Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1149
The autumn sets up the feeling to get his one team of troops... Slowly goes toward the forward flight, to be honest. He somewhat thinks otherwise to Yu Clan clan motion, to cope with outside Ashley Clan some Magician and Warrior, deployed these many people and battleships unexpectedly, this really a little makes a fuss over a trifling matter. Moreover Clan also let carry on the strict search to first piece of region, the autumn stands thinks that absolutely did not have this necessity, Ashley Clan these people already by the scared out of one's wits, their previous time can run away was good, how now possibly also to stay in the surrounding of meteorite belt, perhaps they now are trying to find the solution, from other place toward the outside facing set of meteorite belt. The autumn stands thinks, if he is the Ashley Clan person, he will certainly do, from other place leave meteorite belt, compared with staying waits for death strongly in the meteorite belt. However the Clan order autumn stands does not dare to defy, although his ascend came up already for more than ten years, was Zhang Family old person, however the decision of Clan he still does not dare to say anything, in adding on these time was not the person go it alone of their camp, but also with a Mecha soldier, their does not dare to neglect, therefore just started, when this piece was assigned known as No. 5 region place carry out reconnaissance by Clan, he on has been divided into many scraps No. 5 region here, each time they careful search flake region, in order to avoid 1 u fell the enemy. They not only make such search, will also search for the checked place in them, installs the one type of strong mechanical reactance disturbance the alarm apparatus, so long as some people enter to their scout region, these alarm apparatus will leave the warning. Naturally, they impossible to install the alarm apparatus in all places, the way that they search is to become a plane advancement ahead slowly, but in the online of advancement, they will install the alarm apparatus. The autumn sets up their moving forward slowly, slowly enters them to search region that today, first entered was these Mecha soldiers, in machine here all influences, the status of Mecha soldier, wanted high Magician and Warrior . Moreover the Mecha soldier majority was machine here the person of native place, they regarding Magician and Warrior that Lower Realm ascend came up are not thinking highly of, therefore these Mecha fought although to turn over to the autumn to set up their this team, but actually did not turn over to the autumn to set up command(er), conversely, the autumn produced to listen to the Mecha soldier team leader. command(er). The autumn sets up them advancing while is observing all around carefully, before this piece of region them, has not come, but they can also look, this piece of region before them searches for checked region not to have differently what, everywhere is the magnets, in addition, was not having other any thing. The autumn stood with several other teams of people have contacted, he also knows that the region terrains of several other teams of searches must be more complex than their here, for this reason the autumn stood also felt that rejoicing, because in his opinion, terrain more not complex region, more probably encountered the danger. Is standing in the moving forward autumn, suddenly felt that familiar energy bo moves, the autumn stands stares, immediately stopped, he is preparing careful feeling, suddenly presently all around meteorite straight has hit toward them, the autumn stood is surprised, immediately/on horseback ate said : to have the ambush greatly, standing by!” However he shouted words that already late, these meteorite target are not they, but is these Mecha soldiers, although the war strength of these Mecha soldiers in very formidable, but must compared with come really flexible, is inferior to Magician and Warrior. These meteorite are similar to the giant stone balls that pieces was shot, shoots toward the Mecha corps group, these Mecha soldier although have made the movement of avoidance, but does not have avoid has plenty. Moreover the meteorite digit that these attack are many, altogether dozens, although is not big in the volume, however minimum also be bigger than on several Mecha, adding on is quick, Mecha Battalion one suffered a loss.

