell beside some team of metal block, many Adam on-board special products, what most important is, above also has some most new type number speeding car and Mecha. But first Zhao Hai installs is actually not these, he opens these cabins, then flies toward inside on pulling Maggie, to an inside cabin, opening of Zhao Hai not waste strength, then started to install thing in this cabin toward Space that in goes all out. The Maggie book thinks that Zhao Hai will install some good thing, but other Zhao Hai opened this cabin she presently to make a mistake, simply that Zhao Hai installs is not good thing, but is on Spaceship equipment food and potable water, liquor and so on daily necessities. After thing in Zhao Hai this cabin installed, on then Maggie leave, these precious metal and Mecha anything's Zhao Hai has not installed, he does not want to make others know that his Space big, he installed these thing, considered this Zhang Family to be prepared for later obviously, they here encircling, Zhao Hai they want the leave meteorite belt to fear in a short time was impossible, wants in returned to Ashley Clan to be don’t know must how long, although can fly in Universe in them, but they to have not needed not to eat the thing situation, in Space. Can put out food, the present that but that can arouse suspicion he installed in on the ship food Space, was putting out food from inside, others will not be suspecting. Zhao Hai and Maggie come out Tie Sheng has organized in person's to be similar, Zhao Hai that these cabins thing installs has swept with spiritual force, turns the head to Tie Sheng said : Tie Sheng Big Brother, walks, in without enough time.” Tie Sheng nodded, waved, getting the people to drill from Spaceship, greeted person one of the other camps leisurely to go toward the meteorite region. Just Tie Sheng came out to organize the person time, said the here situation to other Battalion Deren, therefore the present to does not have the waste too many matters, these people in other camps also know if now does not run toward the meteorite belt, also will not have other any way out therefore them they leisurely to enter in the meteorite belt with Tie Sheng. They just leisurely entered to damaging Stone Daili not long after, two about ten thousand people, Magician, Warrior, Battalion that the Mecha soldier comprised have outflanked tandem, but left their has a Spaceship spatial shell. Two teams of Zhang Family person, carefully looked at that Spaceship final two a person of lead to gather together, these people of two lead were one are Warrior, one was Magician, their get together, Magician open the mouth and said: It seems like they present, ahead of time ran.” Warrior also nodded said : these fellows also is really sly, like this lets, goes back the Mecha soldier first, we go to nearby meteorite belt to have a look, believes that they will not run are too far.” Magician nodded said : well, outside has the fleet to defend, if they run to court death, they definitely ran toward the meteorite belt, I thought that we place that is at from Spaceship enter to meteorite take, search slowly.” Warrior nodded, they have arrived around a Mecha soldier, making him bring these Mecha leave, must say that machine here Mecha, fighting strength compared general Magician and Warrior absolutely wants much stronger, just continuing of Mecha did to fight the ability, was not very good, now although can continue to make the war about two days, but one but energy used up, that Mecha was pile of scrap iron, when outstanding made the war, this figure will also reduce, but this type searched duty is not within the 1 or 2 day can be completed, went back by the Mecha soldier is best. Choice.

Because of his passage here, general communication device will come under the influence of meteorite magnetic field, without means use, therefore the communication is a very major problem, otherwise Zhao Hai they will not inform saying that Ashley Clan Spaceship, they ran. Zhao Hai they, as soon as enters to the meteorite region, immediately leisurely goes toward the meteorite region, but they do not dare to penetrate into the meteorite belt are too deep, in that meteorite belt, even if Cultivation World almighty, does not dare the light nose to enter. After Zhao Hai penetrates meteorite had there a while, turns the head toward Clan arrangement battleship there to fly, that battleship does not have the leave meteorite belt, but found a place to hide, situation that Zhao Hai they want to take a look at that battleship how. Tie Sheng and Zhao Hai take the lead to fly in front of all people, Tie Sheng toward forward flight while this time matter to Zhao Hai said :, is in Clan has certainly spy, otherwise they are impossible such quickly to know our motions.” Zhao Hai nodded said : not to have spy, is status very high spy, it seems like Zhang Family prepared to have no consideration for face with Clan, Clan these time was dangerous.” The person who Tie Sheng also knitting the brows head, this motion, in Clan knows are not many, in person like Bones Symbol Camp, after majority to here, knows that whose must cope, their simply don’t know before leaving. Be only these time joins the motion High level to know the motion time and motion situation of Item body, in this case, Zhang Family can also a arrange such trap, this very much explain the issue. Moreover this retaliation, Ashley Clan has not wanted to make war with Zhang Family, but wants to teach Zhang Family, but on the current situation, Zhang Family prepared to make war with Ashley Clan. Deliberately plans not to have the preparation, in this case, Zhang Family, if makes war with Ashley Clan, that Ashley Clan will certainly suffer a loss without preparation. Tie Sheng deep voice said that ok, even if were Clan there lived anything, now we cannot help, the first protect life was saying, hopes that Spaceship there nothing, otherwise our days feared that were sadder. ” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to look at people said : Tie Sheng Big Brother, you best are organize everybody to remain, we place, must clean up the trace, otherwise, the opposite party pursues quickly, front I go to search to explore the way first.” Tie Sheng nodded said :I to elect two people to go with person together, is good to have photo secure. Zhao Hai had not opposed that Tie Sheng has selected two people, added to fly with Zhao Hai, but Tie Sheng remained. Some status of Tie Sheng in eight battalions in Outer Sect, he is responsible for anything in Bones Symbol Camp, Outer Sect eight battalions of people know, is adding on this Bones Symbol Camp dry most attractive, therefore Outer Sect eight battalions of people, the unconscious start listen to Tie Sheng. Tie Sheng looked at people said :in this time us others trap, outside passage there had been encircled, this matter everyone/Great Clan knew, we then could have cannot return to Clan a long time, currently behind possibly has to pursue the posterity, therefore invited various battalion of manager, saw the person in own camp, did not want the go it alone, the place, must clean up all traces cleanly, cannot presently, we, now probably act in unison, if separated, feared that was one cannot go back Clan. „ People to had not opposed, right that their very clear, Tie Sheng said that if they do not act in unison now, that runs into the Zhang Family person, opportunity of hitting back did not have.

