Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1158
Three days later, Zhao Hai returned to on warship, but lets Card and Desbarres was what is surprised, Zhao Hai goes out this several days, Maggie almost does not go out, except for everyday eats meal, making people the food deliver to outside the room, she does not have 1 u the surface, this lets Card and Desbarres is surprised. When Zhao Hai returned to command(er) hall time, Maggie also appears , Card and Desbarres looked at Zhao Hai to come back, their immediately has encircled, Zhao Hai has arrived around master control computer of command(er) hall, has assigned out quicksand planet map said : in here, 20 Zhang Family battleships, their position very secretive . Moreover the there family magnetic field did not disturb, electronic installation should presently they, moreover this position, the preparation said that already in the surrounding of route, if we if has not guarded, to there, on will possibly relax the vigilance, was the best sneak attack place.” Card is not the lord who anything does not understand, the position that his very clear, Zhang Family chooses, is really a best position, it seems like Zhang Family must extinguish them. Card did nod said : what to do that you to prepare?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to circle, from the original route, deviation some slightly, although this will probably run into the person who Zhang Family sends the surveillance, but these person of Manager do not need to be worried that I will solve them, Manager is bringing the fleet to these places, then carries on the electronic countermeasure, the remaining matters gave me.” Card nodded said : feel relieved, this is not a problem, when do we move?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : General Manager feel relieved, you defer to plan to do by all means are, wait for you arrived at the assigned location, completes the matter that you must handle, fight immediately starts, I went to be busy first.” The personal appearance moves, vanished in the battleship. Card look at nearby Desbarres has smiled bitterly next step: My goodness, this youngster to was command(er) has us to come, has resulted, we also managed, was 1 small flower bud, this several days you doing? How to leave the room?” Maggie hit yawn said : to come out to do, navigation originally was sufficed bored, came out facing these many grown man looks, I was not dry, my in the room played happy that the game played, Uncle, I walked.” Said that turn around walked, makes Card and Desbarres puzzled. Desbarres is busy at stopping by calling out Maggie said : 1 small flower bud, aren't you worried about the Little Hai security really? But this time he facing a fleet?” Maggie turns the head look at Desbarres to show a faint smile said : I not to be worried that in this world nobody can kill Elder Brother Hai, I walked.” Said that beckoned with the hand completely, goes to own room. Desbarres and Card look at the Maggie appearance, they are speechless, they have not thought really that Maggie so will be really confident to Zhao Hai, their there knows that this several days Maggie has stayed with Zhao Hai in Space, their everyday stays in together, but also there is anything to be good to be worried. Zhao Hai returned to in Space, Maggie also quickly has come in now, enters to Space, several people of immediately are staring at the large screen, but they have not been playing anything to play now, moreover how is preparing to attack the Zhang Family fleet. Zhang Family fleet there has been given to monitor by them now, Zhao Hai even turned into the flying needle some Liquid Silver, has put on the ship of Zhang Family fleet, they were certainly impossible to be inescapable. The issue is how must cope with the Zhang Family fleet, Lizzy careful look at map said : Zhang Family altogether has army 20, on the warship also has about Mecha forty thousand, this is not a small digit, wants to cope with them not to be easy, I mean, sets out Undead Creature army directly, is used Liquid Silver by Elder Brother Hai, gives to break protective shield of their warship, then refers to meeting Undead Creature army to deliver to the warship above, short distance preying, gave to extinguish them at one fell swoop.”

