Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1165
Chapter 91 survival elimination series The time passes fast, immediately must arrive at the day of invitational meet regulation game, these days machine star here is not peaceful, is only various challenge request more than several hundred that police service bureau there receives, is good also early is prepared because of garrison bureau there, you must challenge, Ok, so long as both sides agreed that and signs the document, turns in one to rent the money of location, you have killed, they will not go to manage, naturally, must carry on the line in the police service game of assigning place. But these days Zhao Hai did not have appears in machine star here, but Space there received in the map of entire machine star Space, but outside person, had some understanding regarding him. Do not suspect that the scout ability of this world person, these Clan had don’t know many years in machine here, was complicate, today you toward his family Riaan nail/saboteur, tomorrow he put a matter of bomb in your house/family, that little has not done, therefore regarding the machine here person, not secret in any absolute significance. Naturally, a Clan most core compact is impossible to know that otherwise this Clan also will end, therefore Zhao Hai obtained the Liquid Silver matter, other Clan and don’t know, they only know Zhao Hai strength formidable, formidable to any degree , can only see several somewhat fuzzy fight pictures. However is this, now outside was also traditional, after Zhao Hai is 11 th big Expert following Ten Great Experts, moreover Zhao Hai material, has put on various Great Clan table-top. To be honest, when various Great Clan see the Zhao Hai material, was shocked, they never expected, will really have Zhao Hai such monstruous talent to exist, ascend to machine is about several months of time, really had the 4th level Magician strength, moreover at the Clan invitational meet, unexpectedly became first of invitational meet. Zhao Hai endured the attention of machine here all influences, he from ascend at that moment material, was given to dig, regarding Zhao Hai that monstruous talent same growth experience, machine all influences shocked. Now machine here many players, have listed as the most dangerous object Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai although knew this situation, but he has not cared, his target not in machine here, but broader Comprehend the world. Zhao Hai and Maggie they are sitting in Space drink tea while chat, suddenly Cai'er to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, goes to the room quickly, Desbarres looks for you.” Zhao Hai complied with one, personal appearance moved, returned to the room, really heard the knock. Zhao Hai walked to open the door, looked at Desbarres, Card and Rook brother-in-law comes unexpectedly, Zhao Hai gawked, the immediately/on horseback please three people come , after three people sat down, he gave three people but actually the tea, this sat, to Card said : General Manager, asked me to have the matter?” Card nodded said : tomorrow to compete, how feels?”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to have what feeling, so long as wielded my normal level on the line.” Card nodded said : under I to tell you competition schedule that these time competes, this time, because since has been case, a ginseng add people number many competition, therefore the big game preparation committee decided that changes the athletic competition system, like before, does not come up to carry on to compete with through Arena, but must carry on an elimination series.” Zhao Hai said : elimination series? Differently what has?” Card nodded said : to have very big difference, this time elimination series like before, was not held on Arena, this time elimination series at some survival elimination series.” Zhao Hai two eyes flash of cold light said : survival elimination series? Can kill people?” Card nodded said : well, can kill people, Little Hai, the yellow sand crazy beast star should you hear? This time elimination series is held in there.” Yellow sand crazy beast star Zhao Hai has certainly listened, because that planet was too famous, the yellow sand crazy beast star is existence of very special, he in machine, but can actually be said as only one by one not by machine conquer planet, because the there environment was really too bad. Yellow sand crazy beast star situated in a machine edge, is away from Cultivation World not to be far, is only nearer to machine, but some person little people of machine star will actually go to there, but the Cultivation World person, goes to there actually many. Yellow sand crazy beast star, star, if, entire planet 70% area are land, 30% area are ocean, but on land 70% hundred products are the deserts, 30% area are mountain range, one year in 12 months, ten months blow wind, the remaining two months are raining. Wind that the yellow sand crazy beast on-board blows is not the ordinary wind, but is the astral wind, the wind is quick, the wind power is fierce . Moreover the body of this type of wind to person has very big injury, even if Expert, protective shield, if long time was blown by this type of wind, will unable to bear, finally Blood Qi will possibly dry up dead. If under the wicked qualitative environment, should not have the life, is the polarity, the yellow sand crazy beast on-board life are absolutely many, no matter plants or animal have.

