Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1174
The first use fixed time cloth , is don’t know easy-to-use! one day in the blink of an eye on the past, Zhao Hai their here gathered four people now, such feast strength has not allowed to look down upon, naturally does not have the face to dare to annoy them, moreover all around did not have presently Magic Beast, Zhao Hai they to are peaceful in one day. In the evening also the extraordinary peace, probably these Monster Beast also know that they must walk were the same, has not been coming out to disturb, Zhao Hai several people have rested well a evening, day very early in the morning, several people are having the breakfast, while is calculating the time. After having had the breakfast, Zhao Hai they do not have immediately/on horseback to walk, but sat in good has drunk a while fruit juice, to noon, Zhao Hai then lightly has sighed quickly, turns the head to Xiong Li said : bear Big Brother, the time was also up, we should also go back, these time in Yellow Sand-Star here, can know bear Big Brother, calculates that did not have come in vain, what a pity, exited from here, we have become the match.” Xiong Li laughs said : Brother Zhao Hai, you want to be many are not, exits we from here is the match, but do not forget, has wanted the 6 Realms new person competition, we are not considered as that the match, our Wu Clan and Ashley Clan did not have what enmity, later Brother you and I must take a walk are.” Zhao Hai one hear of Xiong Li, laughs right that said :Xiong Shige said that has wanted the 6 Realms new person competition, you and I or the friend, is the brothers.,... Tao Li some look at Zhao Hai and Xiong Li of envying, they are tactful has not spoken, because of their very clear, these that Zhao Hai and Tao Li said that their simply could not interrupt, they did not have the qualifications discuss the friendship with Xiong Li and Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai and are Xiong Li who? That was natural talent spoiled child, the talent that machine here became famous, although says Xiong Li with their ascend time difference many, but Xiong Li now with them is not person in a level. After Zhao Hai said that Xiong Li also nodded said :so, Brother, the time early, we did not exit the sea to nod, receive furniture and other thing, was getting Tao Li, flew toward Yellow Sand-Star outside with Xiong Li together. This flies fly outward more difficult than toward, but well in several people of strengths also not weak easily departed the atmosphere. Atmosphere several people presently, some once for a while people will drill from the atmosphere, flies toward Spaceship there, Zhao Hai has said a hello with several people, flies toward that Spaceship that he makes. To Spaceship there, Spaceship immediately opened the decompression chamber, after Zhao Hai goes , the pressure in decompression chamber slowly was normal, in Zhao Hai then acted as ballast from the reduction entered the Spaceship integral nacelle.

He just entered the integral nacelle, that Magician that put them to exit walked, looked at Zhao Hai said : to stay behind your Signal Device, you can go.” Zhao Hai nodded, puts out his Signal Device, has given that person, that person looked at Signal Device said : Signal Device to be complete, the elimination series you passed, went in the rest, can go to other Spaceship places to move.” Zhao Hai complied with one, turn around walked. That room that Zhao Hai returned to he lived, presently in the room besides him, other three people have not come back , can don’t know also come back, sighed, the flashes body entered in Space, has taken a bath in Space, ran, has had the lunch to the Spaceship dining room, this returned to in the room rest. To evening's time, his in the room comes back a person, but this person is the body is also wounded, the dirty appearance, does not feel better obviously. That person looked at Zhao Hai one, nod slightly, has said the hello, entered the bathroom on turn around, washed, the food has not eaten, goes right to sleep, quick has fallen asleep, obviously these three days he was simply has not closed the eyes. A night passed by, another two people have still not come back, Zhao Hai knows that two people did not come back obviously, although does Zhao Hai have any friendship with that two, at this time also unavoidably had the feeling of like grieve for like. Also was one day passed, the two have still not come back, moreover Spaceship here has made the decision, tomorrow must wait for one day, if also nobody came back, Spaceship went back, was not waiting. That with the person of Zhao Hai roommate, how also don’t know experienced the life and death, to has wound with Zhao Hai ripe, started to chat with Zhao Hai, the although words according to were not many, but also made Zhao Hai like before not bored. On Zhao Hai returned to Spaceship third day, this day is other players last day, if the participating person has not come back today, that Spaceship in they, these people will not lose the following qualifying, but Zhao Hai was chatting with that person of his roommate at this time, Spaceship in suddenly has transmitted gratingly humming sound sound.

