Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1148
Zhao Hai quickly on the returned to temporary base, he has certainly not stayed in Space, rested a while in Space, Zhao Hai came out from Space, he must carry on scout to that piece of region that he selected. although sits in Space on sand can see that piece of region all, but Zhao Hai wants itself to go to scout well, only then after own scout, he can that piece of region completely familiar. That piece of region is not small, but the opposite party only put in 4000 military strength, these military strength to that piece of region, are really not anything. However Zhao Hai actually still very careful, his very clear, did not want underestimated Zhang Family these people, in these people have part is Magician, although Magician spiritual force certainly is suppressed greatly in the outer space very much, but no one can guarantee, their can there a appears spiritual force specially strong anomaly , he if has been troubled by presently that although he can escape, but will actually alert the enemy. Therefore Zhao Hai paid attention to the positions of Zhang Family these people with the screen first, then from that piece of region, although he with Zhang Family person piece region, but Zhao Hai believes that the Zhang Family person is impossible presently he, because had not found Zhang Family these people by his spiritual force, he does not believe that in Zhang Family these people, some people will be more abnormal than him. Tour of Zhao Hai in that meteorite area shook for a while, on returned to in Space, to be honest, that meteorite area did not have really attractively what, but there to is really good place of laying an ambush. In the meteorite area that everywhere strong magnetic storm, all kinds of magnetic fields, have certain influence to Mecha or the person, especially these huge meteorite, if Zhao Hai is not because has Space, his spiritual force does not have the means across these bulks meteorite, therefore Zhao Hai thinks that here is the best ambush point. returned to in Space has rested some time, looked at temporary base there, temporary base there situation very good Tie Sheng they have arranged the person, carried on terrain scout outside of temporary base. He stayed for several hours in Space, Zhao Hai then came out from Space, not the far place then directly returned to the base to the base outside.

Zhao Hai returned to is worried, Tie Sheng their immediately received him, Tie Sheng and Charles their several Captain, their assistants also, Maggie also. Looked that iron sea came, Tie Sheng immediately/on horseback said : what kind, Little Hai?” Zhao Hai nodded said : present passage there already completely by Zhang Family to control, in lining meteorite passage altogether had the Zhang Family 50 battleships to patrol in there . Moreover the military strength that their these time sends are probably many, the population had affirmed 10,000 the specific figure I return don’t know now, but they have separated these people, has probably been divided into four to five groups, takes the battleship on meteorite passage for the base, the distinction searches toward the meteorite belt from meteorite passage there, each group of population should to 3000 to 4000, by the words that this digit infers, this time Zhang Family minimum should send out. Over 16,000 people.” Tie Sheng they static listens to the Zhao Hai words they not to think that outside situation turned into this appearance, how many person of face some are not quite attractive, what to do lives look at Zhao Hai said : that Little Hai you to prepare? Also will begin to them?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : naturally to begin, this time I really present a good place the attractiveness that if we do, can certainly wipe out their one group of staff.” Tie Sheng does said : wipe out one group of staff? How many people?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : probably about 4000, should 2000 be Magician and Warrior, other about 2000 should be the Mecha soldiers.” One hear of straight Zhao Hai said that Tie Sheng face changes, he shook the head said : „not good Little Hai, this was too dangerous, the population of opposite party were more than half us, moreover in them also 50% is the Mecha soldier.” Charles their several people nodded, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : is because they will be Mecha soldier I will therefore say that we will have to wipe out their possibilities, if outside, we naturally will not be the matches of these Mecha soldiers, however in this meteorite belt, these Mecha soldiers will not be our matches, so long as we will be ahead of time he to ambush, can definitely wipe out them.” Such big confidence that Tie Sheng don’t know Zhao Hai that comes, his look at Zhao Hai said : said your plan.” Zhao Hai nodded, then simply delimited that meteorite to bring the there map on the stone table, then said own plan. Tie Sheng they listen to the plan of Zhao Hai, exceed to listen to the eye to be brighter, to be honest, these time was planned by Zhang Family, all people feels suffocated at heart, but their also very clear, if at this time to vent anger, with Zhang Family to, that were really not cost-effective, for own poor life considered, they decided to endure this tone. However this did not express that they do not want to revenge, the plan that now Zhao Hai raises, they have not lived any flaw, in other words, this plan may the success very much, so long as this planned successfully, they can tidy up Zhang Family one team about 4000 people, can make them leave this foul air fully. Waited to listen to Zhao Hai completely after the plan, has not waited for Tie Sheng to speak, Riault on Bang patted stone table said : to do, this plan... May the success very much, well tidies up the Zhang Family these grandsons, juts out father foul air.” Charles smiles said : Zhang Family these fellows certainly to think that we hid in there do not dare to exit, happen, we well tidied up their, making them know our fierce.” Tie Sheng looked that these two agreed that he knows that these time was possible , several other Captain also agreed the plan of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looked at several people of said :matter not to doubt late, I think that now the opposite party also possible returned to battleship to have rested, we go to the there ambush now, when they before going to inspect, we can suppose the ambush circle, perhaps can also the rest some time....,