Tie Sheng looked that the people agreed that this nodded said : „the present to ask manager of various camps to come, our everyone/Great Clan discussed that how next must walk.” Various camps were responsible for walking. Tie Sheng looks at that core member who several people of said : Clan has sent, now feared that on Spaceship, here can only be several of us has been responsible, this time our bring out, is the elites in various camps, if they die in this, our Outer Sect eight battalions also ended, now therefore we must do is protect these people first, I just had sent for front going to scout, has a look a that battleship that Clan gives us to send how, if the battleship is all right, we on told them the here situation, if battleship there has had an accident, We feared that was must stay in this piece of meteorite belt some time.” Several camp manager nod, just finished in the fight, the Clan core member was bringing some Magician and Warrior returned to Spaceship there, lets Spaceship aid them, calculation that therefore in here, here does not say now, turned into this eight battalions in here motion manager. Tie Sheng looked that several people nod, he then said : I suggested that we send out our people first, in all around scout, most we have left behind the nearby the trace cleans up, after my person scout comes back, how we next step walk in the decision.” How many people nodded, Magician said : Tie Sheng, whom your does time send to go to scout? Is he good?” Tie Sheng looked at this person of one, this person manager that is the ghost character camp these time moves, is Bones Symbol Camp specifically is responsible for various duty people, Charles. Tie Sheng looked at Charles said : absolutely good, this time is Zhao Hai goes to scout personally, is his incorrect words, feared that was nobody is good.” Charles one hear of Tie Sheng said that stares slightly, then nodded said : well, Zhao Hai strength formidable, will have him to go should not to have the matter.” Tie Sheng nodded said :well everybody, sends for doing, will pay attention to us to come the direction that there possibly to have the pursuing troops, do not let any independent motion. As soon as how many battalion of people of listened to Tie Sheng saying that gawked, Charles look at Tie Sheng said : didn't want the go it alone? Did you mean?” Person who Tie Sheng nodded said : perhaps in these people to have Zhang Family, therefore best do not let their go it alone, otherwise some people will possibly deliver a letter to Zhang Family.” Draws up a document manager of camp, Riault look at Tie Sheng said : is impossible, you little are unfair to the person, my under the hand/subordinate will not betray Clan.” Tie Sheng looked at his said : „, let alone these useless, this Clan motion such keep secret, is actually known by the Zhang Family person, and trapped in here, this said in the Ming Clan clan the Zhang Family person, person who how you can guarantee in these people not to have Zhang Family?” Riault does not make noise, right that Charles nod said : Tie Sheng said that this, 50 people of one team, disperses scout, does not permit any go it alone absolutely.” Several people nodded.

Zhao Hai was getting several people of Bones Symbol Camp people at this time, goes toward the forward flight, in Universe, Zhao Hai spiritual force also received very in the suppression, therefore he encircles after passage here in the Zhang Family fleet present. However Zhao Hai spiritual force is still in Ashley Clan Outer Sect camp the most powerful, therefore he will propose that must come out to investigate. Follows in Zhao Hai behind that several Bones Symbol Camp people, was old person in camp, but they regarding Zhao Hai was not not convinced, Zhao Hai in this motion, strength that displays, making them feel that being startled, promoting that biggest meteorite to hit this matter was Zhao Hai the strength to Zhang Family Spaceship, moreover strength that Zhao Hai the table in the battleship came out, by their information, therefore several people kept silent in Zhao Hai behind, was gazes by the Zhao Hai horse. suddenly was stopping in Zhao Hai of forward flight, then he beckoned with the hand, stopped with the person who his together comes, a person arrives at the Zhao Hai side, to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, What happened? Zhao Hai looked at his one eyes, this person of he knew that one of the Tie Sheng helpers, in the camp is also some prestige, is 5th level Warrior, the in hand two long blades, fighting strength is very good, named Richard. Zhao Hai deep voice said : Richard Big Brother, did not use, we went back, the battleship had gotten to the war by Zhang Family, they are waiting for us in there, if we went dead.” Richard stares, does he turn the head look at Zhao Hai said : how you to know?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : my spiritual force is not jokes, although now to the battleship there also distance, but the battleship there situation, I was clear, walks, goes back to report after carrying out orders with Tie Sheng Big Brother, we must do to plan in addition.” Richard has not suspected Zhao Hai, he is only whispered: „Is Clan that core member all right? If that core Lou Yuan had any accident, we troubled.” Zhao Hai swung said : to walk, went back to say.” Said that turn around, the dealings direction flies.!.