Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1169
Chapter 95 preliminary test body tempering fist Wanxiang knows one possibly are not the Zhao Hai match, he is the person who ten points are tactful, will not take risk with own life for the face, therefore his turn around runs. He just turn around, felt that the fine body hair of own back one has set upright, Wanxiang knows that this is because he behind had thing to attack, was experienced Warrior, his body, had certain premonition regarding the danger, therefore he will have this feeling. Wanxiang has not returned, in hand Great Sword toward behind continually wields, Sword Qi toward behind strike, simultaneously he also steals a glance in the future will look. This looked that Wanxiang cannot help but stayed, Wanxiang thinks that to certainly is Magic that oneself behind fly, that thinks that he looked, to simply that oneself fly is not Magic, but Sword Qi, incomparably concentrates together solid Sword Qi. Wanxiang looks up, but that said three Sword Qi that Sword Qi even/including Po he left, flew toward him. Wanxiang is surprised, stemming from the instinct, he kept off own Great Sword after behind. Clang! is similar to two swords to spelling the sound conveys from Wanxiang's sword, proceeding that then Wanxiang's personal appearance clashes clashes, this is not he must add absolutely, because he by this together Sword Qi huge Might shaking toward forward flight. Wanxiang felt an own vitality tuck dive, that feeling does not feel better, but his immediately use the cultivation has depressed own Blood Qi, goes toward the forward flight. Wanxiang has thought that oneself must fly the safe place as soon as possible, the farther the better to Zhao Hai, then finds a place to hide, evades these three days , is a Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation matter tells Clan Zhao Hai, perhaps he also will obtain the reward of Clan. Any influence, very attaches great importance to the work of information, special that Clan appears some talent characters, Clan regarding situation attaching great importance to of this talent character, if you can get so far as this person of talent character unknown situation, then Clan will have the reward to put generally. But Zhao Hai can be considered as absolutely is a talent character, he ascend to machine several months, can reach the 4th level Magician level, must say that he is not a talent nobody believes. But now Wanxiang unexpectedly presently Zhao Hai is a Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation talent, his Martial Skill compared with his Magic difference, this information regarding Shui absolutely is not very important.

What what a pity is Zhao Hai is impossible to ask him to leave, with Wanxiang how Zhao Hai wants to try own Martial Skill attack strength, now looks like also good. Zhao Hai is the same with Wanxiang's idea, if he made Wanxiang walk, that entire machine person knows that he was a Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation talent, this was not the good deed, now knows that he was the Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation person may few. The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, appears in Wanxiang's front, has then ejected, this fist he has not made Liquid Silver turn into weapon to come carry out additional support, but this fist he has actually used Fist Technique of body tempering fist. Fist Technique of body tempering fist can take to regard one set of attack Fist Technique to use alone, only in must utilize in the Tempering Stars Body Technique situation, will play the body tempering effect, if only pure use Fist Technique, that is one set of ordinary attack Fist Technique. attack of body tempering fist is different from Battle Qi, the body tempering fist when carries on attack, has own one use the cultivation method, this method be much more complex than the Battle Qi use the cultivation method. This use the cultivation method, in the meridians of his body, transferred several, from an acupuncture point to another acupuncture point, these acupuncture points is not the straight successive, but formed the small shape transitions to circulate, in this process, to Qi Strength carry out additional support of his within the body, to achieve the strongest attack effect. In machine here, uses weapon carry out additional support, that is with the aid of the external force, the use the cultivation way of body tempering fist, actually completes blessing/additional support in within the body, then in the meridians through oneself hand, exits Qi Strength, injures the enemy at one fell swoop, this is belongs in within the body carry out additional support, what walks is the different routes. Wanxiang looks at Zhao Hai appears in his front, his two eyes cannot help but shrinks, at his 3rd level Warrior eyesight, how actually does not have presently Zhao Hai is appears . At this moment he noticed Zhao Hai has fought with the fists, Wanxiang stares, in machine here, Warrior is few people directly carries on attack with the fist, even if these is good at with the fist carries on the attack person, they in opposing the enemy, will be bringing a gauntlet (glove), but a Zhao Hai actually such fist strike this came, this is really makes him feel very accidental. attack of Zhao Hai this fist, is cracking a joke to be the same in Wanxiang opinion probably, because he only noticed that the fist of Zhao Hai wields, has not actually felt point Qi Strength. When he just about to starts talking, actually suddenly felt that incomparably powerful Qi Strength presses toward him, this Qi Strength not like Sword Qi that sharp, but actually like mountain same great strength, such as sea general depth subterranean, presses toward him, Wanxiang felt one breathed is difficult.

