Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1152
One hear of virtue only said that east black cannot help but selected the eyebrow to say! ” Unexpectedly is Space Magic, This to very rare, if Zhao Hai can deliver really them with Space Magic, why can wait till came back at this time? ” Desbarres stares, he has not thought that Houcke will have to ask a such question at this time, he silent next step: This matter I also real don’t know, Young Master, when I go back to ask that is coming to report you.” Houcke beckoned with the hand said : not to need, reason that I thought Zhao Hai came back at this time, possibly was related with that thing, you asked that also did not need to worry, was right, this several days let Zhao Hai rest well, if he had any need, wanted with any Potion, you furnished him as far as possible, must make him maintain at the optimum condition, invitational meet immediately must start, this time our Ashley Clan cannot lose.” Desbarres nodded said : is, invited Young Master feel relieved.” Houcke nodded said :to tell the Zhang Family person, our Ashley Clan simply has not moved them, now our Outer Sect camp exiting value line of duty person, came back, if Zhang Family in dares to wrangle impolitely, we with officially break off, told them that I to their this time behavior very discontented, Maggie and Mingyue engagement became invalid...., Desbarres stares, then his immediately understand Houcke's meaning, outside this Zhang Family in other words again Clan in camp the has plenty person was not, was adding on Ashley Clan Spaceship appears in there, therefore they stated categorically that said was Ashley Clan attack they. Actually this matter two clans is well aware, but is Zhang Family has not caught the Ashley Clan most advantageous card play, therefore only will look like Ashley Clan to exert pressure, but does not have direct getting angry. The row, they came back in Zhao Hai, sole can become thing of card play does not exist, the Ashley Clan speech naturally also had the energy. But now Maggie obvious thoughts on Zhao Hai, but Maggie also has an engagement with Mingyue, this will possibly affect Zhao Hai and Maggie sentiment, therefore Houcke will make such decision. Desbarres immediately/on horseback has complied with one, but he is deep voice said : Young Master, Zhang Family nearest/recent is getting more and more wild, it seems like breaks off with us is the sooner or later matter, Young Master, we have to guard.” Houcke selected, sighed said : Zhang Family already to prepare to cope with us evidently, we late their one step, but Zhang Family does not have now absolutely prepared, does not dare really with our comprehensive battles, therefore wants to occupy cheaply, has not actually thought that this time they have not occupied cheaply, instead to proposed one to awake to us, snort|hum, Zhang Family, wants to move my Ashley Clan foundation, did not fear that collapsed your tooth.” Speaking of finally, Houcke the sound cold such as has iced. Desbarres static is listening, actually regarding the Zhang Family matter, Desbarres they already felt, and has reminded Houcke repeatedly, but beforehand Houcke had not actually cared, he has thought Zhang Family with their Ashley Clan is the strongest ally. Reason that this time Houcke will agree that to meeting Zhang Family, completely is because before , Maggie was raided, moreover Desbarres after investigation, thinks that is Zhang Family does, therefore Houcke will agree that this attack, for strikes Zhang Family, wants to test the response of Zhang Family. If not Zhang Family does, Zhang Family does not know that this matter, naturally will not have the too big response, however Zhang Family response such ji is fierce, even has also set up a trap, instead to biting Ashley Clan one, this let Houcke one on understand, Zhang Family was wants to cope with Ashley Clan. Plan of Zhang Family... Is good, wants capture Zhao Hai they, even if cannot hold Zhao Hai they, cannot make Zhao Hai attend the 6 Realms new person competition, such Ashley Clan must vary too many commodities, will be attacked simultaneously in the prestige, they will later cope with Ashley Clan to come easily.

