Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1170
Chapter 96 concentrates Gang Secret Art Zhao Hai looked that this situation knows, that seal has solved, his immediately/on horseback searched in own spiritual force jade slip, his spiritual force just entered to jade slip, felt with a bang sound, in his head fierce shook, then that 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation of his present spiritual force by head keeping off. Zhao Hai stares, immediately understand what's the matter, these five virtue Certain Kill Great Formation, are blocks all enters spiritual force in his head, now the content in jade slip, is spiritual force one type of, naturally also by his five virtue Certain Kill Great Formation blocking. The Zhao Hai horse remove five virtue Certain Kill Great Formation, then in one time searched into spiritual force jade slip, writing appears in the head of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looked that this paragraph of writing by stares, writes on character writing most beginning: Concentrates Gang( ghost) Secret Art, Heaven and Earth has Righteous Qi, Evil Qi, Berserk Qi, the air/Qi and god gathers, then the state of mind respectively is....... Zhao Hai look at this paragraph of writing, he knows what in finally this jade slip records was anything, in this jade slip recorded unexpectedly was Magic Secret Art, how Berserk Qi or Magic Secret Art of Evil Qi condense to own Qi Strength, finally Zhao Hai also present, how to use Berserk Qi or Evil Qi, Duan Yang the Life Source Magical Artifact method, this may really be too important. In Cultivation World there, not only there is ordinary Magical Treasure, some were passed through Evil Qi or Berserk Qi Duan Pan Magical Treasure, these Magical Treasure generally were Life Source Magical Artifact of person, but passed through Magical Treasure that Evil Qi or Berserk Qi hammered to raise, no matter in the attack strength on defense strength, compared with ordinary Magical Treasure much stronger. It can be said that this method Zhao Fa now needs, no matter in yellow sand crazy beast star here, is in Space, Berserk Qi will not stop, if exercises own with these Berserk Qi, will make the body of person tenacious, if Berserk Qi join to Qi Strength, by own Qi Strength has aggressiveness, if lets Berserk Qi join to own Magical Treasure, Magical Treasure level will also promote 1st level. However Zhao Hai actually continuously don’t know this method, therefore his very wants to obtain this method, good to make full use of the Berserk Qi resources in Space. The Zhao Hai book thinks one must snatch such Cultivation Method to Cultivation World there, has not actually thought that such Cultivation Method has delivered. Zhao Hai carefully looked at this Cultivation Method, this Cultivation Method actually not very complex, he on the acupuncture point with oneself body, introduces in Berserk Qi the body, then in Qi Strength with oneself gas, bit by bit merges in Berserk Qi the body, turned into Gang vigor Qi Strength in own body. However this process is actually pain, because this pain is almost the person unsupportable, therefore wants enters the people in oneself body to be defeated Berserk Qi or Evil Qi condense, finally possessed by the Devil dies. However this matter does not have what influence regarding Zhao Hai, because he, when refines Tempering Stars Body Technique, knows that what feeling that was, therefore Zhao Hai did not care about Berserk Qi condense enters in the body. After looking has congealed the situation in Gang technique, Zhao Hai had not decided that the immediately practice concentrates Gang technique, because this Magic Secret Art practices is very dangerous, if some suddenly people in the process of practice disturbs, that may not fantastic. However although cannot with congealing Gang technique practices oneself Qi Strength, can actually with congealing Gang technique practices own Magical Treasure, Zhao Hai now the institute and weapon be Liquid Silver, Liquid Silver strict is also Magical Treasure, Zhao Hai can definitely use Berserk Qi, Liquid Silver in time condense, such words believes that the Liquid Silver attack strength will be stronger.

