Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1164
These Warrior Zhao Hai noted at that time, their five people use the cross heavy sword, moreover their temperament very similar, probably have the coordination, looks at these people of appearances, Zhao Hai suspected that their possibly Technique of Joint Attack, happen to now has a look. However Zhao Hai turns the head to Laura said : Laura, can look up these Clan to have the conflict with Li Kuangren? They just with opening Mingyue in our here?” Laura turns the head look at Cai'er, Cai'er has wielded the hand of wielding, picture turning the head, then sees Mingyue after their here leave, very angry, then ran up to hotel there to drink, because was sad, served staff scolding one in hotel, but Li Kuangren is also drinking in the hotel, he saw the Mingyue appearance, on coldly snorted. This snort|hum may go bad, opened Mingyue their here to be mad a lot in Zhao Hai, now that can bear this, immediately/on horseback stands to point at Li Kuangren said : outcastes, you snort|hum what? Discontentedly what has?” Li Kuangren obviously is not the good nature lord, his two eyes stares, one stood got up said : handsome boy, whom did you scold?” Good, was then more serious, opened Mingyue just to scold the Zhao Hai handsome boy, now also some people scold his handsome boy, opened Mingyue to be mad, his immediately/on horseback coldly snorted said : called you, weren't you outcastes? Going all out of runs up to our machine to come from Lower Realm, despicable thing.” Machine here with opening the person of Mingyue same idea is not infrequent, but few people will say such, because one offended on equal to like this all from Lower Realm Ascenders, must know that machine here, may be many from Lower Realm Ascenders, if offended these people, may not have what advantage. Opened Mingyue is also is mad fainted, will therefore say that his this saying exit / to speak, was not Li Kuang face big change, followed in his behind several Warrior and Magician face is not quite attractive. Li Kuangren look at Mingyue appearance, laughing said : suddenly handsome boy, your courage is not small, dares to scold me unexpectedly, come, how the grandfather teaches you to cultivate the behavior.” The personal appearance moves, toward opening Mingyue throws. Opens the Mingyue although appearance to be charming, looks like the delicate appearance, but the strength is actually placed in there, his hand moves, five overlay defense Magic Formation Set on appears before his body, simultaneously his personal appearance fierce goes toward retreat, but followed actually to pull out own cross heavy sword to throw after behind that several Warrior. These five people really meet Technique of Joint Attack, five people move, the onset and retreat has the moment, five Great Sword, one gave to block Li Kuangren all attack routes. Li Kuangren is also Expert, looks at this situation, his personal appearance fierce will draw in the future back, then the flashes body walks out of the hotel, two broad-ax arrived at in hand, Li Kuangren have grasped the board master, yelled that said : handsome boy, has to plant to fight 300 rounds with the grandfather.” His voice also declines, that five cause Warrior of cross heavy sword, jumped from the hotel, stood Li Kuangren opposite. This was just the matter fresh entire cloth process, but then the picture jumped, probably enters quickly, scene that also returned to Li Kuangren has confronted with that five Warrior.