However this has not ended, these meteorite do not shoot from a plane, but shoots toward the middle from all around, then in the Mecha Battalion middle position, bumps into together, at once, the crushed stone flies randomly, Mecha Battalion was attacked unprecedentedly, 2000 Mecha, by this bo attack, one were given to fight more than 1000, other Mecha all are wounded, fighting strength insufficient normally seven layers. When the autumn stands their appears is flurried, in their all around, suddenly projects several hundred Sword Qi, Mecha that these Sword Qi target these had been hit protective shield that burst by meteorite, without protective shield protection Mecha, one by Sword Qi penetrating, after this next, Mecha Battalion, is annihilated. Sword Qi attack just passed, Magic that various types want respectively set up them to attack to the autumn, these Magic minimum was ten Magic, what were many were 50 Magic, obviously underwent the preparation of long time. The autumn set up their although to support protective shield to oneself, but faced such Magic attack, these protective shield that their getting up, truly collapsed at the first blow, one on appears large quantities of casualties. But what the autumn produces to note is, this these Magic also not casual leaving about, their attack target are these Warrior in their team, these time eliminated their more than 300 Warrior. Then pair of finger of Wu Qishe comes, this Sword Qi target actually changed to them, opposite party attack bo then bo, making the autumn set up them to react without enough time, at this time the autumn set up them to be scattered completely, all person four exhibitions fled, but this was also good, most minimum Zhao Hai they that time coverage attack, has not injured to several people finally. Stands presently to be ambushed by him from the autumn now, passed through four rounds attack, but the autumn set up them to be hit remnantly, the Mecha corps were annihilated, Warrior lost seriously, rested is Magician also has many casualties, military strength that now they may fight also more than 1000. At this time Zhao Hai they had also selected there to clash from ambush, direct Zhang Family these people threw, side morale is at its height, a side was actually panic-stricken, the result of fight naturally was needless to say. Zhao Hai actually stared at the autumn to stand, because his present autumn set up in this these Magician to take the lead, moreover was he first reacts, this said that next fall vertical spiritual force is more formidable than general Magician, Zhao Hai wants to have a look, how this autumn vertical strength, the autumn stood quickly also on present aggressive Zhao Hai that threw, he gawked slightly, but he had actually 1 u to leave one to grin fiendishly, he knows that in distance this like this, he wants with be was impossible, that on met head-on directly. The autumn sets up is in itself 5th level Magician, but what nobody knows, the autumn sets up in hand enough three Magician, Magic Staff of ten overlay, one is 50 overlay Magic Staff, one is hundred overlay Magic Staff, his normally use is that 50 overlay Magician, these Magician are his secret Warrior, moreover in his hand has also prepared large quantities of restoration Magic Potion, he believes that will be he will not fear to 6th level Magician. Person who the autumn sets up has ambition, his ascend comes up these years, gains rich. Almost uses, in has purchased on equipment, he has not bought the villa, has not bought any thing to enjoy, because his all money used in here. Because of this, therefore the autumn sets up equipment can be said as in Zhang Family Outer Sect is best, he not only has three Magic Staff, in armor of placard body, his Magic Robe is also the Advanced level goods, can play certain defense to do to use, but what nobody knows, his body is also bringing a piece, miniature, by special made of metal, can make him restore Magic Magic Formation Set, moreover on him also has a piece to defend Magic Formation Set, can say that on him these equipment, he has the energy that the confidence can 6th level Magician one fights, therefore he one looks at Zhao Hai toward him. Flushed, he has not been afraid, instead to is thinks that this is opportunity.

He prepared to capture alive Zhao Hai, in using Zhao Hai took the hostage, making Ashley Clan these people put his horse, therefore the autumn stood, when Zhao Hai flushed, ten Magic has put to Zhao Hai. This Magic is he uses ten Magic Formation Set Magic Staff to leave, simultaneously his also ji lived that to defend Magic Formation Set. Zhao Hai looked at the opposite party such quickly on release Magic, knows that the opposite party has used equipment, but he has not cared, the hand wielded, ten defense Magic Formation appears in his front, one have blocked opposite party Magic. But the autumn set up this time, has put out his 50 Magic Staff, was Magic attacks toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai personal appearance flashes, fast went toward retreat, simultaneously was ten defense Magic Formation keeps off in his front, but this Magic Formation Set actually cannot block autumn vertical to attack Magic. However is good because of Zhao Hai retreat is quick, he in one time has arranged a Magic solution in his front, this Magic Formation is ten defense Magic Formation, after the cloth ends this Magic Formation with, he immediately/on horseback arranged another Magic Formation, side had three Magic Formation