He is surprised, concentrates complete Battle Qi, wells up toward the in hand heavy sword, then a sword wields, incomparably huge Sword Qi, welcomes together toward Qi Strength that Zhao Hai leaves. Sword Qi is similar to with the blade chops the water to be the same, one Qi Strength that Zhao Hai comes out dividing for two halves, but has not waited for Wanxiang to relax, Zhao Hai Qi Strength condensed unexpectedly in together, from welled up in all directions toward Wanxiang, these time welled up was quicker, was fiercer. Wanxiang has presently made a giant mistake, he should not chop the sea with the sword, draws a sword the cutting off the water supply water to flow, his Sword Qi does not have the means to break thoroughly Zhao Hai Qi Strength. Wanxiang immediately/on horseback luck within the body remains many Battle Qi to want in making final resisting, what a pity, he presently looks like falls in the fly to spider web, how to struggle unable to make Zhao Hai Qi Strength. That Qi Strength ocean waves are how same, one after another wells up toward him, making his simply not have the means to resist, finally his protective shield Battle Qi cannot be supporting finally, with a bang sound broke, these Qi Strength one has flooded into his within the body, Wanxiang felt instantaneously flesh and blood of own within the body, the skeleton and meridians had been torn into shreds by these Qi Strength completely, after a severe pain, he completely lost the consciousness finally. Zhao Hai looked at one to fall on the sand, was similar to a beach mud same Wanxiang, let out a long breath, this was his first time opposes the enemy with the body tempering fist, he has not thought Qi Strength unexpectedly such overbearing that the body tempering fist came out, unexpectedly has broken to pieces the skeleton and flesh and blood tyrant of Wanxiang whole body, can say that Wanxiang although now the skin of semblance is good, but his within the body all thing, had been shaken the fragment, changed into the bloody water. Zhao Hai sighed, waved, receives Wanxiang's sword and his Storage Ring, the although Wan Shen body also puts on chain armor, but that chain armor striking crushed by a Zhao Hai fist, simply cannot use. Then Zhao Hai has buried Wanxiang with Earth element Magic, he decided that after body tempering fist, little use to well, this set of Fist Technique extremely in overbearing, after the person killed, turns into Undead Creature not, too wasted! Processed Wanxiang's corpse, Zhao Hai looked at Wanxiang's Storage Ring, this looked has actually aroused the Zhao Hai interest, because Wanxiang's Chu actually like Cultivation World there Chu thing equipment, had the energetic seal. Has Chu thing equipment of energetic seal, is rarely seen in machine here, does inside have what good thing? Is thinking these, Zhao Hai while has put out one eternally innumerable, scratched toward Storage Ring on, on Storage Ring has emitted black smog suddenly, then above Spiritual Imprint on vanish from sight. Zhao Hai spiritual force sighed toward Wanxiang's storage ring, cannot help but gawked, in Wanxiang's Storage Ring, most unexpectedly was all kinds of Potion, these Potion had some restores Battle Qi, some were antidote, some were wound treatment, in any case was home traveling necessary Potion his here is the same also many. Besides Potion of quantity, was several equipment, these equipment had weapon, had Defensive Equipment, but did not have no thing is Zhao Hai can have a liking for the eye.

However finally has same thing, actually attracted the Zhao Hai attention, that is a piece jade slip, looks at the somewhat obsolete appearance, above does not have a energy fluctuation, but is this thing, actually attracted the Zhao Hai attention, because of Zhao Hai very clear, if is really only a piece ordinary jade slip, Wanxiang will not receive Space Equipment him. Moreover in machine here, jade slip is also rare thing, little appears . jade slip is Cultivation World there is used for equipment of record important matter generally, little uses in machine here, because the machine here person will not manufacture jade slip. Must say that this jade slip uses is very convenient, records thing in jade slip, so long as you search to examine spiritual force that the absolute ratio reads is convenient. Zhao Hai took jade slip, then turns the hand, has thrown into this Chu alert Space, then searches toward jade slip in spiritual force. This searches Zhao Hai cannot help but to stare, because on this jade slip, really also has the energetic seal, Zhao Hai these time to have not been startled, Cultivation World there thing, majority has the energetic seal, especially some important thing, energetic seal formidable, if you want breaks the seal forcefully, will destroy that thing, making him a scrap. Therefore presently this energetic seal, Zhao Hai to is being interested, his immediately/on horseback has put out eternally innumerable, deletes toward jade slip on. Intermittent black smoke rose from jade slip, but the energetic seal on jade slip has not eliminated, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai be interested, the jade slip energetic seal was formidable, represented inside record thing is precious, Zhao Hai now really somewhat impatient wants thing that had a look in this jade slip to record is anything. In scratching this jade slip process, Zhao Hai also present, eternal innumerable although can eradicate the energetic seal, but is not a consumption does not have, that intermittent black smoke, not only spiritual force is vanishing, his in hand eternal innumerable is also tailing off, when Zhao Hai in hand that eternal innumerable vanished, the black smoke on jade slip also vanished, simultaneously that looks like on obsolete jade slip, suddenly appears the one layer sparkling stone light, has looked like attractive extremely.