Zhao Hai nodded, this plans is very good, this Zhang Family person simply has not brought Magician or Warrior enters the battleship, so long as Zhao Hai broke protective shield of their battleship, delivery that they can Undead Creature finger of meeting in battleship, when the time comes in battleship these people also not, no matter what they butcher. This was also Zhao Hai nearest/recent present, if the battleship of his present opposite party opened protective shield, the Liquid Silver flying needle cannot moisten to the ship of opposite party on, he was impossible to see battleship inside situation, so long as has defeated opposite party protective shield, that flying needle not only can moisten on the ship, but can also put in the battleship directly. Because the these days Zhang Family fleet is at the condition of ambush, therefore is only when noon meteorite approaches, will open protective shield, Zhao Hai was also calling this time made to experiment. Zhao Hai very clear, in the future he with opportunity has plenty of battleship to, therefore he must say that this opportunity are many to the battleship some understood, must many understanding, Space to boarding the battleship, there are these superiority, there are these inferiority, the diameter fruit of experiment is good. To be honest, when Zhao Hai in presently can directly Undead Creature delivers to battleship inside, Zhao Hai really has not given up these battleships gives Ashley Clan. Zhao Hai very clear, wants to train a qualified battleship operation soldier is not that easy, so long as have destroyed completely the person in Zhang Family battleship, these battleships on equal to were his, above these soldiers, can definitely make them turn into Undead Creature, then operation warship. However complied, that does not give is not good, finally Zhao Hai was cruel-hearted, gives Ashley Clan the battleship, but these soldiers on battleship, actually must remain. The Megan look at battleship, deep voice said : „these battleships people on operation person to said that now feared that these Mecha soldiers will run, if he ran, to was somewhat troublesome.” Zhao Hai nodded said : these Mecha soldiers, if runs, I made me solve, now in Space has not manufactured the Liquid Silver material, Liquid Silver cannot the manufacture of mass, put in the army, therefore Space army present fighting strength, but also was not enough to spell with the Mecha soldier directly hardly, therefore copes with these Mecha soldier best means now is my personally make a move, so long as actually control the battleship, turned into Undead Creature the battleship soldiers, we can definitely cope with these Mecha soldiers with the Zhang Family battleship, did not have what good worry.” Megan several people nodded, discussed matter that attacks, actually the matter to the present, became very simple, is only waiting for commencing of action, they can cope with the Zhang Family fleet directly. After having reached an agreement, Laura turns the head look at Maggie said : Maggie, what kind, thinks command(er) one team of people?” Maggie one hear of Laura this Maggie has gawked, then at heart is actually one cold, she also first time heard that some people regard to play the murder, now her some have not been familiar with. Laura looked that the Maggie appearance knows she is thinking anything, Laura showed a faint smile said : to be good, do not think that many Elder Brother Hai have killed many people from making a debut to present don’t know, however homicide was the enemy, the enemy must eliminate, otherwise, they will kill us in the future.”

Maggie nodded, she is one pure grows up hua that in the greenhouse, that has thought this, but she also knows that now she already with Zhao Hai, that was the Zhao Hai person, must adapt to these. Before Maggie, can be said as a complete idealist, she has lived in a very secure environment, she most has experienced the Clan struggle brutal can experience to arrive at outside world with Wuqing/ruthless there carnage. However comes out this several days with Zhao Hai, has made Maggie see the machine here true colors, machine here although is dominated by three big influences now, but the small influence are innumerable, has a grudge, has hate struggles to kill unceasingly, thinks to go on living, can only kill the enemy to expand itself. Because has such idea, therefore Maggie will agree with command(er) that team of Undead Creature, because she loves Zhao Hai, she wants to help Zhao Hai. Discussed, Laura they adjusted quicksand starfield there the screen, on the screen several green dot, was expunging toward quicksand starfield there. But exists in some quicksand starfield there still tiny red dot, these tiny red dot, are the Zhang Family fleet, Zhao Hai look at this situation, turns the head when to calculate General Manager they to arrive at the Zhang Family stand guard area to Laura said :, before General Manager they arrive, extinguished the people of these surveillance.” Laura nodded said : Elder Brother Hai your feel relieved and ensure cannot have problems, General Manager they about one day can enter to the Zhang Family stand guard area, after entering the Zhang Family stand guard area, about four hours can arrive at the predetermined place, after entering the predetermined place, in two hours can complete the electronic suppress, when the time comes we can make a move, Elder Brother Hai, you rest, after all when the time comes also wants you to act to be good.