Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1150
The autumn stood is also a Old Zhan gentleman of having fought many battles, he was restoring Potion toward the mouth but actually, while not to stop was transporting Magic toward oneself defense Magic Formation on, his very clear, own match was not good to deal with, the opposite party can attack the attack broke his hundred stack array Magic Formation, fully explained the opposite party strength, because knew this point, therefore the autumn stands to drink to restore Potion, he has been ready long-term to fighting. However at this time, Zhao Hai Darkness killed the arrow to fly, Darkness monkey type arrow, specially to kill preparation, this was one by Wind element Magic Formation and Darkness Magic Formation, three that additional few Metal element Magic Formation Set became were 50 superimposes Formation Set, its attack strength was self-evident. The autumn sets up toward mouth but actually Magic Potion time, his suddenly felt that own defense Magic protective shield vibrated two, when he feels odd, his defense Magic protective shield suddenly Bang broke, the autumn sets up one hurriedly, thinks that toward retreat, feeling suddenly own body has been transmitting a fierce aching feeling, his in hand is also taking Magic Potion, actually could not bear look down one, presently on unexpectedly appears several holes, in that hole have been spurting black toward, the stench blood, obviously was poisoned. I should drink Detoxification Potion!” This is the autumn sets up final thought that he died. Darkness kills the arrow, this Magic attack strength, can superimpose Magic with general hundred fully relative, because of him 50 Magic strengths, as centralized as five arrows on, these five arrow together do not project, but becomes a straight line, almost simultaneous attacking to the same point of autumn vertical defense Magic protective shield, only two arrows, autumn vertical Magic protective shield will break, but the remaining three arrows actually are almost at the same time shoots, in the autumn has set up, moreover lived revolving, has caused the damage of even bigger to the body that the autumn sets up., Moreover the arrow on only brings poisonously, under the multiple attack, the autumn stands naturally does not have any hope of returning alive. Zhao Hai will be naturally impolite, received in the autumn vertical corpse Space directly, turned into Undead Creature, then he turn around throws toward another person, they must solve in the fight of here as soon as possible, retreating of earlier, otherwise was given to stop up by the Zhang Family person, they troubled. Actually now fights already near the end, the Zhang Family remaining these people, can run away ran away, really cannot run away, now was almost also eliminated, this fights Zhang Family this 4000 people of team, finally runs away is less than 500 people, almost wiped out. Zhao Hai make a move, within the shortest time these in rebel person exterminate, then immediately was still bringing people leave, in leave, Zhao Hai has carried off there all shatter Mecha and corpses, can say, if there were not fluttering some tiny Mecha fragment and meteorite block, simply not lifelike appearance of fight. Naturally Zhao Hai after all person leave, making Cai'er go to the there battlefield cleanup, he does not want other to know that this matter, these he takes in Space Undead Creature newly, the strength may not be weak, before Undead Creature in his Space, picked the here strength to calculate that at most is a 9th level Apprentice level, but these Undead Creature that this time he receives, is actually the 3rd level above strength, this regarding him, is not small fighting strength. After Zhao Hai they have circled several, returned to temporary base, all person some excited, what this time line is realistic was makes them leave foul air, one has tidied up the opposite party more than 3000 people, too satisfying.

However Tie Sheng they by this time victory air/Qi to the fainted brains, they in the surrounding of temporary base, had not been arranged many hidden guard, then orders all person immediately to rest, maintains the optimum condition. Nobody opposed, because they are clear, now they have not been out of danger, when waits till their returned to Dark Magic Star, they can true relaxation. Following some time Zhao Hai to did not have to quarrel to exit the attack Zhang Family person, Zhang Family also helps to respond that they think very much obviously Zhao Hai other people's temporary camp, should be is leaving the ambush the battlefield not too far place, therefore they have carried on very strict investigation to there, when finally was anything has not harvested. However Zhao Hai they in that temporary camp dull how long, they had not walked a distance toward the meteorite belt, position that now they are at already very dangerous. Tie Sheng they are also clear, actually in the meteorite belt, most dangerous was not Zhang Family these people, Zhang Family these people wants to find them not to be easy in the meteorite belt, the meteorite belt was too big, their were few, looked for big point meteorite to stay at will, but the person who Zhang Family can send was also not extremely numerous, wants to find them in such big meteorite belt, was almost impossible. Is most dangerous in the meteorite belt, is meteorite and magnetic energy in storm and Universe beam meteorite belt and so on natural disaster, these thing will be impolite with the person, because meteorite in meteorite belt will have some collisions once for a while, these collisions might have some chain-reactions very much, making the originally not dangerous place the danger, therefore Tie Sheng they when the choice will supervise base, will be very careful, they will elect will be some comparisons is big, safety coefficient comparison high meteorite, can guarantee like this safely. Zhao Hai although these days does not have leave newly-built temporary camp, but he regarding Zhang Family there situation attach great importance to, he presently Zhang Family now had changed also the procedure, they were not separating the line to search these Outer Sect camp people, but started to concentrate all attention, looked like passage there, they have also built up some temporary camp in there, but their battleships, were actually moved from passage there, patrolled between the meteorite region and Dark Magic Star, obviously planned that blocked them with this method. Sees this situation, Zhao Hai understand, Zhang Family looked like does not want to get angry with Ashley Clan finally, otherwise, depends on the battleship that before blocked to make an issue, made war with Ashley Clan, but now Dark Magic Star there is actually calm, not a sign of battle. Zhang Family this time procedure, it seems like wants to obtain an advantage from Ashley Clan there, or prevents itself to attend the 6 Realms new person competition.

