Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1145
Richard very clear now they are any situations, just these two groups of people greatly hit make a move in here, makes that big move, feared that already was by the Zhang Family person present, if were given to stop up them by the Zhang Family person really in here, they really ended. Therefore Richard wished one could now killing these fellows, but he also knows that now is not the time, caught these fellows, asked that they also did have the partner, this was most important. Zhao Hai and Richard they quickly on returned to Tie Sheng their there, now outside these scout people already returned to, all person nervous look at they. Zhao Hai fast arrived at the Tie Sheng side, bows to Tie Sheng said : Tie Sheng Big Brother, then just began is these fellows, these fellows are divided into two groups, said that the opposite party is Zhang Family spy, wants to bring to the attention of Zhang Family, therefore fights with the opposite party, was grasped by me.” Tie Sheng they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that gawked, several Senior Captain face were not quite then attractive, turns the head coldly look at these people, probably must give to eat them. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, turns the head to Tie Sheng said : Tie Sheng Big Brother, just they fought, the sound that makes are not young, I think that the Zhang Family person possibly heard, we should immediately walk now, after having waited till a place of relative security, is processing them.” Tie Sheng nodded, turns the head right that looked at several Captain said :1 Little Hai saying that the sound was not just small, we must be about leave here to take the lead toward the meteorite belt to fly, at this time they have put in order the team, according to was Bones Symbol Camp before, other people also one after another followed, walked in final was the life character camp, they not only walked in finally, but must pass through all traces of place to clean up them cleanly. The people these time in extending original direction advancing, their following some time must stay in the meteorite belt, therefore their this decision, take risks toward meteorite belt deep place advancing, because toward is the security. Tie Sheng they just could not arrive for one hour, the Zhang Family pursuing troops arrived, before they arrived , the place that team of people fight, looked, that Magician said : looks like they want to go toward their Spaceship there, but why will don’t know live the fight in here?” That Warrior showed a faint smile said :do not forget, Clan in Ashley Clan, but has not put little nail/saboteur, wants to come this is nail/saboteur that in Clan put does certainly. That Magician nodded said : to have the possibility very much, such words gave expose these nail/saboteur, some were unworthy.” That Warrior shook the head said : „, so long as capture Ashley Clan the team of people, that has been worth, Clan not only can coerce Ashley Clan with these people, but can also a took the opportunity to destroy Ashley Clan talent.” That Magician stares, then said : you said that did call Zhao Hai? He also in this team of people?” That Warrior nodded said : well, that Zhao Hai also in these people, heard that Clan is also the information that nearest/recent just obtained, that Zhao Hai although ascend comes up four months of time, but that fellow strength extremely powerful, at the Ashley Clan internal invitational meet, cross the border will cut, became first, this time he who will deserve must attend the 6 Realms new competition, the machine invitational meet, if such Expert will attend the invitational meet, regarding our Clan very disadvantageous, must therefore annihilate him.” That Magician also nodded said : to be so best, walks, motion.” That Warrior nodded, person is leading population over 5000 Magician and Warrior army again, throws toward Ashley Clan that Spaceship there.

But at this time Zhao Hai they very deep entered meteorite to bring, and still transferred several circles in the meteorite belt, then captures a round trip to go, returned to initially they and Zhang Family that fleet have fought place, but they now in the deep place of meteorite belt, average person difficult present. The people arrived at a piece huge meteorite as the place of temporary rest, Magician opened huge cavern with Magic before meteorite, after the people entered the hole, this is relaxed, at this time Tie Sheng they also aimed at the scout squad that the vision that team lived the fight. Tie Sheng their each and every one face pale look at this person, they just this line, but lost several people, because of the reasons of these fellows. This all the way these people continuously by Zhao Hai Magic to control, therefore still moves unable to move now, Tie Sheng look at their said : said that anyone of you did say first?” Magician immediately/on horseback in that team of few person yelled that said : Tie Sheng Captain, I said first, our team of humanities go to there carry out reconnaissance, how don’t know, just arrived at there, they start to carry on attack to us, for this motion, I specially has put on one armor words, their saying.” Fart!” Magician in another team of person yelled that said : obviously is you first sneak attack, dares to blame to our heads unexpectedly.” Tie Sheng look at these two teams of people, deep voice said : removes their masks, has a look at them is that battalion of troops.” Zhao Hai nodded, waves these people to bring the mask has removed, removes the mask, the ghost character camp and drew up a document two Captain cannot help but coldly snorted of camp, because these 50 people comprised of they two battalions of troops, no matter the person few side, was the person many side, was comprised of two battalions of troops, not having a side to be only independent one battalion of troops. Two battalions of Captain face are unattractive, this is representing, no matter in these two groups of people that group is Zhang Family spy, could not be inseparable from their two battalions. Tie Sheng looked at Charles and Riault said : two, you looked how this matter can process?” Riault coldly snorted said : in my opinion, all butchered considering as finished.” His this saying exit / to speak, that two teams of people simultaneously rescue the bonus, mutual accusation, even crack cursed.

