Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1176
Zhao Hai and Maggie entered Space, Laura their immediately welcomed. Laura look at Zhao Hai said :Elder Brother Hai, prepared...., Zhao Hai nodded said : well, I to have a look, this is who, unexpectedly such rampant.” Said that Zhao Hai they passed through the room to sit with Laura. After several people sit, Laura immediately turning on screen, on the screen appears boat, on this small wooden boat has seemed like not big, does not have the sail, does not have the oar, on this small wooden boat, actually not the big badges, on this badge is a sword, a sword of non- sheath, the sword refers to the expansive sky, looks like sharp incomparable. Laura deep voice said : we in online checked, this badge are the badge of Jiange, Jiange are in Cultivation World there one shape sword cultivator Sect, a person life specialize sword in this faction, everyone , when enters the faction, the elder in Jiange, with according to the characteristics of this person, will cast a sword to him, this is made of the high grade material the sword, but also is only makes the semifinished product Stage, then this person on will put in own dantian to carry on nourishing this sword, can say that slowly the sword on is he, he on is a sword, true. Has achieved Man and Sword Unification.” Speaking of the here work to relax then said : because of this, therefore Jiange although was only in one Sect of shape, but they were not low in the Cultivation World there status, because of sword cultivator of Jiange, their attack strength, he bent one finger in Cultivation World that city.” Zhao Hai nodded, the sword is in itself Lord of Murders thing, a person is studying Sword Dao his entire life, the attack strength of that this person was certainly impossible to be weak. Laura said : to the Core Formation time, they will then study to use other Magical Treasure, before not having Core Formation, they cannot use any Magical Treasure, but Gold Core that they tie, with their Life Source Magic Sword combine together, was actually called sword pill, pill is the sword, the sword is pill.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, it seems like that this Jiange also is really not simple, their such practice method, but also is really very rare.” Laura nodded said : „, now the strength of Jiange, compared with before came, but on strong many, although said that Cultivation World there person, each person live time was not short, so long as has not achieved Eternal Life boundary, they will die, the person in Jiange when must die, only if has encountered the situation of accident, otherwise their returned to own Sect, then in Sword Sect Forbidden Land Swords Grave static and so on arrivals of death, after they were dying, body[ body] will remain silk Divine Sense to enter toward by their gathers in Magic Sword, but their Life Source Magic Sword will keep in Swords Grave, but Jiange accepts the disciple each time time, first will lead these apprentices to enter to Swords Grave, known as looks at reverently the sword that senior keeps, in fact is goes to there to make the sword elect the person.” Laura drank. Water said : in these swords of Jiange Divine Sense, this Divine Sense has then survived along with the sword, but this Divine Sense cannot come like the human, but this Divine Sense actually special uses, elect the person, elects with this previous generation Master same person of sword, like this sword automatic owner recognition, because on Master of sword already nourishing this sword for a long time, therefore this Might hugeness of sword, strength promotion quick, at the same time fighting strength will be also stronger, because this from generation to generation. Accumulation, therefore now the strength of Jiange was very strong, even if these top big gate factions of Cultivation World that city, is not weak provokes them easily.” Zhao Hai nodded, two eyes actually moved also motionless look at these people in Jiange to enter in his yellow sand crazy beast star, entered to yellow sand crazy beast star, boat immediately of Jiange in toward Yellow Sand-Star flies, the route that Zhao Hai look at these people flew, has cannot help but gawked next step: They, if goes to the astral wind canyon?” Reason that Zhao Hai will gawk this, because of this astral wind canyon, is very famous in Yellow Sand-Star there, other Yellow Sand-Star places, are almost the yellow sands, only then this astral wind canyon exception, this canyon terrain canyon is long, wind power formidable, in Yellow Sand-Star here, one year 12 months, ten months in blowing astral wind, another two months are actually raining, this rain is also any good rain, in the rain also to have Berserk Qi, if was drenched by this rain the time was long, the person can also Blood Qi dry up, but dies. But on Yellow Sand-Star only then a place exception, that is the astral wind canyon, other place when under Gang rain, the astral wind will stop, but the astral wind canyon is actually throughout the year, the astral wind is unceasing, has not stopped. Moreover astral wind canyon there astral wind also very strong, were too more than outside astral wind, because this astral wind is very strong, few people dare to go to there, the astral wind canyon, became Forbidden Land on Yellow Sand-Star. But Jiange route very obvious of person advancing, they are almost become a straight line, dashes to the astral wind canyon, therefore Zhao Hai will be shocked. Laura nodded said : well, is the astral wind canyon.” Said that Laura made the screen be about to enter, when broadcast normally, boat of Jiange arrived at outside the astral wind canyon.

