Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1173
The Xiong Li intention phonograph, has divided into the ranks that Zhao Hai was unable to provoke easily. Zhao Hai to is don’t know these, he still sat at that time, was not drinking the fruit law, once for a while chatted one with Xiong Li. Xiong Li presently Zhao Hai really does not have no evil intention to him, slowly relaxed, they lie down on the rocking chair are chatting, to does not feel senseless. Has not thought that they more chatted are congenial, the Xiong Li although temperament was wild, moreover some plans, but the manner did not go bad, did not have the heart of injuring someone, to was very to the Zhao Hai temperament, unconsciously they had clearheadedly the feeling of pitying unexpectedly. In time that they chatted , some spiritual force have swept from their bodies, but swept on the image rotation elsewhere, these people presently here very much obviously sit unexpectedly was Xiong Li and Zhao Hai, nobody dares to make noise, these two were not that affable hosts, let alone they also sat in there are merry, other people naturally did not dare. The time passes fast, one day in the blink of an eye on the past, to the evening, Zhao Hai has put out the food and wine from Space, they sat with Xiong Li in there has drunk a while liquor. Has drunk the midnight two talented people to lie down on the deck chair has fallen asleep, when they drink, several spiritual force have swept them, looks at their appearances, these people naturally do not dare to come, distant avoid. They just lay down not long after, a roar transmits, they sat, the direction that the vigilant look at roar transmits, one team of life form entered in the line of sight of Zhao Hai before long. This is one crowd like orangutan same Monster Beast, their heads are actually wolf's head, is tall, looks like very magnificent. Zhao Hai sees these Monster Beast, knew west this nose is anything, this was Yellow Sand-Star here one type of famous Monster Beast, the known as aardwolf ape. The aardwolf ape is one type of Earth element Monster Beast, super strong, defense strength is astonishing, although they will not fly sand that but these were curled by the astral wind, can actually become their weapon, is on Yellow Sand-Star one type of quite formidabe Monster Beast. Zhao Hai look at these aardwolf apes, turn the head to Xiong Li said : are one flock of aardwolf apes are unexpectedly interesting, well, are they are pursuing who probably?” Zhao Hai is also now present, in front of these aardwolf apes, the person looks for the life is running, he with flying, but with running, moreover getting slower and slower that he runs was in the oil completely lamp dry situation obviously. Zhao Hai pays attention to that person, presently he actually knows that person, that person to is not the name, but being Ashley Clan this time participates in one of the elimination series people. The Zhao Hai knitting the brows head of gently, thought finally helps his, no matter what, that person is also the Ashley Clan person, he cannot see somebody in danger and do nothing. Thinks of here, he turns the head to Xiong Li said : Xiong Li Big Brother, front comes one person, was being chased down that person by the aardwolf ape is my Ashley Clan person, I have no alternative but to manage, you sit slightly, I urge to go faster return.” The personal appearance moved vanishes in same place. Xiong Li one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, his spiritual force are most can only control to five original about three li (0.5km) situation, but Zhao Hai spiritual force obviously wants much stronger compared with him, after all Zhao Hai is Magician.