But Zhang Family has not thought that meets a appears Zhao Hai such variable, now Zhao Hai their returned to Dark Magic Star, plan of Zhang Family... Was defeated, moreover expose own ambition, having made Houcke have the vigilance, can say that this Zhang Family is really try to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice used to lure it. But this time matter, Ashley Clan has not taken any advantage, wants to strike Zhang Family, actually by Zhang Family seize the opportunity striking, if not Zhao Hai, their losses on even bigger, had feared that must pay not the small price, can subside Gu Qing. Desbarres look at Houcke said : Young Master, this time we had the contradiction with Zhang Family, that this time 6 Realms competition was very important regarding us, so long as we can at this time 6 Realms new person competition, make the best progress, like this we can obtain more resources, had these resources, we did not fear not to have the ally, this Zhang Family waged a war in rainbow meteorite belt there, had to want possibly the Little Hai person section in there, was not attended the 6 Realms new person competition by him, on fearing him can obtain the good achievements, passed this time matter., Has been able to affirm that in Clan High level, there is Zhang Family nail/saboteur, they definitely also know fierce of Little Hai, what therefore now we are most important, must look for this nail/saboteur.” Houcke is not the fool, although he very tenacious, but actually also very intelligent, these that therefore Desbarres said that he also knows that he nodded said : feel relieved, I started to look up, the person who this time matter knows are not many, believes that quick will have the result, good fat virtue, has a look, Little Hai very heavy to Clan wants, to take care of him now.” Desbarres complied with one, turn around walked. When Desbarres returned to Bones Symbol Camp, several other battalions of Camp Lord arrived, they now and Captain talk that is responsible for these time moving. Desbarres has not gone to them, but called own office Tie Sheng, Desbarres look at Tie Sheng said : Tie Sheng, this time matter well told me.” Tie Sheng has complied with one, told Desbarres the process of entire fight, Desbarres static after having listened, nodded said : looks like Little Hai should be handier regarding the use of Liquid Silver now, moreover simplicity that the Little Hai strength, estimated compared with us, it seems like he said that he can infiltrate to top ten of 6 Realms new person competition, is not speaks irresponsibly.” Tie Sheng nodded said : „the Little Hai strength to be very strong, this time 6 Realms new person competition, he will certainly blossom in radiant splendor, I only feared that now Ashley Clan will unable to retain him.” Desbarres smiles bitterly next step: By the Ashley Clan strength, leaves behind Little Hai is impossible, he will become will move a side Expert, but will be Ashley Clan cannot retain him, so long as he will come in Ashley Clan, light will be this point, person who sufficiently will make these have the disloyalty, no matter Ashley Clan how.” Tie Sheng nodded, Desbarres deep voice said : was good, we go to the dining room, that several Clan should also ask, this time they owed our big favour.” Tie Sheng shows a faint smile, went to the dining room with Desbarres. Dining room there has been filled, all the Bones Symbol Camp person in camp arrived, the person besides nose character camp the people in many other camps, entire dining room very lively, face of all people was also passing one[ is popular] exerts. It can be said that this motion has concerned entire Outer Sect camp, because this participation moves, is Ashley Clan Outer Sect camp Elite, these people in Ashley Clan Outer Sect camp, the status are very high, is the Ashley Clan Outer Sect backbone force, no matter that battalion lost these people, is the one type of not small losses. Moreover these person ascend to machine sometime each person's some good friends in camp, the has plenty people had their family, it can be said that implicates really broadly, in this case, they can live are coming back this are very important matters. But that several were stressed by Zhao Hai, Zhang Family spy, had already given the Ashley Clan person to process, Zhao Hai and Tie Sheng had guaranteed their safety, that also guaranteed they can safe returned to Dark Magic Star, after returned to Dark Magic Star, what allowance they will receive, That is not Zhao Hai can control.