However this boat has not walked toward valley entrance there of astral wind canyon, but to the middle section of astral wind canyon, terrain very special of this astral wind canyon, here is the pieces yellowish gray withered rocks, these rocks stand in there, if stone columns are the same, but the semblance looks like very difficult looks. However nobody ugly underestimated these rocks, these rock for thousands of years, have actually been blown to strike by the most violent astral wind, its degree of hardness feared compared with steel and iron don’t know the multi- younger generations, even if were Magical Treasure of general Cultivator person, does not dare to meet the tough head-on with toughness with these rocks. This canyon looks like rivers is the same, he is not straight, but transferred curved of many [say / way], that astral wind from these curved passes, not only had not been weakened, instead to is becomes stronger. However Zhao Hai when looks at the terrain to be clear, this astral wind canyon although looks like very formidable, however in the middle of this canyon, the wind power of place relatively is weak, moreover returns to the curved place in several, will also achieve not to have the situation of wind. The wind power is small, but that after all astral wind, but compares other winds in the upper heavens, the here astral wind trial matter person comes condense, condense of suiting in toward weapon. Can say entire Yellow Sand-Star, besides these points in this astral wind canyon, other places, the not suitable person goes to condense Berserk Qi. These points were Zhao Hai found with the silver needle, because the silver needle was Space produces, in Space had the yellow sand boundary, there in all directions was the astral wind, therefore the silver needle can by the influence of astral wind, this unable to find that few several points, but looked at Jiange their meaning, they actually also knew that several points, moreover this time they came, probably was for by own disciple, here condense Berserk Qi. Laura looks at Zhao Hai to frown, knows that Zhao Hai is thinking anything, these days Zhao Hai although not in Space, but he regarding the Space matter is actually clear, because no matter Space or Yellow Sand-Star there lived anything, they will say that to the Zhao Hai hear, Zhao Hai although had not seen, but can actually hear. Laura said : Elder Brother Hai, the person in this Jiange, comes here condense Berserk Qi in a soft voice, how also don’t know they found this place, if Jiange can find this place, that other must to find this place, that Cultivation World there strength, it seems like again estimated.” Zhao Hai nodded, this Berserk Qi biggest doing with increases the attack strength, if the Cultivation World there person, knows that Yellow Sand-Star these points, that definitely had the massive people condense to leave Berserk Qi, that attack strength nature on big increase. Thinks that Zhao Hai or deep voice said : „should also not have any issue, the Yellow Sand-Star there situation, Berserk Qi, not only exists in the appearance of wind, in fact the astral wind is only the Berserk Qi flowing production, the essence of astral wind has not changed, wants to serve is not that easy.” Laura nodded said : is, words although said that but can the observation of this several days, I presently the Cultivation World there person, the condense to become Gangjin probability, count them is much bigger, this is these points creates, Elder Brother Hai, we cannot treat it lightly that.”

