Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1168
That is one small tree, dry yellow small tree, in fact in yellow sand crazy beast star here, all plants, is almost this color, does not have any extraordinary place. // In this dry yellow small tree, but also dry yellow Little Flower, Little Flower is shaking steadily with the wind, a momentarily department possibly was blown the appearance that falls by the wind. However Wanxiang actually very clear, that Little Flower is impossible to be blown to fall, bait that because that Little Flower yellow sand insect release comes. Did not want underestimated the bait of yellow sand insect, the Little Flower that they made, above had the one type of very unusual fragrance, Monster Beast that so long as this fragrance smelled, will run over generally, finally they naturally have become the food of yellow sand insect mouth. Most from the beginning the people and bait of don’t know yellow sand insect can have such ability, afterward some people killing yellow sand insect head Little Flower making an accessory, has not actually thought that this thing brought in large quantities of monster lids to besiege him, afterward people slowly knew this Little Flower use. Now almost all people know that sees this Little Flower, should better around walking, because there is the domain of yellow sand insect. Regarding the yellow sand insect, good absolutely is yellow sand crazy beast on-board nobody existence that likes provoking. Yellow sand thing attack person easily, the person will not go to incur generally, if he, because this thing was too difficult to kill, the body of sandworm almost did not have what obvious weakness, was adding on the skin very tenaciously, wanting the kill sandworm not to be easy. In having is sandworm very difficult looks, so long as they sneak in the sand, immediately will merge into one organic whole with the sand, in the common situation, was nobody can find their, even if were spiritual force formidable Magician is not good. In a lord is yellow sand insect in sand following ability to act, is not quicker than flight of humanity under the yellow sand insect big sand moves, their body structure very strange, can get down with the mouth the sand in front, then behind is spurting the sand, in process that sand in spurting, will become enlightened the power that advances, is used to increase his, they depend upon this Fang Kao advancing in the sand, degree quick astonishment. Another reason that nobody is willing to provoke the yellow sand insect is, the yellow sand insect that your don’t know you provoke is one meter small insect, is a 10,000 meters big insect, they bury their body in the sand, with all around sand complete, your simply presently they. Because of this, therefore Wanxiang sees that Little Flower, actually probably saw any severe floods and savage beasts is the same, turn around walked, has circled large circle, was distant to that Little Flower, this proceeding slowly touched. // Is proceeding, suddenly Wanxiang stopped, then he gently swung the head, probably was present any extraordinary matter, making him really not believe to be the same.

However his immediately/on horseback his horse has revealed the surprised color, because of his very clear, oneself has not misread, front really has a person, will be drinking tea in there! A person is drinking tea, this does not have any strange place, strange to feel strange in his appears place, he now in yellow sand crazy beast on-board, moreover now is the astral wind season of yellow sand crazy beast star, almost every time in blowing the astral wind, drinking tea in this environment? Eats the sand! But that person truly is drinking tea, moreover sits in there, has the table has the chair is drinking tea, this surprised people, Wanxiang with spiritual force look at that person, solid don’t know did not know what to do. Wanxiang knows that person presently he is not one sees often Magician by spiritual force, but the place is Magician, oneself can the present opposite party, the opposite party not be impossible presently oneself, but is placed in front of Wanxiang now is actually a difficult problem, how that must face this person. Now he in Yellow Sand-Star, on Yellow Sand-Star appears the organic person, is his competitor, in this case, he should immediately/on horseback overrun, one is right with that war. However some Wanxiang being in doubt ideas, this Magician leisurely and carefree sitting in there, held the appearance that not feared, if braved rushing rashly, can being victorious others not say. Before Wanxiang comes, regarding these strength formidable talent characters also some understanding, ten big talent that naturally is everybody knew that but Ashley Clan Zhao Hai, before is actually called has history , the talent character of most talent, naturally also knew. The Zhao Hai matter in has spread over in machine now, ascend several months had the 4th level Magician strength, this is existence of unprecedented, therefore Zhao Hai will say the gang is the talent character of most talent. Like a talent character, is not Wanxiang incurring to stir up from the bucket, but also god who too because passes on Zhao Hai, therefore the has plenty person does not believe the Zhao Hai true strength now. ascend just how many month of people, can have the big ability? How possibly monstruous talent to this degree? But Wanxiang does not believe that Zhao Hai has that strong strength, perhaps in their opinion, the Zhao Hai body rare treasure, can make his strength so strong. Now saw Zhao Hai, Wanxiang has affirmed own idea, here, but Yellow Sand-Star, now astral wind season, but Zhao Hai sat in there drinks tea, the side was slight wind does not have, wasn't this very strange?

