Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1177
Zhao Hai nodded said : no matter what, the strength of Cultivation World there person, be too more than machine here, light looks at a fleet, sees Cultivation World boat, keeps a while not to want, turn around runs to look, we must promote first our strength, like this spoke is unyielding.” Laura nodded said : „the present to leave the invitational meet regulation game, the several days time, Elder Brother Hai, what to do do you prepare?” Zhao Hai showing a faint smile said : suddenly closes up, the small flower bud, a while you exited to say to General Manager that I must close up, making General Manager deliver some dish and Mish, only then your had to stay behind takes care of me, other people did not permit them to enter my room, then we in returned to Space, I must go to yellow sand boundary there condense Berserk Qi.” Wants condense Berserk Qi regarding Zhao Hai, this has not stemmed from the Laura accident, they had not been worried that Berserk Qi now by Space surrendering, Zhao Hai went to yellow sand boundary there condense Berserk Qi, simply will not have any danger, therefore Laura they did not oppose that Zhao Hai such does. Instruction of Maggie one hear of Zhao Hai, immediately/on horseback nodded said : well, Elder Brother Hai, my this goes.” The flashes body left Space, told matter that Zhao Hai must close up. Zhao Hai has not exited, but turned the head to look at Laura their said : I to go to the yellow sand boundary there practice, if had not come out to the time, making Cai'er call me.” Laura they complied with one, the Zhao Hai flashes body entered the yellow liquid boundary, entered to the yellow sand boundary, Zhao Hai has one type of from new returned to the feeling of Yellow Sand-Star, yellow sand boundary here originally has taken Yellow Sand-Star as the main source construction, with Yellow Sand-Star there naturally was resembling. Zhao Hai has not paid attention to the here scenery, to be honest, the yellow sand boundary here scenery does not have attractively what, Zhao Hai sat on the ground first has controlled one's breathing, had been achieved the optimum condition by oneself, then has stood, started slowly hit the body tempering fist. However this time when hits the body tempering fist, the Zhao Hai use concentrates Gang directing Gang in Secret Art to enter the method of body, this is not an easy matter, must know that Tempering Stars Body Technique originally is one specifically is used to exercise the method of body, moreover very Advanced level that one type of, mainly directs Strength of Stars, exercises own. But Strength of Stars incomparable formidable, can say that also wants formidable some compared with Berserk Qi, the energy form is just different, as the matter stands, wants, in causes in Berserk Qi Tempering Stars Body Technique, lets Berserk Qi and Tempering Stars Body Technique union in together, is not that easy.

Almost is the same to Tempering Stars Body Technique, concentrates Gang to enter the body to be most important, is most difficult one step, must enter in own body Berserk Qi condense, this process person essential must maintain sober, guides Berserk Qi with own spiritual force, otherwise Berserk Qi will possibly lose control, Berserk Qi is not docile thing, one, but loses control, will cause the damage to the human body. But Zhao Hai when studies to congeal Gang Secret Art, is more uncomfortable than the average person, because Tempering Stars Body Technique is in itself very painful matter, but now Berserk Qi enters the body, itself will be the poignant matter, two pain and a pain, this will be was much more painful. However Zhao Hai after undergoing the exercise of Tempering Stars Body Technique, the bearing capacity of body and spirit after compared with original on strong many, but is this, Zhao Hai is also the perspiration leaves like the thick liquid, the whole person has hurt not to be good. However is good because of Zhao Hai hits Tempering Stars Body Technique time not to be long now, is less than one hour, Tempering Stars Body Technique has fired off, after entire Tempering Stars Body Technique fires off, Berserk Qi also already with the Tempering Stars Body Technique complete fusion in together. Because of presently that Berserk Qi already complete with the Tempering Stars Body Technique fusion in together, the Zhao Hai horse has hit second has measured Chen body tempering fist, this Zhao Hai had not planned that is making Gang enter the body, he felt that Berserk Qi of own within the body did not have the complete absorption, must do, Berserk Qi and Tempering Stars of Body Technique complete union his within the body in together. Therefore second Zhao Hai has not congealed in the use Gang technique, he has still used the Consciousness and Body separation, before is, practices the Tempering Stars Body Technique method, separates with the body own consciousness, enabling him little to feel that a pain, Zhao Hai knows, he just entered the body Berserk Qi condense, needs to let body complete union of these Berserk Qi and in together, this can truly achieve the Berserk Qi Body Refining point. If makes the Cultivation World there person know that idea of Zhao Hai, they will be very certainly surprised, the method that because the method of Zhao Hai practice practices with them is different, the Cultivation World there person practices the Berserk Qi method is, unifies with Qi Strength Berserk Qi, on many such Berserk Qi by own Qi Strength, lets own attack formidable. However Zhao Hai use is actually not ordinary Berserk Qi practice method, his Berserk Qi enters the body, not only enters to Qi Strength , will also exercise own with Berserk Qi. If makes the Cultivation World person know the matter that Zhao Hai handles now, thinks certainly his crazy, Berserk Qi enters in Qi Strength, so was painful, do not let exercise own with Berserk Qi, that pain is the person imagines.

