Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1172
suddenly Baoxiong Xiong Li! Only then violent bear Xiong Li will have such imposing manner, does not have to put in an appearance with Xiong Li although Zhao Hai to the present, but he has actually seen the Xiong Li combat process, on Xiong Li that wild imposing manner, Zhao Hai still has remembered to the present especially newly. Violent bear Xiong Li, looks like his name is the same, one, but commencing of action, he will turn into wild beast, a wild great violent, therefore keeps off in his front enemy, will be ripped by him crushes.[ Bsp \; Xiong Li weapon is two handle sledgehammers, moreover this sledgehammers also has iron chain to be connected , the sledgehammer had not been received into Space by him, hangs in own waist. This person by Zhao Hai is thought is most threatening Expert, is not speaks irresponsibly, fighting strength absolute level of this fellow, even Zhao Hai believes that if is really going all out, Terry may not put together Xiong Li. General Magician, the body is their shortcoming, if two well-matched matches go all out, the body factor will also play very big doing to use. The institute potential of Xiong Li flushed toward his here, moreover quick entered in the Zhao Hai energetic range, Xiong Li was still full body armor, the sledgehammer hangs in the waist, the facial expression looked like unexpectedly is also leisurely and carefree. However very obviously, spiritual force is not the Xiong Li specialty, therefore he did not have presently Zhao Hai to the present, two among slowly is distanced, only then five li (0.5km), Xiong Li stopped suddenly, Zhao Hai knows, Xiong Li presently he. Has Zhao Hai still sits in there moved, what response he wants to have a look at Xiong Li is. Xiong Li stopped, toward the forward flight, is then quick. Zhao Hai has not cared, still sits in there, before long before Xiong Li has flown the Zhao Hai body, less than hundred meters place, although because of the wind and sand all over the sky reason, they no one can see anyone now, but both sides know that the opposite party is gazing at him, after all the strength to their this level, spiritual force did not have what difference with their eyes. Xiong Li had not spoken, but stubbornly is staring at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai showing a faint smile said : suddenly Xiong Li, come, sits down to drink one cup?” Said that Zhao Hai has also put out a deck chair from Space.

Xiong Li actually making to stare by the Zhao Hai appearance, then his laughing suddenly, personal appearance flashes appears in the Zhao Hai side, sat on that deck chair, smiles said : interestingly, Zhao Hai, I have not thought that really you unexpectedly is a such interesting person, will you be bringing these thing? don’t know also thinks that you take vacation on beach.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to hear that must carry on the elimination series to Yellow Sand-Star here, I prepared these thing, carried on the elimination series in here, may not have regulation we to carry on to rip to kill, had not said that did not destroy completely others, did not have the means to be promoted, I also spent that matter to do, was lying down for three days in here, was not ting good?” Xiong Li has gawked, then laughs said :well, good that said that this time elimination series, may not have regulation we to rip to kill, like this crosses for three days also well, HaHaHa, but you may probably be careful, I heard that Zhu Chen that youngster is looking around person's trouble now. Zhao Hai has gawked next step: Beyond day meteor Zhu Chen? Um, this arrives has possibility, he is Earth element Magician, but the Yellow Sand-Star here although astral wind, because of nose Sand Duo, earth element is everywhere thick, fights in here and person, he can wield 120 fighting strength hundred meeting, he wants in this several days time, to clean up some matches, what's wrong, did he look for you?” Xiong Li snort|hum said : he, if dares to look for me, already withdrew, snort|hum, heard that had many 3rd level people bad his murderous scheme, this fellow started ting to be ruthless, person who almost he found, oneself after dying.” Zhao Hai has selected eyebrow said : oh, a little meaning, he he, hopes that he do not look for my trouble, otherwise he feared that must withdraw competes.” Xiong Li looked at Zhao Hai one, he of Zhu feudal official be much deeper than understanding of Zhao Hai regarding Zhu feudal official's understanding, although said that Zhu Chen in Ten Great Experts, ranks, however his strength is not weak, in fact Ten Great Experts, with the people of low ability, through fights, the prestige of hitting, this actually Zhu Chen can be said as quite that is difficult to deal with, because his defense is really somewhat abnormal. This Zhu Chen has to the defense probably is by chance same, his body brought several defense Magic Formation Set, in adding on him practices, is defense strength quite strong Earth element Magic, therefore Zhu Chen can be said as in Ten Great Experts, defense strongest. Naturally, you did not want, because his defense is strong, thinks that he will not attack, that is impossible, Zhu Chen attack ability is similarly astonishing, but compares his defense, his attack ability must miss on many, therefore the people only will note his defense. Generally is good at the person of defense, they are some breath and pulse long people, such person looks like a tortoiseshell is the same, is very difficult to break, therefore the average person does not want to oppose the enemy with such person. Xiong Li just although said that has imposing manner very much, but he is actually very clear, if changes an environment, he has confidence to cope with Zhu Chen, however in Yellow Sand-Star here, he actually must be careful that is good.