Zhao Hai nodded said : feel relieved, currently Space here also had the yellow sand boundary, we can make the yellow sand boundary there astral wind smaller, even simply with having astral wind, like this our equal to had incomparably huge place of congealing Gang, should not have the issue, was right, how don’t know does Undead Creature put in the astral wind to be able, to make their strengths also be strengthened?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Laura their eyes are one bright, Cai'er immediately/on horseback said : Young Master, my immediately arranges.” Zhao Hai nodded, Cai'er flashes body leave. Zhao Hai actually still these people in look at Jiange, these people really comes the condense Gang vigor, but saw that walked the person who from that boat, Zhao Hai has gawked, because was small from that The person who in the ship walks was really too many. Space although formidable, because that boat is also Magical Artifact, enters without the silver needle to that boat, Zhao Hai regarding boat internal and don’t know. Therefore Zhao Hai saw that looks like from this not big boat, gets down unexpectedly more than hundred people of times, but also has gawked, but he along with already thinks, it seems like that this boat interior, has certain Space ability, can think of these many people, actually is still the boat appearance. These people after boat, under five people's leadership, has flown a astral wind canyon there wind power small point, then that five people make these hundred people sit in there start condense Berserk Qi, but these five people actually defend in their sides, each and every one looks nervous. These in a condense Berserk Qi Jiange people, are arriving most from the beginning are calm, but quick calm, in which sweat of face, his face was not a while red a while is white, but he clenched teeth to insist, but he could not insist before long, called out pitifully, a blood has spurted, fell down directly. In that five person, immediately/on horseback flashes body appears in the side of that person, in hand were many medicine pill, he breaks off that person of mouth, has put that person of mouth medicine pill. Obviously this medicine pill is not every, the entrance not only, that person of situation was also better, his face slowly was normal, but still in fainting mi, that feeds his medicine pill person, has held that person, has fed in boat, then and returned to there. But that person of corona mi is only a start, then one after another has other people, lived with that person of similar symptom, they equally were also fed medicine pill, then delivered to boat to rest. Saw that here Zhao Hai cannot help but lightly wrinkled under brow said :looked like Cultivation World there found the method to treat by the astral wind backlash person, the situation noses of these people however looked like are not very good, but went back the training obviously some time, should be able to cure, it seems like that the Cultivation World there strength must estimate really well....,

Laura nodded, that about hundred Jiange people who at this time the screen came up, had been eliminated about 70, but looked that five were responsible for taking care of the person, did not have what ugly expression, probably all these were the same in their intent tenons. Quick , more than ten were lifted personally, finally insisted only remaining five people, these five people are the perspiration leave like the thick liquid, face is red, very scary. However they according to are insisting, but the person who that five are responsible for protecting, looks at the appearances of these five people, cannot help but the face presently happy , they were the experienced people, knows that these five people can persist in currently, very much being possible to succeed. Really, that five people had insisted after five hours, this each and every one slowly stop the cultivation, but now they in their Qi Strength, merged Berserk Qi. These five person although pain, appears very weak, but each and every one is actually wear a look of happy , but that five Protector, are happy, they held returned to that five people personally in boat, was harnessing boat leave, from beginning to end, they have not carried on the fight with Yellow Sand-Star there any Monster Beast, moreover they from Yellow Sand-Star, were arriving at leave, the time was very short, was about several hours. Zhao Hai look at these person of leave, wrinkled under the brow lightly, then a brow Shu, he he chuckle said : looks like this Berserk Qi is really not easily is subdued, that five person although have succeeded, but actually needs returned to not to have the Berserk Qi place, temperance well, this can these Berserk Qi complete digestions, this be only Berserk Qi, wants to come not to be big to their attack strength promotion, um, before looking like, I to was some overestimate them.” Laura shook the head said : Elder Brother Hai, must be careful to well, do not visit them now is leave, but that five successful person, later can also come condense Berserk Qi, moreover one by one will be easy, one by one many of condense, after their condense several times, their attack strength, will be very considerable, but the people of these failures, lost since then rushed in the condense Berserk Qi ability, this was these days I makes Maggie help to look up, Maggie was looks up in the Ashley Clan secret file to these in easy, wants this is not false.” Zhao Hai turns the head look at Maggie, Maggie nodded said : well, Elder Brother Hai, this first condense Berserk Qi is dividing line, your condense has succeeded, later will be getting more and more easy, the first time has not succeeded, the second time is thinking condense Berserk Qi, was impossible, even if you can bear that pain, so long as Berserk Qi enters the body, your immediately will be injured, this is the result of not being able to avoid.”!.