Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1175
The several days time of then coming, a Zhao Hai ancient capital stays in the room, little exits, to be honest, the tour of this time Yellow Sand-Star, he biggest harvest were also not been many by own Space in yellow sand, but has met these Cultivation World. These Cultivator in front of a machine fleet, that displays, rampancy of not caring at all, is really lets Zhao Hai at heart complex of ten noses, he is also the further understanding Comprehend the world here Law, can say that in Comprehend the world here, simply does not have no Law, whose fist is big, the words that the fist spoke are reasonable. If must Comprehend the world here have any Law, that is also Law of Jungle, the weak are the prey to the strong, all depend on the strength to speak. Looks at Cultivation World there, but boat, on the ship is who don’t know, but machine here, the entire fleet entered the stand guard condition, can look at the Cultivation World formidable strength from this point. This also makes Zhao Hai more urgent wanted to stiffen, what a pity the situation was different from others, he wanted to stiffen, was actually closely linked with Space, wanted like others the suddenly strengthen is almost impossible. If makes others know that Zhao Hai such practice, is dissatisfied, certainly will be irritated, what a pity Zhao Hai will not speak these words with others. Ten days of time quick on the past, in Zhao Hai these ten days, although continuously dull in the room, but sometimes will also chat several with Xiong Li through communication device, their relationship were also naturally better. But with that person of Zhao Hai roommate, saw that Zhao Hai is chatting with Xiong Li unexpectedly, is serious that envies, must know Xiong Li, but one of the Ten Great Experts, was that person of idol. After ten days, the fleet in time returned to a machine star, Zhao Hai has gotten down from Spaceship, saw Card they, Card, Desbarres Rook also has the Maggie four people to stand by a speeding car is waiting for Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai half step walked, Maggie also saw Zhao Hai, she dashes to come toward Zhao Hai, one threw Zhao Hai bosom Card they not to say anything, but standing with a laugh in one side.

Some little time Zhao Hai lets loose Maggie, their ten days do not have, these ten days he stays in in the room of flying battleship, even if Maggie in Space, they cannot meet, Maggie is in love with Zhao Hai, separates is ten days of Maggie naturally thinks Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai let loose Maggie, Card then walked, has sized up Zhao Hai several eyespots nod said : well, was very good, I heard, person who these time attended the elimination series, returned to less than 2/10, casualty rate very big, our family besides by that two people who you saved, other people died on Yellow Sand-Star looked like this competition, depended entirely on you.” Zhao Hai nodded said : General Manager feel relieved, I will make contribution.” Card nodded, at this time another two Ashley Clan people also walked, they beckoned with the hand to Card gave a salute Card, making Desbarres arrange them to board, he then to Zhao Hai said : heard that you did know with Xiong Li?” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, I meet on Yellow Sand-Star with Xiong Li, afterward presently also ting chats comes, even if knew at that time both of us did not have Fighting Competition, feared that has grabbed the bargain to others.” Card nodded said : well, very good Xiong Li is the Wu Clan person, before Wu Clan, did not have what friendship couple of days ago Wu Clan person actually suddenly to visit me with us, but also very polite, this because of your merit, Little Hai, your this time but was Clan has contributed to the great merit.” Zhao Hai smiles said : not to be regarded anything, if at that time I and Xiong Li fought, finally only cheap others, let alone Xiong Li, I saw that Sun Fei has not begun, that situation was really inappropriate, when regulation game time, I must be in front of all people, has abandoned him!” Card has patted the shoulder of Zhao Hai, after letting Zhao Hai boarded, this driving round trip goes, because the person are few, therefore their this time is to ride a car(riage), Zhao Hai and Maggie sit in the second row, but that person of Tao Lihe ghost character camp sits in the last row. After boarding, Card turns the head to hear that to Zhao Hai said : beyond this that day meteor Zhu Chen did offend many people? Do you have to run into him?”

Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to have, but I to was listen to Xiong Li saying that heard Zhu Chensha many 3rd level people, but he was Divine Palace of earth trains, back should formidable, not have the matter?” Card coldly snorted won't said :have the matter? That also not necessarily, although several big Divine Palace strength formidable, but our these Clan not to be trifled with, this time Zhu Chen slaughters that knot participant wantonly, ji had all Clan public indignation, look at, this Zhu Chen at competition, no matter runs into anyone, the opposite party will go all out. „ Zhao Hai nodded, he also thinks Zhu Chen does somewhat excessive, they are only the people who attended the competition, is not the personal enemy, simply does not need to carry on these to slaughter, but Zhu Chen has actually done, it seems like that this person is also bloodthirsty becomes xing. The speeding car on returned to office here, Card had found the dining room several people quickly delicious, dining room there already prepared a table, after all people sit down, Card then carries wine glass to come said : „ this first glass of liquor, we are celebrate Little Hai your three to come back safely, come, has done this cup... Zhao Hai they naturally cannot say anything, has done one cup. After having drunk, Card but actually one glass of liquor, turned the head person said : of look at Tao Li and another ghost character camp Tao Li, in Xue, Clan has decided that the following match, do not participate, the danger is too big, because this time is too big at the Yellow Sand-Star there casualties, each clan almost ties the sub- enmity, begins on Arena, will not keep the hand, you are the talent character in Clan, Clan do not hope that you die on Arena, Patriarch said that this time you can live coming out from the elimination series, although has busy that Little Hai helps, but also showed that your luck are good, after going back, will not treat unjustly your, do you look what kind of? If you must attend match, we will not be blocking.” In Tao Li and Xue they looked at one mutually, then nodded, Tao Li stands to bow to Card said : Xie Da the total guest, thanked Patriarch, actually both of us came back from Yellow Sand-Star, does not want at the participation following competition, but feared that Clan did not permit, therefore does not dare saying that now General Manager said that was just right for our meanings, to be honest, before has not come a machine star, we also thought one were a character, but after machine star here, we completely gave up this idea, if we competition behind participation, that on. Is courting death, therefore both of us thanked General Manager in here.” Said that they bow to Card and Desbarres. Card beckoned with the hand said : you to think that is best, although said that many will compete, the reward that will obtain will be more, but you must have the life with be good, will sit down, you can think, my very happy.” They sat. Card turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, they cannot participate, that can attend the competition, only then you, this Clan placed your body all hopes.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :General Manager feel relieved, this time the first, I settled on. Card and Desbarres they heard Zhao Hai saying that laughed, several people to did not think Zhao Hai to boast, after all Zhao Hai strength in that pendulum . Moreover the Zhao Hai strength also obtained Xiong Li recognize, they had the confidence to Zhao Hai.

After the people have drunk one glass of liquor, Tao Li and Xue Zhongju straight wine glass, Tao Li to Zhao Hai said : mister, these time on Yellow Sand-Star, has been lucky mister, if no mister, my two people did not come back, asking mister to drink this cup, has shown I two people of regards.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, held up wine glass said : „we are same Clan comes out, naturally must look after mutually, before going to Yellow Sand-Star, I said to General Manager that wants our several to compose seeks the squad, this can protect oneself on Yellow Sand-Star, actually does not think that person simply of preparation committee has not given us this opportunity, can run into you, was the fate, later does not need to be so polite, come, has done this cup.” Three people did the liquor in cup. The performance of Desbarres look at Zhao Hai, smiles does not speak, his performance to the Zhao Hai was really too satisfied, Zhao Hai was makes Clan eight big Outer Sect camp owe him first a huge favour, these time has saved in Tao Li and Xue, this equal to let draw up a document Battalion He ghost character Battalion Qian his favour. Because he asked them, Houcke also very satisfied, those who think the Zhao Hai ten points is Clan considers, although his these time does not have come, but over the two days when with Card and Desbarres hold a conversation, but has not been short of quart Zhao Hai, to Desbarres is also the commendation, thinks initially , if not his decisive hauled in Bones Symbol Camp Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai possibly by other Clan people false start, but gave happy to be unbearable Desbarres. very happy that this meal people eat, although with died seven people at the elimination series, but this already in Card their expected, therefore he sad expression, conversely, has not become friends with a Xiong Li matter to Zhao Hai, he is happy. Becoming friends with Xiong Li naturally to have nothing happy, but draws in relationship through Xiong Li and Wu Clan, that was extraordinary, status of Wu Clan in Warrior association is not low, Clan strength also very formidable, comes that compared with Ashley Family is not only weak, but before , because two clans one is the Warrior aristocratic family, one is the Magician aristocratic family, although does not have what enmity, but does not have what friendship, it can be said that shape with stranger, but these time passes Zhao Hai, they actually knew, this lacks Ashley Clan of ally regarding the present, absolutely is the good deed. After having eaten meal, Zhao Hai on returned to in the room, Maggie naturally , their returned to Zhao Hai room, immediately entered in Space, reason that Zhao Hai such worries , because he wants to have a look, goes to Yellow Sand-Star these Cultivation World cultivator to do now, if they at the smelting trial, what the process of that smelting trial are, later he must certainly with the Cultivation World person to, know some situations to ahead of time well.!.