Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1157
Chapter 83 good method Some little time Card and Desbarres sobered, look at Zhao Hai said : that Card two eyes shines Little Hai, what you said is really? Can you manufacture Liquid Silver counterfeit to come really?” Does not blame Card such excitedly, Zhao Hai is not the Comprehend the world person, had not understood here some situation some that he and don’t know, in Cultivation World there, counterfeit sometimes are also very easy-to-use. Comprehend the world here, the most powerful naturally is Cultivation World, but in Cultivation World there, almost all big gate factions will have the treasures of several town factions, these Magical Treasure Might incomparably powerful, may turn the Tianfu sea, incomparable formidable, such Magical Treasure has not certainly been able to move lightly. But in various factions besides the treasures of these town factions, but also has plenty counterfeit, these counterfeit copy the treasures of these town factions to make, although is counterfeit, but Might same does not allow to look down upon, reason that at the matter the treasures of these town factions have, if big reputation, with these counterfeit is also relationship, counterfeit formidable such, that quality goods strong to what degree? Because has such idea, therefore in Comprehend the world here, counterfeit also very much has the market. But in machine here, Liquid Silver does not have Ying to be similar to Cultivation World there the treasure of town faction, therefore Card such excited. The Zhao Hai look at Card type, nodded said : „, certainly can manufacture counterfeit to come, Liquid Silver was subdued by me, inside had my spiritual branding, therefore I can better research Liquid Silver, if gives Clan Liquid Silver, a point with does not have, therefore wants after a period of time, I think that I can general know the Liquid Silver ingredient, refinement method might and other time, when the time comes many act on please Clan, many prepared some to refine Liquid Silver to need material.” Card happy said : does not have the issue, so long as can manufacture Liquid Silver against Pin to come, you want any Clan to give.” Before Desbarres look at Zhao Hai said : „that doesn't want to say this matter?” Zhao Hai look at Desbarres, forced smile said : Camp Lord, said that the sentence is not of pleasant to hear, if Maggie has not become my woman, you think that I do dare to say really? If I said that I also feared that my poor life did not guarantee.” As soon as Desbarres listened to Zhao Hai saying that is thinking Houcke's temperament, sighed, was not speaking, Zhao Hai look at Desbarres said : Camp Lord, how you to my Zhao Hai, my Zhao Hai bore in mind, but now Liquid Silver is my, moreover I obtained Liquid Silver, was not the price has not paid, if Patriarch, because this matter must the location value I, I will not wait for death, when the time comes I met leave Ashley Clan, naturally, my also will not take the initiative tackled Ashley Clan, after all had Camp Lord your this relationship, cross the border at this counterfeit matter I was not cannot. Reported Patriarch, if made the Patriarch strength formidable, chased down me is not easier? However now is different, now Maggie was my woman, I was also the Ashley Clan person, naturally must be Ashley Clan considers with, therefore was hiding the truth from this matter before, but also invited Camp Lord and General Manager excuses me!” Card nodded said : this matter to pass, Little Hai you do not have to Clan active, do not think that many, entered the stadium I to politely call your uncle after a period of time.”

Card worthily is General Manager, this that mediates to hit calls good, naturally, has the authority to say such words person in Ashley Clan, but few. Maggie listened to Card saying that was actually a shaming intent of face, her charmingly angry said : Uncle, you also teased me.” Card laughs said : your this small girl, these days was Clan helps these many important matters actually not tell me, it seems like it was the female does not remain really greatly.” Maggie white Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai had not told me that is Liquid Silver, he said that is the one type of metal that he obtains newly, making me help research.” Zhao Hai and Maggie achieved the tacit understanding in this moment unexpectedly, that had any research metal such saying, but Laura they told the Maggie Space interesting part, Maggie naturally also asked Liquid Silver matter, Laura they have not been hiding the truth from her, told her, therefore clearly know Zhao Hai was lying, for did not expose the Space matter, Maggie still helped Zhao Hai lie this to the circle. Card teased Maggie several, does this turn the head to have confidence to Zhao Hai said :?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I to be able more than 1000 people to bring the there belt to come back from meteorite, has confidence to cope with their fleets, for does not make the Zhang Family person know that their fleets are any destruction, therefore asked Sir Manager to outside carry on the electronic countermeasure, cannot make them return to Zhang Family to go this information, otherwise not only to this time 6 Realms new person competition very disadvantageous, to our Ashley Clan was not the good deed.” But Card person old person fine character, moreover was the Ashley Clan General Manager dozens years, any matter has not seen, his naturally understand Zhao Hai this saying was any meaning, his immediately/on horseback nodded said : Little Hai your feel relieved, this matter ensure cannot pass on, these time came out with us, may be the Clan core member, the loyal aspect will definitely not have any issue, you must do hit, hitting maliciously, hit the pain Zhang Family, gave us Ashley Clan this foul air.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : General Manager, you should send the letter to Clan now, making them arrive at quicksand starfield there to receive the battleship after a period of time.” Card laughs said : well, I send the letter, you rest.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : „, I cannot rest now, I must go to an detection, General Manager, I walked first.” Said that his personal appearance vanished in the battleship.