then to block autumn vertical Magic. Actually Zhao Hai is completely unnecessary such does, he was wants to try next 50 Magic Magic Formation, how attack time Might, said honestly that Zhao Hai was somewhat disappointed. The autumn stands has not thought that Zhao Hai links 50 overlay Magic to block unexpectedly, this cannot help but made him have to Zhao Hai attached great importance, he in one time has traded Magic Formation, that hundred overlay Magic Staff of extremely took him finally. In machine at this time, Magic Formation of hundred overlay were rarely seen, because Magic Formation of this hundred overlay was too difficult to manufacture, in Magic Formation that on Magic Staff increased is many, regarding the material quality request of Magic Staff was high, like Magic Staff of hundred overlay, generally was by made of metal, inside used Mithril to add on other metals to engrave Magic Formation. As the matter stands this Magic Staff weight will increase . Moreover the cost will also increase, lets Magician, is taking about 100 cattys in weight Magic Staff fight, that is one type of suffers absolutely. Moreover this Magic Staff, because must use many Magic Formation, therefore records the Magic Formation metal also to need many types, moreover requests is very high, therefore this Magic Formation very expensive. The autumn stood puts out this Magic Formation, immediately lived with own spiritual force ji, but Magic Staff of hundred overlay, ji lived spiritual force that one time needed to be also many, but Magic Formation of this hundred overlay was also lived by his successful ji, moreover this tribulation formation or attack strength strongest Metal element Magic Formation. This Magic Formation known as metal storm, Magic Formation appears of hundred overlay, the crazy insane absorption all around Metal element Magic element, Magic Formation Set increasing slowly, then with a bang sound, was exploding the fragment, these Magic Formation fragments turned into metal Boomerang of two-sided belt blade edge, these Boomerang release, have formed giant metal storm, has attacked toward Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai two eyes concentrates, silently said: Hundred overlay, good, this is really kind!” Said that Zhao Hai finger gearing, Magic Formation of hundred overlay now his front, his Magic Formation of hundred overlay somewhat is different, in Magic Formation has 50% Magic Formation to practice , Magic Formation that another one closes is actually green . A Magic Formation composition, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said loudly: Wind fire Liancheng, the wind helps the fire intensity, the fire taking advantage of the wind prestige, explodes!” Along with the Zhao Hai voice, in front of him hundred overlay Magic Formation fierce one exploded, at the same time the Inferno direct autumn vertical metal storm threw. The autumn stood has sneered, his Magic Formation to own hundred overlay was very confident, this Magic Formation was in all Magic attack strength strongest Metal element Magic, he does not believe that Zhao Hai Magic Formation can block. However lets his accident, two Magic Formation immediately have hit together, but was stood by the autumn already with great expectations Magic, after meeting Zhao Hai Magic, probably was been same by the metal of fierce Fire Refining, these Boomerang turned into the bunch of molten metals of instantaneously, then gasified. The autumn sets up dull standing in there, he never expected can be this, Magic Staff that his hua the high price has bought, is unexpectedly useless. Enters him to hear Zhao Hai deep voice said : in this hot feather, Golden Arrow, hot feather ten thousand arrows, shoots!” The voice falls, ten thousand fiery red , flood golden light demon Magic Sword, is setting up attack toward the autumn. this sword very fast, the autumn stands luckily has one to defend Magic Formation, moreover ji moved, but is this, autumn vertical defense Magic Formation also by Zhao Hai hot feather ten thousand arrows shooting fierce swaying, the appearance that probably momentarily must break. The autumn stands is surprised, his immediately/on horseback inputs Magic toward own defense Magic Formation on, simultaneously he by one time puts out that 50 overlay Magic Formation, he does not dare Supreme long time use that hundred overlay Magic Staff, because that Magic Staff was too heavy, simultaneously every time shoots Magic Formation, spiritual force that needs was also too big, his not that ability long time uses that Magic Staff. When he must shoot Magic, hears Zhao Hai deep voice said : silently, the arrow of Darkness, the arrow of killing, shoots!” Along with his words, his front appears Magic Formation Set of 50 overlay, in this Magic Formation Set all Magic Formation are black , in the place of arrow tail, is actually green , this arrow flies extremely fast, but does not have a point voice, goes toward autumn fire a weapon from a standing position. The autumn stood took is drinking, although that at this time one bottle of Magic Potion were going all out he currently also has Magic, but the consumption was actually very big, moreover this Magic Potion although can restore Magic and spiritual force of person quickly, but actually impossible immediately to restore, restored also requires time, therefore the autumn set up although Magic not to exhaust, actually has to drink Potion to supplement Magic. At this moment, the Zhao Hai Darkness monkey type arrow shoots!!.