However Xiong Li is clear, his spiritual force compares to general Magician to come not to miss many actually, in other words, general 4th level Magician, spiritual force are most with Xiong Li almost can only see original about 5li(2.5km), but Zhao Hai obviously compared with most 4th level Magician much stronger. Only through such a minor matter, Xiong Li knew Zhao Hai worthily is the name of talent, he truly compared with general Magician in many. However Xiong Li had not planned that in the past he sat, let out a long breath, muttered said : looks like this time invitational meet, who will be the winner, but also cannot know.” Actually before has not met Zhao Hai, Xiong Li to own strength some confidence, but after having met Zhao Hai, Xiong Li confidence on some sounds, because Xiong Li present, the Zhao Hai strength, such as pool is unexpectedly same, making him unable to see the depth. Zhao Hai has not actually managed that many, he paid attention, presently Xiong Li really, this feel relieved, the personal appearance gearing, appears side that person, Zhao Hai had not looked that this person draws up a document the person in camp. That person also noted Zhao Hai, saw Zhao Hai, his cannot help but face happy said : Zhao Hai, saved me.” Zhao Hai nodded said : you to proceed, these aardwolf apes give me to process.” That person complied with one, turn around ran. Zhao Hai stood in there, immediately/on horseback five Magic lost, these aardwolf apes looked at Zhao Hai to look like their attack, immediately roar to attack. However was a pity that these aardwolf ape although are hard to deal with, however in Yellow Sand-Star here, but also cannot be regarded any Advanced level Monster Beast, cannot constitute anything to threaten to Zhao Hai simply, only several rounds were stressed in Space by Zhao Hai. After these aardwolf apes caught in Space, Zhao Hai also relaxed, he knows that these time enters to the person who Yellow Sand-Star attended the elimination series, the casualties will not be small, any one type of Monster Beast on this Yellow Sand-Star, fighting strength is not weak, in adding on the everywhere astral wind, regarding all participants is a test. However Zhao Hai can also look, these people of preparation committee, has thought of this point, this piece seems like the domain of sandworm, extremely in formidable Monster Beast, therefore the person of preparation committee, will not have made them carry on the elimination series to here, moreover time, only then three days, the person who therefore attended the elimination series will encounter some dangers, meets some appears casualties, but will not be annihilated. The person such procedure of preparation committee, Zhao Hai although does not like, but he has not said anything, he did not have the qualifications to say anything, do not say that his Zhao Hai was only ascend just several months of person, even if were Ashley Clan does not have anything's word power at this matter, he also can only endure. Zhao Hai sighed, the round trip walked, in halfway has met that to set up the person in camp, that drew up a document the person in camp was too tired to move any further obviously, was proceeding slowly, looked at Zhao Hai to come back, he drew up a document Battalion Taoli to see Mr. Zhao Hai to Zhao Hai said : hastily, thanks a lot mister has saved a life great kindness.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :to consider as finished, we are the Ashley Clan people, did not need to be so polite, walked.

Said that then that person, goes toward the forward flight, before long arrived at table there, Xiong Li still sat in there has not moved, in hand is taking pot liquor gently is drinking. Tao Li noticed that Xiong Li cannot help but is surprised, the Xiong Li capital is the introduction of Card detailed, he naturally remembers that the clear present sees Xiong Li to sit in here unexpectedly, he thinks that is not surprised also difficult. Zhao Hai looked at Tao Li one eyes, knows that he is thinking anything, he has not cared is only shows a faint smile said : Xiong Li Big Brother, this is our Ashley Clan draws up a document the camp Tao Li, Tao Li, this is Xiong Li Big Brother, wants to come you also to know that come, sits, eats to select thing.” Tao Li although understand what's all this about secure is not careful saluted to Xiong Li, sits on a deck chair that in Zhao Hai took, is eating thing, to be honest he really has also been awfully hungry, he was pursued one by these aardwolf apes in in addition half in the evening, has met Zhao Hai in the afternoon, now feared that was turned into the ape excrement. Zhao Hai sits in there drinks with Xiong Li, drank while said : two days, crossed tomorrow, we can go back, yeah, to be honest, this time elimination series, I do not want to participate, because of this competition, regarding us, was really unfair, what a pity, for Clan, actually has to participate, tomorrow exited after here, I with Xiong Li Big Brother, have become the match, he he, was really senseless.” Xiong Li one hear of Zhao Hai said that was also shows a faint smile said : do not think that many, the people of our these ascend, in machine here want in having the auspicious day, only have been able by oneself, if competed time, pulled out together both of us, we war well.” Zhao Hai laughs said : right, war well, come, drinks!” They have taken up wine glass, big mouth has drunk, is only this liquor flavor, is really somewhat bitter and astringent. Tao Lilai here was naturally impossible to walk, three people have drunk a while liquor, this lies down the rest, these time to not having no thing disturbs them, three people of sleeps will rest to next noon about then get up. Has eaten thing, three people sit in there are chatting, Tao Li is really admires not to be good to Zhao Hai now, others arrived at Yellow Sand-Star here, is gingerly, cautiously, he may arrive, is drinking the fruit juice in here, sits on the deck chair, is quick Uncle. When three people chatted, Zhao Hai suddenly presently two people enter to him around ten li (0.5km) encircle, Zhao Hai swept with spiritual force, the brow actually wrinkled, because these two people he actually knew, person in the Ashley Clan ghost character camp, but another was the hot Saint causes Sun Fei. The person who Sun Fei this person of Zhao Hai prepares to deal with, has not actually thought that now he actually chases down the Ashley Clan person in here, it seems like Sun Fei also obtained inciting of their family clansman. Zhao Hai turns the head to Xiong Li and Tao Li said :two, some people came, I must have a look, what these time comes is the person in our Ashley Clan ghost character camp, but he was being made Sun Fei chase down by the hot Saint, I must go to ask him, you sit in here slightly., The personal appearance moves, flies toward east side. Tao Li listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but face changed, then sighed, has not actually made noise, Xiong Li look at Tao Li appearance said : what? didn't you help?” Tao Li forced smile said : help? By my strength, did not tow Zhao Hai back leg to be good, I can add on any busy, I went to on the contrary will make Zhao Hai to divert attention, therefore.” Xiong Li look at Tao Li, showed a faint smile said : looks like nearest/recent said that your Ashley Clan and Zhang Family did have contradictory real? Not in words Sun Fei will not chase down the Ashley Clan person.” Tao Li coldly snorted said :Zhang Family, I thought that rampantly when they can also arrive, that Sun Fei calculates today his luck is not good, has met Zhao Hai unexpectedly, undead also the delamination skin. Xiong Li Tao Li probably also is very presently confident to Zhao Hai, he curious said : you probably are very cannot help but confident to Zhao Hai, is his strength very strong?”