This latter point, not only Zhao Hai guess of baseless, he speculates from Zhang Family these talk of Magician and Warrior, Zhang Family in Ashley Clan, has truly arranged high level spy, therefore regarding the Ashley Clan matter, their completely understand. Also because of this, therefore they knew his fierce, wants to stop up him in here, preventing him to attend the 6 Realms new person competition. Before Zhao Hai means anything to 6 Realms new person competition regarding Clan, but also is not very clear, however after reaching this conclusion, Zhao Hai knew, the 6 Realms new person competition regarding one like the Ashley Clan medium grade influence, was absolutely important. Zhao Hai does not want in looks for Zhang Family to trouble now, because is impossible, Zhang Family by the meteorite passage aorta, has built several temporary bases on passage big meteorite, wants to come in dire straits with the means that this type of iron wall encircles they, if Zhao Hai they attack now, no matter they attack Zhang Family that temporary base, the Zhang Family person, can use the meteorite passage quick support, such Zhao Hai they cannot ask for the advantage, therefore Zhao Hai did not plan that in has attacked to the Zhang Family army, he prepares in the temporary base on dull some time, on. returned to Dark Magic Star. Tie Sheng they looked that Zhao Hai has not been quarrelling must exit to cope with Zhang Family, they have not said that in fact is Tie Sheng does not want to cope with Zhang Family in this moment, because of Tie Sheng very clear, copes with Zhang Family really extremely in take risking now, will not do well will suffer heavy casualties. Now in here is almost Ashley Clan Outer Sect eight battalions of Elite, if loses is too heavy, that is not the good deed, Zhao Hai does not raise, they are also glad with ease, Zhao Hai there also has to eat in any case, now they do not need to worry for the food and drink, but everyday stays in the temporary base practices, to also relaxed comfortable. Time day-by-day past, Zhao Hai these days was still closing up the practice, but the base did not have anybody to be discontented, because of their very clear, Zhao Hai such anxiously the practice, to let everyone/Great Clan can earlier go home, naturally did not have any to have the disaffection. Maggie these days to was appears somewhat thin and pale, she may not have by such pain before, but look at Zhao Hai everyday still life the appearance of being carefree and content, Maggie was a heart pain. By such bitter person, has not been impossible to be so comfortable like Zhao Hai, the Zhao Hai performance, showed exactly before him, has received such pain, this is also the Maggie grieved place.

These time came out with Zhao Hai, making Maggie see the Zhao Hai other aspect, murdered decisively, can describe with vicious and merciless, but also the conduct was steady, expected the enemy airplane first, the scheme was full, these let her mi, Maggie presently Zhao Hai is one cannot see the bottom Tanshui, making the person want to understand him. Maggie near that Zhao Hai followed, all people who this point these time came knew, most of them also knew the Maggie status, therefore to Zhao Hai this Clan future chieftan, most people, only then envied, did not have the means that the Zhao Hai strength in that platoon, they think that was not convinced is not good. The time passes fast, present one in the blink of an eye one month on the past, to the 6 Realms new person competition machine invitational meet, only remaining more than ten days, these days Zhao Hai still has been closing up now, Tie Sheng they actually somewhat could not sit still, everyday Tie Sheng they will transfer to Zhao Hai cavern outside several, when having a look at Zhao Hai to go out, they feared that Zhao Hai cannot catch up with the invitational meet. Actually they and don’t know, Zhao Hai these days just in making the normal training, any special place, he just in delaying the time, he do not want to see that he that with ease can deliver these many people because of Dark Magic Star, then after him does not have any advantage. When to invitational meet still have ten days, Zhao Hai went out finally, he also thinks that the time was up, was the time returns to Dark Magic Star! ro!.