Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1159
The Zhao Hai calm look at screen, on screen the Ashley Clan fleet, arrived has assigned the position, but they expects compared with Zhao Hai must late about one hour. Zhao Hai knows that this is because Card they entirely has not believed reason that his strength, he has not said anything, has not gone to see Card, he must do now, must maintain that mysterious feeling, must make Card they forever rub unclear he bottom. Maintains mysterious, sometimes can save lots of troubles, because others in the situation of don’t know your details, do not dare to move generally your. Zhao Hai is so, he can help Ashley Clan handle many matters, but he will not tell Ashley Clan oneself all cards in a hand, except for his woman, he will not believe anybody easily. Zhao Hai looked that Card they entered the scheduled place, this turns the head the look at Zhang Family fleet, the Zhang Family fleet, because the electronic system was certainly disturbed, therefore now and situation of don’t know Ashley Clan fleet, they were also counting on outside these monitoring points to them the signalling, have not actually thought that these monitoring points by Zhao Hai pulling out, therefore they have not prepared fight now, this has given Zhao Hai best opportunity. Zhao Hai saw Card Xu there prepared was similar, his here also prepared to begin, but he did not have immediately to begin, he , after must wait for Card to turn into the electronic suppress, he will begin. You asked that Zhao Hai knows when Card does complete the electronic suppress? Excuse me, Zhao Hai with Card on a battleship long time, insurance wanted Zhao Hai to think that in Card that intestines has the excrement he to know. When Card they have completed the electronic suppress, Zhao Hai here also moved, only flash, large quantities of Undead Creature appears in the Zhang Family battleship, but these Undead Creature are actually not Zhao Hai command(er), Zhao Hai came out from Space now, arrived at outside of Zhang Family fleet. Just as is these battleship operators who in such Zhang Family fleet Zhao Hai thinks, regarding these fighting strength formidable Undead Creature, simply any resistance, instead to has not been these Mecha soldiers, because in treating fights the time, when Undead Creature attacks them, the has plenty Mecha soldiers entered in own Mecha, started to fight with these Undead Creature, some in the battleship by Undead Creature killing, some actually ran from the battleship coming out. Zhao Hai calm look at these Mecha, these Mecha soldiers are Elite, if they do not have Mecha to discuss fighting strength to come, has fallen far short compared with Warrior and Magician, so long as there is Mecha they to be able with Warrior and Magician contends, training that they received since childhood, were not less than Warrior and Magician, in the major influences, their status, was higher than Magician and Warrior. From these people can in such a short time, the type from the battleship come out to look, their strengths are very strong.

Now in the battleship is Undead Creature these Mecha is big, moves about with difficulty in the battleship, moreover they certainly have also guessed correctly, the other places of battleship also received certainly attack, will therefore run up to outside the battleship to come or run into the meteorite belt, or goes to other battleships to have a look, these are these Mecha soldiers' choices after attack, has saying that their choices are correct. Can look at them from this point is the Elite soldiers, but was a pity that they have met Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai will be impolite to them. These Mecha soldiers somewhat were flurried in surprise attack, Zhao Hai not to their polite entered Assassin to them directly, is flurried is expanding. But afterward made these Mecha soldier collapses the matter live completely, their battleship started to open fire to them unexpectedly, these still completely collapsed in the Mecha soldier of resistance, they knew now, they were impossible to live Lou Kai here. However now thinks quick that this late, the fight had finished, just as is such that Zhao Hai thinks, the person of Zhang Family fleet, tries to pass on returned to Zhang Family to go the here situation, but Card electronic suppress, actually ruined their final hope, making them absolutely not have opportunity to tell Zhang Family the here situation. 20 battleships, process of fight is actually the extraordinary simplicity, is less than five hours, all battleships, Mecha was all eliminated, there besides 20 ship complete fights, some Mecha fragments, was not having other thing. In these battleships besides some bloodstains, anything did not have, living person had not seen, but the battleship and Mecha completely retained. After Zhao Hai has cleaned the battlefield, eye slandering looked at these battleship one, finally returned to in Space, at this time Laura they also had completed their work, in there look at these battleships, is directing to the battleship. Looks at Zhao Hai to come, Laura immediately/on horseback said : „did Elder Brother Hai, solve?” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to Maggie said : Maggie, we should go back.” Maggie face is not quite good, she just command(er) one team of Undead Creature, had been killing person on a battleship, although she command(er) in front of screen, but face is not quite still good.

