Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1153
Atmosphere of dining together very warm, but makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, Maag rock pile did not have appears in the dining room, Zhao Hai although is puzzled, has not actually thought that reason that Maggie does not come from having, he does not need deeply to investigate. After the people have drunk, Zhao Hai on returned to own room, this time he may not have the solid feast in Desbarres they have drunk, in drinking, he used Spatial Water to melt the potency of alcohol, therefore was drinks in many were not drunk. When Zhao Hai returned to room stares, because he felt clearly his in the room has the person, but a Zhao Hai dangerous feeling, has not swept Zhao Hai with spiritual force present, in his in the room unexpectedly is Maggie. Zhao Hai although is somewhat puzzled, entered the room directly, Maggie is sitting in the living room, Zhao Hai saw that Maggie has cannot help but gawked, because of him today's Maggie, is not quite presently same as before. Beforehand Maggie is spacious Magician, although will also handle, but is very simple types, on the face will not draw the makeup, very old-fashioned. However today's Maggie is different, she puts on has improved Magic Robe, although is still black , but seemed like is more attractive, her head also passed through attentive handling, very beautiful, what most important was, she drew the makeup, although was only the pale makeup, but was joined to Maggie that Wen Jingqing's long-drawn-out temperament, actually complemented each other. Maggie temperament and Laura they are different, the Laura body has capable woman same imposing manner, Qi Field is full, but Lizzy and Megan say nothing, they are princess's type characters, princess Qi Field naturally is also full ten, on Meg does not have such temperament, even said that she does not have no temperament, because she is the shi female family background, her entire world is to revolve around Zhao Hai, Ryan temperament also with Lizzy almost her Qi Field may the Lizzy that foot, after all she not be only a princess in small duchy, moreover before , has some ignominious reputations, This makes her in front of them always feel that in Lizzy lowered Berry not to be different from their temperament, Berry, the succuba family background, was adding on is Succubus, her temperament can absolutely the demon huo common people, what Berry specialize was the assassination, therefore her body also has a killing aura same ice-cold aura, this also made Berry the mi person. But Maggie different Maggie research Magic Formation with concentration, after growing up since childhood, has worked as Yiming teacher, her body has one share literary style to be gentle, solemn, such temperament is different from Zhao Hai all women. Maggie sees Zhao Hai dull look at, her face also cannot help but one red, but she gently has stood, look at Zhao Hai smiles said : my this, do you like?” Zhao Hai one recovers, his look at Maggie said : likes me liking very much, is very attractive.” Maggie has arrived at Zhao Hai front gently, look at Zhao Hai said : that two eyes decides Zhao Hai, from you in safe, if on-board saved me to start, I have liked on you although you am ten thousand people of slaughters, you have killed that many people, but I still liked you, after this time matter, I liked you, I must marry you, no matter you did have the wife, no matter also that person were the opposition, I do want to marry your you to marry me?”

Zhao Hai has not thought that Maggie so will be unexpectedly brave will say such words to come, but Maggie facial skin abundant minute thin, normally with he meets, including the intimate action does not have, today can say such words to come, really stemmed from the anticipation of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai and don’t know, Maggie now is on the side of the experience of twice with Zhao Hai the life and death, when the meteorite belt, under that environment, makes the person have the one type of pessimistic desperate mood very much easily, Maggie naturally is no exception, she is only one opens hua in greenhouse, by such tribulation, at that time, Maggie had not been thought them really by in dire straits in the meteorite belt, or by Zhang Family capture. Also at that time, Maggie suddenly has thought through, her present life is very difficult to expect, if they died in the meteorite belt at that time, she looked like Zhao Hai vindicating opportunity not to have. although when knows that can returned to Dark Magic Star, this mood vanished, but this type has not actually vanished like the idea of Zhao Hai expression, conversely, this idea to was instead more intense, because Maggie feared that in coming across any accident, feared one were not having opportunity to vindicate with Zhao Hai, therefore she after returned to her room, has made a decision, today must talk clearly the words with Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai look at Maggie, sighed lightly said : Maggie, how your thoughts I can understand, I not be a fool, but you should also know that I had the wife, moreover more than one, if you must marry me, must share me with them, did you want?” Maggie wants not to want I to want on said :!” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not, Maggie, your understand, you do not think that my wife in Lower Realm, the so-called share is spiritually, is actually not, Lou's wife in my side, if you have married me, you not only need spiritually share me with their together, your understand?” Maggie puzzled look at, shaking the head of gently, the meaning in her understand Zhao Hai words, but her understand Zhao Hai words, what meaning isn't his body in his side? The Zhao Hai look at Maggie appearance, sighed said : I to hope that lightly you must keep cool, regardless of lived anything, your vital part did not fear, if you decided was really not marrying you, I hope that you can for today's matter security, do not say with anyone.” Maggie still puzzled look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai wields, Space rift appears in the Zhao Hai side, Zhao Hai has put together out a hand to Maggie said : Maggie, goes to have a look, this is I biggest secret.”

