Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1155
As soon as Desbarres listened to Zhao Hai saying that to gawked, then he nodded said :well, Zhang Family really has this meaning, in Clan has spy, 1 Little Hai your matter Zhang Family definitely knew, they do not want to allow you to attend this time invitational meet, is feared that you struggle too many benefits for Clan, if you struggled many benefits for Clan, will have countless people to want with Clan to form an alliance, when the time comes their simply did not have the means to cope with us, you can think that this point was best, because like this reason, therefore you must win, must as far as possible win the good position, your position was better, Clan can. Safe. ” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, Camp Lord feel relieved, my understand.” Desbarres nodded, turns the head look at Maggie said : Maggie, do this time you bring to with?” Maggie nodded said : naturally to go, let's go, I do not have what to be good to tidy up in any case.” Desbarres has smiled bitterly, turns the head to walk to Zhao Hai said :, first goes to Chong Modao there, this Patriarch will not go, and I am led by Card, altogether five Intermediate level battleships.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that to walk, the Clan matter is important, do not harm the time.” Desbarres nodded, is bringing Maggie and Zhao Hai walks outward, but Desbarres in looking at the Maggie vision, is having a difference of faint trace. Desbarres was also a seasoned person, he naturally looked that Maggie had any differences with yesterday, his immediately understand they have also done anything, Desbarres at heart cannot help but some worries. although said that now Houcke agreed with Zhao Hai with the Maggie matter, but they take action first and explain later like this, can provoke Houcke, Desbarres really cannot guarantee. In several people of numerous buildings comes out, to outside sat boards the speeding car, directly soared Chong Modao, Desbarres sits in the car(riage) looks at Zhao Hai said : these time not to need such to worry, but Patriarch after you came back, warned Zhang Family, Zhang Family knows matter that you came back, moreover Patriarch the Maggie wedding drawing back, this was clarifies has hit the face of Zhang Family, Patriarch feared that Zhang Family met anything the motion of ji, therefore was left by our immediately/on horseback.” Maggie one hear of Desbarres said that cannot help but stares, then happy said : fat uncle, Patriarch really my wedding drawing back?” Desbarres nodded to smile said : naturally, yesterday has drawn back, I want to tell you this matter, because yesterday drank, therefore had not said that who knew you have unfolded to this situation unexpectedly.” Maggie one hear of Desbarres said that knows[ said that] Desbarres knew she with the Zhao Hai matter, her face cannot help but one red, lowers the head does not speak, Zhao Hai actually will be shows a faint smile said : Camp Lord, Patriarch not because of this matter, but will blame me?” Desbarres sighs said : „the present only to hope that Patriarch do not blame you, after all now Clan needs your time, moreover Patriarch did not oppose with the Maggie wedding regarding you, hope so.”

Zhao Hai does not have too the facial expression of worry, he has believed that yesterday Maggie keeps the matter that his in the room does not have in the evening, Houcke should know, his yesterday has not sent for making an arrest in the evening, that today will not take an action. During the speeches Desbarres they arrived on Chong Modao, this Chong Modao is very big, inside also very lively, but Zhao Hai they have not stopped, has flown Clan airport there directly, there had several speeding cars, small Spaceship in there, other Card and several battalions of Camp Lord arrived, missed Bones Symbol Camp. The speeding car stops, Desbarres immediately from the speeding car, has laughed said : embarrassed to the people, yesterday drank, starting today some late, having made everyone/Great Clan wait for a long time.” Card stared Desbarres one eyes, turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, in the eye was having a happy expression, this open the mouth and said: Ok, these time lets your this butcher proud a while, hurry up, Patriarch said that today he does not deliver us, when we triumphal returns to turn over , the Patriarch after-wedding meeting originally meets our, embarks.” The people have complied with one, walks toward on the ship with Card, Desbarres arrives at Dillat nearby them, bows to several people slightly said :several, the Outer Sect matter you worries, these are small The fellows, I will take care of them. ” Dillat they also nodded, has not said anything, their these time is owing Desbarres and a Zhao Hai big favour, naturally cannot like before. Desbarres has not said anything, nodded to several people, this on turn around Spaceship, because Spaceship must go to the outer space base directly, it will not take long, therefore Card has not assigned the room to the people, several people arrived in the command(er) hall. The Spaceship steady launching, has passed before long through the atmosphere, entered the outer space, flew toward the outer space base, Card look at his Spaceship outside scenery while said : this Clan will send out five Intermediate level battleship accompanying, accompanying besides battleship also 10,000 outer space Mecha, should be able to guarantee that fully our safeties, our target were a machine among starfield machine star, there is our machine Central planet, this time invitational meet was held in there.” Zhao Hai several people nodded, Card deep voice said : from our Dark Magic Star to a machine star, needs to fly probably about eight days, the time is very sufficient, will not pass by the road on will possibly live some accidents, you will not need to be worried that Clan has made the arrangement, will not have the matter.” During the speeches Spaceship arrived at outer space base at that time, several people entered the outer space base, has not stopped in here, on immediately Clan has prepared good shape Spaceship to them, leave the outer space base. Medium Spaceship that this time they sit, but be much bigger than previous that Spaceship of doing, not only on Spaceship can cooperate belt several thousand outer space Mecha, in Spaceship also has several small lifeboats, compared with Zhao Hai previous doing Spaceship, but much better. Embarked, after assigning the room, Card several people calls in the on the ship conference room, this medium Spaceship, actually compared with general large-scale Spaceship on small a little, inside facility very complete, the conference room had several. Now what they are is only a small conference room, in the conference room also only then Card, Desbarres, Zhao Hai, Maggie also has the winners of several other Clan invitational meets.