Charles look at these people, cold sound said : all butchered also well, but I make them experience my method first, making them put out thing to come to be good.” Tie Sheng looked at their one eyes, gently knit the brows said : Charles, can you have confidence?” Charles coldly snorted said : my method wants to come several also to know, I believe that under my method, nobody can not speak the truth.” Tie Sheng they to do not make noise, Charles this saying said to is good, in Ashley Clan Outer Sect in eight battalions, Charles loses savage became famous, this fellow most likes using all kinds of torture to suffer the enemy, therefore regarding torturing, he is most adept, person who so long as had carried out a punishment by him, abandoned. Zhao Hai at this time open the mouth and said: Regarding the Charles Captain method, but these people who I also heard by Zhang Family are sent . Moreover the voluntary expose status, that calculates that however has been psychologically prepared, feared that was Charles Captain carries out a punishment, their talk nonsense air/Qi, this instead to will not be good, I to had a method, don’t know , said that didn't work as to say?” The strength that this Zhao Hai shows all the way, won for him with the qualifications that several Captain treat as an equal, therefore one hear of Zhao Hai said that several people nodded, Tie Sheng was said : says, any method.” Zhao Hai look at several Captain, show a faint smile said : several possibly to know that I in Lower Realm, although am one all am Magician, best actually Black Magic that however uses, I can turn into Undead Creature the person, making them say thing that they know, moreover Undead Creature will not lie, listens to my order completely, after they turn into Undead Creature, even if will be I makes them kill their wife and children parents they also to begin, do not say that explain/transfer worked in partnership, so long as we from two teams, various will elect a person to come out, was turned into Undead Creature by me them, They naturally on entire explain/transfer!” One hear of Zhao Hai said that on Tie Sheng their faces cannot help but 1 u left a surprise facial expression, they think that Zhao Hai will have any temperate point method, has not actually thought that Zhao Hai the method, sounds, is worse than the Charles method, turns into Undead Creature the person, in their opinion also is really somewhat evil. Do not say several people, the person who even in the cave hears the Zhao Hai words, felt that a chill, now they present, originally this Zhao Hai is really the person who cannot annoy. But the ground is lying down two groups of people, is actually face changes, because Zhao Hai said that must choose one to come out from their two groups of people respectively, all people prayed that Zhao Hai do not elect him.

Maggie also somewhat shocking look at Zhao Hai, but thinks that Zhao Hai in Lower Realm, is very likely ten thousand people of slaughters, she also felt relaxed. In machine here, kills several person simply has not been any matter, all people to practice, for was been stronger by own strength, do not say that kills several people, has done at the bad matter. Tie Sheng their did take deep breaths, still the mood, Tie Sheng turned the head to look at several people of said : several meanings?” Several people nodded, Tie Sheng turns the head to Zhao Hai said : 1 Little Hai, looked your, motion.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to look at that two teams of people, his vision has swept from the bodies of these two teams of people, that two teams of people felt immediately that they turned into the pig in slaughter house probably, but the Zhao Hai butcher, look at on them that good under blade. At this time in person few that team of people, suddenly person of said : do not kill me, I said that so long as the person kept my life, I say the people who I knew.” One hear of this person of words, Zhao Hai cannot help but laughed said :really to be compelled by me, but keeps your life is impossible, I did not believe you. „ The hand moves, one group of black gas wrap up that talented person, that person called out pitifully, but immediately did not have the aura. Before long since black gas information, crawled from the ground a face pale skeleton, obviously that person turned into Undead Creature, the person who all saw this scene, still felt that in own mind in dang that pitiful yell, all people was feeling the back was icy cold. Zhao Hai look at that skeleton said : points out your partner.” In all people of that skeleton has referred to population few that team, has referred then to several in population many that team of person. Saw this situation, Tie Sheng they have cannot help but gawked.!.