Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1156
Chapter 82 quicksand starfield The Zhao Hai static look at Ten Great Experts material, these person of that have not been the untalented people, their strength formidable, are talent in a talent. Zhao Hai at heart and was inferior that on his face calm, his heart is jumping crazily, Jumps for these matches, Zhao Hai knows that these people will become he will march Comprehend the world a batch obstacle, will kick out of the way him, he can the true stepping onto proper way. Zhao Hai believes one can defeat these people, he knows that the strengths of these people definitely do not seem that simple like their surface, but Zhao Hai did not fear, because his card in a hand must be much more than these people. However besides Zhao Hai, other facial expressions changed, other participants, their strengths with these days compared with, differ was too far. Card looked at people one eyes, looked at the facial expression of people in the eye, he was the character who the person always became a ghost, Naturally saw in the Zhao Hai eye that flaming fighting intent, Card cannot help but nodded, has such fighting intent, can ultimately defeat these people, it seems like that this time invitational meet, can only count on Zhao Hai finally. Thinks of here, Card deep voice said : I knows that your idea, Clan although hopes you can make the good progress, but to the Yu Clan clan, you is also very precious, Clan does not hope that you made the senseless sacrifice, if you ran into these people, moreover confessed that could not stand off them, Clan allowed you to admit defeat.” A Card this saying exit / to speak, these people cannot help but relaxed, these people most fear is Clan makes them go all out, to be honest, sees the strengths of these people, they lost with the courage that these people fight. Thinks of here, these people cannot help but changed to the body of Zhao Hai the vision, simultaneously dark said : feared that at heart is only then can this anomaly, compare with these anomalies? They are abnormal, we are only the average people, admits defeat does not have anything.” What Zhao Hai has not managed these people to think, he is only deep voice said : General Manager, besides them, but also doesn't have other special noteworthy person?” Card nodded said :this your feel relieved to be good,

Clan reorganized, your a while returned to in the room can look up, I call today you, except for must you tell that beside this matter, a matter must tell you that just Patriarch there gave me to receive a letter, Zhang Family this preparation intercepts us in the halfway, therefore I said one to you, if Zhang Family makes war with us, I will order other four ships to resist fully, our seize the opportunity walks, if they cannot block, is led you to walk by Desbarres, I bring the battleship to stay behind constrain the Zhang Family fleet. ” Zhao Hai one hear of Card said that cannot help but has gawked next step: „Can Zhang Family also begin? General Manager may know that they do want to begin in there? Some how many people?” Card listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but has gawked, then deep voice said : knows that they will begin in quicksand starfield, altogether 20 battleships!”quicksand starfield?Hears this reputation, Desbarres is calling out in alarm, does not have the means that this quicksand starfield in machine here was really too famous. quicksand starfield is one of the machine here famous deathtrap, if the rainbow meteorite belt is a stretch of danger zone, that quicksand starfield is a stretch of complete deathtrap, enters to the rainbow meteorite belt, you can a narrow escape, but if you entered quicksand starfield, that guaranteed your ten dead Unborn, even if were exceedingly high almighty, does not dare to enter to quicksand starfield. quicksand starfield is piece of very enormous starfield, this piece of starfield outside, is a piece of meteorite belt, this piece of meteorite belt should not be smaller than the rainbow meteorite belt, even is much bigger than the rainbow meteorite belt. But dangerous degree of this piece of meteorite belt, brings compared with rainbow meteorite , is much bigger, but this piece of meteorite belt to entire quicksand starfield, instead to is the safe place, in this quicksand starfield, is actually a piece of limitless innumerable sea. don’t know is any reason, in the quicksand starfield interior, is a vast desert, in keeping the sea such mobile vast desert, speed of flow very fast of these sand, in adding on these sand don’t know had many years, each grain of sand firmly may the fine steel, heavy, if rock, no matter who, so long as enters in that vast desert, certainly by these sand ripping fragment, relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish. However is good because of quicksand starfield there that this quicksand, because of deciding place flowing, will not expand outward, otherwise sooner or later turns into the vast desert entire place machine. In quicksand starfield although danger, but outside is actually not very dangerous, therefore outside quicksand starfield, several routes exist, but from Dark Magic Star to a machine star, must walk the route outside quicksand starfield, moreover mentioned also skillfully, position that quicksand starfield was, was between Dark Magic Star and machine stars. Naturally, this quicksand starfield is also a pirate most place, these interspace pirates, will run up to the quicksand starfield here meteorite belt to hide, then takes by force the passing merchant, after the ship has taken by force, if thinks to destroy the corpse and leave no trace, directly in one toward quicksand starfield loses, no matter what no one could find.