Thinks does, Zhao Hai immediately sits in there, has put out Liquid Silver, then with own spiritual force, bit by bit quenchings Liquid Silver with all around Berserk Qi. Zhao Hai spiritual force just contacted these Berserk Qi time, felt that extremely powerful Qi Strength throws toward his spiritual force, Zhao Hai manifestation spiritual force, immediately by this Qi Strength twisting smashing. However Zhao Hai has not actually received too many injuries, after all he had the psychology to prepare, although feels in the head an ache, but the feeling of this ache is actually not unsupportable. Zhao Hai calm, in one time has guided Berserk Qi with spiritual force, but the consequence is the same, Zhao Hai when these failures, slowly is drawing the lesson, but he does not have present, at these failures, his spiritual force congealing also, if before him spiritual force on is a root root silk thread, that his present spiritual force, on is a root root steel wire. don’t know many, Zhao Hai had introduced in Berserk Qi Liquid Silver finally, Liquid Silver suddenly had the intermittent sparkling stone light, then in Space suddenly transmits prompt said : to reach defeated/carrying energy to exercise Host Magic Staff, Space judges this exercise to be beneficial to Host, with banning, simultaneously replaces Host to use spiritual force to guide defeated/carrying energy process, is changed to guide defeated/carrying energy by Space.” The prompt sound Zhao Hai presently, all around Berserk Qi simply will not need him in guiding from now on, oneself entered in Liquid Silver . Moreover the effect compared with him being better that also used spiritual force to guide. Zhao Hai is also glad with ease, he sits in there restoration slowly own spiritual force, this is restoring spiritual force, Zhao Hai presently, his spiritual force capacity probably was bigger than before, moreover his spiritual force also congealing, this is Zhao Hai has not really thought. Fully restored to own spiritual force, Zhao Hai then presently own spiritual force probably also has to increase, originally how he only uses his spiritual force, does not use to assist the Magic Formation words, most can use 1000 overlay Magic Formation, but he has been able to use 3000 overlay now with ease, even if uses five virtue overlay, is not the impossible matter. If he used has assisted Magic Formation, he can use ten thousand to superimpose with ease, this was in he did not use in the Liquid Silver situation, if used Liquid Silver, now Zhao Hai has been able to achieve, attack effort of thirty thousand overlay. His strength enhanced has been possible not only one layer, this let Zhao Hai very happy, he in worried his body formidable, however his spiritual force practice actually very slow, now looked like, his spiritual force practice already quick, this regarding Zhao Hai absolutely was good information. After restoring to end own spiritual force, Zhao Hai paid attention to next time, now since he enters to yellow sand crazy beast star to the present, already passing near one day, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai somewhat surprised. one day, he has run unexpectedly only into a Wanxiang person, can't this somewhat be justified? Must know these time attended the elimination series altogether 100,000 people, but region that they enter is not very big, two person meets are very easy matters, but a day passed by now, he has run unexpectedly only into a Wanxiang person, some did not suit. In this time, Cai'er suddenly said : Young Master, when you practice, altogether 50 spiritual force have swept from your body, but they do not have what danger, therefore I have not awakened you.” Zhao Hai one hear of Cai'er said that finally understand came back, his immediately/on horseback said : „did you say 50 spiritual force? Are they who?”

Zhao Hai just a saying ended, in Zhao Hai mind flashed through a detailed list, in that detailed list altogether more than 50 individuals, everyone swept own time to have the very detailed record with spiritual force, even observed Zhao Hai how long to have the record with spiritual force. Zhao Hai looked at this understand said : well, they have not begun fortunately, if they dare to begin, should not be polite.” Cai'er complied with said : is, Young Master did not need to be worried that our here has prepared, if they dare to begin, my let on release these you in safe, if the star, rainbow meteorite brought there manufacture Undead Creature, gave to extinguish them.” Zhao Hai nodded, laughs right that said : you said that if they dare to begin, you used these Undead Creature horses they to give to extinguish.” In safe, if the star and rainbow meteorite bring these Undead Creature of there manufacture, maintained original fighting strength, in other words, in these Undead Creature, 4th level and 5th level Undead Creature is not infrequent, if some people dare to come attack Zhao Hai, that was only these Undead Creature fully can the opposite party extinguishing. At this time Laura said : Elder Brother Hai, don't you want to go to other places to transfer the extension?