Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1163
Played the meat to come! Card listened to that Magician saying that on understand the meaning of that Magician, they nothing but wants to come out the Zhao Hai wrap, was looking like the Zhao Hai challenge, seize the opportunity has killed Zhao Hai. To be honest, these human form Zhao Hai challenges, Card did not fear that he believes Zhao Hai can clamp them, but that must come Zhao Hai also to explode 1 u his true strength, this regarding Zhao Hai is not the good deed. Card shows a faint smile said : this to really be unfortunately, because Zhao Hai nearest/recent in closing up the practice, these time has not arrived at office here with us, but also on Spaceship, therefore cannot come out to see Young Master, if Young Master has anything to give Zhao Hai, I can transmit.” Shameless! Opened Mingyue they simultaneously to resound this sound at heart, has seen shameless, has not seen has been so shameless, was in front to lie, the face did not have red one. However opens Mingyue they also really not good strength law, here is the Ashley Clan office, if causes trouble in here, will fall the person pretext. Opens Mingyue eye one revolution, remembers an idea to come, his look at Card, laughing said : suddenlyhas not thought, in Ashley Clan so-called talent, unexpectedly is a turtle, will only hide is not daring to see the person, I heard that Maggie nearest/recent with fiery that he hits, how? He wants to work as the handsome boy, later daily ate for free? HaHaHa, will only hide the person under woman skirt, matches to be called the talent, was funny, such person also matches me to give the gift to him, we walk! ” Opened Mingyue this saying to say air/Qi to be full, uses Magic, the people in entire building can clear hearing. Opened Mingyue this in the ji trough, the Zhao Hai material he has looked, ascend to machine law these months of times, the year over 20 years old, such age, by his such saying, is jumped imaginary, so long as he who that cannot ji move came out, that was easy to do. Those who opened on the Mingyue although mouth to say was we walks, but he did not have the meaning that a point must walk firmly, still standing of face arrogance in there, xiong had the appearance of bamboo. Awkward silence! Card and Desbarres look at proud vast Mingyue, no one has made noise, but opens Mingyue still to stand in there, probably was waiting for Card to say anything's appearance. Five minutes passed by......

Opens the face of Mingyue to be somewhat black...... Ten minutes passed by, open the face of Mingyue, turned into pale , ten minutes, the entire ten minutes, Card had not spoken, Desbarres has not spoken, Rook has not spoken, has not spoken including his expected Zhao Hai, opens Mingyue to feel one look like feeling good Houzi/Monkey, puts on to jump on there, wants to bring to the attention of person, but others do not manage family affairs, made all that he makes, like is the monkey play ugliness. Card and Desbarres the idea of their naturally also understand and Mingyue, they know that opens Mingyue in ji, to be honest, they also really feared that Zhao Hai clashes, such Mingyue scheme. Original Card wants to say anything, for example berated opens Mingyue a few words, broke through to Zhao Hai, but looked at Mingyue that proud vast appearance, Card has borne, at this time he also really wants to make Zhao Hai jump, tidied up Mingyue. What Card has not thought that Zhao Hai does not have appears , opening Mingyue drying in the sun in that most several minutes from the beginning, Card really has also wanted to speak, but he looked that Zhao Hai did not have appears , but opens the face of Mingyue that getting darker and darker, his Card suddenly did not speak, he stood in there watches the fun, his suddenly present, originally complete paying no attention color, was copes with ji the one type of way of law, not only will be one type of copes with ji the way of law, be best one type of way, because your ji the law, counter- will not attend the meeting to be angry to the responsibility., Will be awkward! Card look at Mingyue that more and more green face , represses laughter, he feared really Mingyue is mad to get sick, if the air/Qi spits blood, that is more amusing. Desbarres is glad standing of happy to see a play in the one side, but Rook was the face twisted, he suppressed the intestines that smiled to suppress quick break, does not want now to get angry with Zhang Family, he already smiled to make noise. Looked that Mingyue had the appearance that soon spat blood, Card cannot help but lightly coughs two said : Young Master, Zhao Hai was not at, opens Young Master, if had anything to give Zhao Hai, I transferred certainly Lou, if did not have, that invited.” Opened Mingyue one hear of Card saying that vented anger, although Card said was not the word of praise, but spoke finally, has not dried in the sun him in there, opened Mingyue cannot help but coldly snorted one, turn around walks. But at this time Zhao Hai had already hurt in the belly that in Space smiled, not only he, Laura they were also, saw Mingyue making fun of that appearance by Zhao Hai, they were happy. Looked that Mingyue walked, Zhao Hai is switching over also in laughing Maggie said : 1 small flower bud, do not smile, walks, we must go back.” Maggie holds the belly to nod, take deep breaths, calm, but just calm got down, she has smiled, some little time called stops, Zhao Hai and Maggie also returned to Zhao Hai room. But Card they looked Mingyue dingy walked, cannot bear Ha Ha laughs wildly, they were really were too just laborious, now may be obtains opportunity that endured, that however smiling well.

