Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1154
Reason that Zhao Hai does not want to release 1 u own status, a most important reason is, besides Lu Wei and Spirit Moon Wind Emperor, he also has another enemy, moreover this enemy is more formidable than Lu Wei and Spirit Moon Wind Emperor, but also is fearful, this enemy is Millions Treasure pavilions. Lu Wei details Zhao Hai knew, he is the Five Great Sect elder, but this elder actually may not have the big authority, because after Zhao Hai to machine here, knows, in first big gate sends, can has plenty the elder, Lu Wei possibly is only in Five Great Sect an ordinary elder. Why regarding Lu Wei possibly is one ordinary, does not have what the elder of real power, can actually have to be able in Lower Realm Space to collect the Strength of Faith ability, this point is also very good to explain, the person who because all can achieve this point, almost will hide this secret, that feared that the person with oneself most pro- secret will not say. But can collect Strength of Faith from Lower Realm, needs some special equipment, these equipment must have certain relation to be good with Lower Realm, but such equipment, whose strength not necessarily is can obtain, sometimes depends is also the chance. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai after looking up has gotten off an aircraft some oak situations and Expert of here about Five Great Sect, presently the Lu Wei name, this has not made Zhao Hai determine, Lu Wei may is only in Five Great Sect an ordinary elder, does not have that one type of of real power. But Spirit Moon Wind Emperor with not saying, Spirit Moon Wind Emperor, the person, if, he is actually strength formidable some orphaned soul wild ghosts, complete does not have the foundation, possibly because of the good luck, will be led to Underworld thing, therefore his although strength formidable, but Zhao Hai does not fear him, after all an ability of person is limited. Moreover before Spirit Moon Wind Emperor, has offended a strength very formidable person, was chased down seriously by that found a place to hide, now he does not dare appears in this case, he feared that did not have the time to chase down Zhao Hai. But Millions Treasure pavilions is different, Millions Treasure pavilions is in Cultivation World very big Trading Company, can say in Cultivation World is also a big influence, their, because does in the Cultivation World there business is very big, therefore very rich, the family property is rich, this also makes them able, please massive Expert work for them, can say that offended a such influence, is not that wise. But through the network reason that Zhao Hai also looked up other content Millions Treasure pavilions can such quickly unfold, the main reason was because before them, has left becomes famous in Cultivation World there rarely seen yin attribute Item.

Saw that this content Zhao Hai knows own trouble was big, broke they source of income regarding Merchant, that ties the hatred of forever not being able to untie on equal to with him without doubt, but Zhao Hai broke the Millions Treasure pavilions source of income. Because he broke the Millions Treasure pavilions source of income, therefore he can be said as deepest with the Millions Treasure pavilions enmity, but Millions Treasure pavilions is different from the Lu Wei Spirit Moon Wind Emperor situation, Zhao Hai offends is not somebody in Millions Treasure pavilions, but is entire Millions Treasure pavilions, if makes Millions Treasure pavilions know that his status that his trouble was big. although Zhao Hai offended to suppress Millions Treasure pavilions, but Millions Treasure pavilions and don’t know Zhao Hai long what, what Fu unexpectedly at that time they in the Underworld there attire was only Transmission Formation, impossible to see Zhao Hai through that Transmission Formation. But Lu Wei is different from Spirit Moon Wind Emperor, Lu Wei and Spirit Moon Wind Emperor wisp of Remnants Soul has seen the Zhao Hai appearance, if makes them know matter between Zhao Hai and Millions Treasure pavilions, then they will possibly cope with him by Millions Treasure pavilions alliance, Zhao Hai does not think such, therefore he wants with Lu Wei and Spirit Moon Wind Emperor fight one fight, best to strike to kill them, he true safety. When Zhao Hai is thinking these matters Laura they already with the Maggie lecture Zhao Hai in all that Lower Realm did, these that they spoke not only said with the mouth that some were can be more convincing with the picture that screen release came. Except that Zhao Hai does all beside, Laura they also spoke in all Space all sorts of magical things about Space to Maggie, hearing Maggie to be dumbfounded. After saying, Laura turned the head look at Maggie said : Maggie, you were interesting to Elder Brother Hai, this we already looked, we have also encouraged Elder Brother Hai to pursue you, because Elder Brother Hai needed your status, making he better integration arrive at Ashley Clan, but Elder Brother Hai does not want to pursue you for this reason, therefore continuously to you , if already left, if not you vindicates today, he feared that will be forever will not make you know here, because here was the Elder Brother Hai basis, he can able to move unhindered world most basic was, your understand?” Maggie nodded, Lizzy look at Maggie said : because Space this all sorts of magical things, therefore Elder Brother Hai readily will not make the person know that existence of Space, he allows you to enter Space today, is represents him to feel emotion to you, moreover you also feel emotion to Elder Brother Hai, if you do not hope shares Elder Brother Hai really with us, wants leave Elder Brother Hai, that Maggie, hopes that you forever forgot today's matter, otherwise this world will not have Elder Brother Hai the place of taking shelter.” Maggie look at Laura they, suddenly smiled said : my oneself after the decision with Zhao Hai, that will not regret that Zhao Hai can for you, but not initiative approached me, can look from this point, if I straight has become his fu person, he will not betray me easily, regarding such man, I also had any not feel relieved.” One hear of Maggie said that Laura they have cannot help but cheered one, then Laura pulled up Maggie, young lady jiao smiles said :you saying that was best, quick, Megan, went to the picture makeup to Maggie, we let Maggie and Elder Brother Hai nuptial chamber today.

