Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1147
look at Zhao Hai must fight, Charles and Riault's face is not quite good, they do not want to provoke Zhang Family at this time, such can make their people increase the casualties. What most important is, Charles they somewhat feared that Zhao Hai will use this opportunity, weakens they several battalions of strengths, to be honest, before this motion they will not have such idea, in their opinion, Zhao Hai strength such, could not miss many with them, if to, they also not necessarily has feared really Zhao Hai, therefore they were not worried. Tie Sheng looked at their one eyes, he was also the character of becoming a ghost, naturally knows that Charles was thinking anything, Tie Sheng deep voice said : two, were not Little Hai is militant, but was he has to fight, Zhao Hai in hand had weapon, refined newly successfully, he must make to help this weapon Might, can deliver returned to Dark Magic Star to go all people, because was new weapon, now therefore Little Hai uses also not very skilled, he must adopt the massive fights, can well quicker familiar this weapon, therefore he has to the fight.” One hear of Tie Sheng said that Charles and Riault they do not speak, first did not say this matter is true or false, if they did not agree with Tie Sheng and Zhao Hai at this time, was is preventing all people to return to Dark Magic Star on equal to, was with all artificial enemies, such matter they naturally will not do. Looked that they do not make noise, Zhao Hai turns the head to Tie Sheng said : Tie Sheng Big Brother, I go to scout Zhang Family these people, where has a look at them now, you arrange the manpower, scout this all around terrain, the Zhang Family person are more than us, is riper to the terrain, to us advantageous.” Tie Sheng nodded said : to go, the here matter gave me to be good.” Zhao Hai nodded, the personal appearance moves, vanishes in meteorite cavern. Waits for Zhao Hai to exit Charles to turn the head to Tie Sheng said : Tie Sheng, was your Bones Symbol Camp person also used to Zhao Hai? He said that what you did agree?” Tie Sheng looked at Charles one, coldly snorted said : you, if your ghost character camp has a Zhao Hai same character, you certainly will also be used to him and you do not have been convinced, said really that Little Hai has not fought in the gate any small advantage, since he joins the army to practice now, Potion in his one bottle of camp have not drunk, in the although camp has given him the reward, but these thing or Little Hai use own merit to trade, must say in the camp also to treat unjustly him.” Before Charles, spoke these words, naturally is not sincerity care Bones Symbol Camp, exactly said that he in instigating Tie Sheng and Zhao Hai relationship however he actually has not thought that Zhao Hai means anything regarding Bones Symbol Camp, therefore this time instigation was wastes. Riault look at Tie Sheng was was not cracking a joke or said likely intentionally, cannot help but somewhat curious said : what was Zhao Hai Bones Symbol Camp has made?” Tie Sheng smiled said : this unable saying that exactly said that not only Zhao Hai was helpful to Bones Symbol Camp, also supplied to offer to Clan, not in the words you think that Patriarch did receive Zhao Hai really easily? Moreover Maggie such does not have with a Zhao Hai Clan main response, hasn't this been able to explain the issue?” Charles and Riault stare, then face changes, they patronized have been competing with Zhao Hai, forgot also to have the Maggie existence status to Charles their this level, natures and Outer Sect these average person don’t know something, Maggie matter.

Zhao Hai they also heard with the Maggie matter, they were still sighing at that time Zhao Hai is youngster of good luck, can the Clan little princess soaking unexpectedly, but just they unexpectedly had forgotten such a matter. However thought of this matter Charles their suddenly in being jealous, because Zhao Hai, if really with Maggie on good, he cannot be the Bones Symbol Camp person sooner or later one day of Zhao Hai becomes the Ashley Clan core member, although will possibly look after Bones Symbol Camp to be the same , but most also can only achieve Desbarres that type becomes, they instead to were not worried. But at this time Zhao Hai leave they as meteorite of temporary base, this nobody with him, he could wield at will, Zhao Hai flashes body on returned to in Space. Laura they outside can screen look at Space, in the meteorite area that beautiful scenery , to be honest, in the meteorite area although very dangerous, but scenery is good. Looked at Zhao Hai to come back, Laura their immediately welcomed, Zhao Hai more than ten days did not have, these days Zhao Hai has had the there ambush in meteorite, lived with everyone/Great Clan in together, therefore simply did not have in time returned to Space. Zhao Hai hugged with Laura each of them, although is only more than ten days has not met, but they think the opposite party really very much. After several people sit down, Meg immediately offered the tea to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has drunk. Tea, let out a long breath said :in Space good, is not familiar in outside. Laura several people have smiled, Zhao Hai look at to Laura said : Laura, has a look at Zhang Family these people in there.” these days Zhao Hai although has not entered Space, but his Laura they have actually arranged duty, all maps in the meteorite belt received Space.