Waited for several people of calm with great difficulty, this in the returned to team building, went to the Maggie room, Presently in the room does not have, several people changed mind one to want on understand what's the matter, immediately went to the Zhao Hai room. Really, they just knocked two doors, Maggie opened on doorkeeper, three people enter the room, sees Zhao Hai to sit nearby computer look at these runs for the staff material. Card look at Zhao Hai, smiles said : Little Hai, did you just hear that Mingyue speech sound?” Zhao Hai nodded said : naturally to hear, this person also interesting, ran up to this to use ji unexpectedly the law, HaHaHa, my will be swindled, did he walk?” Card thinks when Mingyue leave that jet black face, cannot help but laughs in a nose, while spoke to Zhao Hai with a smile just the fresh matter, caused that Zhao Hai and Maggie in one time have smiled. After waiting saying that Card to Zhao Hai said : 1 Little Hai, right that you made, if you received their ji, even if has tidied up them, expose own strength, said it, Clan comprehensively has not made war with Zhang Family now, therefore we cannot opening Mingyue are what kind, if you make a move, opened has will have to prepare, this did not help our below step motion.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : my simply not to plan to get down, if the clearly know opposite party in ji I, I were also swindled, that inadequate fool? These time do not make me meet Sun Fei, not in the words, he died.” Card showed a faint smile, stands got up said : that well, you rested well, this several days do not exit, the Zhang Family person fully will certainly monitor your, so long as person appears , some immediately people will carry on attack to you, therefore this several days put in great inconvenience you.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : line, General Manager feel relieved, this several days I cannot guarantee.” Card nodded, puts out a hand to pat the shoulder of Zhao Hai, this turn around leave. Zhao Hai , etc. they walk, is bringing in Maggie returned to Space, he sits in the one side with the computer look at material, Maggie they actually in the silver clock that command(er) Liquid Silver is dividing, enters fresh scout to an entire machine star. Laura they have fostered this to be used to it now, when a place, they can release silver needle carry out reconnaissance, the familiar there terrain as soon as possible, monitor the possible enemy, this has become their main duty. Silver needle originally is tiny, in adding on Laura their command(er) silver needle, does not fly in the upper air now, walks in the underground soil, simply impossible by person present, therefore several people to are very light power that plays. Zhao Hai when reads these materials, is not all people pays attention, these are impossible to buy the threat to his simply, his simply does not need to pay attention, such will only waste his energy, therefore most people's material, he has swept, has not cared.

The machine here new person, the level is not quite truly good, highest is also the 4th level Magician strength, low has the 1st level Magician strength. Magician or Warrior that these small influences send, the strength to has some qualities of being worth looking , some can achieve 3rd level or the 4th level strength, it seems like these small influences want through such competition, to struggle some benefits for their Clan. Zhao Hai has not cared, reads these materials, the base solid is also the one type of custom, by his present strength, these new person root owner nobody is his match. Besides reading the machine here new person material, Zhao Hai to looked up online the situation of other new person, was a pity that the machine here network has not united with other probably in together, he cannot look up too many useful thing. At this time was looking that the material Zhao Hai suddenly heard Laura they to yell said : hit, hit, Elder Brother Hai, quick, hit.” Zhao Hai puts down computer, arrived at living room there to look, but also really hit, moreover in these people, Zhao Hai also saw a person, his impression very deep person, strong winds Li Kuangren! This Li Kuangren by one of Ten Great Experts Card favors, the hand extends a gauge block master, very formidable, Zhao Hai looks at both sides that a person has conflicted to have this person, he felt curiously, immediately sat. This Li Kuangren looks like also only then about 1.8 m, withered and yellow chaotic, a full beard of face yellow , two eyes cold light sparkles, the body only put on one has seemed like very ordinary cotton garment, in hand was taking a pair of wheel board master. although to other Warrior, he seems like not very big, but actually very strong, the whole person toward horizontally is long, ugly and ferocious-looking of face, skin dark, is actually flashing the one type of different kind gloss, sees here Zhao Hai two eyes cannot help but flashes, it seems like that this Li Kuangren has practiced any horizontal practice husband, defense very formidable, otherwise the skin will not turn into this appearance. Zhao Hai curious hitting was one his match, match who looked at Li Kuangren, Zhao Hai somewhat cannot help but accidental, because Li's crazy person these matches he also knew that was the Zhang Family person, moreover just with opening Mingyue ran up to that five that his here came to take Warrior of cross heavy sword.!.