Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1178
This time elimination series, when just conducted, Zhao Hai thinks is very unfair, But little some people will stand to speak at that time, Zhao Hai said that will not be effective. However now the situation is different, these non- influence, wants through this time invitational meet, by the person who own Clan trains, can obtain some benefits for own Clan, However this time elimination series, loss almost is the person who these small Clan train, these these small Clan are unsatisfied, they believe that this is these big influences to a suppression that they carry on. Not only these small influences are not satisfactory, many shape influence is not satisfactory, in fact how Ashley Clan was not appears the Zhao Hai words, Ashley Clan has not satisfied one in person. Now although has Zhao Hai, but Ashley Clan is not quite still satisfied, in ten people who because they come, died seven, if not Zhao Hai, possibly died will be more, therefore an alliance comprised of some small influences, official gave the comment like the people of preparation committee, they must form a alliance survey team, wants found out, is elimination series one that who proposed sees to discuss, why he proposed that this saw to discuss, what has point. The show of matter was somewhat left three big Big Shot control probably, although said machine here said most calculated was three big Big Shot, but do not forget, sub- big Big Shot belongs to alliance xing qualitative, they were comprised of the innumerable every large or small influences, but has occupied majority, was these middle-and-small influences, these middle-and-small influences, normally operated independently, some even had a grudge, in this case, these big influences naturally on were at the winning sides. However this time matter, made these small influences stirring up the wool, therefore the person of small influence, alliance, added the pressure to the machine three big Big Shot spins unexpectedly. In this case, machine three big Big Shot has to relent, simultaneously the small influence forms a fact-finding team to look up this matter, but Ashley Clan also join. Naturally, now Zhao Hai does not have with this matter relationship, because he is closing up, Zhao Hai has been practicing the body tempering Secret Art in Space, sometimes in condense Berserk Qi, that bypasses these. Not only Zhao Hai in condense Berserk Qi, Liquid Silver are also carrying on condense, Liquid Silver condense does not need Zhao Hai to worry, Space can handle, after all Liquid Silver even is Space produces.

When Zhao Hai relieved practice, once again big matter in the machine here violent, how also don’t know is, the survey team comprised of the small influence, did not have what harvest, but among suddenly because of appears of person was actually broken, this person most from the beginning proposed that carries on the person of elimination series. The people of originally survey team want to find him, but this person has actually been missing, the people of survey team looked for for a long time not to find him, but this time he actually initiative appears , his appears reason , because he wants to ask the people of survey team to protect him. Not wrong, does not have protection, because he was being chased down, according to his view is, some people must kill him to eliminate a potential informant, because he became proposed at that time elimination series sees to discuss, some people teach him, but teaches his person, has the Divine Palace and earth Divine Palace of fire person, besides these two Divine Palace, Warrior Clan several famous Clan, can say these person, is machine in true big influence. That person leaves this information violent, entire machine one was vibrated, the people have not thought that in the back of elimination series, a unexpectedly really have evil behindata-titlehe-scenes manipulator is promoting. These these small influence and medium grade influence does not do, their hot compositions an alliance, all people have put out the complete strength, the influences and that several big influence resistances. But the exposure of this matter, makes these big influences the prestige be provoked seriously, after all these small influences respect the big influence, although because of strength formidable of these big influences, is more reasons is actually because these big influences can provide the protection to them, can represent them to act, goes to compete for more benefits for them. But the exposure of this matter made these small influences see the countenance of these big influences, with a few words said that was: Their table manners are really ugly! Good, looks like in these small influences, the table manners of these big influences really quite ugly, these small influence actually very clear, these big influences for them over, definitely are impossible white over, they also will certainly gain the even bigger benefit, but these small influences are not big, they are very explicit, they who own position suspends are the small influences, gives them the too big benefit, they cannot eat up, so long as under they some big influences leftovers thing on to be able. But if these big influences, stuttering does not want to give them, that these are small The influence may not do, the people of these big influences have not thought really that these small influence alliance get up, the strength so will be astonishing, among suddenly these big influences present, their all product cannot sell, their factories also soon suspended production, their income sharp declines, simultaneously their fleets and Mecha corps, simply do not dare to move, because their suddenly present, own enemy compares from already formidable hundred times!

