Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1167
In Zhao Hai is thinking these times, a that pork insect personal appearance revolution, big mouth, bites to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai moves, five overlay Magic Formation Set, one on appears in the Zhao Hai front, from Magic Formation, fierce departs huge Fireball, flies toward the mouth of that meat insect. Zhao Hai is paying attention to that meat insect, but did not have presently the eye of that meat insect in there, his Fireball exits, that Giant Insect has pouched in that Fireball the belly unexpectedly, then has shut the big mouth. Zhao Hai looked that meat insect has swallowed down Fireball, sneering, his Fireball is not cannot help but good to swallow. After that meat insect Fireball swallows down, Zhao Hai presently in the body of this meat insect probably does not have Bone to be the same, moreover his skin is probably transparent, Zhao Hai can see Fireball clearly from the position of meat insect mouth, one walks toward his belly. That pork insect ate up this water ball to satisfy probably, shuts up slowly shrank toward the sand, at this moment, that Fireball actually fierce one exploded. The Zhao Hai book thinks that these this pork insect killing, that think of it, the belly of this pork insect is only the fierce upward has roused, then shrank, then he opens the big mouth, puts out black smoke, then body withdraw to in sand. The pork insect in Zhao Hai dull look at this returned to sand, this pork insect is also too raw and cold does not envy, what thing eats, his big Fireball, this pork insect regarded an irritable meatball eating unexpectedly, this was thing too also strong? At this time in the brain of Zhao Hai has resounded Laura sound speaking sounds: Elder Brother Hai, this thing called the yellow sand insect, in yellow sand crazy beast star here very famous, was yellow sand crazy beast on-board unique Monster Beast, this Monster Beast defense capability very formidable, however their attack methods very sole, but in this thing common situation the attack person, their anything thing will not eat, if really could not find thing to eat, even if were eats the sand also to go on living, moreover this thing very difficult killed, even if slivered several them, they can still go on living.” Zhao Hai does said : really have this matter? So that's how it is, you said that if catches in Space several to be able this thing good, Cai'er, found this thing, catches in him Space.” Cai'er should said : Young Master, he in the underground about 200 meters, but Young Master, this yellow sand insect has more than 1000 meters fully, do you want to catch in Space him really?” Zhao Hai one hear of did Cai'er say cannot help but said : more than 1000 meters „? Really? My goodness, this thing is really interesting, I just looked, his looks like is also more than ten meters thick, unexpectedly more than 1000 meters, interesting, I must catch in Space him not to be possible.” The personal appearance moved, sneaked in the yellow sand, Zhao Hai this yellow sand although looks like with the ordinary yellow sand is presently same, but drilled actually to feel to the yellow sand in that these yellow sands with the ordinary yellow sand were completely on different, on these yellow sands actually included faint energy, but the body of this energy to person was not necessarily good. Zhao Hai knows that this energy is defeated/carrying energy that Space said that has to emit xing, if average person, when here was dull grew, that definitely bad will be affected. Zhao Hai penetrated the sand next about 200 meters quickly, saw that big sandworm, was lying in there, motionless, moreover on him energy was just the same as all around sand unexpectedly, no wonder his spiritual force presently not.

