Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1151
Desbarres nearest/recent was thinner, knows why person understand of inside story he will be thin, this thinks that is a flawless plan..., Actually turned into the trap finally, but what most important is, they fall into that person of trap. Must say that this loss is heaviest, that must say that is Bones Symbol Camp, because joins this motion not only has Bones Symbol Camp first abundant Tie Sheng, Bones Symbol Camp new person first Expert Zhao Hai, is adding on with Bones Symbol Camp relationship very close Maggie, can say that Bones Symbol Camp this time may be the loss extremely is really serious. although said that Maggie is must with, but character very clear of Dillat their these Manager levels, Maggie, if real accident, this account in Desbarres's head, Clan may certainly not be the person of very lecture on Dao principle. However now sole good information is, Zhang Family has not transmitted information saying that catches the people of Ashley Clan large quantities of Outer Sect, before Zhang Family sent for some Clan core members and Outer Sect people who being responsible for these time moving delivering, moreover was warning Clan. Moreover at that time these people said that if by their capture large quantities of Ashley Clan Outer Sect people, their Zhang Family public breaks off with Ashley Clan. Zhang Family does not certainly meet recognize, but this matter actually pressure like a piece big stone in the hearts of all people, especially Desbarres, these days Desbarres obvious already thin two. although Clan has not looked for Desbarres's trouble now, however Desbarres's day truly does not feel better, Zhao Hai is the hope that Bones Symbol Camp revives, now can actually don’t know also come back, this lets Desbarres extremely headache. Moreover Zhao Hai must represent Clan to attend the invitational meet of 6 Realms new person competition, if Zhao Hai does not come back, the loss of that Clan was big, this will become Patriarch will also find a Desbarres troublesome excuse. In this case, Desbarres has no alternative but to be thin, along with competition date day-by-day approaching of invitational meet, Desbarres's facial expression is also getting more and more thin and pale this cannot help but to make other Outer Sect eight battalions of several Camp Lord raise feeling of the like grieve for like. Their these Camp Lord situations are similar to Desbarres, although some of some of their authorities, but the authority is not big, Desbarres's authority also be older on some Desbarres to grow up with Patriarch together than them after all, was trusted by Patriarch deeply, moreover in the Desbarres bright intent has to control Outer Sect eight battalions of authorities. although between they and Desbarres have competition relationship, but they are also a small alliance, because Outer Sect in Clan is in itself weak community, if among them alliance in together, they did not have what right to speak. Now Desbarres eyes look at must have bad luck, their moods naturally as good not to go as there are continuously with Dillat who Desbarres does against, these time also rare has not hit a person when he is down.

Actually not only Desbarres, the entire Bones Symbol Camp present day does not feel better for sometime Zhao Hai to appear, has defeated other camp all people, became the champion of Clan invitational meet, they think that Bones Symbol Camp revived hopefully, has not actually thought that finally actually lived such matter, this made Bones Symbol Camp people one feel the unprecedented disappointment. The people are this, if a matter has not lived from the beginning, the people will not hold anything to hope, but one but gave them to hope that made their hopes be disillusioned, this their disappointment infinite enlargements. The entire Bones Symbol Camp mood arrived at most trough Tao Wang although to see this situation, actually anything could not do, he also felt that being incapable, these days Tao Wang thin Desbarres was serious, not fat he, now looked like already skin covered bones. Eye look at had ten days to the invitational meet Desbarres and Tao Wang despaired completely, they know, even if were Zhao Hai they can come back to fear that was also after the invitational meet. Their silent sitting in Desbarres's office, lost the interest of speech at once in this time, suddenly are running from outside, that person of face happy to Desbarres said :Camp Lord, quick, had an accident. Desbarres did said : have an accident? Had an accident?” That person[ is popular] said : that exerts Tie Sheng Captain, Tie Sheng Captain came back!” One hear of this saying Desbarres and Tao Wang stare, their look at that person actually has not responded at once that some little time two talented people responded, they have almost simultaneously stood, said : that face ji moved what's the matter? Tie Sheng in that?” That person[ is popular] said : that exerts should in camp, Camp Lord, comes out to have a look quickly.” Desbarres and Tao Wang did not wait for that person saying that outward ran. When they arrived at outside Bones Symbol Camp[ broad] when field, actually presently there now gathered completely the person, huge Space rift, on appears in[ broad] in field, the person has in unceasing person Space rift to come out. The bodies of these people have some dust, looks like some sons is distressed, but nobody is actually injured, moreover is in high spirits, in these people, the person is standing in crack there command(er) inside person toward leaving, that person of Tie Sheng. Desbarres take deep breaths, the personal appearance moved has flown the Tie Sheng side, look at Tie Sheng said : that face ji moved Tie Sheng, what's all this about?”

