Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1160
Zhao Hai look at Card and Desbarres's appearance, shows a faint smile said : General Manager, Camp Lord, feel relieved was good, I said have handled, has handled, or we went to there to have a look first, then in also good, in any case it will not take long.” Card and Desbarres naturally agreed that the fleet leaves, place that the direct Zhang Family fleet is, as soon as they arrived in the nose dumbfounded, because there besides few Mecha butts, all battleship complete preservation in there, has not received a point damage. If not these battleships has not supported protective shield, has not carried on attack to them, they will possibly think the Zhang Family person also in the battleship. Card and Desbarres puzzled look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Camp Lord, General Manager, or do we go to the battleship to have a look?” They looked at one mutually, at this time had smiled said : from in the room walked out Maggie well Elder Brother Hai, we had a look, I want to take a look at the Zhang Family battleship with our family had any difference.” Card and Desbarres, as soon as listened to Maggie saying that was also not good to say anything, the nod head, has depended on the battleship, release the connection bridge, several people have boarded the Zhang Family battleship. To enter the battleship of opposite party through the connection bridge, must obtain the approval of opposite party, in the battleship of opposite party nobody's words, that use connection bridge is impossible to enter to the ship of opposite party, Card and Desbarres looked that Zhao Hai uses the connection bridge to enter to the battleship of opposite party unexpectedly, doubt at heart , if not Maggie must go, they feared that does not dare to enter the battleship of opposite party with Zhao Hai. Enters the decompression chamber of opposite party battleship, Card and Desbarres stare, because has the person in this decompression chamber, no, cannot say is the person, but should say that has Undead Creature! Has two not to arrive at life form in this decompression chamber, these two Undead Creature wear Zhang Family the clothes of fleet operate, looked that several people have come, to several people of gave a salute, let the one side. Zhao Hai has not cared. Leads three people to walk toward the battleship, arrives in the battleship, Card and Desbarres believed the Zhao Hai words finally, because in this battleship can see some bloodstains everywhere ”, but besides these bloodstains, within was big a person not to have. Zhao Hai look at this situation, shows a faint smile said :greatly chief officer, Camp Lord, I turned into Undead Creature Zhang Family fleet all people, now these battleships completely have preserved, so long as Clan comes the person, sends for the battleship coming up, the operation of familiar battleship, that this battleship immediately can open to fight. Card stands in the battleship, laughing suddenly, effort has patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : good, great Little Hai, well done, the dry attractiveness, my immediately said to Clan this situation, on after a while returned to battleship, I will leave behind a battleship, at here look at these wars, simultaneously leaves behind some ship group staff, most at least can guarantee fights protective shield and Warrior are effective, in this meteorite treats, these battleships may be hit by meteorite anytime, but don't by these battleship. Has not destroyed in fighting, instead to destroyed in the hit of meteorite.”

Desbarres they also laughs, returned to of several half steps on the Ashley Clan battleship, have reassigned some ship group staff, has left behind a battleship, this left. Matter that this Zhao Hai handlesCard also looked like Clan to make the report of very detailed, Houcke was hearing the matter of this matter, being startled veryhe never expected Zhao Hai unexpectedly can do was so attractive. But makes him feel what is puzzled, how Zhao Hai achieves this point, can he enters to the battleship in silently? However Houcke also demonstrated that some Patriarch winds, he had not asked anything, but is ordering makes the Clan fleet quick point rush to aid. Zhao Hai these people on battleship naturally also knows that Zhao Hai has made anything, these people really admire the extreme to Zhao Hai now, several other battalions of these participating staff, refuses to accept final that at heart, completely eliminated, when a strength of person, is only high your, has defeated you, you will possibly refuse to accept, when this person high you had been too many, what then they have to refuse to accept. Card their leave quicksand starfield there two day later, the Ashley Clan fleet arrived, very has taken over these 20 battleships smoothly, this lets Ashley Clan, for no reason a wealth. But this time Zhao Hai, actually in Space, look at quicksand starfield there scenery , naturally, scenery that he looks at now is not the meteorite belt outside quicksand starfield, but is that boundless vast desert in quicksand starfield. Laura their look at that vast desert, some little time Megan said : Elder Brother Hai, doesn't your look at this vast desert, want to go to the there risk?” Followed to be long in the Zhao Hai side, Megan they to Zhao Hai enough understanding, noticed that Zhao Hai look at this vast desert did not put, they know that Zhao Hai wanted to do. But here only one by one don’t know, was Maggie, now Maggie one hear of Megan said that cannot help but face did change said : Elder Brother Hai? Do you want such to do really? It is not good, you cannot such do, this was too dangerous.” The Zhao Hai look at Maggie appearance, showed a faint smile said : to be good, all right, I was have a look, to receive a sand to enter Space, had a look at these sand is good thing.”

