Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1162
Desbarres sneers to say! ” If not does not think that the expose Little Hai strength, this several days makes small... The sea exits to transfer the extension, challenges according to these bastards, what to do I saw the competition on that day they. Card smiled said : „this first is to guarantee, mother, these years, we have received the air/Qi of these fellows, this exit / to speak foul air.” Rook looked that Card and Desbarres so are confident, he cannot help but somewhat was also curious, his look at their said : „is the Little Hai strength so really strong?” Card smiles said :feel relieved, strong, your Rook this few tricks, if meets to be small I guaranteed the one who dies is you, good Little Hai, you return first, these days writes down these materials. ” Zhao Hai complied with turn around to walk. look at Zhao Hai leave, does Rook then turn the head to Card and Desbarres said : this Zhao Hai your really that feel relieved? However this time you had shown off, one extinguished the Zhang Family 20 battleships, but also the battleship to complete preservation, Young Master happy, you went back very much, Young Master definitely enjoys you.” Card and Desbarres look at one mutually, smiles, Card said : I said Rook, have not refused to accept, knows that 20 battleships hit? I told you, that 20 battleships were Little Hai hit, what kind, then did the clothing/taking refuse to accept?” As soon as Rook listened to Card saying that cannot help but gawked, then startled said : he did hit? true or false? Don't deceive me?” Card flipped eye said : to break wind, Rook, when you saw me, because this deceived you, I told you, 1 Little Hai now with Maggie on good, did not do well soon, has become our Ashley Clan uncle, when you he also does need to receive fraudulently such merit?” Rook muttered said : „is really hero has the youth to be good, these time was also this we feel proud and elated.” Must say, these years most feel suffocated were Rook, because he has stayed in a machine star, but in machine star here opened the office may, not only Ashley Clan, other Clan in here opened the office. If two clans relationship is good, that said fortunately that has to lend a hand, but if two clans has selects does not cope, good normally to have competes. In machine star here, the people of these offices do not dare to act unreasonably, after all this is three big Big Shot the place of work, moreover coldly not positive tomb is, if they dare to act unreasonably, three big Big Shot will not let off their. However competes, said that several words wind discouraging talk are actually cannot avoid, but these year of Ashley Clan during various Outer Sect his competition, have not fought to have been to the winning side, these with Clan that they do not cope with, naturally will not let off opportunity, Rook who that wind discouraging talk said wants to kill people. Because of this, therefore Rook is already hoping Clan can have a strong person, presses other Clan crest of wave, gave him to leave foul air, now Zhao Hai appears , making him see the hope, he naturally was happy. In three people spoke, suddenly has heard a knock, then a sound conveyed said : department head, Zhang Family Mingyue Young Master came, said that requested to see Miss Maggie.” Heard this sound, Rook immediately/on horseback opened the door, looked at his assistant, Rook quickly said: What's the matter?” That person of deep voice said : department head, Zhang Family Mingyue Young Master leads several people to pay a visit Miss Maggie, now in the following hall.”

Rook knitting the brows head, beckoned with the hand gently said : well, you get down, I knew.” That person complied with one, turn around walked. Did Rook turn the head to look at Card and Desbarres said : how you sees?” Rook also knows the Daoism clan and Zhang Family some dirty matters, therefore such will ask. Card sneers said : this matter first to tell Miss Maggie, having a look at young lady's answer to say.” Rook nodded said : line, you sit first, I urge to go faster come.” Card and Desbarres stood got up said : to walk, together went.” Said that three people of walking people, quick arrived at Maggie room in front of the door outward. Card did put out a hand to knock door, the Maggie sound has transmitted said : that?” Card said : small flower bud, is I.” The Maggie opening door has gawked, she has not thought that Card they simultaneously will look, she looked at three people of said : puzzled Uncle, has the matter?” Card deep voice said : 1 young lady, opened Mingyue to come, must see you, did you look?” The face of Maggie sinks, cold sound said : „ can Mingyue see me? Why do I want to see him? I was relationship did not have with him now, wasn't that person has relieved with his engagement me? ” Card nodded said : is, my Miss understand meaning.” Said that turns the head to walk toward the elevator, he must go to be able this Mingyue Young Master. Maggie looked that three people walked, she has not actually returned to the room, but walks toward Zhao Hai in the room, she thought that this matter must say to Zhao Hai for good, after all before her, with opening Mingyue has the engagement, now opens Mingyue to walk, although she with opening Mingyue has not met several times, does not have what sentiment, but she actually does not hope the Zhao Hai misunderstanding. Maggie has knocked the Zhao Hai door, hears the Zhao Hai sound to transmit said : to come.” Maggie pushed the door to walk, looked that Zhao Hai was sitting in there look at Card to his these materials, these materials were various influences send for participating in the material of competition person, naturally the person was impossible all above. Card has chosen some strength formidable has made the record, but this, there are several thousand people. Zhao Hai looks is Maggie, quickly said: 1 small flower bud did you come? Sits.”