The Zhao Hai look at Maggie appearance, said : was in a soft voice good, Maggie, do not think that many, they are the enemies.” Maggie face pale nod. Zhao Hai not bears, must look for another topic, to Maggie said : right Maggie, I just want to ask you, is that jammer that you make easy-to-use? What matter can make the flight recorder in battleship not have the means really to record in the non- battleship to live?” The flight recorder, was in case of emergency, specifically is used to record in the battleship the part to live the one type of machine of any matter, master control computer of this type of machine and battleship was connected, but was also independent beside master control computer . Moreover the metal or the one type of that outstanding alloy used, will not ruin easily, the sometimes entire battleship was even destroyed, the flight recorder will not have the matter. Although the flight recorder is and master control computer unites, but is also independent beside master control computer, so long as there are without staff that this ship permits enters to the battleship, flight recorder immediately will start the record, all records the situation in battleship. Zhao Hai before the attack battleship knows that this thing, this is also thing that he most has scruples, because there is this thing, no matter Ashley Clan is also good, is Zhang Family is also good, can through this thing, know that in the battleship lived anything disadvantageously, this regarding Zhao Hai. However this issue actually by Maggie solving, Maggie besides is Magician, regarding some Magic Formation and electronic product, has very strong interest. In machine here, actually Magician and electronic product originally has inseparable relationship, machine here science and technology, with Earth on, science and technology on Earth, is not only science and technology in electro-mechanical, but machine here science and technology is actually Magic science and technology, in here electronic product, more or less will have existences of some Magic Formation, on additional battleship Mecha on by Magic Formation give priority to, do not say other. In these Magician that Mecha and on electronic product uses, is not ordinary Magic Formation, but is some uses Magic Formation on electronic product specially, these Magic Formation mainly does to use, is used to assist, is not used to fight, generally this Magic Formation, Magician will not go to research specially, in machine here, the each clan clan has this Magic Formation specially research, only then few Magician, because these attack strength, defense capability, therefore general Magician looks does not glance. Zhao Hai has not noted these Magician most from the beginning, even he , in Space condense Magic Formation, has not paid attention to these Magic Formation. However before the fleet fight of Zhang Family, Zhao Hai actually noted the flight recorder, the issue of flight recorder has not solved, throughout will leave the hidden danger to him.

But in this moment, Maggie actually offered an advice, she makes Zhao Hai manufacture the one type of jammer, the volume of this type of platoon jammer is not big, but the power is very big, so long as this jammer appears on the battleship, the flight recorder on equal to were the black bear. But through this matter, Zhao Hai also attached great importance to these Support Class Magic Formation, because of him presently, these Support Class Magic Formation, sometimes, doing that plays uses, is bigger than these attack or defense type Magic Formation. Zhao Hai asked Maggie this topic, but wants to shift the Maggie attention, he has also succeeded, Maggie immediately/on horseback said : Elder Brother Hai feel relieved was good and ensure cannot have the matter.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the headthat to be good to Maggie said :, now my strength also exposure time, walks, we go back, later you arrived in Space, can perhaps multi- research one these Magic Formation, have to us in a big way uses.. The Maggie thoughts changed to these Magic Formation, face is better, now is the repetitive nod, Zhao Hai look at his appearance, showed a faint smile, has not been saying anything, the Maggie appearance, with some Karen shapes, is the research alone that type person, must say that they were the father and daughter, believes to some people. Delivered returned to the room Maggie, Zhao Hai also flashes body appears in Card battleship, Card and Desbarres on the battleship, that direction of eager look at Zhang Family fleet, are wanting to come in them now, Zhao Hai must with the Zhang Family fleet war, that probably hit the dizzy darkness place, the livelihood did not have the light to be right, may not have what sound to present there, this made them very puzzled. In this time, Zhao Hai suddenly, Card was actually looking at Zhao Hai to come back, immediately/on horseback said : how Little Hai? Needs the support of Clan? If so, my immediately/on horseback sends the letter to Clan, but we actually cannot keep here, wants immediately/on horseback to hurry to a machine star.” Card thinks that Zhao Hai has not made war with Zhang Family, will therefore say. Zhao Hai look at Card, shows a faint smile said : General Manager, we can leave, the Zhang Family fleet has solved, asking Clan to send for the receive being OK.” Card and Desbarres stare, they looked at one mutually, saw of doubt from the opposite party eye, the opposite party 20 battleships, such silently solved? How is this possible?!.