Was Zhao Hai has actually achieved, first time he has succeeded, spoke the truth, was too pain, has reached the limit that Zhao Hai has been able to withstand, therefore Zhao Hai has not caused to direct Berserk Qi to enter the body, but wanted first into body Berserk Qi digestion well. After using Consciousness and Body has separated, Zhao Hai command(er) own body is still hitting the body tempering fist, but this gets the body tempering fist, Zhao Hai somewhat cannot help but puzzled, because he presently hits the body tempering fist, compared probably came on before near many, this made Zhao Hai very puzzled. However Zhao Hai also knows that cannot stop, if when with the exercise fist exercise body, suddenly stops, the fruit of that body tempering fist on the past, therefore he is still insisting, simultaneously he presently has probably any thing to enter in his spiritual force, lets own spiritual force formidable. After body tempering has fought with the fists, Zhao Hai let out a long breath, thought returned to own within the body, one time that body tempering fights with the fists this is his these days hits most uses energy, this body tempering fought with the fists, he felt that his spiritual force has consumed negligently completely, this let Zhao Hai very strange, must know that his present spiritual force, will support him to hit three body tempering fists not to have the issue. After stopping, Zhao Hai has subsided own aura, the situation that this starts to get oneself physical exam, this inspection Zhao Hai cannot help but stares, because the situation in his body really somewhat stems from his unexpected. Before he Berserk Qi introduced in body the time, he can the obvious feeling, that Berserk Qi also not complete the union with his Qi Strength and body, but that Berserk Qi measured him is knows that to be honest, that Berserk Qi silk was very small, if Zhao Hai did not need spiritual force to pay attention, almost could not feel. Zhao Hai knows that was this spiritual force integrates in his body and gas, he will not have anything to feel. However now he, as soon as felt that own body actually presently, completely is not that a matter, now his Qi Strength in body very sufficient, even if spiritual force also becomes very tenacious, what most important is, he can now clear feels Berserk Qi in own body and Qi Strength, moreover Berserk Qi precision, his imagination, before him thinks was more. Zhao Hai stares, then carefully has pondered, why his body can turn into this appearance, the answer of finally getting, is still related with the body tempering technique. body tempering technique very formidable, but after using Consciousness and Body has separated, spirit with ** separates, but Tempering Stars Body Technique is directs Strength of Stars to exercise, in directing the Strength of Stars process, introduced in Berserk Qi the body, then body of Berserk Qi and Zhao Hai, Qi Strength, even was spiritual force together has carried on the exercise.

Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai will feel that in present own body, Berserk Qi wanted compared with before many, moreover already complete union with his body and Qi Strength in together, has been able to say his congealing Gang technique, already completely success. But most makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, in his spiritual force also permeated some Berserk Qi unexpectedly probably, Zhao Hai presently own spiritual force now once again obtained the exercise, although degree was also not very strong, but Zhao Hai or very clear, had Gang vigor to enter in his spiritual force by condense, Zhao Hai regarding own spiritual force very clear, similarly, regarding Berserk Qi that aura also very clear, therefore he can affirm that really had Berserk Qi to enter to own spiritual force, on was don’t know this Berserk Qi to own spiritual force is influential. However changes mind thinks that Zhao Hai has also felt relaxed, these Berserk Qi are not outside Berserk Qi, when is Space original Berserk Qi, Space will not do to his harmful matter, these Berserk Qi to him definitely are beneficial harmless. The Zhao Hai careful feeling one own spiritual force, he own spiritual force probably was presently more tenacious, such as, if has not passed through body tempering technique transform spiritual force is only the silk thread, turned into the steel wire after section Body Technique transform spiritual force, that present spiritual force was the extremely powerful alloy steel. One presently this, Zhao Hai happy has selected, but although his very happy, but he does not have immediately/on horseback in a practice, because of his very clear, if in one time carry on the practice, his spiritual force will dry up, although because of own reason, but spiritual force dries up, will not cause any casualties to oneself, but do not forget, he is practicing Tempering Stars Body Technique and concentrates Gang Secret Art, if really what mistake, that but can possessed by the Devil. although said thing that in Space produces, will not become to other party anything will injure, but if Zhao Hai were practices the mistake, that Space did not have means control, after all Qi Strength in Zhao Hai within the body, carried on control by him. Zhao Hai came out from the yellow sand boundary, goes to Hot Spring there to take a bath well, relaxed, then returned to villa there, now Maggie came back, Laura their several people of present look at machine here matter, because of this time elimination series, the casualties is not really small, therefore machine here is also passing depressing atmosphere now. The talent that the has plenty small influence, they train laboriously, died on Yellow Sand-Star, this let these small influence very angry, started some people to question fair xin of this elimination series