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : to consider as finished, coming here to attend the elimination series is not easy, I go to other places unable to meet other Monster Beast, will run into other participating people, by that time must defeat them unavoidably, gives them opportunity, so long as does not provoke on own initiative my, I do not go to them.” Laura thinks that said : also good, in this case, runs into other preliminary contest to be good, if meets strength strong point Monster Beast, we can only run, does not need to put this peaceful life, lets Monster Beast pursue, on , etc. several days in here was good.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, I think that if we want in the situation, in not exposing oneself strength, catches in these Monster Beast Space is almost impossible, but one but we have exposed all strengths, that later day was sadder, do not forget, the person outer space of machine star, no one had the means to guarantee that outside they have not monitored us now, if they really in monitoring our, so long as we have exposed own strength, on is known by them, after that troublesome even bigger.” Laura nodded „the thoroughness that said : Elder Brother Hai you think, Elder Brother Hai, or you constructed the house that sand made to be good, when the time comes we exited to accompany you.” One hear of Laura said that Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: Ok, if the lane, certainly will bring to their attention now, this.” Laura smiles said : well that this, but Elder Brother Hai, you must take an umbrella, is taking a deck chair, comfortable sitting in there?” Zhao Hai two eyes bright said : good, this method is good, this makes an umbrella, causes a deck chair, was right, must put out one cup to freeze the fruit juice to me, I considered in here take vacation.” Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that young lady has smiled, thing that before long Zhao Hai wanted gave the team to prepare, Zhao Hai comfortable lying down on the deck chair, was drinking the fruit juice of freezing, the ratio took vacation simply also wants satisfying.

In this process, several spiritual force have swept Zhao Hai here, but has not actually come they to confess obviously is not the Zhao Hai match, therefore has not begun. one day on the past, night arrival as promised, Zhao Hai had not entered to the Space city quickly, but in lying down fell asleep on the deck chair. In this time, a suddenly slight sound is conveying, Zhao Hai fierce one has opened the eye, because he noted, beyond nine li (0.5km), one crowd of incomparably huge spider fast flushed toward his here. very enormous of this flock of spiders, each only crossed five meters, eight like the long spear same foot, above have been covered with the fine fur, looks like is really makes people feel the fear. This crowd of spider altogether more than 40, vary, it seems like it was Clan, Zhao Hai has stood, and he knows that these spiders can through just that sandworm arrange bait, that certainly was because that sandworm ate to the full, by the habit of sandworm, so long as he ate to the full one time, for a long time will not be coming out to hunt, these spiders can such feel relieved put here. However Zhao Hai does not fear these spiders, making these spiders come, he happen to caught in these spiders Space, let in Space in multi- one type of life form. The quick these spiders rushed to Zhao Hai here not far away, a Magic Formation line of Zhao Hai 3000 overlay in the past, these spiders did not have the means to make widely known. Zhao Hai is first time uses 3000 overlay in fight Magic Formation, to be honest, formation of these 3000 overlay are very strong, strong left his imagination, Zhao Hai noted, the strengths of these spiders, definitely had about the 4th level strength, in this case, 3000 overlay Magic Formation, but can also relaxed took them, this absolutely was not easy. Naturally, Zhao Hai believes that other people the Magic Formation such abilities of 3000 overlay, do not know his 3000 overlay Magic Formation, has also included massive assistance Magic Formation. Now Zhao Hai in hand Magic Formation Set, altogether is divided into five categories, first, the defense type Magic Formation lord, this was needless saying that was mainly is used to defend, second, attack kind of Magic Formation Set, these Magic Formation Set attack strength very formidable, so long as were hit by these Magic Formation, that right and wrong died already injures, the third order, trapped enemy kind of Magic Formation Set, this Magic Formation Set actually was also Magic Formation Set of attack strength, but these Magic Formation Set pursues did not strike to kill the enemy, but capturing alive to capture alive these enemies, this sometimes compared with struck to kill the enemy directly difficultly, fourth kind of Support Class Magic Formation Set, this Magic Formation Set and was unusable. In fight, but must place on Mecha or the battleship is effective, the fifth kind is weapon Magic Formation Set, these Magic Formation Set may in using on weapon, causes as blessing/additional support Formation Set with, can use on Defensive Equipment, makes to defend Magic Formation Set to use, but Zhao Hai has not thought now wants immediately to use him. These five categories of Magic Formation Set, have almost included the machine here aspects, moreover gradually improve is being improved, but this process will be will be very long.