After the people sit down, Card said : makes you come, you tells match who at this invitational meet you probably run into, these people are some strength formidable characters, if you meet, is certainly careful, besides Zhao Hai, you should receive material of Clan to you in Expert about other influences, because 1 Little Hai the duty reason has not seen, but it doesn't matter, uses this several days time, you can read an under these material, so long as achieved to know in heart on the line.” Zhao Hai nodded, Card then said : this time I must you tell that is character who several you must pay attention to specially, the strengths of these people are in all players are strongest.” Said that his body one lets toward side, his back wall immediately turned into a monitor, on the monitor appears an image of person, this is Magician, Magic Formation of pale basket , a head of blue , the delicate and pretty appearance, on the face is hanging the faint smiling face, making the person look that has one to be intimate with the meaning. In this human form side is the synopsis of this person, Zhao Hai careful look at this synopsis: The name, Terry, nickname, the saint of ice, the family background, the temple of water, the ascend time, four years, the strength, 4th level Magician, Battle Force depends on estimates, is extremely dangerous, some reports said that it make the war with may the list with a small battleship, finally destroys the battleship. Then also the introductions of some detailed, Zhao Hai careful look at, this Terry also is really very strong, ascend just four years, had reached the 4th level Magician level, from ascend to the present, altogether the size several hundred wars, does not have a defeat, can see this person location of formidable from this point. After introduction, some Terry fight picture, these fight pictures had some Qing very temporarily, some actually appeared very fuzzy, Qing temporarily these, could look also on Arena, it seems like also when carrying on invitational meet picture, but when fuzzy these, were actually fighting with other people the scene, from the situation of these fight, Terry could relaxed use ten overlay Magic Formation, enable to have 50 overlay Magic Formation, does not need the too long time to carry on to read Incantation and ties Hand-Seal, from this point. On can look, his spiritual force or very formidable. Besides Zhao Hai, other participating people, face is not quite attractive, they think that is leaving ten overlay Magic, must have the help of Magic Staff, but the opposite party actually completely does not need, such match, too formidable. They are also clear, Terry match like, only then Zhao Hai can with a it war, other people not be impossible to fight his opportunity. although their equipment, are Clan provides, is best, but the major influences to this time competition attach great importance to, Terry the person like, naturally impossible few Top Grade equipment, they to win the opposite party with equipment are impossible. At this time a picture revolution, in the picture appears a person, this person of appears Zhao Hai had gawked, because this person was really too strong, looked like simply likely is not Human Race, instead to likely was a person of giant clan, just his height wanted on short to be too crisper than a person of giant clan, not the range of population. This person of height has two -and-a-half meters evidently fully about, is greatly bald, skin of ancient bronzes , such as molten copper iron cast is ordinary, in adding on that has achieved the extreme muscle, stands, in there looks like to the feeling of person puts together the ancient times giant who the type comes out from the uncultivated land. His body puts on full body armor of system, this makes him look like formidable might is uncommon, but those who most let among the Zhao Hai notes is, this person of waist is hanging two sledgehammers of grinding pan sizes, looks like very irritable. Must know that in machine here, Space equipment is not strange thing, generally practice, is almost every, even if the average person, might use Space equipment, no matter Magician or Warrior, so long as will not be special wants to show that own status, will receive own Portable weapon generally in Space equipment, this person will be naturally impossible not to have Space equipment, but he actually these two sledgehammer belt, suddenly will be some strange. Zhao Hai looked at this person of material, this person of name called Xiong Li, outside suddenly Xiong, he came in Wu Clan ascend Warrior, the ascend time was about three years, is actually 4th level Warrior, moreover Sword Qi that he shot, through hammering to have shot, attack strength formidable, super strong, copper skin iron bone, defense strength was astonishing, after making a debut, the size about thousand wars, do not have a defeat.