The Yellow Sand-Star here situation is special, astral wind is violent, Earth element energy is thick, in here Xiong Li fighting strength, only then about eight layers of summit time, but Zhu Chen although also comes under some influences, what because his specialize is Earth element Magic, therefore his strength obtained in here strengthened, this back and forth calculates that Zhu Chen can still wield 100% strengths. With 80% strengths, copes with others 100% strengths, even if Xiong Li is very confident to oneself, cannot guarantee that certainly can win. However Zhao Hai said that if Zhu Chen must cope with him, he must make Zhu Chen be eliminated, that naturally must defeat Zhu Chen, moreover this saying said is confident, this cannot help but makes Xiong Li feel to Zhao Hai curiously. Xiong Li although character is wild, but is actually not person of the bloodthirsty, why this is also he, when sees Zhao Hai, does not have the reason that immediately/on horseback begins. However at the same time the strength of Xiong Li to Zhao Hai also had some scruples, although says in the participating player, Zhao Hai material minimum, but can look from the there material, the Zhao Hai strength was not weak. Xiong Li does not have the idiot, the Zhao Hai result by making the shortcoming must come, because of Xiong Li very clear, in machine here, any Clan, will not crack a joke with six Yi Xin the matter of competition, because that is direct relationship to the Clan benefit, at the competition, the progress of making is good, the benefit that Clan gains is bigger, but such benefit, is three Big Shot can also move, gathers what Ashley Clan. But Zhao Hai is the person who Ashley Clan attaches great importance, can look from this point, Zhao Hai has certainly the real skill, therefore Xiong Li not, because the Zhao Hai ascend coming up time is short , then takes lightly him, because of this, therefore he in seeing Zhao Hai sits in here, has not braved beginning rashly, conversely, instead to sitting is drinking the fruit juice in here with Zhao Hai. Although knows the Zhao Hai strength in him... Does not decide weakly, but strong to any degree, Xiong Li did not have at heart, after all after Zhao Hai, his competitor, how therefore he also really wants to have a look at the Zhao Hai strength. However Xiong Li does not think initiative begins with Zhao Hai, because such words will possibly make Zhao Hai misunderstand, must know here, but Yellow Sand-Star, they are still attending the elimination series, but he this does not have no relationship with Zhao Hai, if his suddenly must begin with Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai will possibly misunderstand him to with begin to him, if they hit, that is not good. Zhao Hai strength, the Xiong Li strength is not weak, if they have spelled now, that will get finally possibly so far as the mutually wounded fate, this is not Xiong Li wants to see, if his real injury, arrives at here in some people, his rebel opportunity did not have, therefore might as well said that presently must be on good terms with Zhao Hai, the safe pass through three days, then see on Arena, so long as on have struck strongly, Xiong Li believes that by own ability, obtains good achievements is not a problem.

The Xiong Li although semblance is straightforward, the temperament is wild, but regarding own situation he is very clear, in addition looked that his was called Ten Great Experts in young generation, looks like the scenery is infinite, However Xiong Li is actually very clear, he cannot be the Wu Clan core member now, if he wants to become the Wu Clan core member, that must obtain the good achievements at this time big game, therefore under weighing the advantages and disadvantages, Xiong Li has not begun with Zhao Hai. Xiong Li has not met the Zhao Hai thread of conversation, but looked at Zhao Hai one, then showed a faint smile said : you to arrive at Yellow Sand-Star to stay in here? Doesn't have who to come? Hasn't met Monster Beast?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : how not to meet, just arrived at here to meet a yellow sand insect, this thing also is really hard to deal with, my Magic loses, made him give to eat unexpectedly, but fortunately, after that thing has eaten that Magic, shrank, yesterday has also met in the evening, several spiders, was given to destroy completely by me, in has run into two people, was hit by me.” Zhao Hai although said traces lightly calm, but Xiong Li actually listens to the way, thing that the yellow sand insect, the astral wind spider, these were not good to deal with, Zhao Hai said that he did not have the type the yellow sand insect, this point Xiong Li to was believes that yellow sand insect that thing originally very difficult to kill. Moreover Zhao Hai also two people, Zhao Hai said that has hit, this hit the knowledge to be big, possibly killed directly, possibly defeated them. However the look at Zhao Hai appearance, feared that is possible even bigger that kills, Xiong Li one hear of Zhao Hai saying that has hit at heart cannot help but one suddenly, he has not thought really that the Zhao Hai strength is unexpectedly strong, the yellow sand insect and astral wind spider are not good to cope, he can relaxed coping, this fully explain his strength unexpectedly. Moreover what most important is, he copes with that two to come the method of here person, has killed directly, can look from this point, Zhao Hai is not the kindhearted generation, even if bloodthirsty, little had not killed people before, completely not the lord who the murder is serious, such person is most dangerous. fighting strength how, not only need think his level, his fight experience also very heavy wants, looked that the Zhao Hai appearance knows his fight experience very rich, such person easily not provoke to well.