Maggie somewhat puzzled look at Zhao Hai, but she believes that Zhao Hai will not harm her, therefore she entered that to say Space rift according to the word. When Maggie enters that saying that Space rift she was shocked, because she presently appears in piece of infinitely great Space, now has been standing on piece of meadow, looks like very ancient villa in her not far away also style, above overspread seven color fresh hua, in side of villa, is standing erect a big tree, this big tree is very big, very big. Naturally, these are not most important, what most important is, in her front, stands the beauty who six shape are varying, these six beauties, optional puts out that is not worse than her, after is more attractive than her. In Maggie time, in six beautiful women, that [gold/metal] big beautiful woman of lead, shows a faint smile said : to her Miss Maggie, hello, we are the Zhao Hai wife, I called Laura, perhaps you have not known us, but you and I actually already knew.” One hear of Laura said that Maggie one recovers, but she has not clarified somewhat the condition, is only reply said : of mechanical typehello, I am Maggie. Lizzy they also run over to Maggie introduce oneself, Maggie returning a courtesy, duplicates me is being Maggie these words, she really somewhat silly. At this time the Zhao Hai sound conveyed said : Maggie, this was my biggest secret, the person they go with Laura, Laura they with you will explain that all these, Laura, said to Maggie, I was tired, wants to rest.” Laura nodded, pulling Maggie walks toward villa. Maggie by Laura their pulling, mechanical type they entered Space Villa with Laura, but Zhao Hai finished returned to oneself in Bones Symbol Camp in the room, because he feared that Desbarres can look for him, therefore he can only now in here. But at this time Laura pulling Maggie entered in the villa to sit, Meg has offered the tea to Maggie, but the monitor in Maggie look at villa, Zhao Hai that because on the monitor demonstrates in the Bones Symbol Camp room. The Laura look at Maggie appearance, shows a faint smile said : we to see through this your, can say, when your first time met with Elder Brother Hai, we have been able this monitor to see you, you with Elder Brother Hai every time meets we to see.”

One hear of Laura said that Maggie cannot help but face one white, her suddenly has one type of to have the husband of fu to have an affair with one probably, was actually feared the feeling by his wife at the scene capture. The Laura look at Maggie appearance, intelligent her immediately understand Maggie is thinking anything, Laura shows a faint smile said : you not to use anxiously, in fact we pursue your not dislike regarding Elder Brother Hai, even returns completely support, if no our support, feared that is you with Elder Brother Hai not convention the rapidness of such.” Maggie turns the head, puzzled look at Laura, the Laura look at Maggie appearance, shows a faint smile said : to make us speak Elder Brother Hai to you, believes after you have listened, on understand, this man was outstanding.” Said that Laura looks like Maggie to start to narrate Zhao Hai all. Maggie static is listening, listens the life of man that legend that she is favoring, is listening to about this mysterious feast among all. The Zhao Hai matter was not a few words a few words words can say, Laura has not thought that meaning of Maggie leave, she said tired has changed a person saying that slowly they have experienced all matters with, said to Maggie. But Zhao Hai static sitting in own in the room, Desbarres had not come at this time, but Zhao Hai has not worried, he requires some hua time, thinks the show of later matter. Then he must certainly attend the 6 Realms new person competition, is don’t know can meet Lu biography or Spirit Moon Wind Emperor in there, if runs into these two people, they can ask him to revenge, the don’t know present can be their matches. However now after obtaining Liquid Silver, Zhao Hai already not like most from the beginning, harbored deep fearing intent to Lu Wei and Spirit Moon Wind Emperor, exactly said that now Zhao Hai somewhat thinks was challenging these two people, because these two people were he biggest personal enemies, was he most direct personal enemy, he essential must defeat these two people, even the responsibility killed these two people, will not release 1 u own status.!.