Tie Sheng nodded, turns the head look at several Captain said : several, called the person, rested for one hour, ate to select thing, our immediately/on horseback left.” Several people to had not opposed that in fact their movements one by one are quick. Quick Zhao Hai all was called in the outside scout people, then Zhao Hai has put out in large numbers delicious, has given them, but Captain of various camps told them plan of Zhao Hai, all person some[ is popular] exerts. Their these person in Clan Outer Sect camp, each are doing the mercenary same work, in character of these people, has a little unruly, these days by Zhang Family compelling is so distressed, their naturally is also suppressing a fire at heart, now heard that must exit to revenge, naturally is incomparable[ is popular] exerts. Has eaten thing, makes rest slightly, all people arranged clothes to treat, these time has followed including Maggie, because this time was all person together moves, if Maggie with, only cannot her keep base here, such danger, if not want to make Maggie have an accident, can only remain has accompanies him in base here, however their military strength originally insufficient, if were keeping the person to get down, that on, therefore Tie Sheng decided to take Maggie finally. From the person after the leadership of Zhao Hai, transferred several to encircle in the meteorite belt, has used for several hours, this arrived at that piece of region that Zhao Hai must say, Zhao Hai carried on scout to this piece of region first, the God has made beautiful, Zhang Family these people goes back to rest, this also let Zhao Hai complete feel relieved, his immediately let the ambush area that the people carried on him to favor beforehand, prepared to ambush these person. Their the places of these ambushes, have not chosen some too big meteorite, is not all people hides on a piece meteorite, but was divided into many small meteorite to ambush, has formed a pocket shape. Reason that Zhao Hai such has confidence, the Zhang Family person can drill this pocket, before is, he made Laura they analyze the motion rules of Zhang Family these people, Zhang Family these people, wanted to carry on the search of carpet type in this piece of region, must be divided into the each and every one scrap this piece of region first, then in one by one searched. As the matter stands can the search rule of very easy finding opposite party, but the place that now they ambush, the opposite party next time has the possibility to search for Lou's place, through Laura they and computer analysis, the Zhang Family person next time comes the probability of here search over 90%, in this case, Zhao Hai will certainly ambush the person in here.

Zhao Hai and Maggie are getting 100 Bones Symbol Camp people, ambushes in a piece small meteorite there, this small meteorite is not big, by their strengths, so long as a present opposite party, immediately can promote to be small meteorite hits toward the opposite party. After the Mo mountain on, Zhao Hai immediately arranges them to rest, restores oneself to the optimum condition, but Zhao Hai also sits cross-legged to sit in there, is restoring own energy, while they colludes with Laura, when having a look at the opposite party in one time to come out scout. Laura they already a bottom fell to rub the motion rule of opposite party, Zhao Hai they come out from temporary base there, in the Zhang Family person who this piece of region does an inspection has not withdrawn, waits for Zhao Hai they to arrive at about half the time, Zhang Family person returned to in the fleet of oneself family has then rested, as the matter stands Zhao Hai they advocate has the sufficient time carry on to rest have, can restore because of hurrying along consumption energy. After Laura their computations, should in having three to about four hours, the Zhang Family person will come out from the fleet, but enters from passage there to Zhao Hai their ambush place, but also needs two to three hours, in other words, Zhao Hai their minimum also five to six hours of relaxation times. No matter regarding Magician, is regarding Warrior, five to six hours of relaxation times, did not calculate short, even if were they just underwent a fight of outstanding, 56 hours can also restore to come, do not say before them, have not undergone the fight, but hurried along. The result of after knowing this wanting, Zhao Hai immediately leaves, goes to all ambush to deliver to eat to them, in Zhao Hai Space delicious were too many, naturally Zhao Hai all will not take, these that he takes now, food that but obtains from the battleship.!.