Maggie look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, opened Mingyue to come, said that must see me, I have not seen him, making Uncle Card deal with him.” Zhao Hai said : Mingyue? Who? Thought, Zhang Family three Young Master, that had the engagement with you, he came unexpectedly, his don’t know Zhang Family now with our relationship?” Maggie thinks that said : my don’t know, to this me, I did not understand, I only know, we have not met several times, this time he comes somewhat strange.” Zhao Hai wrinkled under the brow lightly, then suddenly smiles said : interestingly, was too interesting, this Mingyue wants to see you are false, wants to challenge me is real, he he, it seems like Zhang Family or unwilling to give up.” Maggie one hear of Zhao Hai said that also feel relieved, she turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, what to do can we?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this Mingyue not to bring that Sun Fei to come, he wants to make their Clan Expert abandon me, reduces the enemy to Sun Fei, I do not want with him the surface, our two to enter in Space to hide.” Maggie nodded, they entered Space. They sees Laura they to sit one to Space the look at screen in the living room, but on the screen they and gangs in Card is confronting. The opposite party person are not many, only then ten people, what lead is young man, this young man also puts on Magic Robe, but is fiery red , style very novel, is adding on the appearance to be delicate and pretty, is very Master Qi, but an arrogance of this person of face, two eyes projects together yin cold radiance, lets person look at on very uncomfortable. In his with five Warrior, four Magician, that five Warrior age seems like not small, smallest also has the 30-year-old appearance, everyone carries a sword, their sword styles want, the Double-handed Broadsword style, must grow into compared with the comfortable sword little, the width also be wider than the ordinary sword, the sword empty place is the cruciform type, looks like very magnificent. But Magic Robe that four Magician, body puts on is also red , the age seems like not small, in hand is taking Magic Staff, that Magic Staff is all over the body fiery red, don’t know is made of any material, but understood at a glance that is the Advanced level goods. Opens Mingyue to stand in there, is slanting eye look at Card said : Card, do not give to be concerned about face, makes way to me, I must see my fiancee, but also is not one's turn you to manage.” Card face is still bringing smiling, his eye has actually narrowed the eyes, the familiar people know that this is the performance that he loses one's temper, Card he he chuckle two said :Young Master chatted, here may not have your fiancee, my family clansman already to renounce the engagement with Zhang Family Patriarch,

Is it possible that Young Master don’t know this matter? ” Opened Mingyue coldly snorted said : you saying that broke an engagement breaks an engagement, who gave your authority? This Young Master agreement?” Card still smiles said : I to open Young Master you possibly to misunderstand, is not the marriage that I draw back, but is the marriage that my family Patriarch and your house/family Patriarch draw back, both sides agreed that Zhang Family Young Master thinks your house/family Patriarch said doesn't calculate? Zhang Family did Young Master put is your house/family Patriarch did not manage your head?” Opens Mingyue face changes, he is very clear, the words that he dares to speak irresponsibly, making his father know that will not let off his, although they are the fathers and sons, however in the face of the right, the love became very light. Opens Mingyue to sneer said : I naturally to know to break an engagement, but our two clans generation is on good terms, I want to see Maggie, isn't such request excessive?” Card smiles said : original Young Master is this meaning, early said that but really sorry, our young ladies were not, exited, when don’t know came back, opens Young Master to return.” Opened Mingyue one hear of Card saying that face changed, but these time was actually the air/Qi, he knows certainly that Card clarified is deceiving him, but he did not have what means that can't he rush to find the person? Must really be such words, Card will possibly begin, if were noisily big matter, their Zhang Family must unable to eat to capture, after all here is a machine star, is not their Zhang Family domain. Opens Mingyue is a practice talent, the year twisted gently is 6th level Magician, but must turn to come slickly, his there compared favorably with Card their these to recook dozens chapters of old fox, now by Card in here, how don’t know to be handled. At this time opened side Mingyue Magician walked out, showed a faint smile said : to see Card General Manager to Card, originally Miss Maggie exited, that arrived is we have taken the liberty, this time our Young Master came, but also wants to see Ashley Clan new appears that talent, was he calls Zhao Hai probably? Heard that the Zhao Hai strength is strong, although just ascend several months of time, but could assume sole responsibility for an important task, our Patriarch knows, also very happy, specially assigned the person to prepare a gift to Zhao Hai, prepared to hand over in his hand personally, does not know whether Card Manager could make Zhao Hai come out with us to see?”!.