Maggie one hear of Laura said that cannot help but face one red, but actually by grinning Megan carrying off, Laura called said : Elder Brother Hai at this time, Elder Brother Hai, comes in quickly.” Is thinking Zhao Hai of matter one recovers, the flashes body entered in Space, looked at Laura grinning look at he, his cannot help but said : What happened? The Laura look at Zhao Hai appearance, smiles said : Elder Brother Hai, Maggie complied to marry give you, prepares quickly, today your nuptial chamber, first boils the cooked rice to say the shelled peanuts.” Zhao Hai one hear of Laura said that has smiled bitterly next step: Maggie just knew Space, now worried on the nuptial chamber?” Laura white Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you are really stupid, Maggie has vindicated to you today, you have anything to be good to worry that feel relieved was good, prepares quickly.” Zhao Hai smiled bitterly, said : had anything to be good to prepare, ok, this.” Laura is not dry, being probable makes Zhao Hai turn into one formal clothes clothes, then makes Zhao Hai sit down, they handle the head to Zhao Hai, must make Zhao Hai official after Maggie has saluted can go to the nuptial chamber. Zhao Hai is not a woman, is naturally impossible to know that the woman's attaching great importance to degree to the wedding, especially with the man who oneself love, their very heavy ritual, if Zhao Hai extremely in casual, that will make Maggie be the lifetime regret. Before long Maggie they were given to deliver by Laura, Zhao Hai also dressed up, Laura their several artificial Zhao Hai and Maggie together has held a very simple Chinese type wedding, later sent them to the nuptial chamber. look at Zhao Hai and Maggie entered nuptial chamber, Laura they then long vented anger, after tidying up thing, Laura long vented anger said : to be good, the Maggie matter has been solved finally, believes that status of later Elder Brother Hai in Ashley Clan was more reliable, slowly by the help of Maggie, our identity issues can also nearly solve.” Lizzy they also nodded, to be honest, they really have not been jealous Maggie now, Because Zhao Hai had their these many wives, does not have anything in many one, several people tidied up to rest. Zhao Hai naturally does not have anything to say with Maggie nuptial chamber that next day after they have had the breakfast, she said goodbye with Laura, came out from Space. Comes out from Space, Maggie to Zhao Hai said :Elder Brother Hai, although we already official became the husband and wife, but I think that this matter first that to know to well, what matter otherwise his don’t know will do.,

Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: Maggie, your too underestimated Clan strength, you kept my here one night not to go back, Patriarch how possible don’t know, ok, you kept here.” Maggie one hear of Zhao Hai said that on face cannot help but one startled, her quickly said: That what to do? What to do if he doesn't agree?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has held Maggie next step lightly: feel relieved, will not have the matter, sits, I want to meet Camp Lord they to come, yesterday I looked that Camp Lord has the matter to look for me probably.” Maggie has complied with one, but face one red, static sat, Zhao Hai waved, on the table appears the a pot of tea water, this tea is not machine here, but is in Space, the tea in Space be much better compared with the machine here tea. They just drank a while tea, the Desbarres three people came, three people see Maggie, also has not cared, Maggie after often come Zhao Hai here, themselves after becoming accustomed. Please after three people sit down, Zhao Hai to three people but actually the tea, this tea is not in Space, the Space tea he received. After having drunk tea, Desbarres to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you prepares, our immediately exits, participates invitational meet.” Zhao Hai to had not opposed that he nodded said : well, I do not have what to be good to tidy up, momentarily can go.” Desbarres nodded, „the invitational meet that then face serious said : 1 Little Hai, this hands over, very heavy regarding our Ashley Clan wants, the person must obtain the good achievements, otherwise Clan will have in a big way troubles.” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, Camp Lord your feel relieved, Zhang Family this motion, to finally gathers round us, what has not been adopting to move \; first, to fear appears too many casualties, two feared that is to bring there our in dire straits in meteorite, does not allow me to participate in this time trials, I said right?”!.