Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1161
Chapter 87 assists the Magic Formation use Such that really such as Maggie said that over the two days they have met many other potentials and fleet, the quantities of these fleets are not many, most also comprised of ten battleships. Zhao Hai was somewhat puzzled to this situation, asked Maggie knows, the invitational meet of each time 6 Realms new competition, various influences will not send out too many battleships, because machine star there did not stop. In machine here, every large or small influence, the no less than ten thousand people, these people may probably attend the invitational meet, if these people bring large quantities of battleships to rush, they do stop in there? Therefore slowly has formed a convention, when the invitational meet, all influences will not send too many battleships. Zhao Hai also saw, these days Card and Desbarres are also enough busy, once for a while with meeting the fleet greeted, some were direct hold a conversation, some were actually look to call with the signal light. Zhao Hai stayed in Space over the two days, he on few returned to battleships, the practice of everyday had still not stopped, the practice of Tempering Stars body Secret Art was also getting more and more skillful, big that very spiritual force grows, the intensity of body also in bit by bit is increasing, although very slow, but Zhao Hai has not actually stopped. Moreover now Zhao Hai starts endless condense Magic Formation, but this condense Magic Formation, is these Support Class Magic Formation, understood that these Magic Formation Zhao Hai know, these Support Class Magic Formation, unexpectedly are not less than these attack and defense Magic Formation, will be possibly more. attack and defense type Magic Formation, wanting research to leave new Magic Formation to come is not that easy, if the test failure, will possibly have the danger. But Support Class Magic Formation will not have this situation to live, these Magic Formation, some are used to increase the metal intensity, some are for can let a metal better radiation, some are for better transmission signal, all kinds, what has. What most important is, experiments these Magic Formation, not appears accident, even if were the test failure, has destroyed 1 or 2 type thing at most, will not have any matter to live, therefore these Support Class Magic Formation, were more than attack and defense Magic Formation. Zhao Hai is don’t know is these Magic Formation also useful regarding Magic Formation Set that he must use, in any case he was condense, if were useful that to be best, if useless also no big deal. However made the matter that Zhao Hai could not think of live, after these Support Class Magic Formation his condense came out, after the analysis of Universal Analyzer, unexpectedly makes his Magic Formation many many changes, now Zhao Hai can relying on own spiritual force, use 3000 overlay Magic Formation, but in Magic Formation Set of these 3000 overlay, has plenty was Support Class Magic Formation, after these Magic Formation join to Magic Formation Set, not only has not let the strength drop of Magic Formation Set, conversely, is also reduced by spiritual force that the person used many, this to Zhao Hai absolutely was good information. But these slightly superimpose Formation Set like five overlay and ten overlay, that say nothing, Might was increased much, moreover changed were also many, time spiritual force of use used also has been short, this absolutely was good information. Zhao Hai has not thought really that these Support Class Magic Formation, will really have such effect, this makes him be startled. But compared with Zhao Hai more surprised is actually Maggie, in machine here, humanity has believed that Support Class Magic Formation, with Magic Formation that the fight uses, simply is different thing, both cannot come in handy, otherwise, will make fighting strength Magic Formation Set Might drop. But these Magic Formation Set that now Zhao Hai makes, has subverted her beforehand cognition completely, this made Maggie extremely curious, wanted to make understand what's the matter. Maggie very clear, why if makes understand to assist Magic Formation and fight Magic Formation really unifies to have such effect, then regarding machine Magician, absolutely is a gospel, this will make machine Magic Formation, fighting strength obtain qualitative to leap.