This thing also felt obviously existence of Zhao Hai, he wriggled the body, has not actually carried on attack to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai gathers round this yellow sand insect to transfer, but also let alone, this thing is very long, feared that has about 1500 meters fully, suffices. Zhao Hai carefully looked at this insect one, then fierce opens Space rift, from the head upper hood of this insect in the past, then the fierce in the future advancement, before long linked the insect, in sand together took in Space. The yellow sand insect just one took in Space, in Space transmits prompt speaking sounds: Presently sustains the energy pollution, creates the gene variation sandworm, because of gene variation, the body of sandworm becomes extremely tenacious, simultaneously can absorb any energy to enter own[ body], Host may put Space any place to breed him, presently to put in the variation sandworm to Spatial Shop, Host may purchase in Spatial Shop.” Zhao Hai thinks, made Cai'er immediately find a place in Space, has constructed a sandstorm area, making the astral wind, the yellow sand arrive in that sandstorm area, put in the sandstorm area to raise the sandworm. After receiving this yellow sand insect, Zhao Hai immediately flew from the yellow sand, has swept all around one with spiritual force, presently this nearby has not had any thing, his immediately/on horseback flies toward the distant place. Also flew about ten li (0.5km), Zhao Hai suddenly stopped, because he present front had same thing, but such thing his look at somewhat looked familiar, that only one earth yellow branch type type thing, but on this branch, within however was opening small hua! Zhao Hai sees this thing, cannot help but stares, then he cannot help but smiled, front to Cai'er said : Cai'er, you have a look also to have a sandworm?” Cai'er has complied with one, looked up with Space, then nodded said : Young Master, front also is really a sandworm, that small hua on long in the head of sandworm, it seems like it is he is used to attract prey, just we really had not noted, can Young Master, receive in Space this sandworm?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to use, I to have a look, a while can here come the person, if were coming the person, how will meet this sandworm to deal, was right, just said half of the day, how many level of Monster Beast this Huang Lou was Chong? „ Laura smiles said :Elder Brother Hai, the material of this yellow sand insect in machine network is not very detailed, he was evaluated 1st level Monster Beast!” Zhao Hai said : 1st level Monster Beast? Is impossible?” Laura smiles said :not to be how impossible, he also is really 1st level Monster Beast, but is the growth shape, so long as this thing does not receive to govern the life thing, can go on living, finally even can as long as ten thousand meters about, by that time, on this Yellow Sand-Star, does not have thing is his match, online said that before appears a ten thousand meters yellow sand insect, Cultivation World had gathered Expert of hundred many Infant Stage times to give to extinguish him finally. Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought really that this yellow sand insect actually such formidable, more than hundred Infant Stage Expert, what degree fighting strength will obtain? Feared that can extinguish Ashley Clan easily, then yellow sand insect eliminating, this yellow sand insect to become strong to what degree? Is really scary enough. Must know Cultivation World there, is divided into body tempering, Qi Condensation, Foundation Establishment, Core Formation, Infant Stage, Transcends Tribulation, Divided Spirit, Eternal Life and other levels, but in Cultivation World there, achieves Divided Spirit Stage few, do not say the person who reaches the Eternal Life level, in general Sect, several Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert sat is good, the person of Infant Stage time in Cultivation World there is also a region's Expert, can open a sect and establish a school.

Zhao Hai now the although strength is very strong, but he had estimated that he is the use complete method, most also with Expert of Core Formation time one high, comes compared with Expert of Infant Stage time, he also falls far short. But the strongest yellow sand insect many this has let Zhao Hai really being startled very compared with his Zhao Hai don’t know unexpectedly, but changed mind thinks him happy, if later and other sandworms grew, he were many several helpers. At this time the Laura sound conveyed said : online also saying that the sandworm depended on is on Yellow Sand-Star does not have dangerous Monster Beast only if, because was hungry has suppressed, otherwise was the will not take the initiative attack person.