Card looked that Zhao Hai vanished cannot help but has gawked, did he turn the head look at Maggie said : Little Hai this is?” Maggie showed a faint smile said : Elder Brother Hai to walk, Uncle, you have forgotten, in Elder Brother Hai was Space Magician, he wanted the leave battleship, simply not to need to open the cabin door.” Card has gawked, his horse understand, Zhao Hai this is in looking like him showed that own strength, Card was not the fool, although Zhao Hai said that under the help of Maggie, research left the Liquid Silver material, but Card was actually very clear, Liquid Silver such important thing, before Maggie not true became the Zhao Hai woman, he was impossible to make Maggie participate, therefore this was just Zhao Hai one makes excuses. Card to believes that Zhao Hai did not tell Clan the Liquid Silver matter, kept a subsequent party for oneself, Desbarres to Zhao Hai good, entire Ashley Clan people knows, moreover evidently Zhao Hai was also person of the heavy sentiment, therefore Zhao Hai should will not take the initiative betrayal Ashley Clan. If if Ashley Clan to cope with Zhao Hai, that matter was not quite easy to do, Zhao Hai is Space Divergent Warlock , under the help of Liquid Silver, he can more than 1000 people, have there to deliver in returned to Clan from rainbow meteorite, such strength does not allow to look down upon, if he wants to walk, Clan also really nobody can block him. Reason that Zhao Hai uses Space Divergent Technique before him, is actually wants to tell him, you do not have the ability to block me, one, but must cope with me, I walk away, your anything cannot obtain, will also be many a formidable enemy, such does is not cost-effective, might as well to me good. Card sighed the Zhao Hai good method darkly, although compared entire Ashley Clan to come, Zhao Hai was in the weak trend, but Zhao Hai can actually use in hand all sorts of conditions, making him stand in one with the Ashley Clan almost equal position, now Ashley Clan does not dare to move his. Card turns the head to Maggie said : small flower bud, rests, I give Clan to send the letter, believes soon, Clan will send the warship to come.” Maggie nodded, turns the head, her face does not have a facial expression of worry, after experiencing the mystery of Space, Maggie already complete was not Zhao Hai is worried. After waiting for Maggie leave, Card sighed, turns the head to Desbarres said : virtue Fatty, this Zhao Hai was really a character, only hopes that he can be given to tie up by Miss Maggie, this will have the huge advantage to our Ashley Clan.” Desbarres shows a faint smile said : I to believe meeting, so long as Clan does not cope with Zhao Hai, that Zhao Hai will not cope with Clan, even if will be he will be separated from Clan in the future, but there is Maggie relationship, he will also look after Ashley Clan, if he became moves a side really Expert, that Clan can sleep without worries.”

Card look at Desbarres, smiles said : to be good your virtue Fatty, did you already think of this point? Are you really confident to Zhao Hai?” Desbarres shows a faint smile said : you to believe that can start the Liquid Silver person to be an average person? Perhaps our entire machine extension must on the body of Zhao Hai.” Card did not talk about the topic, because he also somewhat believes Desbarres's words. A Maggie returned to own room, Space rift on appears in her in the room, Maggie has gawked together, but she was immediately walked, entered to Space rift sees Zhao Hai and Laura they. Maggie stares, puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, didn't you go to scout to go? How also in here?” The Laura look at Maggie appearance, smiles said : my silly younger sister, has Space , does Elder Brother Hai also use itself to go to scout? Only if the special place, does not need Elder Brother Hai to go to scout in simply, you favor, walks, enters the room, today lets your playing well.” Said rashly, then Maggie entered the room, enters to the room, Maggie on the scenery by screen attracting, on the screen and no big deal scenery, there is only an outer space, in fast the motion outer space, Maggie does not know that this is not the outer space is moving, but moves outside in thing, is passing on returned to Space outside scenery. These attracted her attention, with Laura they nearby screen, like playing toy points at Liquid Silver release to go to a flying needle that if Zhao Hai is also the forced smile not by. Before although Zhao Hai, has not gone to quicksand starfield there, but Space here actually organic here Star Map, this Star Map in machine here is not secret, although Zhao Hai has not received in this Star Map Space now, but regards an ordinary map to use him well.