Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1171
After these spiders grasp Space, Space to does not have too many responses, the answer of giving, is still sustains the energy radiation pollution, the gene variation spider. although has not let Space Level Up, but fighting strength of this spider is also not weak, the premise must make him maintain this condition. The Space prompt sound has given the Zhao Hai result, if the spider life in the Space ordinary environment, he slowly will turn into ordinary Monster Beast, although fighting strength compared with ordinary Monster Beast in some, but compares to this primitive astral wind spider to come, must miss on many. Said strictly this is one type of degenerates, the environment that because lives is good, animal in does not use to survive to have resisted with the nature, therefore slowly will have the degeneration. Zhao Hai does not want to make this situation live, although was saying that Hell Space there living environment also very bad, however the there environment with Yellow Sand-Star here is actually complete is different, therefore wish lets these spiders, or other Yellow Sand-Star Monster Beast, maintain this formidable fighting strength words, that do not change their living environments. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai immediately orders Cai'er, ordinary Space in Space, transform becomes with Yellow Sand-Star here same Space, after the preparation is remaining, uses. This time changing Space, to has not let Zhao Hai fee too many matters, because beforehand Space has prompt, Zhao Hai can make one in any background in Space with the Yellow Sand-Star here same environment, therefore Zhao Hai this time transform, even before several times, does not need to spend the line, this time his money not flower. Naturally, now Space the yellow sand boundary, is different from Yellow Sand-Star here, most minimum Yellow Sand-Star here Magic Beast, in the yellow sand boundary does not have many, but plants almost does not have, this environment also needs Zhao Hai bit by bit to improve. Zhao Hai has not worried, he has is the time improves this yellow sand boundary, Yellow Sand-Star here was received in Space by him in any case, what later opportunity are many are. Must say, currently Space here has the ability of improvement gene, so long as Zhao Hai carries on the gene improvement some ordinary plants, enabling him to be able in the yellow sand boundary there survival, does that receive Yellow Sand-Star here plants is the same. Told matter that Cai'er should do, Zhao Hai has not planned leave there, he still lies down on the deck chair, the head is hitting the umbrella, because the present is dark sky/Hei Tian, therefore Zhao Hai can only sleep. He just lay down, suddenly Cai'er said : Young Master, some people came, is Dead-soldier, good that very he hides, to you, only then about 5li(2.5km), looked at his strength, should in 3rd level about.”

Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought really that this evening unexpectedly such lively, first is the spider, then came Dead-soldier. although heard the reminder of Cai'er, but Zhao Hai has not actually moved, Zhao Hai believes that Dead-soldier presently he, how he has wanted to have a look at that Dead-soldier to do. Quick that Dead-soldier to Zhao Hai, only then about two li (0.5km), he also stopped, careful is sizing up Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai fell asleep probably was the same, lies down on the rocking chair motionless. That Dead-soldier somewhat cannot make up mind obviously, Yellow Sand-Star here is still blowing wind now, can in this wind according to the person of sleeping peacefully, he first time see. At the matter Zhao Hai is not this Dead-soldier in the first person who on Yellow Sand-Star runs into, he had also run into several participants before, but these participant each and every one are critical situation, their bodies are not covering one layer Magic protective shield, is covering one layer Battle Qi protective shield, otherwise used one to defend Magic equipment, in brief everyone very careful, careful was guarding against other participants, similarly careful guarded against Yellow Sand-Star here Monster Beast, simply nobody can fall asleep to think, but the Zhao Hai present appearance, feared that was on entire Yellow Sand-Star, sole. Because of this, therefore that Dead-soldier will unable to make up mind, if Zhao Hai is the same with other participants, he already make a move, but Zhao Hai is actually not, this made him don’t know not know what to do at once. That Dead-soldier in leaving the Zhao Hai about two li (0.5km) place, stopped for one hour, this hour, Zhao Hai still lies down on the deck chair, appearance that ships out sleeping soundly, even once for a while turning turning over, will look like with really will also sleep soundly to be the same. Must speak of this to pretend to be sleeping skill, Zhao Hai confesses second, world did not have first, this skill he started to practice on Earth, had already gone to the reach a high degree of proficiency situation, he can pretend to be sleeping for several hours in there, making a person flaw unable to look. This is not Zhao Hai , on Earth will use this ability, in fact he will be only bored will practice at that time this matter, but now actually just right useful. That Dead-soldier has been observing Zhao Hai, he presently Zhao Hai probably really has fallen asleep, this made his heart cannot help but move, he was the same with Wanxiang, thinking Zhao Hai can in Yellow Sand-Star here, by the influence of astral wind, certainly not have the reason of any treasure, but that treasure made him move. Yellow Sand-Star because of astral wind season, the person who therefore this time attended the competition, must stay last three days in this astral wind, these three days do not feel better, 4th level Expert fortunately, these 3rd level people, even if will be a fight will not live, Magic of their within the body , can only just be used to maintain the protective shield far extension, even if drink Magic Potion, will also be very big regarding their fighting strength influences.