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this yellow sand insect to is interesting, was good, we watch the fun in here, Yellow Sand-Star was also received in any case in the map by us, moreover Monster Beast on this planet is not looks at this that we can stir up, this piece was the domain of sandworm, we on here dull several days good and other strengths, we grasped Monster Beast to be good on this Yellow Sand-Star.” Laura nodded said :I to look at line of Elder Brother Hai, I think that these candidates of preparation committee make you carry on the competition in here , because here is the domain of sandworm, these sandworm easily not attack people, therefore the casualties will be much smaller. Zhao Hai nodded said : that well, we were good on the here dull three days, but I cannot enter Space now, this several days can only stay in here, what a pity, you cannot come out to accompany me.” Laura their young ladies has smiled, Megan is said : Elder Brother Hai, you come here to carry on the elimination series, does not come here to cross fake, if we exit to accompany you, you inadequate have taken vacation.” Zhao Hai laughs, but he to has put out the furniture from Space, sat in there, then has put out pot hot tea from Space, sat in there slowly was drinking, the ease of not being able to say. If makes the person who other attend the elimination series know that his appearance, will certainly be irritated, but Zhao Hai may, no matter that many, on this Yellow Sand-Star everywhere are the dangers, is only that sandworm, his don’t know the waste big strength can cope, if has met strength formidable Monster Beast, he could not cope, finally hid in Space, he may be eliminated, does not need for a risk, but has destroyed this competition. In Zhao Hai, in there leisurely and carefree when is enjoying own elimination series time, other people have actually encountered not the small problem, they may not have Wind Bead this thing, does not have Space to make the shortcoming for them, what therefore they have gotten up in Yellow Sand-Star is very laborious. The astral wind on this Yellow Sand-Star is mixing with the yellow sand, is most advantageous has weapon, generally strength low Magician or Warrior, could not support how long unable to bear, even if were strength formidable Magician and Warrior, must at times protective shield, in order to avoid were entered the body by the astral wind, must know that the astral wind entered the destruction of body to the person body is very big. although said that machine here is different from the method of Cultivation World there practice, but the Cultivation World there formidable attack method they know that this in Cultivation World there, in the the most powerful attack method, is almost not the belt Gang character, is the belt ghost character! These two characters are not for no reason add, in fact these two character that attack methods the places of most brilliant, for example yin ghost vigor, this is one type of in the Cultivation World there very formidable attack method, has plenty Great Sect can this attack method, but the name is different, some Sect called the yin ghost vigor, some Sect called the dark ghost vigor, no matter named, reason that actually this attack method formidable, one reason, merged own attack method Evil Qi, turned into ordinary Qi Strength includes the Evil Qi ghost vigor, therefore this attack method. Can that formidable.

But corresponds with Evil Qi, is Berserk Qi, this Berserk Qi and Evil Qi are actually similar, is the methods of enhancing the attack strength, merges in Evil Qi attack Qi Strength, that is the ghost vigor, merges in Berserk Qi the attack method, that is Gang vigor. But wants merges in own attack method Evil Qi or Berserk Qi, only then means that that must first find Evil Qi or the Berserk Qi sufficient place, then Evil Qi and Berserk Qi condense bit by bit to own Qi Strength. However this condense Gang body and Evil Qi, is a very dangerous matter, ten enter in Gang body condense the person of body, can four successful, that is high, the remaining people, turned into the deceased person, can look from this point, how bad risks this Evil Qi and Berserk Qi are. But machine here, like Cultivation World there, does not merge the method in Qi Strength Gang body, machine here not that method, therefore this time participates in Magician and Warrior of elimination series, can only be relying on protective shield has refuted, this is not the easy matter, Berserk Qi like the blade, kills without showing blood. Wanxiang thought one are not being in luck, he was 3rd level Warrior, ascend comes up also more than three years of time, this time was not long, can in such a short time, reach the 3rd level level, fully explained that he was a talent, but he not by attaching great importance to of Clan, the Clan strength that because he was was too strong, the person of 3rd level like him, there are several, in Clan sends the strongest person who came out to attend the competition, but 4th level Expert. Wanxiang can attend the competition, is a very lucky matter, if he can obtain good achievements , after that the status in Clan will enhance, this regarding him absolutely is the good deed, Wanxiang also thinks own ting is in luck, but arrived at this Yellow Sand-Star here, he presently has not been in luck. Just flew into Yellow Sand-Star not long after, he received attack of yellow sand insect, finally spent the tremendous strength, ran away, making him waste many Battle Qi, although he has drunk promptly has been able to restore Battle Qi Potion quickly, but he must frequently protective shield, this consumption and supplement equally is almost many, now he also only then about heyday seven layers fighting strength. Sighed, Wanxiang while careful advancing, he was needing ting in any event three days, otherwise he must be eliminated, if first round were eliminated, after him, could not obtain the special attendance of Clan. advancing Wanxiang while release own spiritual force, 1 was paying attention to all around carefully, although said that Warrior spiritual force are many compared with the Magician incoming messenger, but how he in said that is also Ascenders, spiritual force has, is used to hurry along Yellow Sand-Star not to be a problem. Was careful that moving forward Wanxiang, suddenly noted same thing, saw such thing, his cannot help but face changed.!.