Therefore that feared that Great Clan like Ashley Clan, must walk a route, must have the fleet to escort is good, but the Zhang Family candidate begins in here, feared that also settled on this point. Has also heard regarding quicksand starfield matter Zhao Hai, but he has not worried, but look at Card said : what model does General Manager know the battleship that don’t know they use is?” Card looked at Zhao Hai one puzzled, why his understand Zhao Hai did not ask this, but he: Is 20 medium battleships, it is estimated that remains the Demon [魔] Character battleship that rides to lower level compared with us now, is about 20, suffices us to hit.” Zhao Hai deep voice said : „, if we in quicksand starfield there their fleets extinguishing, what consequence will have?” Card listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but gawked, then he has smiled bitterly next step: That is how possible, our present although have five battleships, moreover possibly compared with their battleship Advanced level, but must to they, the self-preservation perhaps have the possibility, destroys completely them is ten thousand is impossible.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : „the only depends on Clan five battleships naturally is impossible, but if adding on me, then on possibility.” In the room all people stare, Magician cannot stand off the battleship, this in machine is a common sense, but the meaning of Zhao Hai is, he actually wants directly disputes with the battleship of opposite party? This really stemmed from their anticipation. After Desbarres one startled, actually immediately calm, did he turn the head look at Zhao Hai said : to have confidence?” Zhao Hai nodded said : to have, if they came, certainly makes them come but not return, perhaps we can also seize several battleships.” Desbarres looked at Card one eyes, obviously Card has also thought Liquid Silver matter, he does not have to oppose, but has hesitated next step: How needs the fleet to coordinate?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : actually our fleet not to need with the fleet opposite of enemy to the war, I want to go to a scout enemy fleet first in there, then our fleets can outside of enemy fleet, form an encirclement ring, after this encirclement ring forms, our fleets must implement the electronic countermeasure to their fleets, does not need too strong electronic countermeasure, enabling among the battleships of their fleet to communicate mutually, but can't with their Clan communications, don’t know this point General Manager possibly achieve?” Card look at Zhao Hai said : this arrives is not difficult to achieve, however your meaning is, does the fleet of opposite party deal with by you? Little Hai, this does not do the joke, the opposite party has 20 Intermediate level battleships.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : they to have in many battleships can be useful, I have a person, if they cannot project on me, isn't wastes?” Card nod of gently, to be honest, matter of the person's to destroying completely fleet, and has occur in Comprehend the world here, but also occur many times, but these can destroy completely the person of fleet, is Cultivation World Expert, had not heard the machine here person, can achieve this point. Zhao Hai looked at Card one eyes, turned the head to look at Desbarres said : General Manager, Camp Lord, I want to chat with two alone, this matter relationship was significant.” Card and Desbarres, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that gawked, but also nodded, making other people draw back, only then their three added on Maggie in this small conference room. After waiting for all people to retreat, Desbarres then look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, what did you have to say?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : actually this time is the good deed, Camp Lord, General Manager, you should also see me with Maggie relationship, although said that Maggie and Patriarch relationship is not quite good, but they after all are the father and daughter, UU reads and Maggie also note decides for a lifetime is the Ashley Clan person, all Ashley Clan matter sentiments, I have no alternative but to dare, this matter I did not prepare saying that but now Maggie is my person, my has to say.” look at Zhao Hai that Desbarres and Card decide, was waiting for Zhao Hai as follows, Zhao Hai looked at their said : these days, I asked Maggie to help, was analyzing the material that Liquid Silver refinement method and used, if can analyze, we can also refine Liquid Silver, although may not refine and my Liquid Silver is equally strong, but in strength difference some can achieve, if can achieve, then to the Yu Clan clan, absolutely was the good deed.” Card and Desbarres have tarried, they never expected can be this matter, prevents Liquid Silver, that is many generation of machine dreams, but how Liquid Silver refines, already nobody knew, the material that uses has these, nobody knew, although said now machine science and technology compared with former much higher, but nobody has actually been able to analyze the Liquid Silver material and Liquid Silver refinement method, the too multiple failure, has made the people lose in research his interest. Also because of this, therefore Liquid Silver in the eyes of machine person, can be weak like existence, the people are most regard one to have the antique of special significance to collect him, but will not regard weapon to use him. ( to be continued )