But if they can result in like Zhao Hai, was not affected by the astral wind completely, they may be more relaxed, most at least they do not use frequently their protective shield, like this they can frequently placed by oneself the optimum condition, comfortable will not be eliminated! The artificial wealth dies, birds die in pursuit of food! Since old times many people died on greed, but this Dead-soldier was also same, after he presently Zhao Hai probably really has fallen asleep, he then moved, has extracted Portable Rapier, slowly dived toward Zhao Hai. Perhaps is the custom of Assassin, Assassin in the murder, always wants to strike to kill, therefore they near possible placard body own enemy, this custom will not have changed to machine here generally, that Dead-soldier is this, bit by bit has depended toward Zhao Hai. However he also knows, he impossible like, in Lower Realm deals with these people, has arrived at the Zhao Hai side in assassinating him, that is impossible, therefore he arrives to Zhao Hai about one li (0.5km) time stopped, then Rapier fierce proceeding of in hand wields, jet black Sword Qi, punctures together toward the Zhao Hai back of the body, if these stabs, the heart of Zhao Hai must break to pieces without doubt. However at this time sigh transmitted, hears this sigh, the fine body hair of that Dead-soldier whole body has set upright, he stares at Zhao Hai stubbornly, in hand Rapier is grasping was tighter. However makes that Dead-soldier feel that the strange matter lived, that said that Sword Qi straight thorn in Zhao Hai back of the body, that Dead-soldier at heart one happy, then is actually dumbfounded. That said that Sword Qi punctured in the Zhao Hai back of the body, but actually left working as, on vanish from sight, unexpectedly has not then played point doing to use. Zhao Hai slowly sat from the deck chair, turned the head look at that Dead-soldier direction said : I to give you opportunity, was you to me attack, I did not think attack really you, but you, since attack I, that must take the consequence.” That Dead-soldier has not made noise, two eyes look at Zhao Hai stubbornly, the Zhao Hai look at that Dead-soldier appearance, shows a faint smile said : well, likely is qualified Dead-soldier, but a Dead-soldier most important point is calm, wants understand own target is can kill dies, if target is formidable, oneself do not have the means to kill, that feared that is that target in important, cannot begin, what a pity, in insufficient good, relationship that in this point you do, after I have not believed you, can learn.” That Dead-soldier does not have, because the Zhao Hai words have any relaxation, he stubbornly is still staring at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai look at his appearance, shows a faint smile, then the personal appearance one vanished on the deck chair. That Dead-soldier two eyes cannot help but shrinks, the personal appearance moves, immediately dodges toward side, but when his flashes body, his foothold there in appears a personal appearance, this personal appearance was taking Great Sword suddenly, Great Sword lifts in there, but that Dead-soldier was one has actually hit.

That Dead-soldier present that Great Sword time, late, he has thought that change the maneuver, has hit without enough time on Great Sword, Great Sword one has passed through his heart, wants to kill the Zhao Hai method with him, that Dead-soldier turned the head to look at a that Great Sword Master, but he actually saw a dark green skeleton! I died in skeleton in hand unexpectedly!” Is bringing an unwillingness, in last thought with his life, this Dead-soldier forever leave world. Zhao Hai looked at that Dead-soldier one, waved to throw into Space him, turned into Undead Creature, this Dead-soldier bottom he already checked, was Great Clan comes the participating player, but he obviously in Clan that in he was at not very well-respected, a threat to Zhao Hai not point. Even if were that Clan knew was Zhao Hai falls the homicide, will not say anything, after all this was the brutal elimination series, died has anything to be great personally, the one who gathered the situation dead was a Outer Sect people. In these Great Clan eyes, Outer Sect people, but Clan is used to compete for the benefit the tool, died died, simply was not worth him attaching great importance. Processed that Dead-soldier, Zhao Hai has lain down on the deck chair, these time to was not having no thing to disturb him, making his sleep rest the dawn. After dawn, Zhao Hai has the breakfast that Meg has made, then sits in lying down on dry suns, he knows that first day passed by, in having two days , the elimination series will end, he can also leave here. Is drinking the ice quake fruit juice, Zhao Hai the yellow sand that while look at that all over the sky dances in the air, cannot help but sighed at heart the marvelousness of this Universe, among this Universe however will have yellow sand crazy beast star such planet, but on such planet, actually still so many life form will exist, this is really Universe miracle. In this time, Zhao Hai suddenly was feeling that a very wild aura came toward his here, although that person has not entered to the Zhao Hai spiritual force range, that is that such as suddenly Xiong same imposing manner, has made Zhao Hai know the person who who was! ro