Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1166
Sitting of Zhao Hai calm in Spaceship in the room, this room is not big, only then about 20 square meters, moreover in the room is also not netg that only then he, the entire in the room altogether four people, they live, also likely is that type and the wall continually in the together bunk bed. With a Zhao Hai in the room person, he did not know that although sees the materials of these people, but obviously these not in Zhao Hai attention, therefore Zhao Hai has not cared. For those Laura they reminded Zhao Hai, making Zhao Hai have an impression to these people, Zhao Hai just entered the room the time, but also very friendly greeted with several people, but several people looked in his look, obvious had the hostility, Zhao Hai naturally cannot in take own enthusiastic look placard others cold buttocks. Why Zhao Hai very clear they can be such performance, although they live in in the room today, but tomorrow they were the matches, in this case, simply does not need to maintain the friendly manner. This time no matter Card or Maggie have not come, was deployed 100 battleships by machine star there, they transports Zhao Hai to yellow sand crazy beast star there, then makes Zhao Hai they enter to yellow sand crazy beast star there. although said that a machine star is not near to the yellow sand crazy beast star, but this arrives all the way is very peaceful, after all these ships are machine star there send, who dares to have the idea of this ship, he did not use in a machine star mixes. Spaceship altogether used ten days to fly the yellow sand crazy beast star, but in these ten days , the Zhao Hai silver needle is quicker, one step entered to the yellow sand crazy beast star that Spaceship flew first observes the terrain. Spaceship to yellow sand crazy beast star the exoatmospheric stopped, Zhao Hai they on staff member by Spaceship centralized to the Spaceship decompression chamber, on Zhao Hai their this Spaceship more than 1000 people, but most people Zhao Hai did not know, the person in Ten Great Experts, does not have. Then Magician walked, that Magician look at Zhao Hai their said : meets everybody to fly into yellow sand crazy beast star, three days later comes out, these are your Signal Device, everyone must bring on the body, cannot put in Space equipment him, these three days, you not only need live, but must assure this Signal Device security, if whose Signal Device has gone bad, but Signal Device and battleship lose have related for one hour, on according to eliminating processing, on Signal Device has a rescue equipment, if you have met not means solution. The difficulty can use this rescue to install, we will send for saving you, but you, so long as has used the rescue installment, represented you to be eliminated, was clear?” Zhao Hai they have complied with one, that Magician nodded, said : „everyone arrives at my here to receive Signal Device, has remembered, in this Signal Device cannot put in Space equipment, one, but puts in Space equipment, the signal does not have the means to deliver to Spaceship, if one hour on Spaceship cannot receive the signal that in your Signal Device delivers, even if eliminated.” Said that has put out one pile of Signal Device. These Signal Device look like looks like the each and every one small badges, simply cannot see a Signal Device appearance, but actually nobody dares underestimated this thing, because of this thing relationship to their future.

Zhao Hai also received Signal Device, then that Magician deep voice said : starts Signal Device, his voice just fell, Signal Device of all people fiercely dodged a lower light, then restores to original appearance.” That Magician look at people said : everyone/Great Clan does not need to be worried that Signal Device will be made trick/hand and foot, if Signal Device were not having doing of external force to use appears the breakdown, that you passed, was good, the preparation, immediately must open the decompression chamber.” Said that withdrew from the decompression chamber. Zhao Hai looked at all around person one eyes, often smiles, Signal Device on own Magic Robe, static standing in that city, do not wait to open that moment of decompression chamber. The quick decompression chamber opened, Zhao Hai they flew from the cabin, immediately saw not far away yellow sand crazy beast star, this planet is bigger than a machine star and dark Magic Beast, moreover big is not a half of the day, minimum has the Dark Magic Star about ten times sizes, this is makes Zhao Hai very surprised. However what makes Zhao Hai surprised is scenery on this Yellow Sand-Star, on this Yellow Sand-Star, only then one type of yellow , yellow simply cannot see other face , Zhao Hai knows that face on this Yellow Sand-Star, is not pure is sand face , mainly sand storm face , but now on Yellow Sand-Star sand storm high time. At this time Zhao Hai noted, their front Yellow Sand-Star outside already by the Angolan Clan row of Signal Device, there Signal Device flashes flashes red light, before Zhao Hai them , the defendant was short, the range that Signal Device selected was they the activity on Yellow Sand-Star flood encircles, here was on Yellow Sand-Star on the other hand the quite safe place, if left this range, had any casualties, the people of preparation committee were generally irresponsible. At this time Zhao Hai also noted, sits the people on other Spaceship, has gotten down, all person static observations yellow sand crazy beast star. Zhao Hai has not cared, the personal appearance moves to fly toward yellow sand crazy beast star, in Space the present has saved the map of yellow sand crazy beast star, he naturally does not need to make anything to observe. The person who these are observing yellow sand crazy beast star looked that Zhao Hai on-board flies toward the yellow sand crazy beast, stares, they have not thought that really Zhao Hai such quickly moves, but Zhao Hai this moves, has provoked the chain-reaction, all people moved. Zhao Hai has not cared about them, his personal appearance fast entered the Yellow Sand-Star atmosphere, entered to the Yellow Sand-Star atmosphere, his immediately appears Magic Formation of five overlay, this Magic Formation is earth yellow , appears immediately has formed protective shield in his body surrounding, protected him in inside.