Li Kuangren grasps the multi- axes, look at that five is taking Warrior of cross heavy sword, cold sound said : [gold/metal] camp Five Elements tiger, your several, but the celebrity in Zhang Family Outer Sect, my Li Kuangren has also had heard so much about you, has not actually thought that you unexpectedly are lackeys so, that Mingyue scolded you are the outcastes, you also worked oneself to death for him unexpectedly, disgraced, if I already wiped neck.” Because Zhao Hai ascend comes up time is too short, moreover these days he used in the practice majority, therefore regarding the machine here becoming famous character he and don’t know many, but Li Kuangren ascend has come up for four years, duty that he made were also many, in quite famous the character regarding various situations and Outer Sect, some that Li Kuangren knew, but these five hands made the person of cross heavy sword, Li Kuangren know exactly that they were the Five Elements tigers of Zhang Family Outer Sect Gold Sword camp. Zhang Family Outer Sect is different from Ashley Clan, Zhang Family Outer Sect is divided into eight, respectively by [gold/metal], wooden, the water, the fire, the earth, the wind, light, names darkly, but the Gold Sword camp, is the Zhang Family Outer Sect Gold [金] character camp. All ascend staff that Zhang Family there receives, according to their attribute, by minute to these eight camps, no matter Magician or Warrior, are the same. But the Gold Sword camp Five Elements tiger, they are [gold/metal] attribute Warrior, reason that called 5000 tigers, was because their five were good at one set of Technique of Joint Attack, known as Five Elements golden light, five people with this set of Formation, have made the name in machine here Outer Sect. In the Five Elements tiger a person, coldly snorted said : Li Kuangren, I thought that you do not want to attend this time big game, is good, makes us teach you, making you know, some people you cannot offend.” Whom Li does Kuangren laugh said : I unable to offend? This handsome boy? HaHaHa, a useless handsome boy, the relative by marriage made the person drawing back, can have any ability.” One hear of Li madmen said that opened Mingyue unable to bear, he shouted wildly said : to kill him! Has killed him to me!” The Five Elements tiger personal appearance moves, throws toward Li Kuangren, these five in flushing look like in Li Kuangren process, the footsteps rotate, Li Kuangren sphering. Li Kuangren laughs wildly said : grandfather to want to take a look, your Five Elements golden light, how Might said the wrist watch rotation , the axe use, the flat land blows strong winds. Zhao Hai also knows that now why Li Kuangren nickname was called the strong winds, attack of this set of axe law very had the characteristics, when attack, the personal appearance revolved, uses the strength of this revolving to use the axe, on such axe not, only then his strength, but must add on revolving greatly was used to xing, the attack strength increases. Zhao Hai knows Li Kuangren these two axes certainly very heavily, moreover uses the axe time, has certainly used some special methods, so long as otherwise he transfers several, control will not live in the axe, instead attended the meeting to be led by the axe is carrying on attack, such his 1 u will leave the flaw, was said. At this time strong winds getting bigger and bigger centered on Li Kuangren, slowly has formed tornado, the Five Elements tiger binding in inside, the sound that the weapon intersected, lingering on faintly.

Zhao Hai watched a meeting, cannot help but secretly nods, he is not only matching to take Li Kuangren axe law, simultaneously wraps the Five Elements golden light also matching clothing/taking very to of Five Elements tiger, this set of Formation is used by five person coordination, Might is huge, if not Li Kuangren the set of axe law is really exquisite, feared that was he also already defeated. However if such is hitting, Li Kuangren sooner or later must defeat. To be honest, Zhao Hai regarding some Li Kuangren such character appreciation, but he does not prepare make a move to help Li Kuangren, because of Zhao Hai very clear, they could not hit how long, here, but a machine star, was not other where, if the here person can optional such hit, the face of that machine three big influence put toward that. Really such as Zhao Hai thinks that both sides just started not to have how long, several speeding cars flew, then the speeding car in fighting the circle surrounding stopped, transmits sound speaking sounds from the speeding car: „The front person is listening, immediately/on horseback lives such as, if in does not stop, do not blame us for being rude.” Li Kuangren and Five Elements tiger slowly stopped the hand, both sides jumped out beyond the circle, at this time on the speeding car transmitted sound speaking sounds: Machine on-board forbids the dead/die fight, such as must challenge, registers to machine star Police service Bureau, next time in the suspect, will catch the police authorities you.” Said that a speeding car revolution and flew away. However both sides actually did not dare to get up to conflict, opened Mingyue although is Zhang Family Young Master, however in machine star here he was actually not anything, if he dares to act unreasonably , the machine star here police service bureau will be impolite. Now machine star here, because of the reason of 6 Realms new person competition invitational meet, came many influential figure, Clan of some small influences, have also been able saying that now machine on-board is, Patriarch everywhere walks, Young Master is inferior to the dog, in this case, opens Mingyue, if dares , the opposite party dares certainly to grasp, if Mingyue were caught the police authorities, that can become machine laughing, therefore Mingyue did not dare to begin. The same truth, Li Kuangren is also same, Li Kuangren although looks like crude, but he is not silly, this time is attended the 6 Realms new person competition, if he were caught the police authorities, did not do well this qualifying not to have, after his returned to Clan, the status definitely did not guarantee, therefore he did not dare to begin. Both sides both do not dare to begin, this naturally did not have the means to hit, Li Kuangren received his double broad-ax, look at Mingyue said : handsome boy, your Zhang Family I have remembered, you were best to pray at the competition do not make me run into your Zhang Family person, otherwise, do not blame my vicious and merciless.” Said that coldly snorted, turn around walked. Opens Mingyue face pale look at Li Kuangren said : ordinary man, you are best to pray that you can live in this competition, I must butcher you personally.” Li Kuangren laughs, the stride goes! The Zhao Hai look at Li Kuangren performance, showed a faint smile said : to be then good, Zhang Family offended a person, he he, may do not make Li Kuangren meet Sun Fei, opportunity that such words I may not begin.” Laura turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, this Li Kuangren to is a little meaning, you become friends with him unexpectedly.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I also to think that his ting is interesting, has opportunity to want with him to become friends, he he, outside this person has a liking for very crudely, is actually fine within its crudy, knows the onset and retreat, moreover heart of the chivalry, to is worth a junction.”