Carefully has analyzed these Magic Formation Set, in looking at Magic Formation of some machine there about Support Class was unable to mix with fight class Magic Formation after paper, Maggie reached a conclusion finally, that is the issue of combination. In machine here, no matter Support Class Magic Formation, is fighting strength Magic Formation, were too many, wants these Magic Formation Set about in together, becomes fighting strength formidable Magic Formation Set, this is in itself not an easy matter, do not say that Support Class Magic Formation also join, such combined were more, the change were also more, wanted during these many changes, found the most suitable combination, easier said than done. Before machine there wants the person in Support Class Magic Formation join Magic Formation Set, after carrying on some time experiment, because did not have the means to find the most appropriate combination, therefore Magic Formation Set Might reduced, they also reached a such conclusion. But Universal Analyzer in Space, can actually become the best combination a Magic Formation row of case, therefore these Support Class Magic Formation, will play that big doing to use. It looks like in Maggie, a Zhao Hai in hand maximum treasure is not Universal Analyzer, if makes the person know that Zhao Hai has Universal Analyzer this thing, can snatch absolutely, the enticement of Universal Analyzer, is bigger than Liquid Silver absolutely. Liquid Silver is formidable weapon, can shake to absorb others, but Liquid Silver after all only then, moreover uses spiritual force also very enormous that Liquid Silver needs, was not who can use. However is different regarding Universal Analyzer, Universal Analyzer can with according to the different people, calculate differently, most suits Magic Formation Set that he uses, this may too formidable. Suppose, if Clan had wanted Analyzer multipurpose, in their Clan all Outer Sect camp Magic Formation, can come in handy to most suits itself, Might strongest Magic Formation, that fighting strength not only increased one layer absolutely. Regarding Clan, formidable Warrior frighten no doubt is good, but if there is the same thing, can large-scale enhancement Clan Outer Sect fighting strength, that be better. During this type is busy, Zhao Hai they arrived at a machine star finally, when quickly to the Mecha star, Zhao Hai and Maggie appears in the command(er) hall of battleship, look at this machine central planet. Machine resulted by the machine here person said for star, here was the places of three big influence collective work, often had a look at the account to be stationed in three fleets in here, the demon spirit fleet of distinction, the hammer of fleet and glorious fleet Warrior. These three fleets to divide to turn over to three situations and Commander, besides these three fleets, in machine on-board, but also stations fifty thousand Magic Formation, hundred thousand Warrior, and fifty thousand Mecha soldier. An entire machine star looks like in the outer space, has three colors, the green, the blue color, the silver! Green that is the forest, what blue is ocean and rivers, but silver is a machine on-board building. In machine star here, all buildings are almost the metals, is flashing silver radiance, here is the place that entire machine science and technology most reaches, has a machine biggest talented person to swing blue in here, a machine star synthesizes academy. A machine star synthesizes academy, is collection Magic, Martial Skill, Magic Formation research, Magic Formation Set research, Mecha research, battleship research, a military command(er) and other equal to body of synthesis academy, here has entire machine best teacher, the entire machine best learning environment, entire machine best Laboratory, machine many Great Clan Patriarch, the student who graduates from here.

Besides these thing, the machine star here also most special places, that is cold not positive tomb! Cold not positive has the special status in machine here, can say , if no machine without him, moment that therefore to cold not positive passed away every year, can the has plenty person worship to here, this has become a machine tradition. look at this beautiful planet, Zhao Hai at heart also really somewhat excited, immediately must one high get down in here with the talent characters of major influences, said that not excited that is fake. A Card look at machine star, turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, saw on the Zhao Hai although face calm, but in the eye actually boiled up intense fighting intent, cannot help but showed a faint smile, deep voice said : to machine here, will have the several days relaxation time, you will not wander about aimlessly, this several days I will lead you to visit with several that our Ashley Clan was on good terms, in visiting Elder Brother virtue Bishop in Darkness God palace, after competition, you want to go to there to play good, did not wander about aimlessly before the competition.” Several people have complied with one, at