Zhao Hai and that person stare, then face changes, because they know that this is the Spaceship warning sound, in Spaceship resounds this sound, represents is having enemy close Spaceship, the happy ship entered the stand guard condition, on the ship all crew, must arrive at own post to come up the standby. But now they sit, but does Spaceship of machine star, have who to dare a attack machine star Spaceship? Is interspace pirate? Just is thinking, Zhao Hai their in the room suddenly resound sound speaking sounds: All players pay attention, all participation choose the attention, asking everyone/Great Clan stays from already in the room do not move at will specially, asking everyone/Great Clan stays from already in the room do not walk at will, thanks the cooperation.” Said that was not having the sound. But at this time Zhao Hai actually their there knows from Laura, and nobody attack Spaceship, happy ships in stand guard, because Yellow Sand-Star here came and came the gang, but this group of people are not others, is cultivator in Cultivation World. Zhao Hai heard the person who unexpectedly is cultivator in Cultivation World, the big feeling cannot help but curious, wishes one could immediately to enter in Space to have a look, but not bears his in the room also person, he cannot enter Space now. But Laura they are actually look shout and wrangle[ is popular] serious that exerts, this is their first time sees the person in Cultivation World, therefore each and every one very[ is popular] exerts, the Zhao Hai hear from their words, this Cultivator probably is the person who Cultivation World that big gate sends, runs up to Yellow Sand-Star to carry on the smelting trial, what comes is huge ship, Spaceship that but Cultivation World there huge ship, they sits with Zhao Hai is different, that huge ship looked like looks like the ancient wooden boat . Moreover the ship was not big, compared with the giant battleship, this ship on probably was. In by the watermelon has displayed a soybean same commonplace. However appears of this ship, lets a machine fleet anxiety, has sounded many also the warning, but that boat, has not paid attention to the fleet probably completely, swaggering has flown from the fleet, enters to Yellow Sand-Star. When they entered Yellow Sand-Star completely, the warning of fleet relieved, then the fleet unexpectedly in does not dare to remain, immediately started on a journey. Heard here, Zhao Hai has cannot help but breathed out the tone, the sigh by, cannot look at heart from this point, how overbearing the Cultivation World person was, did not pay attention to a machine person completely. But that person of Zhao Hai roommate also heard Zhao Hai to exhale, he thinks that Zhao Hai exhaled because of all clear, to has not felt strange, but turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Zhao Hai, you said that can be the who attack fleet? In machine here, should nobody the fleet that dares motive on-board to come out? Is the Universe pirate of that not long eye?” although Zhao Hai clearly know is these Cultivation World people, but he actually cannot say, but shook the head said : I not to think, only if these Universe pirates do not want to stay in machine, otherwise, not some people the ship that will dare a motive star to come out, here will be Yellow Sand-Star, Yellow Sand-Star here although in machine, but will be able other has plenty Interface the people to come here to gain experience every year, I want possibly to be other Interface people, otherwise the fleet so will not be nervous.” As soon as that person listened to Zhao Hai saying that also thought reasonable, he nodded said : to be reasonable, our machine in several big Interface, was weakest existence, therefore so will be anxious.” Zhao Hai nodded, has not spoken, that person of actually deep voice said :my ascend comes up this several days, has run into other several times Interface people, these people see our machine person, a person nostril faces upwards, a how great appearance, wishes one could to fight really with them.

Zhao Hai look at does he show a faint smile said : you to fight other Interface people?” That person shook the head said : not to have, but I had seen Cultivation World sword cultivator leaves to fly, a person, a sword, has routed shape battleship of one pirate group that in 30 comprised , his sword gets down, the giant battleship, within many cut off by him greatly around the middle, is really was too scary!” Speaking of here, his also heart dying lingering fear appearance. Zhao Hai one hear of he said that also cannot help but does two eyes shrink said : „the Cultivation World person so to be really strong? How will he run up to machine to come?” That person shook the head said : to hear that is because these Universe pirates snatched their Sect thing, their sect Sect left duty, that person received this duty, will therefore run up to here to come, said that these pirates somewhat are also injust, those who hear them to trade is only one looks like very ordinary caravan, but has not actually thought that in that caravan will really have special thing, but that thing is their Sect and machine transaction important Item, therefore they will send for coming out to chase down these pirate.” Zhao Hai nodded, after let out a long breath said : „, has opportunity, must go to Cultivation World there to have a look, believe there splendidly certainly compared with machine.” That person of forced smile said :has the person of your such idea to be many, but the has plenty person went to Cultivation World there not to come back, don’t know died in there, did obeisance in that Sect follower, some people actually came back, but after coming back, actually kept silent regarding the Cultivation World there matter, obviously lived the matter that anything has made them not be willing to say. Zhao Hai nodded said : no matter what, we are the life in Comprehend the world, later really with the Cultivation World person to, our minimum must understand that they one will be good, has opportunity I certainly to go to Cultivation World there, I to have a look, the Cultivation World person, really so will be strong!” As soon as that person listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but has smiled bitterly, was not having to urge Zhao Hai.!.