At this time Lizzy turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, quick, I present a person.” Zhao Hai turns the head to look toward the screen on, on the screen appears a person, Magic Robe of this person of blue , a head of pale black , has looked like charming, unexpectedly is Ten Great Experts first Terry. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : saint of ice Terry, this person dares such to come out to take a walk, it seems like Divine Palace of water had the arrangement, he not easily was challenged.” Megan turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you said that this Ten Great Experts to, that will be fiercer?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : this not saying that but I favor to open Qinghe, Xiong Li, Dong Fangyu and Lei Xiao day, fighting strength of these people are good.” Megan has gawked, adjusted several people of materials, read the material, did he to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, why you favor these people?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „a Qinghe is very rare Metal element Magician, is adding on by Rhea Family full training, wants to come fighting strength is very good, must know that Metal element Magic attack strength, that is very famous, Xiong Li this person can be said as innate skill different reported that such person can be said as a God's favored one, they practice very fast, is adding on this Xiong Li his actual combat experience to be very rich, therefore I favor him, but Dong Fangyu this person is actually some meanings, Fire Dragon Sword Technique, Fire Dragon Divine Sword, although superficially, he taking advantage of the energy of Divine Artifact, makes him have today's result, but must know, Divine Artifact Also must divide in who in hand, this can very good use Fire Dragon Divine Sword, itself explain that his is talented, but the Lei Xiao day is actually one is also Magician, so long as such Magician his level has come up, in the common situation, fighting strength will want compared with same level Magician on high many, therefore I favor very much, naturally, several other people in Ten Great Experts have also been able be underestimated, on taking Li Kuangren, I dares saying that Li Kuangren today has not entered fully, at the regulation game, he has not been cannot expose own card in a hand.” Maggie nodded said : this Ten Great Experts formidabe on their in hand card in a hand, they are various talented people of Great Clan careful trained, regarding such talented person, various Great Clan stingy, various Great Clan family properties, will not compare our Ashley Clan to be weak, therefore these person of in hand good thing to be certainly many, but has not arrived at the competition time, they will not take.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, is this, did not say other, is only in the Bones Symbol Camp arsenal, so many good thing, do not say that in Clan, but this Ten Great Experts, may all be the talented person of influence fully trained they are, their in hand good thing possibly to be how few, therefore this time invitational meet, not only looked that in the surface whose strength is stronger, equipment has also occupied a large part factor.” Laura several people nodded, Zhao Hai sighed said : light to look at machine here the Ten Great Experts lightly, can imagine, these Expert of other influences strong to any degree, machine here will not make the war to grow perceptibly by the individual, the strength was also existence that Comprehend the world here set the base, even if were this, their strength such, how can imagine the several other Realms strength.” Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that also some had a heavy heart, Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, laughing said : suddenly was like this just right, I just thought to be able this world hero, if they were too weak, that may not be good to play, HaHaHa.” Laura they also felt heroic spirit that on Zhao Hai that has soared to the heavens, several people of cannot help but some obsessed look at Zhao Hai, the although Zhao Hai appearance is ordinary, however in this moment, the body of Zhao Hai meets the light probably, that radiance is attracting them firmly. ro!.