Maggie did not agree that at this time Laura smiles said : to consider as finished Maggie, does not need to be Elder Brother Hai was worried that he will not have the matter, Elder Brother Hai, you must go, does not permit the inside of vast desert, received some sand to enter Space in the surrounding of vast desert to be good.” Zhao Hai nodded, the personal appearance moved, vanishes in Space, next quarter he already appears on screen, Maggie face anxious look at Zhao Hai. Laura their look at Maggie appearance, has cannot help but smiled, they not that were worried for Zhao Hai now, because they believe that Zhao Hai will not have the matter. Zhao Hai stands on a piece meteorite on sand seaside, look at this boundless sand, cannot help but somewhat sighed at heart that this boundless vast desert was really too big, under the illuminations of some periphery star radiance, was flashing seven color glories, such scenery , could not see in Space absolutely. However Zhao Hai does not have the plan to walk toward inside, he does not want to let Laura they extremely in the worry, he stands in there, meets to begin to wield, Space rift appears in his front about ten thousand meters places, this Space rift appears , the sand in the sea sand one has welled together up, but made Zhao Hai not be possible to think of the matter of intent to live, strength big extraordinary of these sand, were corroding that to say Space rift unexpectedly probably, by Space rift become bigger. Zhao Hai has cannot help but gawked, his immediately has closed Space rift, but at this time in Space had also transmitted the prompt sound: Is presently eternal innumerably, this Sand Wei earth attribute, everlasting, may be the weapon use, may be the material, in join weapon, its heavy profound iron, it exceeds Magical Treasure firmly, has the energy of corrosion myriad things, has to eliminate the energy of myriad things spiritual force. Zhao Hai heard this prompt sound cannot help but to stare, he has not thought really that these sand really such formidable, really had the energy of corrosion myriad things, moreover can eliminate spiritual force, this was too inconceivable. This corrosion myriad things said fortunately, but eliminates the myriad things spiritual force, this point may be extraordinary, like Cultivation World there Magical Treasure, the last procedure is to attach the spirit, but this attaches spirit lets this Magical Treasure owner recognition actually, puts in own spiritual force to Magical Treasure, later others obtain this Magical Treasure, thinks that is using his words, can only disappearance original Master spiritual force, be able to use. General Magical Treasure said fortunately, like flying sword and so on, so long as has killed original Master, in eliminated spiritual force on sword has been OK, the person but who if you killed was some influential figure posterity, but on Magical Treasure that this person used, there is this influential figure spiritual force words, that not so was good to eliminate, because spiritual force incomparable formidable of these person, that feared that was only then a silk, was not that easy on eliminated, conversely, these person counter- to can find you under the direction of own spiritual force, has killed you. Cultivation World there, the everyday murder seizes being not infrequent of treasure, because provoked should not suddenly the person of provoking, killed was also not infrequent, but if obtained eternally this innumerable, appears this situation, they cannot use eternally this also innumerable, eliminated these spiritual force, no matter what like this these influential figure had exceedingly high ability, did not have the means to find the person. Besides this point, but also a little, in machine here, general Space equipment like the Portable purse, above does not have the spiritual force seal, if Space equipment lost, could not look, but in Cultivation World there was actually not, Cultivation World there Space equipment, like Magical Treasure, there is spiritual force blessing/additional support, if you obtained Space equipment of person, if you cannot eliminate the opposite party to exert spiritual force on Magical Treasure, you could not attain thing in equipment.

If you must break spiritual force on Space equipment forcefully, will create the subspace stir in equipment, in all thing equipment destroys, then has wasted time on equal to, but must eliminate spiritual force on these equipment, grinding bit by bit, exerted spiritual force on Space equipment not to the grinding the opposite party, you can use, this process needs not the short time. But if had eternally this innumerable, that this issue has been easily solved, can say that this eternal innumerable, definitely has the big use, if makes the Cultivation World there person obtain, certain happy dies. Zhao Hai entered Space, has put out one eternally innumerable, this eternal innumerable extremely tiny, wants to be tinier than the ordinary sand, but sleep is very heavy, Zhao Hai with in hand, actually feeling this sand, fully about thousand jin (0.5 kg), such weight was really too astonishing. These sand are golden yellow , general that grains of such as the gold casts, very beautiful, Laura they have also encircled, curious look at these sand. Looked some little time could not see all however, Zhao Hai received the sand, with several people of returned to in the villa, scenery on screen changed into their battleship now. Looked at the battleship, inside all normal, nobody disturbs them, Zhao Hai turns the head to Maggie said : Maggie, will we have several days to arrive at a machine star?” Maggie smiles said : to be quick, in having about two days, over the two days we should be able to meet other influences the fleets.”!.