Tao Li shows a faint smile said : naturally to be confident, the Zhao Hai prestige has spread over in our Ashley Clan Outer Sect, his strength is strong compared with some established 4th level Expert, we to him are very confident.” Xiong Li nodded, he also knows that was asking Tao Li will not ask anything came, does not have to ask that his was sadder, original Xiong Li thinks one these time has the hope of winning, now looks like this hope is not big. In saying Zhao Hai, his several moved sideways to arrive at Sun Fei and that ghost character Battalion people, silently said: Stop.” Said that Magic lost, has blocked Sun Fei Magic. The person in that ghost character camp looks is Zhao Hai, cannot help but the surface presently said : of happy Zhao Hai, you came, fantastic, this fellow has killed our Ashley Clan three people, now pursues me not to put, added that must be ruthless our Ashley Clan all participating people.” Zhao Hai turns the head look at Sun Fei, smiles said : oh, Sun Fei can mister be ruthless us really?” Sun Fei looks at Zhao Hai, the facial expression concentrates, was the Zhang Family person, Sun Fei impossible don’t know Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai already to be listed as the most dangerous character by Zhang Family, he has not thought that really will have here to meet Zhao Hai, but one hear of Zhao Hai said that Sun Fei or coldly snorted said : good, so long as were the Ashley Clan person, I saw one, killed one!” The Zhao Hai look at Sun Fei appearance, has not been angry, but shows a faint smile said : our Ashley Clan to have a grudge with Sun Fei line of mister? The Sun Fei line crazy why handles the matter such certainly!” Sun Fei coldly snorted said : offended our Zhang Family, altogether the generation of days big enmity, Zhao Hai, do not waste breath, today runs into you are my luck, you suffer to death!” Said that wants make a move. Zhao Hai beckons with the hand said : Mister Sun to wait hastily, now is really elimination series Stage, but you and I fights, unavoidably will have the damage, I do not fear to tell you, Xiong Li nearby this, if our two have anything to damage, only cheap Xiong Li, I think our fights, keeps on Arena.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Sun Fei cannot help but stares, then face changes, his spiritual force manifestation, quick noted front not far away Xiong Li, the Sun Fei face big change, then turns the head to look at Zhao Hai said : today to calculate that your luck was good, on our Arena saw.” Said that turn around, flew away by far. Sun Fei is not a fool, his Xiong Li is sitting with a Ashley Clan person in there drinks the fruit juice, knows that today impossible to begin to Zhao Hai, if had been grabbed a bargain by Xiong Li, that Clan person will not let off his. Reason that Zhao Hai has not begun to Sun Fei in here, in against Xiong Li, although he was chatting with Xiong Li was very happy, but just as was, they who Xiong Li said are only various Great Clan Outer Sect people, wanted to change own living conditions, can only spell by oneself, but Sun Fei was not an untalented person, he in the situation of expose this strength, did not want exterminate truly Sun Fei is not an easy matter, but Xiong Li in one side look at, Zhao Hai was how possible completely own fully Sun Fei exterminate, that equal to isn't expose? Therefore Zhao Hai endured, with Xiong Li Sun Fei being startled. Before has not gone to attend the match of 6 Realms new person competition, Zhao Hai expose own strength, will not keep several cards in a hand much, has the advantage to him!!.