This Wu Clan Zhao Hai knows that they are Warrior Clan, is in the dojo association a quite big influence . Moreover the Wu Clan person, greatly is famous by the strength, this Xiong Li can ascend arrive at Wu Clan, but also is really his luck. Then is third Expert, the Lone Wolf Yan Zhen mountain, the Yan Zhen mountain is Dead-soldier, this person of dark and thin, black-clothed, the facial features are ordinary, an eye is dodging cold light, his strength also has also achieved 4th level, what in hand uses is a blackness, does not bring reflection Rapier, the make a move match, strikes to kill, is not forgiving, the ascend four years, the make a move thousand times, the match all dies, does not have the life. Tian Clan of this Yan Zhen mountain family background, is existence of very special, their Clan not like Ashley Clan or Wu Clan these, but becomes famous by Magic or the nose technique, Tian Clan person, what 50% people study is Magic, what 50% people study is Martial Skill, but in their Clan studies the Magic person, studies is Black Magic, Warrior is Dead-soldier. But Tian Clan now is the influence of Darkness God palace, because the people of Warrior association cannot have a liking for them, thinks that their family simply of person study has not been Martial Skill, therefore Tian Clan is also in the church alliance, with an influence that the Warrior association does not cope with. Fourth Expert, the light breeze drizzle Lei Xiao day, he is a geomancy attribute Magician, the family background in Divine Palace of wind Lei Clan, he was not surnamed Lei, after ascend, demonstrated that extraordinary innate skill, the Lei Clan person has therefore enrolled Lei Clan him, bestows surnamed Lei. This person is 4th level Magician, because is double element Magician, therefore strength very formidable, ascend had three -and-a-half years, after the size more than hundred wars, does not have a defeat. Fifth Expert, Fire Dragon Divine Sword Dong Fangyu, this person of ascend, only then about three years, the family background in Warrior association flame, fourth level warrior, Fire Dragon Sword Technique, in the palm Fire Dragon Divine Sword, hits Dongfang Clan not to have the rival, participates in Clan duty always more than 300 times, the time is perfect completion, but his first time makes duty time, is very serious regarding the destruction of duty place. Sixth Expert, strong winds Li Kuangren, the figure of this person is not tall, but muscle very reaches, the hand causes two wheel broad-ax, a strong winds axe law, the uninhabited enemy, fourth level warrior, leaves the nose to would Song in Warrior. Seventh Expert, beyond the day meteor Zhu Chen, this person comes Divine Palace of earth, ascend three years, Earth element Magic was just superb, uses ten overlay Magic Formation such as to drink water general easy, is known as defends Unparalleled Under The Heaven, 4th level Magician. Eighth Expert, the broken armed forces Lu Ding day, this person leaves the Warrior association, Dong Clan, the hand causes a long spear, fourth level warrior, a broken armed forces spear, a person of foot keeps off thousand armed forces. Ninth Expert, hot Saint causes Sun Fei, this person comes unexpectedly is Divine Palace of fire Zhang Family, the Zhang Family that also has a grudge with Zhao Hai, his ascend four years, is 4th level Magician, Fire element Magic, formidable flies often, uses Magic Formation Set that ten superimpose, is easy, very outstanding. Last Expert, [gold/metal] spherical object opens Qinghe, this person of ascend is about three years, however in Lower Realm, does not have Metal element Divergent Warlock , after ascend, by the Divine Palace of [gold/metal] Rhea Family settles on, introduces in Clan, this person's study also very outstanding on Magic Formation, three years is 4th level Magician, what in adding on him studies is Metal element Magic, no matter in attack ten formidable in the defense, the strength also cannot be underestimated.!.