This regarding Laura they are not the difficult matter, they are divided into many Liquid Silver, then like playing the game, part that command(er) these were being divided chaotic extension of in all directions in the meteorite belt. Now all regions of entire rainbow meteorite belt received in Space, Zhao Hai simply does not investigate with oneself, so long as comfortable sitting in Space, the look at screen were OK. Laura they have assigned quickly out the map of entire meteorite belt, this meteorite belt was really too big, these meteorite on the screen, can only demonstrate that each and every one not small luminous spot, but in the middle of these luminous spots, one was not wide passage, in this passage, there is small of row of red Point. Laura is pointing at these red dot said : Elder Brother Hai, you look, this Zhang Family to cope with you, altogether deployed 50 medium battleships, patrolling spear back and forth in passage . Moreover the real responsibility aids these Warrior with Magician, Warrior that the Mecha soldier, this time they sets out, Magician also has the quantity of Mecha soldier, approximately in twenty thousand about, this is also only passage here, now the twenty thousand person was divided into five Combat Squad, in passage these point here, makes the covering of fan same toward the meteorite belt in carries on the search of carpet type.” Was saying Laura while is gesticulating on screen, on the screen in the meteorite area very big a piece place, turned into red , these red areas indicated that there has the Zhang Family army in the inspection is non- security region. Zhao Hai looked at screen one, nodded said : looks like Zhang Family these people also really very much buys the strength, he he, but this is also good, was this tidies up them well one, Lizzy, you think, in these four teams had, should that team of people better cope?” The Lizzy look at screen, referred to this team of people should base farthest team person said : that Zhao Hai they were, in these four teams of people, the Mecha soldier quantity of this team of people was most, although said that fighting strength of Mecha fight was strongest, however brought this place in meteorite, they were inferior the flexibility that Magician and Warrior came, was adding on the weakness that their not suitable long time made to fight, I think that coped with them is best.” Zhao Hai nodded, meteorite although in meteorite belt is distanced is impossible to be too near, will always have certain distance, but do not forget, in the meteorite belt does not have meteorite, other thing, but fighting strength of Mecha soldier is strong, is actually not strong does to fight in the individual, such as is a Mecha soldier with Magician to, that result, is very likely Magician to give to take down the Mecha soldier finally, after all in machine here Magician, may not be so is good to deal with. Reason that the people have thought the Mecha soldier is stronger than Magician or Warrior fighting strength, because of overall fighting strength very strong, of Mecha soldier, if Magician, with a Mecha soldier to, that loses possibly was Magician, if 1000 Magician or Warrior and Mecha soldiers to, that defeat inevitably was Magician and Warrior.

If with[] the situation in country's makes an analogy, Magician and Warrior look like martial arts world Expert, but the Mecha soldier is the army, martial arts world Expert, situation in one-on-one, can the light power kill a soldier, however is Warrior Expert and a soldier to, that defeat possibly was these martial arts world Expert. But in meteorite area place, and charge of not suitable Mecha soldier large-scale, in this case, instead to is to Magician and Warrior advantageous, therefore Lizzy will make such analysis. Zhao Hai turns the head to adjust this team of person detailed materials to me to Lizzy said :.” Lizzy has complied with one, a screen revolution, that piece of region situation that appears that team of people were, this is four pedestrian about corps, staff that Magician and Warrior fight about 2000, the population of Mecha soldier also has about 2000, this proportion was not small. However obviously attacks the people of family is also not the fool, reason that they in this team of people, have provided the massive Mecha soldiers , because in that piece of region, the meteorite quantity is not many, the distance between meteorite also compares other region to be big, therefore they have put in large quantities of Mecha soldiers in that piece of region. However this regarding Zhao Hai is not the issue, that drafts the region meteorite physique is very big, therefore is distanced somewhat is also far, so long as fights fires, lets these meteorite mutual collision, that appears massive small meteorite blocks, Magician and Warrior can be small using the body, is adding on the flexible characteristics, avoid these meteorite blocks, but these Mecha soldiers are not good. But Laura their acquired materials, not only but this thing, the material that Laura they collect now, is connected through Space and machine here network, this can collect more, that squad that the material that prepares, for example looked like the Zhao Hai attention, Laura they collected in that squad, some Magician and Warrior material, these Magician and Warrior were the Zhang Family Outer Sect camp people, but status what of these people have not been worth keeping secret, therefore adopted the network on to look up by their materials.!.