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : you also rest, here gives Cai'er and silver child is staring, don't, when hits not to have the spirit. „ Laura smiles said :feel relieved, will not harm the matter.” Zhao Hai nodded, turn around went to room. Card and Desbarres do not have such mood, they have almost stayed in the command(er) hall, they have to think, does not let Zhao Hai make a move, waits for Clan reinforcement, then asked Clan to send out the fleet, extinguished the opposite party at one fell swoop, but they believe that Clan there will have the sound, Zhang Family also definitely knows, when the time comes Zhang Family also will dispatch troops, by that time two clans made war on equal to publicly, this regarding Ashley Clan very disadvantageous, moreover Zhang Family certain meeting wants completely all means not to make Zhao Hai participate, now the leave match may not have several days, they cannot delay. Since Zhao Hai had confidence to extinguish the opposite party, they pressed Zhao Hai saying that sent the letter to Clan, making the family member send for receiving the battleship to be OK, they must rush to a machine star as soon as possible. Now Zhang Family and Ashley Clan contradiction was almost has put was getting up outwardly, only then the a piece fig leaf was keeping off, but was this fig leaf, making the two clans people have scruples, that is not willing first this fig leaf pulling, such words does not have the advantage to two clans. Has this fig leaf to keep off, battle of their person impossible large-scale, battle of large-scale, that only cannot be the conflict of small scale, but like the wars of this types of 20 battleships to five battleships, cannot be battle of large-scale, after all both sides have not deployed the large-scale battleship . Moreover the quantity of battleship are not many. What most important is, Clan of both sides now is still the nominal alliance, even if both sides conflicts, the clearly know opposite party is who, actually still pretends don’t know, when you your pirate, I when my soldier, the pirate and soldier makes war, that is in normal, no matter what no one could say anything. Actually looks like in Zhao Hai, this is a farce, such show gets down, is disadvantageous regarding two clans, but two clans thinks now , after 6 Realms new competition, is making the final showdown.

This time 6 Realms new person competition appears Ten Great Experts such Expert, having made a machine person see the hope, therefore machine High level, regarding this time 6 Realms new person competition attach great importance to, if two Great Clan dare to disturb at this time, does not make the invitational meet smoothly hold, that three big Big Shot will not comply. Do not look, no matter Zhang Family or Ashley Family, has the good strength, but if they offended three Big Shot, their two clans day will not feel better, calculation that after all said in machine here what is three Big Shot. Stemming from this all sorts of considerations, therefore Card and Desbarres make Clan send out the battleship to receive these battleships, but has not made Clan send out the fleet to support, because they believe Zhao Hai. Exactly said what they believe is Zhao Hai in hand Liquid Silver, god who too because machine here passes on Liquid Silver, therefore they are very confident regarding Liquid Silver. They closely are staring at the computer screen, some little time Card to Desbarres said : virtue Fatty, you said does thing that if Little Hai has not monitored the opposite party what to do capture? When the time comes must meet the tough head-on with toughness.” Desbarres coldly snorted said : meets the tough head-on with toughness meets the tough head-on with toughness, who fears anyone, before Little Hai had not proposed this motion, weren't we plan to meet the tough head-on with toughness? Thinks that many do do? Now we must do believes Little Hai.” Card must sigh said : „the present also only to be able like this, hoping Little Hai can succeed, if Little Hai can succeed, I dare saying that in the top ten name of this time 6 Realms new competition, will certainly have a Little Hai position. „ Desbarres look at Card said :your too underestimated Little Hai, too looked at Cultivation World these fellows high, in Cultivation World these new people, there is that to dare person one on one 20 battleships? Doesn't have? If the Little Hai success, I think really this Little Hai has the struggle first strength.” Card look at Desbarres said : virtue Fatty, you do not boast, I said that but the match of 6 Realms new person competition.” Desbarres flipped eye said : I not saying that is the invitational meet, or do we make a bet what kind of?” Card the look at Desbarres's appearance, beckoned with the hand said : I to hit such gambling, your appearance looks like digs the appearance that the pit I fell, I was not swindled.” As soon as Desbarres listens, cannot help but laughs.!.