this time captain has looked like dock there to leave the signal, and under the direction of dock, stopped of dock to anchor on the stage the ship. After the ship stops, Card is bringing Zhao Hai they walked out from Spaceship, this dock cannot be an outer space base, but is used for the place that gives external Spaceship to anchor, design roughly with the outer space base is almost. Card they get down from Spaceship, person immediately of wear Dark Magic robe walked, bows said : to see General Manager to Card, saw Desbarres Manager, the vehicle has prepared.” Card often smiles said : Rook, your this fellow is such overly courteous, comes Little Hai, I give you to introduce, department head Rook of this Clan in machine star Office, Rook, this is Clan Bones Symbol Camp Zhao Hai, is these time participates in Main Force of invitational meet.” Rook look at Zhao Hai, two eyes bright said : Zhao Hai, I have listened to your name, the talent that new ascend comes up, this invitational meet looked your.” Zhao Hai is also taking a look at this Rook, about 1.8 m, combing neat of , a fold of Magic Robe reorganization does not have, understood at a glance that is that disposition very old-fashioned person. Zhao Hai Department Head Rook has favored to Rook ritual said :, when Zhao Hai Ding does everything possible.” Rook nodded, turns the head to walk to Card said :, arranged, other shipboard staff, you did not need to worry, some people managed.” Said that was leading people direction nearby small Spaceship. After several people got up Spaceship, Spaceship immediately/on horseback takes off, flies toward a machine star, Zhao Hai paid attention, machine star here be more prosperous than Dark Magic Star there, all kinds of small Spaceship, shuttle back and forth in the atmosphere of machine star, busy scene. Spaceship entered the atmosphere of machine star quickly, slowly flies toward a machine star, quick Spaceship stopped nearby large building, this large building not very high, looked like also has about thirty storey, in machine here moved nearby hundred more than ten layers large building, was the short person, on this large building, actually set up a giant badge, Zhao Hai was looking, was the Ashley Clan Dark mist skeleton emblem. After Spaceship stops, Rook made the people get down, this Rook has been saying anything to Card all the way in a low voice, appearance that looked at Card, was very casual to this Rook, has not suspended point stance/framework/shelf, could look, he with Rook very familiar, very trusted Rook.

People after Spaceship, Rook got the people to enter large building, divided the room to the people, then called Card and Desbarres, entered his room. Three people just went not to have how long, a robot has arrived at outside the Zhao Hai room, has knocked the Zhao Hai door, after Zhao Hai opens the door, that robot immediately/on horseback said : Mr. Zhao Hai, Department Head Rook asks you to go, please come with me.” Zhao Hai has not said anything, doorkeeper closes with the robot walks conveniently toward Rook's room. Has gawked to Rook's room Zhao Hai, he thinks that Rook they asked his in the room to come all people, now looks is actually not that a matter, besides Rook, only then Card and Desbarres, in not others, Maggie not in this. Zhao Hai has gawked, but immediately understand, he had not said anything, after to three people of gave a salute, sat. After Card and other Zhao Hai sat down, this to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, these time asked you to come, was makes Rook tell that you in machine star this entered the situation, making you have a preparation, with also transmitted an order of Clan to you.” Zhao Hai stares, but nod said : what does Clan have to order?” Card two eyes flash of cold light said : Patriarch made you abandon Sun Fei!” Zhao Hai does not have what accidental expression, nodded said : line, so long as with Sun Fei to, I incautiously will certainly have abandoned him, General Manager does not need to be worried, even if Clan not this order, I will also abandon him, asks for an interest to Zhang Family.” Rook somewhat surprised look at Zhao Hai, he has not thought that Zhao Hai such passed complied quickly, must know that the hot Saint caused Sun Fei is not good to deal with, he was known as that was Zhang Family these years the first talent, this given name was not nonsense, but in attack strength greatly strengthened Fire element Magic that adding on him used, to his average person does not dare to say one won steadily, how Zhao Hai said so was superficial, probably was this on a not worthy of mentioning minor matter is the same? But makes Rook be what is surprised is Card and Desbarres's manner, they did not think probably Zhao Hai said this saying has anything not to be right, a natural appearance. Card nodded said : this several days first do not exit, now outside these people besides knowing your strength, and few see you to begin, if you exit and ensure some people will try your, you endure.” Zhao Hai nodded, has not said anything.