Passed through the Yellow Sand-Star atmosphere, Zhao Hai immediately felt the intermittent strong winds that all around happy came, this wind very strange, having the stock serious feeling, although his protective shield to block the wind, but still had cold intent of faint trace to pass to his body. Zhao Hai knows that this is the effect of astral wind, he has not cared, but he does not care, some people have actually cared, hears Space to transmit prompt speaking sounds: intent massive to Host body harmful defeated/carrying energy, withdraws defeated/carrying energy, analyzes defeated/carrying energy, this defeated/carrying energy includes to emit the xing material, is big to the human blood injury, manufactures defeated/carrying energy antidote, relieves defeated/carrying energy.” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought that really Space actually so will attach great importance to the astral wind, Zhao Hai looked at all around one, presently other person of although also entered to Yellow Sand-Star, but is very far from him, it seems like feared that by his attack, he had not been cared, toward was flying a meeting toward Yellow Sand-Star. Said that also strange, in this Yellow Sand-Star toward leeward several is big, when arrives at the ground quickly, the wind power big to walk the stone to has been able the blown sand. Zhao Hai looked was also similar, his immediately/on horseback opened Space, received in Space sandstorm that the astral wind blew some, this astral wind brought the sand just to enter in Space, in Space immediately transmitted prompt speaking sounds: Presently defeated/carrying energy storm with sustaining the yellow sand of energy pollution, this energy may be used for the attack enemy, the yellow sand may be used to refine, the prompt storm element, join to Wind Bead, join succeeds, defeated/carrying energy storm will be invalid to Host.” Heard this prompt sound Zhao Hai cannot help but to stare, then he wants to walk, in his Space also Wind Bead, it seems like these time because of the Wind Bead reason, making him not need to receive the influence of storm. Really, along with the Space prompt sound, he could not be feeling that all around had any wind, even if had the wind, like was Space, was one lets the person very comfortable breeze . Moreover the cool breeze that infiltrated toward the body in also completely vanished. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this to arrive is good, it seems like must receive this sand to Space.” Said that Zhao Hai opened Space rift, the sand that astral wind together with chopping took in Space, some little time in Space suddenly transmits prompt speaking sounds: Because of the Host income massive defeated/carrying energy storms with defeated/carrying energy yellow sand, Host may in own Space, assign one to be the sandstorm area at will, this sandstorm area may produce defeated/carrying energy storm and defeated/carrying energy sand independently, and stores in Warehouse automatically.” Zhao Hai one hear of this prompt sounds cannot help but stare, then one happy, immediately has closed Space rift, he has not needed to receive these thing now.

Zhao Hai looked at one toward all around, shows a faint smile said : to hear that here astral wind Monster Beast was very strong, receives several to arrive in Space to be good.” The personal appearance moves, flies toward the distant place. Now in Yellow Sand-Star here, the eye clearly is almost unnecessary thing, the dizzy darkness place that the here astral wind blows, all around is the yellow sand of dancing in the air, visibility less than five meters, in this case, you , to use the eye present enemy, is almost impossible, can only depend on own spiritual force. However Zhao Hai present, this astral wind regarding the suppression of spiritual force, is stronger than Dark Energy, before the imagination such, was passed to beyond tens of thousands li (0.5km) by own spiritual force is impossible, but Zhao Hai spiritual force has covered the original ten li (0.5km) now, enough he used. In was stopping toward Zhao Hai suddenly of forward flight, then body fierce toward side flashes, his personal appearance just flashes in the past, a huge personal appearance, fierce puts from below, the placard his body has been putting on sky, if just Zhao Hai had not dodged that is swallowed in the belly by thing that this put on. Zhao Hai just this flashes, time saw, to the thing, is black golden pork insect type thing, but this thing is much bigger than the meat insect, his head, but also steadily has been looking like Little Flower same thing, but his mouth all opens compared with his body also in a big way, what most important is, his tooth is divided into ten eight layers, one one counter- is wriggling slowly revolving, probably a giant meat grinder is the same, that tooth earth yellow , but above is actually flashing the gloss, understands at a glance sharply incomparable. Moreover Zhao Hai takeoffs to now has about hundred meters altitude fully, this meat insect these has put on, moreover does not have 1 u to leave tail, obviously his length has wanted hundred meters, it seems like is really big guy. Zhao Hai wrinkled brow lightly, he presently this meat insect also is really not that simple, because his spiritual force just actually did not have presently this meat insect, to him drills from the sandy soil, he present, this thing hideaway is energy so unexpectedly strong?!.