After Zhao Hai returned to room, immediately went among the feast in bubble Wen Er well, later comes out to walk toward the dining room from Space. Melts according to is that appearance, Magic Robe of black , appearance although is not ugly, but is also good unable to see that to go, in adding on his ordinary appearance, lets Zhao Hai is almost puts in the crowd unable to look. Reason that like this, because of the result of Zhao Hai restraining, he has not displayed any special temperament specially, therefore looks like naturally is very ordinary. He just came out from his in the room, sees Tao Wang to come toward his here, Tao Wang saw Zhao Hai, immediately/on horseback welcomed, said : followed me quickly, the brothers want to see your this big hero.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to result, what hero I was, walked, was right, Maggie? Went?” Tao Wang shows a faint smile said : not to have, you should know that the woman, must always dress up, I have let tell her robot, her robot telling her.” Zhao Hai then nodded, walks toward the dining room with Tao Wang, when Zhao Hai to dining room time, Desbarres and Tie Sheng also arrived, sees Zhao Hai, Desbarres beckons to Zhao Hai with a smile, Zhao Hai and Tao Wang immediately/on horseback walked, after Desbarres pulling Zhao Hai sits down, smiles said : 1 Little Hai, this dry attractiveness, making these fellows owe us a Bones Symbol Camp big favour, after I thought them, how.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Camp Lord also to think that seize the opportunity does knock their inadequate?” Desbarres smiles said : this matter you leave alone, has the advantage in any case is must have your, this time you come back was too prompt, happen to can catch up with the invitational meet, Patriarch to this time invitational meet attach great importance to, after the specific matter, I was saying that told you.” Zhao Hai nodded said :feel relieved Camp Lord, what to do I know should. Did Desbarres nod said : these time to be injured? Perhaps felt that there is uncomfortable? Patriarch said that fully supports you, making you probably momentarily maintain at the best condition.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Camp Lord feel relieved, I am very good, all right.”

Desbarres nodded said : that to be good, that several fellows came, I deal with them, waited to finish eating the food we to relate in detail.” Zhao Hai naturally will not oppose that Desbarres has then stood, their several people walks toward Dillat. Dillat and other arrivals of Camp Lord, making the atmosphere of dining room somewhat strange, the Bones Symbol Camp people know that in the common situation, these Camp Lord will not arrive at Bones Symbol Camp to come, and because of the declines of these year of Bones Symbol Camp, these Camp Lord somewhat looks down upon the Bones Symbol Camp person, but this time they actually ran up to bone Battalion to come, moreover to thank, but, this by the Bones Symbol Camp person, had the feeling that one type of feels proud and elated. Desbarres these time does not have to go too far, chatted several with several people, please several people have sat down, naturally, Zhao Hai also sits in that table, Zhao Hai not any expression, stands to salute to them, Dillat they also gives Zhao Hai to return a courtesy, simultaneously expressed to Zhao Hai the sentiment of grateful, in their eyes is having sentiment of deep envying and envy. After all people sit down, Desbarres has arrived in Xiaotaizi dining rooms, puts out a hand downward to press, scene immediately peaceful, Desbarres looked at people said : this motion, regarding our Ashley Clan Outer Sect camp, is a test of very enormous, was good safely came back because of everyone/Great Clan, I must say in here, good that the brave warriors, you made, has not lost the face of Ashley Clan, has not lost the face of Outer Sect camp!” This saying has brought in cheers. Desbarres puts out a hand to press, people calm, Desbarres then said : these days everyone/Great Clan has then had many pain, now I must say that you to the family, you were safe, I just had discussed with several Camp Lord, ten attractiveness that this your duty completes, besides your reward that originally complies with, various camps will also supplement one, with originally that reward value equal reward, Brother, you wanted the wealth!” This saying has brought in another laughters, the whistling sound, the Outer Sect camp person, very settles on regarding the reward, these completely right that Desbarres said their thoughts, too many officer surface article, this has not let person liking of all Outer Sect camp. After Desbarres and other people calm have gotten down, this then deep voice said :everybody, I knows that these days you have not eaten to have a good sleep, I was not wordy, everyone/Great Clan Bi Kai eating, Bi Kai drinking, brothers, you to family! „ People are cheering, then the robot has delivered the food and wine, banquet official start. In the entire process, a Desbarres Zhao Hai merit has not raised, this was his brilliant place, Zhao Hai has saved all people, these people knew in heart, if Desbarres always says this idea matter, instead to appearing too petty, this bearing Desbarres had. When Desbarres arrived at their this table of times, Dillat their look at Desbarres's look, some non- natures, because they such have not spoken with the person in their battalion, from this point, they felt itself with Desbarres's disparity!!.