plants was needless saying that in plants that in such wicked qualitative environment can also survive, that feared that was an most common grass, there is a very strong medicinal effect. But what yellow sand crazy beast on-board is most famous is there animal, astral wind Monster Beast! These astral wind monsters covered don’t know are the [gold/metal] are how long, they can in full be on astral wind planet the comfortable survival, in that wicked qualitative environment, they also crossed incomparable free and unfettered. Because of environment extremely Yu Ezhi, therefore these animal, strength also very strong, that feared that is smallest and weakest one type of, minimum has the 1st level Magician strength, there strongest Monster Beast, it is said can with Cultivation World almighty one high under. However what sounds queer, yellow sand crazy beast star there astral wind Monster Beast, little has the leave yellow sand crazy beast star, even if they have such strength, they cannot leave. Because of this all sorts of factors, therefore yellow sand crazy beast star there becoming famous, not only becomes famous in machine here, becomes famous in entire Comprehend the world, every year can the has plenty person go to the there risk, goes to there to grasp astral wind Monster Beast, goes to there to pick the medicine, because yellow sand crazy beast star there medicinal herbs, is entire Comprehend the world is in sole possession, price very expensive. Zhao Hai one hear of Card said that this time elimination series must place the yellow sand crazy beast star to be held cannot help but stares, the yellow sand crazy beast star in Comprehend the world ominous outside, some countless people goes to the there risk every year, but truly can come out actually few, but in person who goes to the there risk, but also has plenty is Expert that Cultivation World there became famous, but what without any exception is, these people have not come back finally. Why does Zhao Hai frown said : suddenly to go to the yellow sand crazy beast star lightly? What good result goes to there to have? Do they want to die in there?” Card has smiled bitterly next step: The person who „ these time attended the big game, Manager hundred thousand, have you been able to imagine? In this hundred thousand person, only then 150 people that comes out finally attended the 6 Realms new competition, 100 people are the official players, 50 artificial reserve, such elimination rate high? Because the person were too many, therefore the people of preparation committee decided finally that chooses the place of elimination series in the yellow sand crazy beast star, but you do not need too to be worried, place that the preparation committee chooses, is the yellow sand crazy beast on-board on the other hand, the quite safe place. Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: I was not worried for me, to be honest, I do not have what good worry, I for other worries, participates competition, is almost the elites in machine major influence Outer Sect, if these person of appears too many casualties, regarding machine are not the good deed, said it, this time elimination series is very unfair, we must facing the match beside, probably facing yellow sand crazy beast star astral wind Monster Beast, facing these astral wind Monster Beast, be Ten Great Experts feared that has not grasped the key point, if in Ten Great Experts has a that person by Gang. The beast killing, us and several other Realms competed hundred positions, was difficult, that group of idiots of real don’t know preparation committee were thinking anything, suddenly will find out a such broken idea.” Card has also smiled bitterly, to be honest he does not approve this foot intent, but other people easily speak, said the words that who listens, he also gave certainly the comment of opposition, but preparation committee a few words gave to stop up him, the luck was also part of strength. Card thought that this saying is to talk nonsense completely, but he does not have a method of change, can only accept, only if they give up this competition.

Desmarres sighed said : to consider as finished, if real appears that situation, that also can only be their luck is not good, in the preparation committee these heads make the fellow who the donkey hoof crossed not listen our, this time elimination series only then three days, you were put yellow sand crazy beast on-board three days of time, three days later will be led, in this process, if felt could not bear, can the release signal, have the person to ask others for help, all rescued people, was eliminated.” Card said : three days of although are not then long, but did not calculate short, after all there was the yellow sand crazy beast star, three days later, but also insisted, the person who had not died not eliminate, can carry on competes officially.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to consider as finished, I will not have the matter in any case, Clan several other people did not say, or we form a team, such everyone/Great Clan insisted that final opportunity meets even bigger some.” Card complexion changes, said : is not good, Little Hai, you must know that you are the Clan highest hope, because if forms a team, finally implicated you, we have owed, therefore this time you mainly take guaranteeing one for premise, understand?” Appearance that Zhao Hai looks at Card, knows that said anything is not useful, but he is deep voice said : I knows, but General Manager, I think that forms a team to be quite good most from the beginning, I in one's power help in situation their.” Card smiles bitterly next step: This is impossible, this time you go to the yellow sand crazy beast on-board, does not permit to bring any electronic product, but the player of same will influence be put the different places, you were impossible to find the opposite party in a short time, therefore did not need to think the matter of forming a team.” Zhao Hai one hear of Card said that cannot help but has smiled bitterly, it seems like that the person of this preparation committee, must really them entire, gave dead of suffocation including the escape route.