It seems like his body has a rare treasure really!” Wanxiang jumped over the affirmation his idea. Thinks of here, in Wanxiang's heart greed cannot help but big, his personal appearance moves to fly toward Zhao Hai there, simultaneously his sword has attained in hand. Zhao Hai naturally already presently Wanxiang, moreover he one presently Wanxiang, Laura they have given Wanxiang's detailed material, must say that this Wanxiang's status is really not simple, he is the person of God Realm of Shui machine water, Shui is Divine Palace of most powerful Clan water, does not know many compared with Ashley Clan, this Shui altogether sent out 15 people to attend the invitational meet, these 15 people of 14 were 3rd level Expert, but strongest has achieved 4th level, although was not Ten Great Experts, but also was the call very high one. Expert. However Zhao Hai has not cared, Shui in can be what kind, but here the elimination series, oneself have not gone to provoke him on own initiative, was good, if he initiative provokes itself, that sorry. Zhao Hai has not wanted to kill Wanxiang, looks like in Zhao Hai, this time elimination series originally is very unfair, everyone/Great Clan prepares comments the skill, resistance with the Yellow Sand-Star astral wind and sandstorm was not easy, is adding on Monster Beast that mysteriously appears and disappears, that is not easy, if they in rip to kill, that can remaining many really not say finally. However the person non- wound tiger heart, the tiger harmful people's desires, he does not want to cope with Wanxiang, Wanxiang actually wants to cope with him, Zhao Hai looked at Wanxiang to extract Great Sword, cannot help but darkly sighed at heart. However Zhao Hai has not moved, he still sits in there, in hand is taking the teacup, the scenery that the look at yellow sand all over the sky dances in the air, to be honest, but also is really very magnificent. Is entering Wanxiang in hand Great Sword to wield in this continually, almost Sword Qi shoots toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai sighed, the hand wielded, Magic Formation Set appears of five overlay in his side, Magic Formation Set of this five overlay, immediately to become Bian the a piece giant shield have kept off in his front together, these Sword Qi shot on the shield, but splashed several Spark on the shield, the shield was actually links a scratch not to have. Wanxiang... Sees this situation, cannot help but complexion changes, although he only moved attack, but he actually knew Zhao Hai strength, the Zhao Hai strength is not he can stir up absolutely. Wanxiang and first talent Li Kun in Shui new person has compared notes, Li Kun is also Magician, although Li Kun is Water element Magician, however his ice shield does not compare general Metal element shield difference many, but Sword Qi that Wanxiang exits, actually almost gives crushing Li Kun's ice shield, Li Kun added that Wanxiang's attack strength very formidable, is the rare attack talent. But he now to Zhao Hai time, the attack strength that oneself are proud, actually a point does with not to have, even has not left behind that to fear that on the Zhao Hai shield a point trace, this absolutely is very astonishing.

Wanxiang and don’t know, Zhao Hai actually also very surprised, Magic Formation of the five overlay because he just came out is not ordinary five Layers Magic Formation, this is one includes to assist Magic Formation five Layers Magic Formation, according to the estimate of Zhao Hai, Magic Formation of five overlay, wants, when lives in 3rd level Warrior Sword Qi. Yes, but is impossible to be so relaxed, perishes together with Warrior Sword Qi, that shield proper performance. But now this added has assisted Magic Formation Formation Set, easily has actually blocked Wanxiang's attack, even the shatter appearance department did not have, moreover when left this Formation Set, spiritual force that uses, was only about other equivalent to five Formation Set one third, this may really be too astonishing! The overlay of Magic Formation Formation Set is a very big knowledge, how from tens of thousands of Magic Formation, to select most appropriate five, superimposes them in together, making him wield most formidable Might, moreover must pay attention to the Magic Formation order of rank, only then the order was correct, can make Magic Formation wield strongest Might. The five overlay Magic Formation that Zhao Hai just came out, is energizes by Metal element, Metal element solid shape, Support Class reinforcement, Support Class blessing/additional support, becomes with Metal element shield Formation Set. Before was not this, before that two had not assisted Magic Formation, but became by two Metal element blessing/additional support Magic Formation Set, the effect must miss on many, moreover to demand also big increase of spiritual force. Through this Magic Formation Set, Zhao Hai understand, this assists Magic Formation the place of formidable, but this also lets his great happiness, had this to assist Magic Formation, will make his fight service promote two level to continue, he opposed the enemy has confidence. Wanxiang looked own strikes unexpectedly is such effect, he stayed, then turn around runs, Zhao Hai looked at Wanxiang to run, cannot help but gawked, then coldly snorted, the hand moved, Sword Qi shot together toward Wanxiang. After Zhao Hai to machine here, this is first time uses Sword Qi, this Sword Qi must be able to exit through Magic Formation, but blessing/additional support Sword Qi Magic Formation, is different from Magic Formation that Magic Formation uses, but Zhao Hai leaves Sword Qi Magic Formation, with Magic Formation that on ordinary Warrior weapon uses also not, he shoots in Sword Qi Magic Formation Set, assists Magic Formation . Moreover the proportion of accounting for is very big. ( to be continued )