These small influence alliance get up, they no matter in the quantity of battleship, are in the Mecha quantity, has wanted these big influences, at once, machine here changes suddenly. No one has thought that a small matter, will evolve this appearance finally unexpectedly, at the matter, the historical many events, are cause by the common small matter, obviously these time is also this. Because machine here suddenly lived this matter, the invitational meet of 6 Realms new person competition, has to postpone in the future, the originally ten day later, postponed for one month later, one month later, continued to postpone, but this time postponing, even has not given a competition date of preparation, can look from this point, three Big Shot completely lost to machine control. Now the machine here smell of gunpowder is getting stronger and stronger, feared that wants Spark, will hit, to this time, not only these big influences are not presently right, these middle-and-small influences present were not right, if they hit, that finally only cheap other Interface people. Also because everyone/Great Clan is also maintaining a reason, therefore has not hit machine here to the present, but these big influences have also made the concession, their immediately sends for with middle-and-small influence tenable that survey team together, has formed a alliance survey team, has carried on the further investigation to this matter. But result of investigation was lets these big influences and three Big Shot was shocked, the result that because they investigated was, this time event was not an accidental event, behind this event, the evil behindata-titlehe-scenes manipulator who Cultivation World there extended. In this time matter, in fire temple famous several Great Clan have the participation, including with Zhao Hai hostile Zhang Family, the earth palace god is also so, several famous Clan of dojo alliance, but these people unexpectedly by Cultivation World, one are not very big Sect control, this Sect is in Cultivation World famous Cloudy Sun Sect. This Cloudy Sun Sect in Cultivation World also very famous, because they cannot completely be Cultivator are person, they are belong to Cultivation World Evil Cultivator Sect, simultaneously they in some Demon Realm there also influences, but matter that this Sect most likes handling, is subverts other influences, their Sect cultivates practice method very unusual, method known as Wuqing/ruthless that they practice said! Wuqing/ruthless said that Grand Dao Wuqing/ruthless, this had nothing saying that however Cloudy Sun Sect Wuqing/ruthless actually with general Wuqing/ruthless was not a matter, the Cloudy Sun Sect person believes that if you want to achieve Wuqing/ruthless, must feel emotion first, then from feeling emotion into the [say / way] of Wuqing/ruthless. In Comprehend the world there, practices a Wuqing/ruthless person to be many, many are some Evil Cultivator Sect, Wuqing/ruthless that they cultivate said very special, they will select a aptitude very good child, then received these children to own Sect, when these children in greatly, after understand affair, the person in Sect, will take care in the child returned to their families, then massacred their family members completely, this on was breaks off a love affair!

Because these child look at their family members were killed, has strangled their all emotions on and other hands, this suitably practices Wuqing/ruthless to say. In Cultivation World there, Wuqing/ruthless almost such practices, but Cloudy Sun Sect is actually an exception, although team Yangzong is also practices Wuqing/ruthless saying that but they practice the way not to be different to other Sect. Cloudy Sun Sect practices Wuqing/ruthless saying that when electing disciple, practices Wuqing/ruthless Sect to be similar to other, elects some aptitude good children, leads in returned to Sect to train them, however in next step is different, other Sect are takes care of the child to bring back to their homes, is in front of child, kills off their family members, but Cloudy Sun Sect helps certainly, they child belt returned to their families, then personally will be massacred their family members by these child! If these children such do not do, that Cloudy Sun Sect person, make a move, but they will not kill the child, they will exhaust the family member who all hands break to suffer that child, could not bear until the family member of that child, saves that child to massacre them personally, is making that child begin. Also because of this, child who therefore Cloudy Sun Sect trains, is almost abnormal, they can achieve absolute Wuqing/ruthless, because of this, therefore the Cloudy Sun Sect person will take subverting other people's Sect as happily, but the person of this yin anti- sect had found machine. In investigated these Clan, person who ambush has Cloudy Sun Sect, but these ambushes the people of Cloudy Sun Sect, the belt in these Clan in very important position, look like Zhang Family, wife who Zhang Family Patriarch most loves, is the Cloudy Sun Sect person, that Mingyue, is Zhang Family Patriarch and that Cloudy Sun Sect the child of life! Finds out this situation, machine in an uproar, Cloudy Sun Sect these person of although fighting strength are very strong, however under a machine besieging of battleship and Mecha, is difficult to run away dies, but person who all has relationship with them, simultaneously was executed, all participates in Clan of this matter, difficult running away destruction.!.