Tie Sheng looks at Desbarres, gave Desbarres to salute hastily said : Camp Lord, Lou Men came back, came back safely, was Little Hai, he used Space Divergent Technique to deliver us to come back.” Desbarres looked at these in various battalion of people who in person Space rift comes out, is seeking in inside, but he still had not actually found Zhao Hai, Tie Sheng saw Desbarres's movement obviously, he smiles said : Camp Lord not to need to worry, 1 Little Hai in behind, he is all right, is very good.” Desbarres then nodded, he also returned to normal the mood , helping person who was arranging these just to come out, these just the person who came out from Space rift, did not have leave Bones Symbol Camp, but was divided into several to pile up in there, Desbarres understood at a glance, these people according to own Battalion Laifen who was. The person who now Bones Symbol Camp goes to almost came back, these person of facial expression ji move the acquaintance in camp was saying anything with him, often lives the intermittent laughter. Sees this situation, Desbarres was removes the bottom feel relieved, moreover he has calculated probably, this motion, Outer Sect eight battalions of losses probably were not very heavy. Is less than one hour, all people came out from Space rift, walks in final is Zhao Hai and Maggie, Zhao Hai facial expression very calm, Maggie is actually happy of face, but she follows in the Zhao Hai side, looks like with is the same in own husband's wife. Zhao Hai comes out, Space rift immediately has closed, Desbarres immediately moved forward to meet somebody, Zhao Hai sees Desbarres, immediately/on horseback salutes said : Camp Lord, I came back.” Desbarres grasps Zhao Hai, laughs said : well, comes back well, comes back well, these time was laborious you.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not anything, Camp Lord does not need to care.” Desbarres nodded, turns the head to look at person one of the other camps, laughs said : today is the happy day, do not walk, eats meal in our Bones Symbol Camp, Tao Wang, arranges, goes to other passage several battalions of Camp Lord, told them the situation, Tie Sheng, arranged everyone/Great Clan to comb the hair and wash the face first, I must see Patriarch.” Tao Wang also arrives at Zhao Hai, hugged with Zhao Hai, this complied with one, turn around walked, Tie Sheng has also complied with one, arranging these people to rest to Bones Symbol Camp large building, Desbarres was actually immediately flies toward Chong Modao. One of Maggie also in Bones Symbol Camp large building wraps own house, moreover is not far from Zhao Hai, their returned to respective in the room has also combed the hair and wash the face, in meteorite area there, more than friends comes, simply with having the condition makes them take a bath, although all people can make appear out of the water(water outlet) to come with Water element Magic, but does not have the place to make them wash, therefore each and every one appears dirty. Original Charles they prepare their camp, but Desbarres words, and has sent for informing several other Camp Lord, they have no alternative but to give Desbarres this face.

But at this time Desbarres arrived on Chong Modao, this time he has not even ridden the speeding car, flew directly, after Chong Modao on, Desbarres went to Houcke's study room directly, there is also the place of Houcke work. In Ashley Clan, can go to Houcke's study room to find his person like Desbarres directly, but few, this is also the one type of demonstration of Desbarres status. Card sheep not in Houcke's study room, Card but certainly entire Ashley Clan big Patriarch, impossible following like secretary in the status of Houcke's, Houcke's study room here, naturally has secretary shi to wait. To the study room outside, secretary said : of Desbarres immediately to Houcke has notified Patriarch one quickly, I had the important matter to Patriarch say.” That very attractive female secretary naturally also knows[ said that] Desbarres with Houcke's relationship, she does not dare to neglect, immediately, has taken up nearby hold a conversation, has pressed the key, then uses her delightful sound speaking sounds: Patriarch, Desbarres Manager interview, said that wants the important matter.” Houcke's voice conveys said : to make him send.” The female secretary has complied with one, just about to asks Desbarres to go, Desbarres has pushed the door to enter Houcke's study room impatiently. Houcke is sitting in a there look at document, although now machine here is computer runs amuck, but some documents will present in the form of paper surface. Desbarres bows said : to see Young Master to Houcke.” Houcke looked up Desbarres one eyes, nodded said : to sit, fat virtue, your nearest/recent is thinner.” Desbarres smiles said :Young Master feel relieved, I will be quickly fat, just going out value line of this duty all Outer Sect people came back, is small including Zhao Hai and Maggie Elder sister. ” One hear of Desbarres said that Houcke has cannot help but gawked, light oh, has put down in hand document look at Desbarres said : „a matter? What's the matter?” Desbarres quickly said: Listened to Tie Sheng saying that probably was Zhao Hai Space Magic delivers them to come back, they arrived at Bones Symbol Camp there now, I have arranged them to comb the hair and wash the face, a while went back to ask them to eat greatly, wants to come them also to receive many pain.”!.